IJOPE Volume 33, Issue 2, June 2023

Table of Contents

Comparative Study on Breaking Waves Interaction with Vertical Wall Retrofitted with Recurved Parapet in Small and Large Scale 113
Shaswat Saincher, V. Sriram, R. Ravindar, Shiqiang Yan, Dimitris Stagonas, Stefan Schimmels, Zhihua Xie, Michel Benoit, William Benguigui, Maria Teles, Fabien Robaux, Christophe Peyrard, Andreas T. Asiikkis, Charalambos Frantzis, Antonis I. Vakis, Dimokratis G. E. Grigoriadis, Qian Li, Qingwei Ma, Ningbo Zhang, Kaiyuan Zheng, Xizeng Zhao, Xiao Hu, Shuling Chen, Songtao Chen, Qingjie Meng, Weiwen Zhao, Decheng Wan
Two-phase CFD Simulation of Breaking Waves Impacting a Coastal Vertical Wall with a Recurved Parapet 123
Michel Benoit, William Benguigui, Maria Teles, Fabien Robaux and Christophe Peyrard
Numerical Study on Breaking Wave Interaction with Vertical Wall Attached with Recurved Parapet 132
Songtao Chen, Weiwen Zhao and Decheng Wan
Impact of Multiphase Flow Simulation of Breaking Waves on a Vertical Seawall with a Recurved Parapet 141
Kaiyuan Zheng and Xizeng Zhao
Numerical Comparative Study on Violent Wave Interactions with a Curved Seawall 148
Shuling Chen, Xiao Hu, Fuyin Cui and Wei Wang
Numerical Modelling of Breaking Wave Impacts on Seawalls with Recurved Parapets Using qaleFOAM 157
Qian Li, Shiqiang Yan, Yi Zhang, Ningbo Zhang, Qingwei Ma and Zhihua Xie
Application of Machine Learning for Prediction of Wave-induced Ship Motion 164
Jae-Hoon Lee, Jaehak Lee, Yonghwan Kim and Yangjun Ahn
Autonomous Recognition of a Ship Structure Characteristic Signal Based on Machine Learning 174
Haoyun Tang, Zichen He, Xianku Zhang and Qian Wan
Surrogate Model Based on an MLP Neural Network and Bayesian Hyperparameter Tuning for Ship Hull Form Optimization 184
Yi Zhang, Ning Ma, Xiechong Gu and QiQi Shi
Inside a Beach Drainage System: A Three-Dimensional Modeling 196
Piera Fischione, Daniele Celli, Davide Pasquali, Gabriel Barajas, Benedetto Di Paolo and Javier L. Lara
On Wave-induced Coupled Motion During Cooperative Multicrane Lifting Operations with Two Vessels 204
Kazuhisa Otsubo
Modeling Free Surface Flow Passing Solid Obstructions Using the Immersed Boundary Method 215
Pengxuan Luo and Jingxin Zhang


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