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VOLUME I , 2000 (ISBN 1-880653-47–8)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-2000 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii


Harsh Environments FPSO Development for Terra Nova
G.V. Lever and J.R. Kean ..... 1
Phase II Research of Mega-Float
Hidetoshi Sueoka and Chiaki Sato ..... 10
Assessment of Technology for Mobile Offshore Base
Robert Zueck, Robert Taylor and Paul Palo ..... 17

Research and Development Challenges in Subsea Technology Past and Future
Jostein Aleksandersen and Christian Bull Eriksson ..... 23

At-Sea Towing of Mega-Float Unit
Shoichi Hara, Kenji Yamakawa, Kunihiro Hoshino and Kazuhiro Yukawa ..... 26
Assessment of the Construction Feasibility of the Mobile Offshore Base
William J. Bender and Bilal M. Ayyub ..... 34
MOB Transit Draft Transient Dynamics and Stability
J. Falzarano, J. Cheng, S. Das, W. Rodrigues and R. Vassilev ..... 42
Wave Drift Force and Moment on a VLFS Supported by a Great Number of Floating Columns
Masashi Kashiwagi ..... 49
Simplified Equation for Estimating Added Mass Distribution over Large Floating Structures
Takuji Hamamoto, Shigehiro Sekine and Ken-ichi Fujita ..... 57
An Efficient Time-Domain Analysis of Very Large Multi-Body Floating Structures
C.J. Garrison ..... 65
Application of the Ray Theory to Hydroelastic Behavior of VLFS
Ken Takagi and Katsuyuki Kohara ..... 72
Hydroelastic Analysis of a Very Large Floating Structure in Waves
H. Shin, H.Y. Lee, Y.S. Yang, H.S. Shin and I.K. Park ..... 78
An Interaction Problem of Structure and Fluid Flow for a Half Cylinder Membrane Structure
Tatsuo Nishikawa, Koji Masaoka, Yusuke Tahara and Yoji Himeno ..... 86
Hydroelastic Calculations of Viscous Flow Around a Cylinder-Spring System
ZhiXing Yu and YingZhong Liu ..... 94
Nonlinear Analysis on the Interaction of Waves and Flexible Floating Structure
Xiaodong Liu and Shigeki Sakai ..... 101
Air Gap Predictions of a Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) Using Linear and Non-Linear Hydrodynamic Analysis
Woei-Min Lin, Thomas Treakle, Kenneth Weems and Sheguang Zhang ..... 109
Comparative Fatigue Performance of Alternative Outer Hull Connection Details — Part I: Procedure, Particulars, and Modeling
Brian Healy and Tom Thomsen ..... 116
Comparative Fatigue Performance of Alternative Outer Hull Connection Details — Part II: Results and Discussion
Brian Healyand Tom Thomsen ..... 126
Effects of Various Stiffeners on Offshore Steel Jacket Strength
Choong Y. Son, Chul H. Jo, Kang S. Lee and In H. Hwang ..... 135
The Development of a Pan and Tilt Actuator Mechanism - from Concept to Application
A. Meikle, W.M. Banks and I. Paterson ..... 143
The Simplified Numerical Analysis of Deformed Thin-Walled Tubular Piles
S. Cai and A.J. Deeks ..... 147
Near-Resonance of Diffraction Waves by an Array of Plates on Shallow Water in Oblique Waves
Takashi Tsubogo ..... 154
Numerical Aspects of Multiple Body Hydrodynamics
P. Teigen ..... 165
Numerical Investigation of Slowly Varying Drift Forces of Multiple Floating Bodies in Short Crested Irregular Waves
Yoshiyuki Inoue and M. Rafiqul Islam ..... 174
Engineering Considerations for a Floating Swing Arch Bridge in the Port of Osaka
Eiichi Watanabe, Shigeru Ueda, Tadaaki Maruyama, Hiroshi Tanaka and Sumio Takeda ..... 183
On Some Research Issues Related to Requalification of Fixed Steel Jacket Structures
Ove T. Gudmestad and Katrine Hansen ..... 191
Experimental Determination of the Hydrodynamic Loading on a Model of Offshore Platform in Waves and Current
Antonio C. Mendes, Roumen Kishev, John R. Chaplin and Stefan Tomchev ..... 196
Experimental Study on Wave Loads and Responses of a Barge-Mounted Plant with Dolphin–Fender Mooring System
Yoon-Rak Choi, Seok-Won Hong, Hyun-Joe Kim and Jin-Ha Kim ..... 204
Green Water on Norwegian Production Ships
Gerhard Ersdal and Arne Kvitrud ..... 211
Motion Analysis of a New Semi-Dode Multi-Purpose Offshore Platform
Yen Huang and "Joseph" M.H. Kim ..... 219
The Integrated Use of GIS and Virtual Reality Techniques: a Campos Basin Case
G.G. Cunha, C.L.N. dos Santos, L.F.N. Mello and L. Landau ..... 227
Model Experiments on Dynamic Positioning System Using Gain Scheduled Controller
Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara,Wataru Koterayama, Tadahiro Hyakudome and Masanori Mochizuki ..... 233
Random Vibration Excitation Study of a Model Offshore Structure: A Damage Detection Approach
Fa Jyh Huang and M.S. Leong ..... 241
Experimental Research on the Behavior of Platforms in the Adriatic Sea
O. Spadaccini, A. Vignoli and R. Zavattiero ..... 247
Structural Analysis of an Offshore Oil Artificial Island
Yongning Gu, XinzhongLi, Weigang Chen and Xiaoqing Teng ..... 253
Potentialities of Application of SPAR Type Platforms in Arctic Conditions
E. Toropov, A. Gintovt and D. Mirzoev ..... 257
Dynamics of a Spar Platform
Mehernosh B. Irani, Thomas Rouckout and Robert P. Johnson ..... 261
Measurement of the Instantaneous Characteristics of Natural Response Modes of a Spar Platform Subjected to Irregular Wave Loading
L.M. Teisseire, M.G. Delafoy, D.A. Jordan, R.W. Miksad, D.C. Weggel and J.M. Roesset ..... 269
The Influence of Edge Sharpness on the Heave Damping Forces Experienced by a TLP Column
Longbin Tao and Krish Thiagarajan ..... 277
Comparison of Tether Responses for Two Similar Wellhead TLPs with Different Stiff Natural Periods
Øyvind Johnsen, Birger J. Natvig and Stig Bøtker ..... 283
A Study on Mini Tension Leg Platform for Marginal Oil Fields in Medium Water
Runpei Li, Yongning Gu and Yingbin Bao ..... 290
Coupled Dynamics of Tether and Platform for a North Sea Wellhead TLP
Birger J. Natvig and Øyvind Johnsen ..... 295
A Dynamic Analysis of FPSO-Shuttle Tanker System
Dong H. Lee and Hang S. Choi ..... 302
Effect of the Roll Center Position on the Roll Damping of FPSO
In-kyu Park, Hyun-Soo Shin, Jong-Wook Kim and Jin-Wook Cho ..... 308
Terra Nova FPSO: Integration of Model Tests and Global Analysis
Arun S. Duggal, Caspar N. Heyl and Peter F. Poranski ..... 312
Petrobras Experience on the Operation of FPSOs
Carlos Ferraz Mastrangelo and Carlos Cunha Dias Henriques ..... 318
Petrobras Experience on the Mooring of Conventional Shuttle Tankers to Dynamically Positioned FPSOs
Carlos Cunha Dias Henriques ..... 323
Parametric Study of Intervention System in Ultra-Deepwater up to 3000m Using Passive Heave Compensation
M.B. Cerqueira, A.C. Fernandes and S.H. Sphaier ..... 331
Maneuvering Model for the FPSO Horizontal Plane Behavior
S.H. Sphaier, A.C. Fernandes and S.H. Correa ..... 337

Experimental Investigation of CA9 Blades on a 0.3m Wells Turbine Rig
A. Thakker, P. Frawley, E.Sheik Bajeet and A. Heffernan ..... 345
Comparative Study of Performances of Turbines for Wave Power Conversion
T. Setoguchi, M. Takao, Y. Kinoue, K. Kaneko and M. Inoue ..... 351
Aeroelastic Divergence Investigation of a Wells Turbine Blade
R. Curran, J.A.P. de Visser, A. Rothwell and S.G. Sterling ..... 358
Use of Oscillation Constraints in Providing a Reaction for Deep Water Floating Wave Energy Devices
Umesh A. Korde ..... 366
The Offshore Floating Type Wave Power Device "Mighty Whale": Open Sea Tests
Y. Washio, H. Osawa, Y. Nagata, F. Fujii, H. Furuyama and T. Fujita ..... 373
The Performance of Wells Turbine with 3D Guide Vanes
M. Takao, T. Setoguchi, T.H. Kim, K. Kaneko and M. Inoue ..... 381
An Assessment of 3D Boundary Element Methods for Response Prediction of Generic OWCs
Y.M.C. Delauré and A. Lewis ..... 387
Experimental Results for the Wave Rotor Wave Energy Device
C.H. Retzler ..... 394
Output of Electric Power from Pneumatic Wave Power Generation System with Water Valve Rectifier
Keiichi Ueki, Kiyofumi Ishizawa and Hiroyuki Nakagawa ..... 399
Development of the Wave Energy Converter – Wave Dragon
Jens Peter Kofoed, Peter Frigaard, Hans Christian Sørenson and Erik Friis-Madsen ..... 405
Numerical Analysis of Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion
Tae-Sik Kim, Hyeong-Gu Lee, Ill-Kyoo Park, Yeon-Won Lee, Yoichi Kinoue and Toshiaki Setoguchi ..... 413
Maxiumum Wave-Energy Absorption by Oscillating Systems Consisting of Bodies and Water Columns with Restricted or Unrestricted Amplitudes
J. Falnes ..... 420
Numerical Analysis of Flow Characteristics in a Wells Turbine for Wave Power Conversion
Hyeong-Gu Lee, Jeong-Hwan Kim, Yeon-Won Lee, Toshiaki Setoguchi and Chang-Soo Kang ..... 427
Multidisciplinary Design for Performance: Ocean Wave Energy Conversion
R. Curran, Tom Denniss and C. Boake ..... 434
Preliminary 3D Computational Fluids Dynamics Analysis of the Wells Turbine
A. Thakker, P. Frawley, J. Daly and E. Sheik Bajeet ..... 442
A 2D CFD Study of Symmetrical Airfoils PART I: in Isolated Flow
A. Thakker, P. Frawley and J. Daly ..... 452
A 2D CFD Study of Symmetrical Airfoils PART II: in Cascade Flow
A. Thakker, P. Frawley, J. Daly and Y. Abughailia ..... 459
Numerical Simulation of 3-D Stall Mechanism on Wells Turbine for Wave-Power Generating System
M. Suzuki and C. Arakawa ..... 465
Counter-Rotating Type Machine Suitable for Tidal Current Power Generation
T. Kanemoto, D. Tanaka, T. Kashiwabara, M. Uno and M. Nemoto ..... 472
Site Assessment Methodology for Offshore Tidal Current Plants: A Preliminary Investigation
D. E. Dimla Snr., I.G. Bryden and K.G. Rados ..... 478
Middelgrunden 40 MW Offshore Wind Farm, A Prestudy for the Danish Offshore 750 MW Wind Program
H.C. Soerensen, J.H. Larsen, F.A. Olsen, J. Svenson and S.R. Hansen ..... 484
Assessment of Combined Extreme Load Conditions for Offshore Wind Energy Converters
P.W. Cheng and G.J.W. van Bussel ..... 492
Wave-Energy Application to Water Pump and Its Systems of Utilization - Fish Meat Improving and Production Systems Powered by Wave-Energy Pumps
Katsuyuki Kawaguty, Mutsuyoshi Tsuchimoto and Hironobu Ueki ..... 499
A Consideration on Size Distribution of Resuspended Deep-Sea Sediments
T. Yamazaki, E. Kuboki, H. Yoshida and T. Suzuki ..... 507
An Experimental Study on Lab Scale Air-Lift Pump Flowing Solid-Liquid-Air Three-Phase Mixture
Chi Ho Yoon, Kwang Soo Kwon, Ou Kwang Kwon, Seok Ki Kwon, In Kee Kim, Dong Kil Lee and Hi Sun Lee ..... 515
An Experimental Study on Route Tracking of Deep Sea Mining Vessel
Hyun-Joe Kim, Sa Y. Hong and Sup Hong ..... 522
Experimental Study of a Recovery Method of Spilled Oil Trapped Under a Rubble Ice Field
Natsuhiko Otsuka, Norihiro Usami, Koji Ogiwara, Tetsuya Hayakawa and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 529
Development of Hydrodynamic Module in the Specialized Information Analytical Systems
Alexander S. Tsvetsinsky, Boris V. Arkhipov and Vicheslav V. Solbakov ..... 535
The Modeling of Potential Ground Water Contamination in Eskisehir Region
M. Tombul, M. Bilgin and M. Tuncan ..... 540

Ice and Earthquake Loads on a Structure in the Okhotsk Sea: Annual Report of the JOIA Project, FY1998
Kazuyuki Kato, Kazuhiko Kamesaki, Satoshi Akagawa, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Masaaki Mito, Tetsuro Kawasaki, Naoki Nakazawa and Akira Kurokawa ..... 545
Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Response of an Ice-Surrounded Structure During Earthquake
T. Iwasa, M. Mito and Y. Okubo ..... 552
Behaviour of Sand Seabed Underneath a Gravity Offshore Structure Subjected to Ice Load and Seismic Force
M. Hyodo, S. Yamamoto, K. Fukuda, K. Kamesaki and Y. Yamauchi ..... 555
Medium Scale Field Indentation Tests: Physical Characteristics of First-Year Sea Ice at Notoro Lagoon, Hokkaido
Zenji Kamio, Toru Takawaki, Hisao Matsushita, Takahiro Takeuchi, Masafumi Sakai, Takashi Terashima, Satoshi Akagawa, Naoki Nakazawa and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 562
Experimental Study on Ice-Structure Interaction During Earthquakes
Y. Yamauchi and K. Kamesaki ..... 569
Consideration of Failure Mode of a Sea Ice Sheet
Hisao Matsushita, Zenji Kamio, Masafumi Sakai, Takahiro Takeuchi, Takashi Terashima, Satoshi Akagawa, Naoki Nakazawa and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 577

Ice Load Uncertainties - Progress in Their Resolution
K.R. Croasdale and T. Brown ..... 583
Design and Cost Study of Gravity-Based Substructure in the Sea of Okhotsk
K. Kamesaki, K. Shimazaki, K. Kasui, H. Matsumoto, R. Frederking, G.W. Timco, M. Sayed and J. Tseng ..... 589
Rubble Pile Observations
D.C. Mayne and T.G. Brown ..... 596
Experimental Study on Vertical Ice Loads Acting on Multi-Leg Structures
Takashi Terashima, Takaharu Kawai, Naoki Nakazawa, Norihiro Usami and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 600
Examination of Factors Affecting Total Ice Load Using Medium Scale Field Indentation Test Data
Takahiro Takeuchi, Satoshi Akagawa, Muneo Kawamura, Masafumi Sakai, Naoki Nakazawa, Takashi Terashima, Zenji Kamio, Hisao Matsushita, Hideyuki Nishimaki, Akira Kurokawa, Ken-ichi Hirayama and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 607
Ice Failure Mode Predominantly Producing Peak-Ice-Load Observed in Continuous Ice Load Records
Satoshi Akagawa, Naoki Nakazawa, Masafumi Sakai, Hisao Matsushita, Takashi Terashima, Takahiro Takeuchi and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 613
Formation of Ice Compression and Ice Divergence Zones on the North-East Sakhalin Shelf Under Tidal Ice Drift
Erwin N. Kalinin, Vladimir N. Astafiev and Stepan V. Zemliuk ..... 621
Ice Gouge Measurement Strategy
J.P. Poplin, A.T. Wang and C.B. Leidersdorf ..... 626
A Method for Calculation of Ice Ridge Crack Loads on a Multifaceted Conical Structure
Mark Z. Wang ..... 636
Sea Ice Floe Impacts – Large Scale Basin Experiments
Robert Frederking and Gary Timco ..... 640
Anisotropy of Sea Ice Strength Characteristics in the Okhotsk Sea
G.A. Surkov, S.V. Zemliuk, V.N. Astafiev and A.M. Polomoshnov ..... 646
Hummocking of Ices in the Bering Sea
Lev P. Yakunin and Ilia N. Moskalev ..... 649
An Analytical Model for Wave Propagation Across a Crack in an Ice Sheet
Vernon A. Squire and Tony W. Dixon ..... 652
Numerical Simulation of Broken Ice Cover Forces on Structures: a Parametric Study
Mohamed Sayed, Robert Frederking and Anne Barker ..... 656
Field Strength Properties of a Flooded Sea Ice Road
Daniel M. Masterson and Kenneth E. Yockey ..... 663
Evaluation of Seismic Load on Offshore Structure in Ice-Covered Waters
Hiroshi Kobayashi and Hiroyasu Kawaguchi ..... 674
Mechanical Parameters of the Okhotsk Sea Ice Cover
G.A. Surkov, S.V. Zemliuk, V.N. Astafiev and P.A. Truskov ..... 679
Dynamic Positioning Operation in Ice, Offshore Sakhalin, May - June 1999
Arno Keinonen, Hal Wells, Peter Dunderdale, Roger Pilkington, Gordon Miller and Alexander Brovin ..... 683
Satellite Radar Ice Monitoring for Ice Navigation of a Tanker Convoy in the Kara Sea
L.H. Pettersson, S. Sandven, Ø. Dalen, V.V. Melentyev and N.I. Babich ..... 691
Observing Pack Ice Properties with a Helicopter-Borne Video-Laser-GPS Sensor
L. Lalumiere, S. Prinsenberg and I. Peterson ..... 697
Spread Footing Settlements at the Endicott Facility
Daniel M. Masterson and Mark F. Masterson ..... 704
ICE SHELL - Recent Application to Winter Architecture
Tsutomu Kokawa, Koji Watanabe and Osamu Itoh ..... 716
Azimuth and Multi Purpose Icebreaker Technology for Arctic and Non-Arctic Offshore
Arno Keinonen and Paavo Lohi ..... 722

Effects of Plant Growth and Development on Interannaul Variability in Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulations
Elena Tsvetsinskaya, Linda O. Mearns and William E. Easterling ..... 729
Analysis of Various Designs of the Stationary Platform Substructures for the Pechora Sea Shelf
E.N. Bellendir and E.E. Toropov ..... 737
Numerical Modelling of OWC–Shoreline Devices Including the Effect of Surrounding Coastline and Non-flat Bottom
A. Brito-Melo, T. Hoffmann, A.J.N.R. Sarmento, A.H. Clément and G. Delhommeau ..... 743
Evaluation of Ice Forces Acting on Sea Bed Due to Ice Scouring
S. Kioka, Y. Yasunaga, Y. Watanabe and H. Saeki ..... 749