IJOPE Volume 34, Issue 2, June 2024

Table of Contents

Leader-Follower Formation Control Characteristics with Dynamic Way Point on Cruising AUVs 113
Toshifumi Fujiwara
Damage Probability Evaluation of Pontoon-type Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Subjected to Both Random Wind and Wave Loads 121
Ken-ichi Fujita and Harumi Yashiro
Real-time Prediction of Parametric Roll Motion via Power-activation Feed-forward Neural Network with Model Experiment Data 129
Xin Li, Ning Ma, Qiqi Shi and Xiechong Gu
Numerical Analysis on Coupling Dynamic Response of Twin Barge-Topside Floatover During Load Transfer Stage in Beam Waves 138
Hanbing Luo, Liya Zhang, Fupeng Liu, Licheng Qin and Xiaodong Bai
A Prediction Method for Steady Wave Forces and Moment Acting on Ship Maneuvering in Short Waves 146
Ryosuke Suzuki and Michio Ueno
Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Forces on a Submerged Floating Tunnel with Surface Roughness Subject to Wave Loading 158
Pengxu Zou, Niels Ruiter, Jeremy D. Bricker and Wim S. J. Uijttewaal
Prediction of Wave-Induced Nonlinear Ship Motions Based on an IRF-LSTM Hybrid Approach 164
Jaehak Lee, Yonghwan Kim, Jae-Hoon Lee and Yangjun Ahn
Assessing Caisson Breakwater Integrity Against Scour Through Ground-Structure System Vibrations 174
Naoto Naito, Tatsuya Matsuda and Kinya Miura
Liquefaction Around Marine Structures: Development of a Numerical Modelling Framework in OpenFOAM® 182
Christian Windt, Nils Goseberg, Stefan Schimmels, Matthias Kudella, Ranjith Khumar Shanmugasundaram, Henrik Rusche, Vinay Kumar Vanjakula, Frank Adam, Dawid Majewski, Krystyna Kazimierowicz-Frankowska, Michal Pietrzkiewicz, V. S. Ozgür Kirca and B. Mutlu Sumer
Validated Methodology for Assessment of Welded Steel Structures by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis 191
Martin Eriksson, Magnus Nyberg, Michael Andersen, Jesper Tychsen and Jørgen Nielsen
Improving the Fatigue Strength of Butt Welds in the As-Welded and Grit-Blasted Condition for Steel Towers of Wind Turbines 199
Ralf Glienke, Florian Kalkowsky, Adolf Hobbacher, Alexander Holch, Benjamin Ripsch, Hans-Peter Günther, Roy Kersten and Knuth-Michael Henkel
Experimental Study of Structural Crack Monitoring for Ocean Platform Based on a Hybrid Fiber Sensing Technique 210
Shuai Jia, Yanlin Wang, Ziguang Jia, Yetian Li and Xin Su
The Theoretical and Experimental Research on Rapid Sampling Technology for Marine Gas Hydrate 219
Xiaoyang Li, Yingying Tian, Shiyu Zhang, Ming Zhao, Kuan Li and Xin Zhang


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