IJOPE Volume 32, Issue 1, March 2022

Table of Contents

Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing Using a Fully Nonlinear Potential Flow Model in the Noninertial Coordinate System 1
Zaibin Lin, Ling Qian and Wei Bai
Investigation of Two-layer Liquid Sloshing by Using the Consistent Particle Method 7
Min Luo, Xiujia Su, Pengzhi Lin, Abbas Khayyer and Xizeng Zhao
A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Framework for Interaction Between Ice and Flexible Pile 16
Ningbo Zhang, Shiqiang Yan, Qingwei Ma and Xing Zheng
A High-performance Open-source Solution for Multiphase Fluid-Structure Interaction 24
Wendi Liu, Stephen M. Longshaw, Alex Skillen, David R. Emerson, Carmine Valente and Francesco Gambioli
A Hybrid Volume-of-Fluid/Euler–Lagrange Method for Vertical Plunging Jet Flows 31
Xiaosong Zhang, Weiwen Zhao and Decheng Wan
Numerical Simulation of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine in Waves Using qaleFOAM 39
Ziying Yu, Xing Zheng, Hongbin Hao, Shiqiang Yan and Qingwei Ma
Numerical Study on the Motion and Added Resistance of a Trimaran in Stern Waves Using a Hybrid Method 49
Jiaye Gong, Yunbo Li, Shiqiang Yan, Qingwei Ma and Zhichao Hong
Numerical Analysis of Flow Kinematics in Green Water on Deck 58
Qian Wang, Kang-Ping Liao, Ning Fan, Wen-Yang Duan and Qing-Wei Ma
Numerical Simulation of Water Entry and Exit Problems by an Adaptive Cartesian Grid Method 66
Yunxing Zhang, Wenyang Duan, Shan Ma and Kangping Liao
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Fluid-structure Interaction for a Submerged Oscillating Cylinder in a Lock-in Region 74
Hassan el Sheshtawy, Mohammed Youssef, Ould el Moctar and Thomas E. Schellin
Comparison of Simulated Offshore Wind Farm Wakes and SAR Images 81
Henning Heiberg-Andersen, Heidi Ytterstad Hindberg, Jorn Havas Maeland, Harald Johnsen, Torleif Lothe and Leonid Vasilyev
Energy Dissipation and Nonpotential Effects in Wave Breaking 87
Anatoliy Khait, Zhihua Ma, Ling Qian, Wei Bai and Zaibin Lin
Conversion of Wind and Waves with Reference Periods for the Donghae Gas Field 97
Yong-Ho Choi, Hyun-Joe Kim, Young-Jin Lee and Rae-Hyoung Yuck
A Mathematical Model of Lifeboat Microclimates in Polar Regions 107
Caitlin E. Piercey and Jonathan T. Power
Limit Load Capacity of Thick-walled Pipe in Ultra-deep Water 114
Ruud Selker, Joost Brugmans, Ping Liu and Carlos Sicilia
Prediction Model of EAC Growth Rate of Nickel-based Alloy under Low Temperature and High Stress 123
Hongliang Yang, He Xue, Lingyan Zhao, Chenqiang Ni and Shun Zhang


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