IJOPE Volume 33, Issue 4, December 2023

Table of Contents


Black-box Modeling of Ship Maneuvering Motion Based on Gaussian Progress Regression Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization 337
Si-Yu Liu, Zi-Lu Ouyang, Xiao Zhou and Zao-Jian Zou
Numerical Analysis of Cryogenic H2 Flows Based on a Particle-Cluster Method 346
André Baeten, Somayeh Baeten, Johannes Reitenberger and Paul Bersiner
Detached-Eddy Simulation of Normal Flow past Flat Plates: The Influence from Corner Curvature 359
Jacob Andersen and Claes Eskilsson
Physics-based Data-informed Prediction of Vertical, Catenary, and Stepped Riser Vortex-induced Vibrations 367
Andreas P. Mentzelopoulos, José del Águila Ferrandis, Samuel Rudy, Themistoklis Sapsis, Michael S. Triantafyllou and Dixia Fan
Features of Modeling the Load from Hummocks in the Ice Basin 380
Alexander T. Bekker, Pavel V. Anokhin, Olga A. Sabodash, Grigoriy Yu. Nechiporenko, Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Petr A. Tarasov and Valentin A. Demidov
Real-time Wave-Prediction Method at Arbitrary Locations Using Data Assimilation and Convolutional Neural Networks 388
Shinichiro Ozaki, Yoshihiko Ide, Masaru Yamashiro, Mitsuyoshi Kodama, Tsuyoshi Kotoura and Noriaki Hashimoto
Numerical Study of Green Water Loads on a Fixed Structure with Various Gate Release Velocities by the MPS Method 399
Mengmeng Wu, Weiwen Zhao, Decheng Wan and Jifei Wang
Stick/Slip Phenomenon of a Crew Transfer Vessel Pushing Its Bow Against an Offshore Wind Tower During a Transfer Operation 409
Kazuhisa Otsubo
A RANS-based Numerical Model to Simulate Overtopping-type Wave Energy Converters Integrated into Breakwaters 420
Eric Didier and Paulo R. F. Teixeira
Floating Breakwaters Combined with Sheet Piles for the Protection of San Marco Square in Venice, Italy 428
Luca Martinelli, Piero Ruol, Matteo Volpato and Chiara Favaretto
The Lockstud System: Characterisation of an Innovative Fastening Technology for Establishing Design Rules 437
Melanie Hagemann, Mathias Schwarz, Ralf Glienke, Daniela Schwerdt and Knuth-Michael Henkel


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