IJOPE Volume 30, Issue 3, September 2020

Table of Contents

CFD Investigations of Wake Flow Interactions in a Wind Farm with 14 Wind Turbines 257
Xinze Duan, Jianhua Wang and Decheng Wan
An Investigation into the Effect of Long-Term Cyclic Loading on the Natural Frequency of Offshore Wind Turbines 266
Hongwang Ma, Jun Yang and Longzhu Chen
Application Study of Time-frequency Analysis Methods to Offshore Wind Turbines 275
Shujian Gao, Fushun Liu and Wei Li
Freshwater and Lithium from Desalination Powered by Marine Energy Sources 283
Jennifer Leijon, Sara Anttila, Anna E. Frost, Sofia Kontos, Olof Lindahl, Jens Engström, Mats Leijon and Cecilia Boström
2D Simulations of Breaking Wave Impacts on a Flat Rigid Wall – Part 2: Influence of Scale 286
Pierre-Michel Guilcher, Yoann Jus and Laurent Brosset
Applications of RANS Turbulence Modeling Based on Two-Equation Closure Models in Sloshing Simulations 299
Jinlong Li, Yunxiang You and Ke Chen
A Flux Source Method for Ship Wave Generation in a Boussinesq-type Wave Model 308
Katsuya Hirayama and Naoto Higuchi
Hydrodynamic Performance of the Conformal Rudder 318
Shuo Zhai and Zhihua Liu
Ultimate Strength of Container Ship Bilge Panels Subjected to Axial Compression Combined with Bending and Lateral Pressure 327
Jinju Cui and Deyu Wang
Study on Reflection Characteristic of a Curved Wing-like Submerged Structure Before a Vertical Wall 340
Zhenglin Tian, Zhaochen Sun and Shuxiu Liang
Experimental Study on Spatiotemporal Profile Change in Gravel Beach 349
Shinwoong Kim, Tomoaki Nakamura, Yonghwan Cho and Norimi Mizutani
Experimental Study of the Wave Loading of a Twin-Plate Breakwater 357
Qian Gu, Ningchuan Zhang and Guoxing Huang
Innovative Sand Groin Beach Nourishment with Environmental, Protective, and Recreational Purposes 364
Piero Ruol, Luca Martinelli, Chiara Favaretto and Daniele Scroccaro
Effect of Stress Reflection on Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor in Crack Arrest Toughness Testing 375
Tsunehisa Handa, Tetsuya Tagawa, Yusuke Shimada, Tomoya Kawabata, Takehiro Inoue, Masahito Kaneko, Kei Sugimoto, Shuji Aihara and Kazuki Shibanuma


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