IJOPE Volume 31, Issue 3, September 2021

Table of Contents

The Influence of Floe Size and Ice Concentration on Ice Force Levels for an FPSO in Pack Ice 257
Mohamed Sayed, David Watson, Mohammed Islam and Brian Wright
A Physical Model of Wave Attenuation in Pancake Ice 263
Alberto Alberello, Azam Dolatshah, Luke G. Bennetts, Miguel Onorato, Filippo Nelli and Alessandro Toffoli
Analysis of Ice Conditions Around the Coastal Nuclear Power Plant in China’s Sea Ice Region Based on Monitoring Data 270
Xue-Qin Liu, Shuai Yuan, Yu-Xian Ma, Wen-Qi Shi, Ning Xu, Li-Na Song and Dan-Zhu Yu
Current Profile Extreme Prediction in the South China Sea Based on the EOF-ACER Method, by Considering Current Directions 275
Siyuan Yu, Wenhua Wu and Arvid Naess
Experimental Study on the Vortex-induced Vibration of a Catenary Flexible Riser under Sheared Flows 283
Hongjun Zhu, Jie Hu, Honglei Zhao and Yue Gao
Extreme Motion Prediction and Early-warning Assessment of Semisubmersible Platform Based on Deep Learning Method 293
Ji Yao and Wenhua Wu
Measurement and Analysis of Drag on a Real Submarine Periscope 302
Yanlin Wang, Shanshan Sun and Qianjin Yue
Computational Analysis of Sphere Wakes in a Linearly Stratified Fluid 309
Liushuai Cao, Fenglai Huang, Decheng Wan and Yangyang Gao
Development of a Supplementary Outboard Side Thruster System for Dynamic Positioning Control of Autonomous Surface Vehicle 316
Tetsu Kato, Yamato Kawamura, Junichiro Tahara, Shoichiro Baba, Yukihisa Sanada and Shun Fujii
Evaluation for Allowable Span Length of a Submarine Pipeline Considering VIV Hysteresis Effect 325
Jun Liu and Fu-Ping Gao
Scale Models Design of Stiffened Plates Under Longitudinal Compression Considering Collapse Modes and Number of Stiffeners 333
Hongyuan Mei and Deyu Wang
Constrained 2D and 3D Thermal Buckling of Inner Pipe Within Annulus of Pipe-in-pipe System 347
Yunxiao Nick Wang, Steve Langford, Colin McKinnon, Emil Maschner and Frederic McKinnon
Very High Cycle Fatigue Tests with a Resonance-regulated Device for the Testing of Large-scale Cast Iron and Steel Specimens 354
Peter Schaumann, Luka Radulovic, Jan Kulikowski and Attila Alt
Application of Deep Learning to Hull Plate Crack Detection Based on Vibration Signals 363
Dongliang Ma and Deyu Wang
Experimental Analysis on Depressurization-induced Gas Production from 10-Meter-scale Hydrate-bearing Sediments 372
Taewoong Ahn, Jaehyoung Lee, Joo-Yong Lee, Se-Joon Kim and Changhyup Park
Experimental and Numerical Methods for Obtaining Flow Field Formed by Hydraulic Nodule Pick-up Devices 378
Ziyu Yue, Guocheng Zhao, Mingyue Liu and Longfei Xiao


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