IJOPE Volume 29, Issue 2, June 2019

Table of Contents

A Blind Comparative Study of Focused Wave Interactions with a Fixed FPSO-like Structure (CCP-WSI Blind Test Series 1) 113
Edward Ransley, Shiqiang Yan, Scott Andrew Brown, Tri Mai, David Graham, Qingwei Ma, Pierre-Henri Musiedlak, Allan Peter Engsig-Karup, Claes Eskilsson, Qian Li, Jinghua Wang, Zhihua Xie, Sriram Venkatachalam, Thorsten Stoesser, Yuan Zhuang, Qi Li, Decheng Wan, Gang Chen, Hao Chen, Ling Qian, Zhihua Ma, Clive Mingham, Derek Causon, Inno Gatin, Hrvoje Jasak, Vuko Vukˇcevi´c, Steven Downie, Pablo Higuera, Eugeny Buldakov, Dimitris Stagonas, Qiang Chen, Jun Zang and Deborah Greaves
Numerical Study of Focused Waves Acting on a Fixed FPSO-Shaped Body 128
Yuan Zhuang and Decheng Wan
Spectral Element FNPF Simulation of Focused Wave Groups Impacting a Fixed FPSO-type Body 141
Allan P. Engsig-Karup and Claes Eskilsson
Comparative Numerical Study on Focusing Wave Interaction with FPSO-like Structure 149
Shiqiang Yan, Qian Li, Jinghua Wang, Qingwei Ma, Zhihua Xie and Thorsten Stoesser
Quantifying the Predictive Capability of OpenFOAM 4.1: Focused Wave Interactions with a Fixed FPSO 158
Scott Andrew Brown, Pierre-Henri Musiedlak, Edward Jack Ransley and Deborah Greaves
Uncertainty Modeling and Fatigue Reliability Assessment of Offshore Wind Turbine Concrete Structures 165
Joey Velarde, Claus Kramhøft, Amol Mankar and John Dalsgaard Sørensen
Centrifuge Modeling of Cyclic Degradation of Axially Loaded Piles in Sand for Offshore Wind Turbine Structures 172
Bao Li Zheng, Bruce L. Kutter, Daniel W. Wilson, Jacquelyn Allmond, Christopher Hunt and Tom McNeilan
A Model of Coastal Flooding Using Linearized Bottom Friction and Its Application to a Case Study in Caorle, Venice, Italy 182
Chiara Favaretto, Luca Martinelli and Piero Ruol
Relative Motions of FLNG and LNG Carriers Arranged Side by Side and an Assessment of Their Operation 191
Ryohei Yoshioka, Makoto Arai, Yoshiaki Hirakawa, Ning Ma and Kazuo Nishimoto
Experimental Analysis of the Seakeeping Response of a Double-barge Float-over System for Topside Transportation 198
Daniele Dessi, Edoardo Faiella, Corrado Pigna, Cristiano Celli, Thiago Miliante and Enrico Di Paolo
Experimental and Numerical Study on Docking Operations of a Transportation Vessel for Float-over Installation 207
Yong-Ju Kwon, Bo Woo Nam, NamWoo Kim, In-Bo Park and Hong Gun Sung
Numerical Study for Wave-Induced Oscillatory Seabed Response Around Pile Foundations Using OpenFOAM 217
Luan Liang Duan and Dong-Sheng Jeng
A Modified Formula for Predicting the Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels Under Longitudinal Compression 228
Lei Ao, De-Yu Wang and Jia-Meng Wu


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