IJOPE Volume 33, Issue 3, September 2023

Table of Contents

Suiso Frontier, the First LH2 Carrier — Demonstration of Technologies and Operational Phase 225
Yukichi Takaoka, Kentarou Mizumukai and Yuichi Kameno
Ice Automatic Routing: Analysis of Simulation Testing Based on Voyages of Arc7 Class Vessels in the Arctic 234
Tatiana A. Alekseeva, Ruslan I. May, Valery Ye. Fedyakov, Yevgeny I. Makarov, Sergey V. Klyachkin, Ludmila N. Dyment, Yevgeny A. Grishin, Anastasia A. Ershova and Nina A. Krupina
Ice Forces on the R. V. Polarstern During 1984 Labrador Trials 242
Robert Frederking
Parameters of Ice Blocks and Their Relationship with the Structure of Hummocks in the Kara, Laptev, and East Siberian Seas 249
Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Petr A. Tarasov, Roman B. Guzenko, Yevgeny U. Mironov and Viktor S. Porubaev
Insight: A Metocean and Ice Climatology Database for Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador 258
Ian D. Turnbull, Tony King, Mike White and Erin Gillis
Iceberg Detection and Characterization Capabilities: Field Trials in the Arctic Seas 266
Alexander V. Nesterov, Yuri G. Gavrilov, Igor V. Buzin, Andrey A. Skutin, Yuri P. Gudoshnikov, Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov and Petr A. Tarasov
Analysis of Sea Ice Hazard Factors and Influence on Seaport Operations in the Bohai Sea 273
Xueqin Liu, Yujin Zhang, Danzhu Yu, Shuai Yuan, Wenqi Shi and Zhenhua Chen
Research on the Trajectory Measurement Method of Underwater High-speed Attack Weapons in the Geodetic Coordinate 279
Zhigang Wang, Zhongya Xia and Yingyuan Tian
Nonlinear Dynamics Analysis of a Rotating Drill Pipe Model Incorporating the Magnus Effect and Rotary Inertia of the Pipe 286
Hanny Tun, Hiroyoshi Suzuki, Taito Koga, Thant Zin Htun and Tomoya Inoue
Numerical Study of Cavitation Noise Around NACA66 (MOD) Hydrofoil with Direct Volume Integration 294
Lianjie Yu, Fuchang Zhou, Weiwen Zhao and Decheng Wan
CFD Simulations of Two Wind Turbines Operating in Line 301
Maokun Ye, Hamn-Ching Chen and Arjen Koop
Translational and Rotational Motion Measurement of a Spherical Particle in Hydraulic Collecting 307
Hong Xiong, Yuxiang Chen, Hui Cheng, Hong Zhu, Chunliang Yu, Guodong Zheng and Yiyang Xing
Effect of Cold Working on the Driving Force of Environmentally Assisted Cracking 316
Hongliang Yang and He Xue
The Behaviour of Embankment with Non-uniform Geotextiles Reinforcement on Soft Soil 323
Xiaoliang Wang, Mi Zhou and Yinghui Tian


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