IJOPE Volume 31, Issue 4, December 2021

Table of Contents

Manganese Nodule Miners on 18,000-ft Deep Seabed: Touchdown, Track-keeping Control and Disturbed Seabed Track History 385
Jin S Chung
Simulation of Free Running Maneuvers of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Based on a CFD Study 395
Christian Weißenfeld and Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud
Optimization of Hydrodynamic Performance of Ocean Bottom Flying Node 403
Lingyun Xu, Peng Li and Hongde Qin
Assessment of Ice–Seabed Interaction Process in Clay Using Extreme Learning Machine 411
Hamed Azimi and Hodjat Shiri
Modelling of a DP Drillship Advancing in Managed Ice Fields: Comparison Between Numerical Simulations and Ice Basin Tests 421
Mohammed Islam, Mohamed Sayed and David Watson
Analysis of the Influences of Seawater Freezing and Melting on the Water Quality of Sea Surface Based on Monitoring Data 429
Shuai Yuan, Ning Xu, Yuan Chen, Wenqi Shi and Lina Song
Experimental Investigation of Wave Interaction with a Thin Floating Sheet 435
Sebastian Schreier and Gunnar Jacobi
A Quasi Nonhydrostatic Numerical Model for Coastal Hydrodynamics 445
Francesco Ragosta and Francesco Lalli
Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Analysis of Oscillating Wave Surge Converters under Regular Waves 453
Yao Liu, Norimi Mizutani and Yulin Zhao
Optimal Control for Response Reduction of Single Hinged Articulated Tower Using an MR Damper 462
Kushal Solomon and Deepak Kumar
Pile Behavior Due to Adjacent Jack-up Spudcan Penetration 472
Sen Sven Falcon, Yun Wook Choo and Chun Fai Leung
Load-spectrum Models for Offshore Crane Fatigue Analysis 480
JangRyong Shin
Hydroelastic Effect on the Ultimate Strength Assessment of Very Large Ore Carrier Based on the Segmented Model Test 487
In-Gyu Ahn and Byoung-Hoon Jung
A Practical Framework for Efficient Assessment of the Fatigue Damage of Mooring Systems in Non-Gaussian Seas 495
Xiancang Song, Shuqing Wang and Yuanzhi Guo
Multiaxial Fatigue Assessment of Typical Fillet Welded Details: Nominal Stress Approach-based Simplified Formulae 505
Sudath C. Siriwardane


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