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VOLUME I , 2001 (ISBN 1-880653-52-4)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-2001 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii


Trends in Offshore Safety on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Gunnar Berge ..... 1
Terra Nova Design Challenges and Operational Integrity Strategy
A. Ewida and J.R.. Kean ..... 4
Development Options for Mobile Offshore Base Technology
Robert Zueck, Robert Taylor and Paul Palo ..... 13
Autonomous Subsea Tie In System (AUSTIN) for Large Diameter Pipelines in Deep Waters
Jostein Aleksandersen, Ivar Langen, Morten Meling and Audun Lien ..... 19
ARCOS Pipeline Repair System
Diego Lazzarin and Adalberto Colombo ..... 27
Increased Operability Subsea – More Accurate Tools for Installation and Intervention
Svein Ivar Sagatun and Øyvind Tveit ..... 32
Two Different Electrical Properties Can Improve Transoceanic Cable-Route Mapping
Jeff Wynn and Tim McGinnis ..... 37
Pushing the Limits of Seismic Resolution in Deep Water
Thomas M. McGee and J. Robert Woolsey ..... 42
Aluminium Applied for Subsea Structures: Possibilities and Challenges
Christian Knutsen, Ivar Kvale and Jan Halvor Nordlien ..... 46
Study on a System for Decreasing Vibration of a Hang Hook of Floating Crane
S. Shiraishi, T. Suzuki and T. Hiraishi, H. Kawahara, T. Horichi and N. Nishihara ..... 53
Spudcan-Footprint Interaction During Jack-Up Workovers
D.P. Stewart and I.M.S. Finnie ..... 61
Sand Bed Response to Submerged Water Jet
T. O’Donoghue, B. Trajkovic and J. Piggins ..... 66
An Integrated Approach for Fatigue Life Predication of Whole Offshore Platforms
Yong-Ning Wu, Li-Song Song, Hua-Can Fang, Fa-Yan Xu and Meng-Lan Duan ..... 73
Characteristics of Tuned Liquid Damper for Suppressing Wave-Induced Vibration
Sheng Dong, Hua Jun Li and Tomotsuka Takayama ..... 79
Experimental Investigation of TLD for Mitigating Wave-Induced Structural Vibration
Hua Jun Li, Sheng Dong and Tomotsuka Takayama ..... 84
Criterion of Offshore Jacket Launching Analysis
Chul H. Jo, Kyung S. Kim, Jae H. Kim and S.H. Lee ..... 90
Experimental Investigation of a Model Jack-Up Unit on Clay
G. Vlahos, C.M. Martin and M.J. Cassidy ..... 97
Application of Probabilistic Models to the Response Analysis of Jack-Ups
M.J. Cassidy, G.T. Houlsby and R. Eatock Taylor ..... 106
Structure Optimum Design of Offshore Jacket Platforms Based on Fuzzy Constraint
H.G. Kang, G.J. Zhai, X.B. Liu and F.C. Xu ..... 114
Technical Issues in Platform Removal: Is OSPAR 98/3 Sustainable?
P. William Penney ..... 119
Managing the Challenges of Decommissioning with Technology, Research and Regulations
Sharon Buffington ..... 123
Weather-Dependent Operability for Offshore Single Lift Jacket Deck Removals
Birger J. Natvig, Øyvind Johnsen, Geir Grimsrud and Douglas Smith ..... 129
GM-Lift Decommissioning and Installation Vessel
J. Vatsvåg ..... 136
Alternative Low-Cost Wellhead Platform Concept(s) for Marginal Offshore Field Developments
H.J. Meek and P.G.F. Sliggers ..... 142
Use of Light Weight Substructures for Oil and Gas Marginal Field Development
Wan Mahmood Wan Ab. Majid and Mohamad Bin Embong ..... 149
Wave Response and Vibration Control of Flight Control Tower on the Mega Float Structure
Y. Totsuka, H. Ishigaki, M. Kawarada, C. Sato, H. Eto and O. Saijo ..... 154
Stress Analysis for Structurally Discontinuous Parts in a Mega Float Structure
K. Kada, T. Fujita and K. Kitabayashi ..... 161
Effects of Breakwaters on Motions of an Elastic Floating Plate in Waves
S. Nagata, H. Yoshida, H. Niizato, Y. Ohkawa and K. Kobayashi ..... 168
Variability of Water Quality Due to the Location of a Mega Float in Tokyo Bay
Yusaku Kyozuka and Souichi Yamaguchi ..... 176
Numerical Simulation of Tidal Current and Seawater Exchange Around a Very Large Offshore Structure
Kazuo Nozawa and Masasi Toyooka ..... 183
Variational Principles Related to Motions of an Elastic Plate Floating on a Water Surface
H. Isshiki and S. Nagata ..... 190
Practical Natural Frequency Analysis of Elastic Plate on Water
Hiroaki Eto, Koichi Maruyoshi and Osamu Saijo ..... 198
Coordinated Dynamic Positioning of a Multi-Platform Mobile Offshore Base Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Jayesh Amin, Raman K. Mehra and Pablo Arambel ..... 206
SEABASE™, the Flexible Alternative
Erik Pettersen ..... 212
Analysis of Drift Force on VLFS by the Near-Field Approach
Tomoaki Utsunomiya, Eiichi Watanabe and Naoyuki Nakamura ..... 217
Investigation of Draft Effects on Analysis of Hydroelastic Responses of Pontoon-Type VLFS
Sa Y. Hong, Yoon R. Choi and S.W. Hong ..... 222
The Motion of an Elastic Disk Floating on Shallow Water in Waves
Takashi Tsubogo ..... 229
A Theoretical Approach to the Slamming Impact Pressure Acting on the VLFS
Ken Takagi ..... 234
Tsunami-Induced Mooring Force on a Flexible Floating Structure
Xiaodong Liu, Shigeki Sakai, Shusaku Makino, Kota Hanai and Makoto Sasamoto ..... 241
Transit Draft Roll Motion Stability Analysis of the Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) Using Time Varying Coefficients
Samrat Das and Jeffrey Falzarano ..... 248
Transit Draft Heave Motion Analysis of the Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) Using Reverse MI/SO Techniques
William Rodrigues and Jeffrey Falzarano ..... 256
Wave-Induced Local Steady Forces on a Column-Supported Very Large Floating Structure
Masashi Kashiwagi ..... 264
Obtaining Accurate Modal Stress-Resultants in Freely Vibrating Plates that Model VLFS
C.M. Wang, Y.C. Wang, E. Watanabe, T. Utsunomiya and Y. Xiang ..... 272
Effect of Viscous Roll Damping on Drift Forces of Multi-Body Floating System in Waves
Yoshiyuki Inoue and M. Rafiqul Islam ..... 279
Air Gap Model Tests on a MOB Module
David Kriebel and Louise Wallendorf ..... 286
Nonlinear Dynamic Responses of a Large Offshore Structure
Kenji Kawano and Tutomu Hashimoto ..... 294
Extreme Response and Fatigue Damages for FPSO Structural Analysis
Chuntian Zhao, Yong Bai and Yung Shin ..... 301
Experience and Risk Assessment of FPSOs in Use on the Norwegian Continental Shelf: Descriptions of Events
Roger L. Leonhardsen, Gerhard Ersdal and Arne Kvitrud ..... 309
Floating Production System for the Shtockmanovskoye Gas/Condensate Field
Victor M. Potapov, Lev B. Blagovidov and Vladimir V. Minin ..... 315
Coupled Dynamic Response of Moored FPSO with Risers
J.M. Heurtier, P. Le Buhan, E. Fontaine, C. Le Cunff, F. Biolley and C. Berhault ..... 319
Turret Operations in the North Sea: Experience from Norne and Åsgard A
Børre Knudsen, Bård A. Leite and Stig A. Mjøen ..... 327
Nonlinear Dynamics of a FPSO and Shuttle Vessel in Tandem Configuration
Helio Mitio Morishita, Jessé Rebello de Souza Junior and Claudio Gomes Fernandes ..... 336
Numerical Multiple-Body Simulations of Side-by-Side Mooring to an FPSO
Bas Buchner, Adri van Dijk and Jaap de Wilde ..... 343
Structural Design of the Truss Spar — An Overview
J. Wang, S. Berg, Y.H. Luo, A. Sablok and L. Finn ..... 354
Time-Domain Fatigue Analysis for Critical Connections of Truss Spar
Y.H. Luo, R. Lu, J. Wang and S. Berg ..... 362
Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Evaluation of the Fishtailing Phenomenon in a Single-Point Moored Tanker
Alexandre N. Simos, Eduardo A. Tannuri, José A. P. Aranha and André J.P. Leite ..... 369
Global Strength Evaluation for a Medium-Sized Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig
Seock-Hee Jun, Yeong-Pyo Kim, In-Hwan Sim and Joo-Ho Heo ..... 375
Automated Hull Optimisation of Offshore Structures Based on Rational Seakeeping Criteria
L. Birk and G.F. Clauss ..... 382
Airgap Prediction: Use of Second-Order Diffraction and Multi-Column Models
Bert Sweetman, Steven R. Winterstein, Trond Stokka Meling and Jørn Birknes ..... 390
Model Experiments on Dynamic Positioning System with Steerable Thrusters
Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara, Wataru Koterayama and Toru Komaru ..... 398
Diffraction and Radiation of Waves Around Side-by-Side Moored Vessels
R.H.M. Huijsmans, J.A. Pinkster and J.J. de Wilde ..... 406
Nonlinear Time-Domain Analysis of Compliant Offshore Structures by a Semi-Implicit Strategy
M.V. Rodrigues and B.P. Jacob ..... 413
Upending of a Spar Offshore Platform: Prediction of Motions and Loading
Igor Prislin, Atle Steen and John Halkyard ..... 421
Effect of Ramp Duration on the Dynamic Response of Spars
Iftekhar Anam and Jose M. Roesset ..... 427
Buoyant Leg Structure Preliminary Design, Constructed Cost and Model Test Results
C.B. Shaver, C.C. Capanoglu and C.S. Serrahn ..... 432
Nonlinear Response of ISSC TLP in High and Steep Random Waves
Z.M. Wang and C.H. Kim ..... 440
Directional Sea Response of a Mini-TLP
J.M. Niedzwecki, P.F. Liagre, L.E. Borgman and P. Teigen ..... 447
Wave Interaction Effects for Non-Compliant TLP
P. Teigen, J.M. Niedzwecki and S.R. Winterstein ..... 453
Global Occurrences of Gas Hydrate
Keith A. Kvenvolden and Thomas D. Lorenson ..... 462
Density Change of CO2-Dissolved Water in Hydrate Forming Region
R. Kojima, K. Yamane and I. Aya ..... 468
Gas Hydrate and Seeps – Effects on Slope Stability: The "Hydraulic Model"
Martin Hovland, Dan Orange, Per Arne Bjørkum and Ove Tobias Gudmestad ..... 471
Two Phase Flow Dynamics for Production of Methane Hydrate
Y. Kobayashi ..... 477
A Remote, Multi-Sensor Station to Monitor Conditions Near the Sea Floor within the Hydrate Stability Zone
J. Robert Woolsey, Thomas M. McGee and Robin C. Buchanan ..... 483
Numerical Simulation of Agglomeration of CO2 Droplets Covered with Hydrate Film
K. Yamane, R.. Kojima, I. Aya, L. Tang and S.M. Masutani ..... 490
Unexpected Natures of CO2 Hydrate Membrane in Saturated Water: An Explanation by the Free Water Molecule Model
I. Aya, K. Yamane, R. Kojima, T. Yamamoto and H. Nariai ..... 495
Droplets of Dry Ice and Cold Liquid CO2 for Self Transport of CO2 to Large Depths
Bjørn Kvamme ..... 498
Kinetics of Hydrate Formation from Nucleation Theory
Bjørn Kvamme ..... 508
Molecular Dynamics Simulations as a Tool for the Selection of Candidates for Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors
Bjørn Kvamme ..... 517
Resedimentation Analysis from Seafloor Photographs
T. Yamazaki, E. Kuboki and D. Uehara ..... 528
Dynamic Positioning Control for the Buffer of a Deep-Sea Mining System Using FIR Filter
Ki H. Kim, Hang S. Choi, Woo J. Seong and Kyu Y. Lee ..... 536
Chemical Compositions of Deep-Sea Sediment Where Artificial Rapid Deposition Event Occurred
T. Fukushima, K. Harada, Y. Shibamoto and E. Kuboki ..... 541
A 3D Parametric Study of a Rectangular Bottom-Mounted OWC Power Plant
Y.M.C. Delauré and A. Lewis ..... 548
Time Domain Control of a Single Mode Wave Energy Device
U.A. Korde, M.P. Schoen and F. Lin ..... 555
OWC-Caisson Economy and Its Dependency on Breaking Wave Design Loads
F. Neumann and A.J.N.A. Sarmento ..... 561
Optimum Control of Oscillation of Wave-Energy Converters
Johannes Falnes ..... 567
Power Quality Assessment from the LIMPET Wave-Power Station
R.G. Alcorn and W.C. Beattie ..... 575
An Investigation into the Importance of the Air Chamber Design of an Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Device
J.W. Weber and G.P. Thomas ..... 581
Stress Analysis of Impulse Turbine Blades
A. Thakker, H.B. Khaleeq, F. Hourigan and J. Jarvis ..... 589
Preliminary Study on Wave Energy Utilization in Sri Lanka
T. Watabe, H. Yokouchi, S.D.G.S.P. Gunawardane, B.R.K. Obeyesekera and U.I. Dissanayake ..... 596
Numerical Analysis of Wells Turbine Performance Using a 3D Navier-Stokes Explicit Solver
A. Thakker, P. Frawley and E. Sheik Bajeet ..... 604
Noise Characteristics of Turbines for Wave Power Conversion
M. Takao, K. Itakura, T. Setoguchi, T.H. Kim, K. Kaneko and M. Inoue ..... 609
CA9: Analysis of a Stall-Resistant Aerofoil in View of Wave Power Conversion
A. Thakker, P. Frawley and E.Sheik Bajeet ..... 614
A 3-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion
Hyeong-Gu Lee, Ill-Kyoo Park, Tae-Hoon Kim, Yeon-Won Lee and Toshiaki Setoguchi ..... 620
Experimental and CFD Analysis of 0.6m Impulse Turbine with Fixed Guide Vanes
A. Thakker, P. Frawley, H.B. Khaleeq, Y. Abugihalia and T. Setoguchi ..... 625
Comparison of 0.6m Impulse and Wells Turbines for Wave Energy Conversion Under Similar Conditions
A. Thakker, P. Frawley, H.B. Khaleeq and E.S. Bajeet ..... 630
Numerical Simulation of 0.6m Impulse Turbine for Wave Power Conversion Under Different Flow Conditions
A. Thakker, H.B. Khaleeq and A.R. Ansari ..... 634
Experiment on the Energy Gain of Floats-Type Wave Generator
K. Hadano, T. Saito and M. Hashida ..... 638
Impulse Turbine for Wave Power Conversion with Air Flow Rectification System
H. Maeda, M. Takao, T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko, T.H. Kim and M. Inoue ..... 646
Meeting the Challenges of Arctic Communications at the Summit Science Camp on Greenland’s Icecap
Mike McKibben, John Kelly and Todd Valentic ..... 653
Accurate Ocean Current Direction Measurements Near the Magnetic Poles
James M. Hamilton ..... 656
Oil and Gas Exploration at the Arctic Shore: Social Issues
Sergey V. Krivitsky, Alexander S. Tsvetsinsk, Dilizhan A. Mirzoev and Andrey S. Krivitsky ..... 661
Study of Icing Rate and Related Meteorological Parameter Distributions During Atmospheric Icing Events
K. Savadjiev and M. Farzaneh ..... 665
Extreme Value Analysis of Ice Accretion Data from Norwegian Measurement Rack Network
Konstantin Savadjiev, Masoud Farzaneh and Svein Fikke ..... 671
ISO 12494 "Atmospheric Icing of Structures" and How to Use It
Mogens H. Foder ..... 678
Aircraft Icing Forecast
W. Fuchs and M. Lütkebohmert ..... 686
Numerical Modelling of Snow-Shedding Effects on a 110 kV Overhead Power Line in Slovenia
Janez Jakše, Mohamed Thabet Al Harash and Ghyslaine McClure ..... 690
Analytical Modelling of Ice Load for a Family of Dry Ice Accretion Shapes
Krzysztof Szilder, Edward P. Lozowski and Gerhard Reuter ..... 695
Ice and Earthquake Loads on a Structure in the Okhotsk Sea — Annual Report of the JOIA Project, FY1999
Kazuyuki Kato, Yasumi Toyama, Yutaka Yamauchi, Tetsushi Kiyokawa, Naoki Nakazawa and Akira Kurokawa ..... 700
Failure Mode of a Sea Ice Sheet – Cleavage Cracking
Hisao Matsushita, Zenji Kamio, Juntaro Ushikoshi, Masafumi Sakai, Takahiro Takeuchi, Takashi Terashima, Satoshi Akagawa, Naoki Nakazawa and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 707
Ice Load Equation by Medium Scale Field Indentation Test Data
Takahiro Takeuchi, Muneo Kawamura, Masafumi Sakai, Naoki Nakazawa, Takashi Terashima, Zenji Kamio,Hisao Matsushita, Akira Kurokawa, Satoshi Akagawa and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 713
Wave Modification in Water Waves with the Free Surface Covered by Grease Ice
Shinya Okumura, Yukio Sato and Hiroyuki Enomoto ..... 721
Physical Characteristics of First-Year Sea Ice in Notoro Lagoon: Summary of Five Years’ Field Test on Mechanical Properties
Juntaro Ushikoshi, Zenji Kamio, Hisao Matsushita, Masafumi Sakai, Takahiro Takeuchi, Takashi Terashima, Satoshi Akagawa, Naoko Nakazawa and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 727
Variations in Air-Ice Drag Coefficient Due to Ice Surface Roughness
S. Prinsenberg and I.K. Peterson ..... 733
Tide-Induced Drift Velocities and Deformations of Ice Cover on the Northeastern Shelf of Sakhalin Island
Elena Tikhonchuk, George Shevchenko and Victor Tambovsky ..... 739
Experimental Studies of Ice Cover Inhomogeneity
Vladimir I. Seliverstov, Sergey G. Gomolskiy and Alexander E. Farafonov ..... 744
Validation of Low Level Ice Forces on Coastal Structures
Joachim Schwarz ..... 749
Simulations of Ice Ridge Forces on Conical Structures
B. Sand and G. Horrigmoe ..... 754
Loading Regime of Ice-Structure Interaction
Alexander T. Bekker, Tatyana E. Uvarova, Sergei D. Kim, Vladimir I. Seliverstov and Elizaveta A. Kharitonova ..... 761
Strength Characteristics of Hummock Formations
G.A. Surkov, V.N. Astafyev, A.M. Polomoshnov, S.V. Zemlyuk and P.A. Truskov ..... 770
Design of Offshore Ice-Resistant Platforms for Seismic Regions of Continental Shelf
A.V. Kotov, A.A. Malyutin, V.V. Kotov, S.L. Karlinsky and G.V. Zhukov ..... 775
Model Testing of an Arctic Shuttle Barge System for Loading of Oil in Ice
Sveinung Løset, Arnor Jensen, Ove T. Gudmestad, Ola Ravndal and Svein Inge Eide ..... 779
Investigation of Extreme Ice Loads on Offshore Structures
Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Sabodash, Aleksey V. Venkov and Olga S. Sclueva ..... 788
Internal Structure of First-Year Hummocks
G.A. Surkov ..... 796
Experimental Friction Coefficients Between DUT-1 Synthetic Model Ice and Materials
Zhijun Li, Guangwei Li, Yuexia Qu and Yongxue Wang ..... 799
Experimental Study of Ice Force on Combined Cone
Yuexia Qu, Yongxue Wang, Zhijun Li and Guangwei Li ..... 805