IJOPE Volume 34, Issue 1, March 2024

Table of Contents


A Comparison of the Fatigue Strength of Repair Welded Nodular Cast Iron Materials for Usage in Wind Energy Components 1
Christoph Bleicher, Steffen Schönborn and Heinz Kaufmann
An Investigation into the Correlation Between Fracture Toughness and Charpy Impact Test for Duplex Stainless Steels 11
Nariman Afzali, Georjina Jabour, Natalie Stranghöner and Peter Langenberg
Dynamic Responses and Wake Characteristics of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine in Yawed Conditions 19
Shun Xu, Weiwen Zhao, Decheng Wan and Yan Zhao
Response and Power Absorption Assessment of the TALOS Wave Energy Converter in Time Domain 29
Constantine Michailides, Eva Loukogeorgaki, Wanan Sheng and George Aggidis
Prediction of Unsteady Pressure Distribution in Irregular Waves Using Locally Measured Pressure Data and Convolution Integral 37
Kantaro Suzuki, Takahito Iida, Hidetsugu Iwashita and Munehiko Minoura
Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Short-Crested Seas and Swell on Sloshing-Induced Impact Loads 47
Simon Tödter, Jens Neugebauer and Ould el Moctar
Simplified Design Formula for Tensile Axial Strain of Buried Pipeline Subjected to a Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Landslide 56
Shoma Onuki and Masaki Mitsuya
Behavior Analysis of Cavitation Jets for Effective Removal of Organisms Attached to Offshore Structures 67
Jinichi Koue, Satoshi Onishi and Akihisa Abe
Hybrid Method for Large Diameter Spool Vortex-Induced and Flow-Induced Vibration Analysis 75
Ying Luo, Kevin Huang, Yanshun Zhu and Hongchang Zhen
Development of a Coupled Method of Finite Volume and Particle Methods Based on Peer-to-Peer File Exchange 83
Kouki Kawamura and Takanori Hino
Experimental Investigation of Underwater Noise Generation Mechanism During Pile Driving 93
Jinichi Koue, Saori Shyu and Akihisa Abe
Comparison of Motions for Intact and Damaged Ships in Head Waves 101
Jing Li, Yaofeng Huang, Kai Dong and Xianzhou Wang


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