IJOPE Volume 30, Issue 4, December 2020

Table of Contents

Cohesive Element Method to Level Ice-sloping Structure Interactions 385
Yihe Wang, Xin Yao, Fwu Chyi Teo and Jin Zhang
Parameterisation of Radiation Forces for Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Wave Energy Converters Using Moment-Matching 395
Nicolás Faedo, Yerai Peña-Sanchez and John V. Ringwood
Performance Evaluation and Optimization of a Hinged-type Wave Energy Converter 403
Wei Meng, Meng Chen, Heather Peng and Wei Qiu
Strength Analysis for a Jacket-type Substructure of an Offshore Wind Turbine Under Extreme Environment Conditions 414
Ting-Yu Fan, Szu-Han Chen and Chin-Cheng Huang
A Study on Omnidirectional Ocean Wave Spectral Shape with Bimodal Index 421
Jeong-Seok Kim and Seung-Ho Shin
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Influences of Connector Stiffness and Damping on Dynamics of a Multimodule VLFS 427
Yongheng Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Shengwen Xu, Lei Wang, Aibing Ding and Yanfei Deng
A Study on the LNG Loading or Unloading Operability of Floating LNG Bunkering Terminal with Ship-to-ship Moored 437
Dong Woo Jung, Yun Ho Kim, Seung Hoon Oh, Seok Kyu Cho, Bo Woo Nam, Dong Ho Jung and Hong Gun Sung
A Model Test on the Response Characteristics of a Free Hanging Riser 447
Yong-Ju Kwon, Dongho Jung, Byeongwon Park, Jae-Hawn Jung and Seunghoon Oh
Manufacture and Characterization of Hot-Embossed Superhydrophobic Surfaces 456
Haonan Xu
Path Following of Underactuated Marine Vehicles Based on Model Predictive Control 463
Zhi-Hua Zeng, Zao-Jian Zou, Zi-Hao Wang and Jian-Qin Wang
A Comparative Study on the Hydroelastic Behavior of Floating Plates Imposed by Various Types of Boundary Conditions 471
J. N. Reddy, Xuan Vu Nguyen, Tan Ngoc Than Cao, Xuan Qui Lieu and Van Hai Luong
Modeling of a Crack-induced Hydride Formation at a Grain Boundary in Metals 478
Claudio F. Nigro, Christina Bjerkén and Ylva Mellbin
Material Design for Grade X65 UOE Sour Linepipe Steels with SSC-resistant Property 487
Junji Shimamura, Daichi Izumi, Satoshi Igi, Nobuyuki Ishikawa, Satoshi Ueoka, Koichi Ihara and Joe Kondo
Two-Dimensional Bearing Capacity of a Spudcan in Clay After Penetrating Through Top Sand 493
Pan Hu and Mark Cassidy
Numerical Simulation of a Laboratory-scale Experiment for the Hydrate Dissociation Process in Porous Media by Acid Injection 501
Yasuhide Sakamoto, Yusuke Nakano, Fuyuki Kaneko, Kengo Nakamura and Takeshi Komai


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