IJOPE Volume 32, Issue 4, December 2022

Table of Contents

Time-Domain 3-DOF Ship Motion Modeling by a Self-Organizing State–Space Model with Measurement Data 369
Takaaki Hanaki and Munehiko Minoura
Oil Spill Spreading Simulation Based on an Enhanced Multi-phase Consistent Particle Method 377
Xiujia Su, Min Luo, Xizeng Zhao and Abbas Khayyer
A Machine Learning Ship’s Speed Over Ground Prediction Model and Sailing Time Control Strategy 386
Xiao Lang, Da Wu and Wengang Mao
A Machine Learning Model for Wave Prediction Based on Support Vector Machine 394
Qiang Liu, Xingya Feng and Tianning Tang
Numerical Study on Water Entry of Projectiles with Various Head Shapes by a Multiphase Moving Particle Semi-implicit Method 402
Ruosi Zha, Weiwen Zhao and Decheng Wan
On the Artificial Intelligence for the Sea State Forecast Along the Northern Sea Route 411
Aleksei Buinyi, Ekaterina Zhdanova, Aleksandr Evdokimov and Natalia Sukhikh
Solution for Water Waves with a Shear Current and Vorticity Over a Flat Bed 418
JangRyong Shin
Numerical Study of Three-Dimensional Water Entry Problems of Complex Structures Using Particle Method 424
Rui Deng, Hong-Guan Lyu, Peng-Nan Sun, Xiao-Ting Huang and Tie-Cheng Wu
Sloshing Phenomenon Occurring in the Foremost Two Tanks of LNG Carrier 434
Jeoungkyu Lee, Yangjun Ahn, Yonghwan Kim and Junhyung Jung
The Effect of an Ice Cover on the Trimming Moment of Submarines 440
Alexandra V. Pogorelova, Victor M. Kozin and Vitaly L. Zemlyak
Hydrogen Effect on Linepipe Steel and Material Compatibility to a High-pressure Hydrogen Pipeline 448
Nobuyuki Ishikawa, Junji Shimamura, Daichi Izumi, Hiroshi Okano and Yoshihiro Nishihara
Time-variant Reliability under Corrosion-caused Strength Degradation for Floating Structures in the South China Sea 457
Xizhao Wang, Xuekang Gu, Jun Ding, Nan Zhao, Qibin Wang, Jun Yu, Yuchao Chen, Zhengwei Zhang and Zilin Li
Lined Pipe Testing and Finite Element Modelling for Reel-lay Application 463
Minh Le, Mamadou Ahmed-Kogri, Richard Stableford and Eric Giry
A Slip-Line Field Solution for the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of a Pipeline Under Oblique Loading on a Clayey Seabed 473
Ning Wang, Wen-Gang Qi, Yu-Min Shi and Fu-Ping Gao


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