IJOPE Volume 29, Issue 3, September 2019

Table of Contents

Coupled Behavior of Sloshing and Ship Motion of an LNG Carrier with Prismatic Chamfered Tanks 241
Gustavo Massaki Karuka, Makoto Arai, Cezar Augusto Bellezi and Hideyuki Ando
Experimental Comparison of Sloshing Loads on Weather Side and Lee Side for LNG Carrier Cargo Tanks 249
Yangjun Ahn, Sang-Yeob Kim, Jieung Kim, Jeoungkyu Lee and Yonghwan Kim
Experimental Study and Method of Sloshing Model Test Considering Gas-Liquid Density Ratio 257
Yangjun Ahn, Yonghwan Kim and Sang-Yeob Kim
Numerical Investigation of Vortex Shedding over a Circular Cylinder near a Plane Boundary 269
Mohammad Amin Salehi, Said Mazaheri and Mohammad Hossein Kazeminezhad
Analytical Model of Navigable Channel Evolution in Ice Conditions 277
Evgeny B. Karulin, Marina M. Karulina and Oleg V. Tarovik
Nonparametric Identification of Roll Damping and Nonlinear Restoring Forces for a Ship from a Free Roll Decay Simulation 286
Yin Jiang, Renchuan Zhu, Yuntao Yang and Jinlong Li
Numerical Study of Focusing Wave Impact on a Fixed Cylinder 295
Seon Oh Yoo, Taeyoung Kim, Hyun Joe Kim and Dong Yeon Lee
CFD Simulations of Wave Impact Loads on a Truncated Circular Cylinder by Breaking Waves 306
Yoon-Jin Ha, Bo Woo Nam, Kyong-Hwan Kim and Sa Young Hong
Texture-controlled YP460 N/mm2 Class Heavy Thick Plate for Ultra-large Container Carriers 315
Kazukuni Hase, Katsuyuki Ichimiya, Keiji Ueda, Tsunehisa Handa, Taiki Eto and Masahiro Aoki
The Morphology Changes of Indentations in Press-in Tests of SS304 Under Tensile Stress 322
Rui Guo, He Xue, Shuai Wang and Bin Wang
Study on Spudcan Soil-Structure Interaction of a Wind Turbine Installation Vessel 329
Haibin Jin, Kangsu Lee, Junhwan Choi and Beom-Seon Jang
Numerical Prediction of Hydroelastic Performance of the Flexible Propeller 339
Ji-Hye Kim, Byoung-Kwon Ahn, Chang-Sup Lee and Gun-Do Kim
Numerical Study on Enhanced Gas Recovery from Methane Hydrate Reservoir During In-situ Heating Process by Acid Injection 347
Yasuhide Sakamoto, Fuyuki Kaneko, Yusuke Nakano, Kengo Nakamura and Takeshi Komai
Inverse Kinematics of 2-DOF Rotary Crane Fixed on Two Barges for Collaborative Tasks During Offshore Installation 359
Jun-Hyeok Bae, Ju-Hwan Cha and Sol Ha


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