IJOPE Volume 33, Issue 1, March 2023

Table of Contents

Large Eddy Simulations of Wake Flows Around a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Under Complex Atmospheric Inflows 1
Shun Xu, Nina Wang, Tiegang Zhuang, Weiwen Zhao and Decheng Wan
Design and Modeling of a Constant Tension Mooring System for a 5 MW Semisubmersible Wind Turbine 10
Yuefeng Chu, Kai Wang and Shuo Huang
Assessment of the Seasonal and Multiyear Variability in the Sea Ice Volume Export via the Fram Strait 18
Elizaveta S. Egorova and Yevgeny U. Mironov
Numerical Research on Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Influence Factors of Underwater Vehicle in Internal Solitary Waves 27
Miaomiao Huang, Chengjun Gao and Nan Zhang
Assessment of the Morison Equation for Nonimpacting Wave Loads on a Vertical Cylinder 36
Lili Kimmoun and Laurent Brosset
Numerical Investigation of the Local Scour Around Subsea Pipelines in Combined Steady and Oscillatory Flow 47
Vatsal Dhamelia, Ming Zhao, Pan Hu and Mohammad Rashed Mia
Changing Soil Response During Episodic Cyclic Loading in Direct Simple Shear Tests 54
Noor Laham, Katherine Kwa, Andrew Deeks, Yusuke Suzuki, David White and Susan Gourvenec
Numerical Study on an Actively Controlled Flat Plate Breakwater 62
Hongjian Liang, Hao Qin and Lin Mu
Into the Deep—A Fundamental Improvement of the Analytical Formulation for Predicting Collapse of Thick-walled Pipelines 71
Ruud Selker, Joost Brugmans, Ping Liu and Carlos Sicilia
Update on the Fatigue Strength of Large-size Bolt-assemblies in Steel Constructions 81
Ralf Glienke, Mathias Schwarz, Carol Johnston, Melanie Hagemann and Marc Seidel
Numerical Computation on the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of an AUV near Uneven Seabed Based on Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping 90
Zhiyuan Jiang, Peng Li, Hongde Qin and Yu Guo
The Inline Force of Seabed Blocks Under Waves 99
Zhanjie Chen, Yunfei Teng, Jiacheng Wang, Bin Wang, Liang Cheng and Guoqiang Tang


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