IJOPE Volume 32, Issue 2, June 2022

Table of Contents

Stability of Icebergs and Period of Natural Oscillations in the Barents, Kara, and Laptev Seas 129
Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Peter A. Tarasov, Teymur E. Mamedov, Konstantin G. Smirnov, Andrey A. Skutin, Elena A. Skutina, Aleksey K. Naumov and Ove T. Gudmestad
Effect of Iceberg Shape on Wind-force Parameters 137
Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Dmitriy V. Nikushchenko, Dmitriy S. Khmara, Nikita V. Tryaskin, Andrey G. Andreev, Andrey A. Skutin and Konstantin G. Smirnov
Features of Tabular Iceberg Towing 143
Nikita V. Tryaskin, Elena V. Ermolaeva, Kirill D. Ovchinnikov, Dmitriy V. Nikushchenko, Dmitriy S. Khmara, Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Alexandr V. Nesterov and Andrey A. Skutin
Oscillations During Iceberg Towing 153
Vladimir A. Korshunov, Roman S. Mudrik, Dmitry A. Ponomarev, Alexander A. Rodionov, Dmitriy V. Nikushchenko, Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Alexey V. Chernov and Ivan A. Svistunov
Morphometry of First-Year Ice Ridges with Greatest Thickness of the Consolidated Layer and Other Statistical Patterns 160
Roman B. Guzenko, Yevgeny U. Mironov, Ruslan I. May, Viktor S. Porubaev, Konstantin A. Kornishin and Yaroslav O. Efimov
Correlation Dependences of Level Ice Strength Properties in the Kara, Laptev, and East Siberian Seas 168
Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Petr A. Tarasov, Sergey M. Kovalev, Alexander T. Bekker and Alexander M. Polomoshnov
Iceberg Drift Simulations Using Inferred, Measured, and Ocean Model Currents 176
Ian D. Turnbull, Tony King and Freeman Ralph
Risk Assessment and Case Analysis of Sea Ice Dynamic Accumulation in Water Intakes of Nuclear Power Plants 186
Peng Xu, Ning Xu, Yanlin Wang, Shanshan Sun, Boqiang Zhao, Shuai Yuan, Wenqi Shi and Yuxian Ma
Efficient Properties of Different Types of Wave Energy Converters Placed in Front of a Vertical Breakwater 193
Dimitrios N. Konispoliatis, Anargyros S. Mavrakos and Spyridon A. Mavrakos
High-Silicon Nodular Cast Iron for Lightweight Optimized Wind Energy Components 201
Christoph Bleicher, Jan Niewiadomski, Axel Kansy and Heinz Kaufmann
Modeling the Influence of Soil-Structure-Interaction on Seismic Response of Jacket Substructure for the DTU 10MW Offshore Wind Turbine 210
Ting-Yu Fan, Chin-Yu Lin and Chin-Cheng Huang
Laboratory Study on the Effect of an Artificial Sandbar on Nourished Beach Profile Evolution 218
Kezhao Fang, Feng Yi, Jiantao Liu and Jiawen Sun
Experimental and Numerical Study of Gas Outburst with Soil Under Gas Expansion 227
Danning Liu, Peng Li, Xuhui Zhang, Xiaobing Lu, Jiyan Qiao, Zhenpeng Leng and Yan Zhang
Deep Penetration of Rectangular Spudcan into Single-Layer Clay 236
Dongshi Wang, Lindong Fan, Fei Wang, Menglan Duan, Jinjia Wang and Songlin Gao
Hamiltonian Boussinesq Simulation of Wave-Body Interaction Above Sloping Bottom 244
Ruddy Kurnia and E. (Brenny) van Groesen


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