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VOLUME I , 1999 (ISBN 1-880653-40-0)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-99 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii


Mega Float: Achievements to Date and Ongoing Plan of Research
Kiyoshi Inoue ..... 1
Mobile Offshore Base: Research Spin-Offs
Robert Zueck, Paul Palo and Robert Taylor and Gene Remmers ..... 10
Research on Hydroelastic Responses of VLFS: Recent Progress and Future Work
Masashi Kashiwagi ..... 17
Fast Hydrodynamic Analysis of Large Offshore Structures
Tom Korsmeyer, Tom Klemas, Jacob White and Joel Phillips ..... 27
Principal Design Concept for 1000-m Class Floating Experimental Model
Shigeto Shibuta, Masaharu Kado, Hiroshi Negayama and Chiaki Sato ..... 35
Elastic Response Reduction of Large Floating Structures by Tuning Wet Mode Shapes
Masashi Inoue, Yasuo Tanaka and Takuji Hamamoto ..... 43
Development of Visual Simulation Technique for Elastic Behavior of a Mega-Float Using Computer Graphics
Tetsuro Ikebuchi, Nobuo Nagamatsu and Takayuki Taketomi ..... 51
Prediction of Marine Environmental Change by Installation of Mega-Float in a Bay
Hiroyuki Nakagawa and Hideyuki Omori, Akio Hikai and Yusaku Kyozuka ..... 57
A Study on Compressional Wave Field in Seawater Caused by Vibrated Floating Body
Y. Higo, D. Ishihara, K. Kokubun and H. Ando ..... 65
A Coordinated DP Control Methodology for the MOB
K. Hedrick, A. Girard and B. Kaku ..... 70
Experimental Study on Dynamic Positioning Control for Semi-Submersible Platform
Tadahiro Hyakudome, Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara, and Wataru Koterayama ..... 76
Optimum Allocation for Multiple Thrusters
William C. Webster and João Sousa ..... 83
Analytical Performance Study of Suction Piles in Sand
S. Bang and Y. Cho ..... 90
A Consideration on Dispersion Relation of Hydroelastic Wave and Dynamic Response of VLFS in Regular Waves
T. Tsubogo and H. Okada ..... 94
Motion Analysis of a Towed Collector for Manganese Nodule Mining in Ocean Test
Hironori Yasukawa, Kunihiro Ikegami and Tohru Minami ..... 100
Axial-Stress Control of Pipe String for Mining Manganese Nodules in Deep Sea by Using Multi-Stepped Pipe
Gang Cui, Kazuo Aso and Hitoshi Doki ..... 108
Determination of Safe Parameters of Mining Deposits on Shelf Applying Hydraulic Mining with Holes
Yuriy N. Niskovskiy and Elena V. Niskovskaya and Anatoliy M. Vasianovitch ..... 116
The Main Principles and Parameters of the Project of Marine Dressing Complex for the Industrial Development of the Continental Shelf Deposits
Anatoly V. Zhukov and Vladimir T. Lutsenko ..... 119
Experiments on the Characteristics of Darrieus Turbine for the Tidal Power Generation
M. Shiono, K. Suzuki and S. Kiho ..... 123
Wave Energy Prospects
N. W. Bellamy ..... 129
Installation of the New Pendulor for the 2nd Stage Sea Test
Tomiji Watabe, Hirotaka Yokouchi, Hideo Kondo, Masaru Inoya and Mamoru Kudo ..... 133
Performance Studies on a Scaled Model of Backward Bent Ducted Buoy (BBDB) Type Wave Energy Converter in Regular and Random Waves
Ardhendu G. Pathak, V. Anantha Subramanian and Yoshio Masuda ..... 139
Development of Backward Bent Duct Buoy (BBDB)
Yoshio Masuda, Toshiari Kuboki, M. Ravindrum, A.G. Pathak, V. Jayashankar and Xianguang Liang ..... 142
Research on Fundamental Performance of Multi-Floats Type Wave Energy Conversion System
T. Saito, K. Hadano, N. Murakami and T. Ozak ..... 150
A Study of a Wave and Wind Energy Hybrid Conversion System _ Part 2: Output Characteristics of the Double Type Wave Energy Converter
Taichi Matsuoka, Kenichiro Ohmata, Tomichika Mizutani and Noboru Kojima ..... 156
Guide Vanes Effect of Wells Turbine for Wave Power Generator
M. Suzuki and C. Arakawa ..... 162
The Effect of Rotor Blade Shape on the Performance of the Wells Turbine
M. Webster and L.M.C. Gato ..... 169
Reinforced Rubber Membranes for the Clam Wave Energy Converter
L.J. Duckers ..... 174
Study on an Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion
T. Setoguchi, M. Takao, Y. Kinoue, K. Kaneko, S. Santhakumar and M. Inoue ..... 182
A 3D Boundary Element Code for the Analysis of OWC Wave-Power Plants
A. Brito-Melo, A.J.N.A. Sarmento, A.H. Clément and G. Delhommeau ..... 188
Structural-Aerodynamic Coupling for Wells Turbine Blades
R. Curran, J.A.P. de Visser and A. Rothwell, and S.G. Sterling ..... 196
Turbine Modelling and Analysis Using Data Obtained from the Islay Wave-Power Plant
R.G. Alcorn, W.C. Beattie and R. Douglas ..... 204
Upgrading of a Semi-Submersible Platform to a Dynamically Positioned Drilling Unit to Operate in 2500-m Water Depth
Carlos Alberto Bardanachvili, Aldemir Bonfim dos Santos, Alexandro Voronoff, Robert Paschoalin, Luciano de Almeida Campos and Andréa Sampaio Pitta ..... 210
Design Analysis of Offshore Stabbing Guide
Chul H. Jo, B.K. Woo and Sung G. Hong ..... 218
Characteristics Study of Hydrocyclone Used for Separating Polymer-Flood Produced-Water
Zunce Wang, Lixin Zhao, Feng Li, Jie He, and Lei Chen ..... 226
Smart Technology Applications in Offshore Structural Systems: Status and Needs
Hari B. Kanegaonkar ..... 231
Systematic Design for Offshore Oilfield Development
Celso Kazuyuki Morooka and Yadira Diaz Galeano ..... 237
Stirling Machine Technology for Subsea Intervention
G.T. Reader and I.J. Potter ..... 244
Linear and Non-Linear Wave Loads on FPSOs
F. Blandeau, M. François, Š. Malenica and X.B. Chen ..... 252
Influence of the Wave-Current Interaction on Drift Loads in FPSO
M.R. Martins, H.L. Brinati, J.A.P. Aranha and A.J.P. Leite ..... 259
FPSO-Turret System Stability and Wave Heading
André Jacques de Paiva Leite, Alexandre Nicolaos Simos, Eduardo Aoun Tannuri and Celso Pupo Pesce ..... 265
Environmental Design Criteria for a TLP in Cyclonic Conditions
S.A. Higgins and J.B. Hinwood ..... 273
Noise and Vibration: Computational Analysis Applied to Offshore Platforms and FPSOs
Marcelo Fernandes Mendes, Marcus Alves da Silva França, Ernani Luis Sztajnbok and Wallace Moreira Bessa ..... 279
Wavelet Ridge Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Spar Responses
David C. Weggel, Donald A. Jordan, Jose M. Roesset and Richard W. Miksad ..... 285
Coupled Time-Domain Analysis of the Response of a Spar and Its Mooring System
X.H. Chen and J. Zhang and W. Ma ..... 293
Hull/Mooring Coupled Dynamic Analysis of a Truss Spar in Time-Domain
M.H. Kim, Z. Ran and W. Zheng, S. Bhat and Pierre Beynet ..... 301
Dynamic Motion of TLP with Wave-Large Body and Wave-Small Body Interactions
Hsien Hua Lee, Wen-Sheng Wang and Pei-Wen Wang ..... 309
Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian Effects on TLP Tether Responses
J. Zou, E.W. Huang and C.H. Kim ..... 315
Surge Motion of Tension Leg Platform with Underwater Net Systems
Hsien Hua Lee and Pei-Wen Wang ..... 325
Active/Passive Control of Heave Motion for TLP Type Offshore Platform
Rosane M. Alves and Ronaldo C. Batista ..... 332
Integrated Vessel Motion and Mooring Analysis Applied in Hybrid Model Testing
Harald Ormberg, Carl Trygve Stansberg, Rune Yttervik, and Gudmund Kleiven ..... 339
Experiments and Analysis with Fully Coupled Mini-TLP/Barge System
P. Teigen and J.M. Niedzwecki ..... 347
An Experimental Study on Roll Damping for Tanker-Based FPSO
I.K. Park, H.S. Shin, K.S. Ham and J.W. Cho ..... 355
Comparative Study of Numerical Simulation and the Experimental Results for a Parallely Connected FPSO and LNG in Waves
Yoshiyuki Inoue and Islam, M.R. ..... 360
Yawing of Turret Moored Vessels: Experimental Methods
D.T. Brown and F. Liu ..... 368
Deep-Sea Environment and Impact Experiment to It
T. Yamazaki, and Y. Kajitani ..... 374
Investigating the Effect of Seasonal Plant Growth and Development in 3-Dimensional Atmospheric Simulations
E. Tsvetsinskaya, L.O. Mearns, and W.E. Easterling ..... 382
Formation of Oil Drops Discharged Underwater
Museok Song, Shunji Homma, and Keyyong Hong ..... 390
Development of a Database Characterising Waste Released from Drilling Operations
L.J. Carles, I.G. Bryden and M.B. Oyeneyin ..... 397
Digital Image Investigation on the Short Term Fate of Offshore Discharges of Produced Water
Bao-Shi Shiau and Chi-Jou Hong ..... 402
On the Stimulation of the Tidal Exchange of an Enclosed Coastal Sea
Yusaku Kyozuka and Tadaaki Shima ..... 406
Information-Analytical System on the Black Sea Environmental Conditions
Alexander S. Tsvetsinsky, Valentin S. Tuzhilkin, Nicolay N. Mikhailov ..... 413
Environmental Atlas of the White Sea
Vladimir Lukanin, Lars-Henrik Larsen and Alexei Bambulyak ..... 418
On Slowly-Drifting Sea Ice with a Corrugated Underside
Jan Erik Weber and Jens Debernard ..... 426
Applications of Satellite Data for Coast Monitoring
Antony K. Liu, Sunny Y. Wu, Gregory H. Leonard, Ming-Kuang Hsu ..... 434
A Volterra Model for the Study of Wave-Current Interaction as Described by the Action Balance Equation
Jordi Inglada and René Garello ..... 441
Investigation on the Moisture Retention Characteristics of Lowland Expansive Soils
Taghi Ebadi and Maria Elektorowicz ..... 447
Determining and Monitoring Presence of Contaminants in Ocean Environment
Abidin Kaya ..... 451
The Effect of Shear Bands within Backfill on the Development of Passive Thrust Against Retaining Walls
Hemanta Hazarika, Juichi Nakazawa, Hiroshi Matsuzawa, and Dawit Negussey ..... 457
Numerical Analysis of Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Area
T.B. Ahn, B.W. Shin ..... 464
Determination of Critical Slip Surface Using Finite Element Method
T.B. Ahn ..... 472
Shear Strength Characteristics of Undisturbed and Disturbed Marine Clays in Japan
Mitsuhiko Mukaitani, Emi Ichinose, Ryuichi Yatabe and Norio Yagi ..... 480
Thermo-Viscoplastic Modeling of Temperature Dependent Behavior of Clays
Nobuharu Abe ..... 485
Behavior of Earth and Water Pressures and Deformation in Freezing Soft Clay Ground
Satoshi Fukui, Tomio Tamano, Satoshi Ono, and Tamotsu Matsui ..... 492
Modified Consolidation Test Apparatus
Ahmet Tuncan, Mustafa Tuncan and Yucel Guney ..... 498
The Analysis of Constant Rate of Consolidation Test
Robert Y.P. Chin and D.Y. Sheu ..... 502
Technical Problems in the One-Dimensional Consolidation of Cohesive Soils under Varying Temperature
Masayoshi Shimizu ..... 510
A Neural Network Expert System Developed for Predicting the Ground Settlement and the Damage Assessment of Adjacent Structures Due to Tunnel Excavation
C.Y. Kim, G.J. Bae, S.W. Hong, H.K. Moon, and M.Y. Oh ..... 514
A Random-Walk Model for Pore Pressure Accumulation in Marine Soils
B. Mutlu Sumer and Nian-Sheng Cheng ..... 521
Dynamic Properties and State Parameter of Sand
Yao-Chung Chen and Ting-Shing Liao . ..... 529
Degradation in Cyclic Shear Behavior and Soil Properties of Saturated Clays
T. Matsui, Y. Nabeshima and M.A. El Mesmary ..... 536
Effect of Principal Stress Direction on Undrained Cyclic Shear Behaviour of Dense Sand
Ken-ichi Sato and Nobuo Yoshida ..... 542
Cyclic Loading Behaviour of Fine-Grained Calcareous Soils: Effect of Mean and Cyclic Stress Level
X. Mao, M. Fahey and M.F. Randolph ..... 548
Elasto-Plastic Behaviour of Sandy Seabed to Standing Wave Loading
Ali Noorzad and H.B. Poorooshasb ..... 556
Liquefaction Properties of Well Graded Coarse Fill Materials
Yasuo Tanaka ..... 562
Mine Burial Due to Wave-Induced Liquefaction and Other Processes
H.G. Brandes ..... 568
Effects of Pre-Cyclic Loading on Strength Resistance and Liquefaction Induce Settlement of Reclaimed Soil
L.K. Chien and Y.N. Oh ..... 575
A Study on Discharge Capacity and Efficiency of Consolidation Drainage for Cross-Shaped Vertical Drain
Yeon-Soo Jang, Young-Woo Kim and Soo-Sam Kim ..... 583
Electrokinetic Strengthening of Soft Marine Clays
K.Y. Lo, S. Micic, J.Q. Shang, Y.N. Lee and S.W. Lee ..... 590
Vertical-Horizontal Loading of Skirted Foundations Compared with Vertical-Torsional Loading
M. Fahey, P.G. Watson and T. Tremain ..... 596
Feasibility of Waste Lime Used in Land Reclamation Projects in Korea
Eun C. Shin, Young-In Oh, and Braja M. Das ..... 604
A Case Study of System Grouting Using 'ENPASOL' & 'SINNUS'
B.S. Chun, Y.S. Chae, B.H. Chung, and H.S. Choi ..... 608
Deep Penetrating Anchor: Subseabed Deepwater Anchor Concept for Floaters and Other Installations
Jon Tore Lieng, Frode Hove, and Tor Inge Tjelta ..... 613
Calibration of Analytical Solution Using Centrifuge Model Tests on Mooring Lines
S. Bang, R.J. Taylor, and H. Han ..... 620
Use of Pile as Anchor: Numerical and Physical Approach
D. Levacher and S. Belkhir ..... 625
Innovative Temporary Foundation System for Jacket Installation and Leveling
D. Green and P. Jeanjean ..... 631
Deep Foundation for Offshore Structure: The Kwang-An Grand Bridge
S.Z. Park, G.H. Jeong, Tamotsu Matsui, Masaya Hirai, and Seiji Suwa ..... 639
Deformation and Settlement Analysis of Foundation in Seawalls Using DDA
Y.N. Oh, L.K. Chien, and S. Chen ..... 646
Seismic Behavior of a Caisson Type Quay Wall on a Pile Foundation
Tomiya Takatani, Yoshi-hiko Maeno, and Hirosuke Kodama ..... 652
The Cyclic Pullout Capacity of Suction Caisson Foundations
Sherif El-Gharbawy and Roy Olson ..... 660
Dynamic Response of a Caisson on Pile Foundation Due to Wave Attack
Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Tomiya Takatani, Shigeo Takahashi and Ken-ichiro Shimosako ..... 668
Limiting Aspect Ratio for Suction Caisson Installation in Clay
A.R. House, M.F. Randolph and M.E. Borbas ..... 676
Driving Fatigue Damage Estimation for Ursa TLP 96" OD Piles
Rupert J. Hunt, Jack H-C Chan and Earl H. Doyle ..... 684
Pile Short-Term Capacity in Clays
U.A.A. Mirza ..... 693
Analysis of Open-Ended Piles Subjected to Multiple Hammer Blows Using a Large-Strain Finite Element Procedure
D.S. Liyanapathirana, A.J. Deeks and M.F. Randolph ..... 700
Tension Pile Foundation Analyses for Offshore Structures: A Comparison
V. Silvestri, F. Murias and C. Tabib ..... 706
Centrifuge and Numerical Modelling of Horizontally Loaded Suction Piles
H.G.B. Allersma, A.A. Kirstein, R.B.J. Brinkgreve and T. Simon ..... 711
A Study on Characteristics of Negative Skin Friction on Model Pile
Kyu Hwan Lee, Min Bo Shim and Song Lee and Changtok Yi ..... 718
Bearing Capacity of a Model Pile in Sand Under Different Loading Rates
Abdullah I. Al-Mhaidib ..... 724
Submarine Slope Failure in a Fluid Migration Environment Offshore Gabon
F. Cayocca, P. Cochonat and J.-F. Bourillet, and P. Quéméneur ..... 731
A Study on the Relationship Between Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Ariake Clay
Katsutada Onitsuka, Takehito Negami and Junan Shen ..... 739
Heap Shape of Materials Dumped from Hopper Barges by Drum Centrifuge
M. Miyake and T. Yanagihata ..... 745
Sediment Concentration and Turbulent Boundary Layer of Wave-Induced Sheet Flow
Tai-Wen Hsu and Hsien-Kuo Chang ..... 749
The Unstable Offloading of a FPSO
S.H. Sphaier, S.H.S. Correa, and A.C. Fernandes ..... 756
A Computational Study of Techniques for Reduction of Connection Forces in Large, Articulated, Semi-Submersible Ocean Structures
Richard H. Messier, Eric Weybrant and Lawrence D. Thompson ..... 764
Visualization of Simulations of Porous Media Flows in Oil Reservoirs Using Virtual Reality Techniques
Carlos Luiz Nunes dos Santos, Luis Fernando Nunes Mello, Gerson Gomes Cunha and Luiz Landau ..... 771
Offshore Engineering for Tidal Power
Walt van Walsum ..... 777
Particle Crushing and Undrained Shear Behaviour of Sand
Masayuki Hyodo, Noritaka Aramaki, Yukio Nakata, Shogo Inoue, and Adrian F.L. Hyde ..... 785
Research on Prediction Method for Time History Elastic Response of Very Large Floating Structure by Sea Shock Loads
Koichi Masuda, Hisaaki Maeda, Hiroaki Takamura and Masatosi Bessho ..... 792
The Effect of Soil Freezing and Thawing Behavior on Slope Stability
Kuang-Jung Tsai, Huang-Yu Wang, Sheng-Chi Chen and Yu-Ming Sung ..... 800