IJOPE Volume 29, Issue 1, March 2019

Table of Contents

FBG Sensors and Signal-Based Detection Method for Failure Detection of an Offshore Wind Turbine Grouted Connection 1
Nathalie Müller, Peter Kraemer, Dominique Leduc and Franck Schoefs
Monitoring Typhoon-induced Vibration and Tilt of Offshore Wind Turbine System for Batholith Seabed 8
Xiao-Qian Sun, Shu-Gang Cao, Yan Chi and Zhi-Cheng Zhu
FAST Model Calibration and Validation of the OC5-DeepCwind Floating Offshore Wind System Against Wave Tank Test Data 15
Fabian F. Wendt, Amy N. Robertson and Jason M. Jonkman
Numerical and Experimental Study on the Estimation of Added Resistance of an LNG Carrier in Waves 24
Taeyoung Kim, Seonoh Yoo, Semyun Oh, Hyun Joe Kim, Dongyeon Lee and Booki Kim
CFD Modeling of Arctic Coastal Erosion due to Breaking Waves 33
Nadeem Ahmad, Hans Bihs, Mayilvahanan Alagan Chella, Arun Kamath and Øivind A. Arntsen
An Explicit/Implicit Lie-group Scheme for Solving Problems of Nonlinear Sloshing Behaviors 42
Yung-Wei Chen, Chao-Feng Shih, Yu-Chen Liu and Shih-Ping Soon
Response of RC Walls Subjected to Tsunami Debris Collision by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis 53
Atsushi Shibayama, Yoshinori Miyagawa, Naoto Kihara and Hideki Kaida
Low-Cycle Tearing in a Deep-Water Buckle-Arrestor Assembly Girth Weld During S-Lay Installation 62
Ruud Selker, Ping Liu, Erich Jurdik, Jay Chaudhuri, Andrea Fonzo and Massimo di Biagio
Finite Element Modeling of Axial–Vertical Interaction Behavior of Buried Pipelines in Dense Sand 70
Sheikh Sharif Ahmed and Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed
Key Design Variables Responsible for the Rupture of Buckled Pipes 78
Nima Mohajer Rahbari, J. J. Roger Cheng and Samer Adeeb
Key Influencing Factors in Ultimate Strength Analysis for Large Container Ships 85
Jinju Cui, Deyu Wang and Ning Ma
Deflection and Fracture of Clamped Stiffened Plate Under Lateral Indentation by a Sphere 97
Yufeng Gong, Weicai Peng, Junjie Zhang and Jingxi Liu
Thermophysical Properties of Methane Hydrate-bearing Sediments Recovered from Nankai Trough Wells Under Vertical Stress Conditions 104
Hiromitsu Morita, Michihiro Muraoka and Yoshitaka Yamamoto


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