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VOLUME I , 1998 (ISBN 1-880653-35-4)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-98 Technical Program Committee ..... vi
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiv


Mobile Offshore Base ..... 1
Gene Remmers, Robert Zueck, Paul Palo and Robert Taylor
The Tasks of Far-Eastern Regions of Russia in Development of the Sakhalin Shelf ..... 6
Igor L. Belchuk
Japan's Ocean Test of the Nodule Mining System ..... 13
H. Yamada and T. Yamazaki
Recent Progress in Springing and Ringing Research - A Review ..... 20
C.H. Kim
Effect of Collector Touchdown Speed on Dynamic Response of Simulated Deep-Sea Sediments ..... 29
T. Yamazaki, K. Tsurusaki and T. Inagaki
Experimental Study of Water Jet System for Hybrid Pick-up Device ..... 35
Jae-Yong Shim, Keh-Sik Min, In-Kyu Park, Kyung-Sik Ham, Jin-Woog Cho, Sup Hong and Jong-Su Choi
The Scale and Nature of Water Column Variability in an Area Designated for Polymetallic Nodule Mining ..... 39
G. Tkatchenko and V. Stoyanova
Determination of Distributions of Velocity and Concentration of Solids in a Horizontal Slurry Pipeline with a Digital Video Camera System ..... 44
Hiroshi Sato, Yushun Cui, Fumio Sugimoto, Yoshihisa Tozawa and Kazunori Hase
Application of New Safe and Economic Technologies of Development of Coal Layers on the Shelf in the South of Primorye Territory ..... 52
Yuriy N. Niskovskiy, Elena V. Niskovskaya and Anatoliy M. Vasianovitch
Technological Structures of Marine Dressing Complexes for Mining the Deposits of the Far-Eastern and Arctic Seas Shelf ..... 55
Anatoliy V. Zhukov and Mikhail I. Zvonarev
Shape Effect of Solids on Pressure Drop in a 2-Phase Vertically Upward Transport: Silica Sands and Spherical Beads ..... 58
J.S. Chung, G. Yarim and H. Savasci
Dynamics of Bubbles in Conditions of Gas Hydrate Formation ..... 66
Nail A. Gumerov and Georges L. Chahine
Natural Gas Hydrates and Global Change ..... 73
Y.F. Makogon, J. C. Holste and S.A. Holditch
Performance of an Impulse Turbine Based Wave Energy Plant ..... 75
S. Santhakumar, V. Jayashankar, M.A. Atmanand, A.G. Pathak, M. Ravindran, T. Setoguchi, M. Takao and K. Kaneko
Observations of Time Domain Data on the Wells Turbine in the Islay Wave-Power Plant ..... 81
R.G. Alcorn and W.C. Beattie
Study on a Wells Turbine for Wave Power Conversion: Improvement of the Performance by the Use of Porous Fences ..... 87
T. Setoguchi, M. Takao, K. Kaneko, S. Raghunathan and M. Inoue
The Effect of Rotor Blade Sweep on the Performance of the Wells Turbine ..... 94
M. Webster and L.M.C. Gato
A Proposal of Multi-Floats Type Wave Energy Conversion System ..... 100
K. Hadano, T. Saito, S. Kawano, M. Hashida and T. Ozaki
Performance Analysis of Wave Energy Pump with Inclinable Cylinder ..... 106
Hironobu Ueki and Katsuyuki Kawaguty
Wave-Energy Pump with Inclinable Cylinder for Nearshore Operation ..... 112
Hironobu Ueki and Katsuyuki Kawaguty
On the Hydrodynamic Parametric Comparisons of MOWC Wave Energy Caissons in Array ..... 119
K. Thiruvenkatasamy, S. Neelamani and Michio Sato
Self-Adaptive Control of a Piston Wave Absorber ..... 127
G. Chatry, A.H. Clément and T. Gouraud
A Study on a Wave and Wind Energy Hybrid Conversion System -- Part I: Output Characteristics of a Wave Energy Convertor Using a Ball Screw ..... 134
Noboru Kojima, Kenichiro Ohmata and Takashi Abe
Conceptual Design of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Power Plants in Sri Lanka ..... 140
Yasuyuki Ikegami, Tomohiro Mitsumori, T.K.D. Tennakoon, Nishantha Nanayakkara and Haruo Uehara
Comparison of OTEC Power Plant Using Plate Type Heat Exchanger and One Using Double Fluted Tube Type ..... 147
Tomohiro Mitsumori, Yasuyuki Ikegami and Haruo Uehara
Applicability of Darrieus-Type Turbine for Extra-Low Head Tidal Power Generation ..... 155
Preethisri Ananda Gajanayake, Akinori Furukawa and Kusuo Okuma
Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Mini TLP for Benign Environments ..... 162
P. Teigen and J.M. Niedzwecki
Deep Water TLPs - Tether System Loading ..... 168
Kjetil Eckhoff and Jan Muren
Experimental Loads on a Flexibly Mounted Vertical Cylinder in Breaking Wave Groups ..... 178
S. Welch, C. Levi, E. Fontaine and M.P. Tulin
Mobil's Floating LNG Plant ..... 184
G.C. Hoff, G.Z. Gu, S. Bhattacharjee, K. Yost and M.M. Naklie
3D BEM-FEM Hybrid Hydroelastic Analysis of Module Linked Large Floating Structures Subjected to Regular Waves ..... 192
Takuji Hamamoto, Akinori Suzuki, Nobuhiro Tsujioka and Ken-ichi Fujita
Impact of Connector Stiffness on the Response of a Multi-Module Mobile Offshore Base ..... 200
H.R. Riggs, R.C. Ertekin and T.R.J. Mills
Numerical Simulation of Ship Interaction with Artificial Islands Around Bridge Piers ..... 208
Mohamed Sayed and William D. Blight
A Direct Method Versus a Mode-Expansion Method for Calculating Hydroelastic Response of a VLFS in Waves ..... 215
Masashi Kashiwagi
The Analysis of Wave-Induced Response of an Elastic Floating Plate in a Sea with a Breakwater ..... 223
S. Nagata, H. Yoshida, T. Fujita and H. Isshiki
Wave Forces on a Circular Island Using Perturbation-DRBEM ..... 231
S.S. Hsiao, W.K. Weng and Y.F. Chiu
Classification of FPSO's for Extreme Environments ..... 237
M.J. Maguire
Fully Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Rigid Lines and Floater Behaviours in Deep Water ..... 246
J.M. Heurtier, F. Biolley, C. Berhault, P. Le Buhan and G. Morin
Risk Analysis Techniques Applied to Floating Oil Production in Deepwater Offshore Environments ..... 253
Andrea Carpignano, Walter Priotti and Raffaele Romagnoli
Local and Global Hydrodynamic Loads on the FPSO 'Glas Dowr" for Fatigue Assessments ..... 261
L.W. Pastoor, J.A. Pinkster and M. Krekel
Effect of Ramp Duration on Response of Spars to Irregular Waves ..... 270
B.B. Mekha and J.M. Roesset
Waves and Current Influence in the FPSO Dynamics ..... 278
S.H. Sphaier, A.C. Fernandes, L.G.S. Pontes and S.H. de Sá Correa
Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the Green Water Effects on FPSOs ..... 284
C. Berhault, P. Guérin, D. Martigny and R. Guéret
Wavelet Analysis of the Transient Response of Spar Platforms ..... 291
Donald A. Jordan, David C. Weggel, Richard W. Miksad and Jose M. Roesset
A Theoretical Study on the Effect of Seaquakes on a Three-Dimensional Floating Body ..... 298
Yasushi Higo
Dynamic Behaviour of a S.A.S. Deep Draught Cylinder Buoy in Irregular Waves ..... 303
Christophe Maisondieu and Marc Le Boulluec
Dynamic Analysis of Tower Buoy in Irregular Waves ..... 309
Ivo Senjanovic and Joško Parunov
Dynamic Response Evaluations of Offshore Platform with Huge Deck Loads ..... 317
Kenji Kawano, Katta Venkataramana and Tutomu Hashimoto
Development of a North Marmara Field Offshore Turkiye: A Case Study ..... 325
A.A. Kaptanoglu, Recep Atalay and R. Yoruk
Heave Motion Effects on Kick and Lost Circulation Detection in Floating Drilling Rigs ..... 332
Celso K. Morooka and Manoel T. Doria
H¥ Control of Slow Drift Oscillation of Moored Floating Platform with Thrusters ..... 338
Tadahiro Hyakudome, Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara and Wataru Koterayama
A Force Allocation Strategy for Dynamic Positioning ..... 346
Peter Sinding and Svend Vogt Andersen
A Sea Floor Layout Design Using Virtual Reality ..... 354
Carlos Luiz Nunes dos Santos, Gerson Gomes Cunha, Luis Fernando Nunes Mello and Luiz Landau
Vortex Heat Exchanger ..... 359
B. Krasovitski and L. Tunkel
A Study on the Accuracy of Gun Deep Hole Drilling for Marine Part Materials ..... 363
Sung-Bo Sim and Tae-Ok Jun
Non-Linear Analysis of Offshore Platforms - A Case Study of Two Platforms During Hurricane Andrew ..... 371
Behrooz A. Nedushan and L.E. Chouinard
Foundation Aspects for the Load-Out of 24,000-Tonne Jack-Up Rig ..... 375
S. Dasgupta
FE Analysis of an Integrated Plate Connection Between Jacket Structure and Skirt-Pile Sleeve ..... 384
Noorul Khairi Mohd Nor and Nils-Erik Wiberg
Determination of Structural Reserve Strength Ratio (RSR) of an Existing Offshore Structure ..... 392
Wan Mahmood bin Wan Abdul Majid, Abdul Rashid bin Haji Hashim and Mohamad bin Embong
Time Sequential Observation of Land Cover on Okinoerabu Island Using TM Data ..... 400
Takayuki Kuraoka, Masato Kunitake, Fumiyoshi Kondo, Jun-ichi Shouji, Kenta Ueno and Yuko Taira
Estimation of Thermal Diffusivity in Asphalt Concrete Using Glover's Method ..... 406
Jun-ichi Uchida, Tadami Sakamoto, Fumiyoshi Kondo and Takefumi Nakazono
Relations Between Shear Wave Velocity and Related Engineering Properties of Reclaimed Soil ..... 412
L.K. Chien, M.C. Lin and Y.N. Oh
Predicted and Measured Geotechnical Properties of Gas-Charged Sediments ..... 418
H.G. Brandes
Parameter Estimation and Numerical Analysis of Self-Weight Consolidation of Slurried Marine Clay ..... 426
Fumiyoshi Kondo, Md. Asgar Ali Sarkar, Takefumi Nakazono and Masato Kunitake
Numerical Studies on the Behaviour of Marine Clay Walls Using GHD ..... 433
Tej B.S. Pradhan and Dinesh Raj Shiwakoti
Delayed Consolidation Effect Dependent on Permeability of Sand Mat ..... 441
Young-Su Chae, Byung-Sik Chun, Young-Nam Kim and Sung-Jin Kwon
Unsolved Problems in the Constant-Rate-of-Strain Consolidation Testing ..... 445
Masayoshi Shimizu
Stress-Strain Behaviour of a Cemented Marine Clay ..... 451
S. Narasimha Rao and A.P. Panda
New Approach for Determining the Coefficient of Consolidation, Cv, for Normally Consolidated Kaolinite Clay ..... 456
M. Tuncan, Y. Güney, A. Tuncan and H. Koyuncu
Microstructure of Undisturbed and Reconsolidated Ariake Clay ..... 461
Katsutada Onitsuka, Takehito Negami and Zhenshun Hong
Undrained Strength Anisotropy of Natural Clay Deposits ..... 466
Takaharu Shogaki and Hayato Moro
Simulation of the Consolidation Process of Phosphetic Waste Clay ..... 470
Robert Y.P. Chin and G.Y. Sheu
Vertical Drains for Layered Clay Strata ..... 478
Yasuo Tanaka
Effect of Viscosity on the Process of Consolidation with Vertical Drains ..... 484
Goro Imai and Bipul Chandra Hawlader
Strength-Deformation Characteristics of EPS ..... 491
Byung-Sik Chun, Soo-Deok Lee, Hae-Sik Lim, Tae-bong Ahn and Kwang-Hyun Ha
Effect of Pore Pressure Dissipation on the Behaviour of Anchors in Clay ..... 497
J.C. Small, C.P. Thorne and L.D. Ta
Uplift Capacity of Horizontal Circular Anchors in Soft Clay Overlain by Dense Sand ..... 505
B.M. Das, E.C. Shin and E.E. Cook
The Mechanics of an Anchoring Device Embedded in a Poroelastic Medium ..... 510
A.T. Mahyari and A.P.S. Selvadurai
The Behaviour of Drag Anchors in Layered Soils ..... 515
M.P. O'Neill, M.F. Randolph and A.R. House
Bearing Resistance of Inextensible Grid Reinforcements ..... 521
Y. Nabeshima and T. Matsui
Nonlinear Response Analysis of a Towed Seafloor Plow ..... 526
Robert F. Zueck and Steve Karnoski
The Pullout Capacity of Suction Caisson Foundations for Tension Leg Platforms ..... 531
Sherif El-Gharbawy and Roy Olson
Laboratory Modeling of Suction Caisson Foundations ..... 537
Sherif El-Gharbawy and Roy Olson
The Effect of Skirted Foundation Shape on Response to Combined V-M-H Loadings ..... 543
M.F. Bransby and M.F. Randolph
H-adaptive FE Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Skirted Foundations ..... 549
Yuxia Hu and Mark F. Randolph
Cyclic Shear Failure and Strength of Undisturbed Marine Clays ..... 557
M. Hyodo, Y. Yamamoto and T. Fujii
Effects of Over-Consolidation on Steady State Line and Liquefaction Resistance of a Marine Sand ..... 564
Yao-Chung Chen
Stress-Controlled Cyclic Interface Tests ..... 571
K. Fakharian and E. Evgin
Application of Pile with Expanding Base to Foundation of Caisson Structure ..... 578
Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Tomiya Takatani, Hirosuke Kodama, Shigeo Takahashi and Ken-ichiro Shimosako
Numerical Simulation of Lateral Loaded Pile Taking into Account the Shear Stress at the Sand Interface Layers ..... 585
S. Belkhir, D. Levacher, W. Hamadeh and S. Mezazigh
Mooring of Floating Structures by Expanded End Bearing Pile ..... 590
Tomiya Takatani, Yoshi-hiko Maeno and Hirosuke Kodama
Wave-Induced Pore Pressure in a Cross-Anisotropic Seabed with Variable Soil Characteristics ..... 598
Dong-Sheng Jeng and Yee-Shown Lin
Wave Propagating over Poro-Elastic Bed ..... 605
Jaw-Fang Lee and Yuan-Jyh Lan
Aseismic Evaluation Against Rare Big Earthquakes for Shore Structures ..... 610
T. Matsui, M. Akakuma, K. Hayashi, T. Ishikawa, T. Nakano and T. Imono
Development and Application of Non-Vibratory Sand Compaction Pile Method ..... 615
Hideo Tsuboi, Yutaka Ando, Kenji Harada, Jun Ohbayashi and Tamotsu Matsui
Centrifuge Research on the Sliding Behaviour of Spudcans in Layered Soils ..... 621
H.G.B. Allersma and F.M. van Woensel
The Assessment of Stability of Partially Submerged Slopes ..... 628
P.A. Lane and D.V. Griffiths
Underground Shield Docking for the Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway ..... 635
T. Funasaki, Y. Izumi, K. Miki and T. Nakamura
Distinct Element Analysis of Interfaces in Particulate Media ..... 643
E. Evgin, Z. Liang and I. Konuk
Distributed VR Offshore Engineering Application ..... 649
Gerson Gomes Cunha, Carlos Luiz Nunes dos Santos, Luis Fernando Nunes Mello and Nelson Francisco Favilla Ebecken
The Hibernia Gravity Base Structure ..... 654
François Sédillot