IJOPE Volume 31, Issue 2, June 2021

Table of Contents

Strength–Temperature Equations for First-Year Ice, Second-Year Ice, and Two Categories of Multi-Year Ice 129
M.E. Johnston
Investigation of the Effect of Managed Ice Field Parameters on Global Forces of a Dynamically Positioned Drillship 137
Mohammed Islam and Jungyong Wang
Breaking Pattern of Semi-infinite Ice Sheets During Bending Failures Against Sloping Structures 146
Yihe Wang, Xin Yao and Shengwen Xu
An Investigation of the Performance of a Pusher–Barge System Considering Advancing Velocity in Regular Waves 153
Cristobal Santiago Bravo, Seok Won Hong and Bo Woo Nam
Time-frequency Domain Characteristics on the Dynamic Response of a Moored Floater Under a Freak Wave by Wavelet Analysis 160
Wenbo Pan, Ningchuan Zhang, Fanxu Zeng and Guoxing Huang
Eigenvalue Analysis for Motion Response of a TLP and Tender Semi Considering a Complex Mooring Configuration 169
Bo Woo Nam and Sa Young Hong
Hydrodynamic Analysis of Fish’s Traveling Wave Based on Grid Deformation Technique 178
Liyang Gao, Hongde Qin and Peng Li
Experimental and Numerical Studies on Dissociation of Methane Hydrate by Simultaneous Injection of Nitrogen and Hot Water 186
Yasuhide Sakamoto, Yusuke Nakano, Fuyuki Kaneko, Kengo Nakamura and Takeshi Komai
Comparative Study on Eddy Roll Damping with Experimental Results Using a High-order Fractional Step Finite Volume Solver 199
Xiaohui Zhang, Xiechong Gu and Ning Ma
Fluid Flow and Particle Motion Behaviors During Seabed Nodule Pickup: An Experimental Study 210
Guocheng Zhao, Longfei Xiao, Jingchao Hu, Mingyue Liu and Tao Peng
Investigations on Plate Crack Damage Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks 220
Dongliang Ma and Deyu Wang
An Empirical Formula for Predicting the Dynamic Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels Under Longitudinal Impact 230
Yufei Xiong and Deyu Wang
Evaluating the Penetration Resistance of Spudcan Foundations in Clay Overlying Sand 243
Yifa Wang, Mark J. Cassidy and Britta Bienen


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