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VOLUME I , 1996 (ISBN 1-880653-23-0)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... v
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... viii


The Heidrun TLP and Concept Development for Deep Water ..... 1
T. Munkejord
Hibernia GBS - The Construction Process ..... 12
Arne Bjørlo and Pierre Jérôme
Liquefaction of Reclaimed Lands Along Osaka Bay by Great Hanshin Earthquake (1995.1.17)
Yasuo Tanaka ..... 20
The Optimum Design of a Stepped Pipe String for Mining Manganese Nodules with Consideration for Reducing Its Maximum Axial Stress
Kazuo Aso, Katsushige Kan, Hitoshi Doki and Takuichi Maeda ..... 29
Effects of Axial Dampers and Elastic Joints on the 3-D Dynamic Responses of a Deep-Ocean Pipe with Torsional Coupling
Baorong Cheng and Jin S. Chung ..... 37
Evaluation of Submerged High-Pressure Waterjets for Deep Ocean Applications
D.G. Alberts and M. Hashish ..... 46
Investigation of Possibility to Apply Untraditional and Ecologically Good Methods of Coal Mining Under Sea Bed
Yu. Niskovskiy and A. Vasianovich ..... 51
Environmental Studies on a Reference Transect in the IOM Pioneer Area
R. Kotlinski, V. Stoyanova and G. Tkatchenko ..... 54
Aerodynamic Losses Incurred by the Wells Turbine
R. Curran and L.M.C. Gato ..... 58
A Simple Theory of Impulse Turbine with Self-Pitch-Controlled Guide Vanes for Wave Power Conversion
M. Inoue, K. Kaneko and T. Setoguchi ..... 66
Air Turbine with Self-Pitch-Controlled Blades for Wave Energy Conversion
T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko, M. Takao and M. Inoue ..... 70
Running Characteristics of a Cross-Flow Water Turbine in Oscillating Flow
J. Fukutomi and Y. Nakase ..... 75
Wave Interactions with an Oscillating Water Column
C.-H. Lee, J.N. Newman and F.G. Nielsen ..... 82
Dynamic Non-Linear Response of OWC Wave Energy Devices
A. Clément ..... 91
Study on the Power Generation from Tidal Currents by Darrieus Turbine
S. Kiho, K. Suzuki and M. Shiono ..... 97
The Estimation of Tidal Energy of the Okhotsk Sea for Practical Usage
L.P. Yakunin and T.I. Tarkhova ..... 103
The Systematic Design of Economic Wave Energy Converters
Michael French and Rob Bracewell ..... 106
Hydrodynamics of Offshore Gas Well Blowouts
Bao-Shi Shiau ..... 111
Assessment of Drilling Mud Design for the Offshore Oil Research
Raffaele Romagnoli ..... 118
A Three-Dimensional Model of the East China Sea
K.M. Han and B.H. Choi ..... 121
Mitigation Around Saemangeum Bay in Korea
Moon Seup Shin, Tetsuo Yanagi and Sung Kun Hong ..... 128
Experimental Research on an Air Mixed Jet Pump for Sea Water Purification
Katsuyuki Kawaguty, Hironobu Ueki, Seiji Akamine and Takashi Umeoka ..... 134
Occurrence of Butyltin Compounds in Seawater, Sediment and Biosamples from the South Coast of Korea
Mi-Ok Park, Young Ho Hahn and Shugui Dai ..... 143
Seakeeping Performance of Containment Boom Section in Random Waves and Currents
M.H. Kim, S. Muralidharan, S.T. Kee, R.P. Johnson and R.J. Seymour ..... 150
Anchoring System of Silt Curtain Against Tension Due to Storm Wave and Current
Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Tomiya Takatani, Tomoaki Mori, Koichiro Shinohara and Hirofumi Kawamoto ..... 162
Toppling Analysis of Offshore Jacket Structures
B.A. Izzuddin ..... 169
Dynamic Response Analyses of Offshore Platform with Buoyancy Type Large Members
Kenji Kawano, Takahiro Komasa, Yoshiaki Miyazaki and Tutomu Hashimoto ..... 176
On the Selection of Ground Acceleration Spectrum for Response Evaluation of Offshore Structures
Katta Venkataramana and Kenji Kawano ..... 182
Behaviour of Stiffened Plates in Offshore Structures
N.E. Shanmugam and M. Arockiasamy ..... 190
On the Ringing Excitation of Circular Cylinders
T. Marthinsen, C.T. Stansberg and J.R. Krokstad ..... 196
Computer Efficient Ringing Analysis of the Heidrun TLP
Knut-Aril Farnes ..... 205
Simplified Approach for Analysing Concrete Creep of the Heidrun TLP - A Verification Study
Olav Fyrileiv, Torfinn Hørte and Pål G. Bergan ..... 214
Offshore Tension Leg Platform Behaviour Under Wave and Wind Forces
A.K. Jain ..... 220
TLP Installation without Motion Compensation
Birger J. Natvig ..... 228
Prediction of Dynamic Response of TLP Tethers to Vortex Shedding Under Circumstances of Platform Oscillation
Guo-Can Ling and Dong-Yao Wang ..... 234
Non-Linear Tower Motions in Waves
D.J. Dimelow, R.D. Neilson and T. O'Donoghue ..... 240
Offshore Guyed Tower Behaviour Under Wave and Transient Seismic Forces
A.K. Jain and R.S. Bisht ..... 247
CASALM (Catenary and Single Anchor Leg Mooring) Single Point Mooring
John F. Flory ..... 255
Status of Spar Platforms for Deepwater Production Systems
John E. Halkyard ..... 262
Effects of Second Order Diffraction Forces on the Global Response of Spars
B.B. Mekha, D.C. Weggel, C.P. Johnson and J.M. Roesset ..... 273
Nonlinear Coupled Responses of a Tethered Spar Platform in Waves
Z. Ran and M.H. Kim ..... 281
Dynamic Response and Runup on Spar Platforms
O.R. Rijken and J.M. Niedzwecki ..... 289
Slow Motion Responses of Compliant Offshore Structures
Peimin Cao and Jun Zhang ..... 296
Evaluation of Sloshing-Induced Fatigue Damage on a FSO Tanker
Guido Casella and Mario Dogliani ..... 304
Decommissioning & Removal Options: Which Choice?
A. Della Greca ..... 314
Response of Offshore Structures to Explosion Loading
B.A. Izzuddin and D. Lloyd Smith ..... 323
Detail Investigation on Offshore Stabbing Guides
Chul H. Jo ..... 331
Exploratory-Developmental Engineering Method's Suggestion for the Oil-Gas Rich Zones in the Extreme Shallow-Water Area of Zhangjuhe in Bohai Bay, China
Changming Zheng and Fushan Zhang ..... 337
Interaction Between Tsunami and Artificial Floating Island
Ken Takagi ..... 341
Elastic Behaviors of a Huge Floating Structure
H.S. Shin and D.J. Yum ..... 347
Stochastic Determination of Mooring Stiffness of Large Floating Islands
Takuji Hamamoto, Masaki Tokubuchi, Takahiro Aoki and Yasuo Tanaka ..... 354
3D BEM-FEM Coupled Hydroelastic Analysis of Irregular Shaped, Module Linked Large Floating Structures
Takuji Hamamoto, Takayuki Hayashi and Ken-ichi Fujita ..... 362
Geotechnical Soil Properties in the Norwegian Deep Water Vøring Basin
Tom R. Guttormsen, Hans Langø and Stein Christensen ..... 370
A Non-Associative Bounding Surface Plasticity Model for Marine Sands
Q.S. Yang ..... 377
Geotechnical Properties of Soft Marine Clay in Korea
Yeong-Mog Park, Eun Chul Shin and Sang-Ro Ahn ..... 385
Undrained Cyclic Shear Strength of Undisturbed Marine Clay
Masayuki Hyodo and Teruhisa Fujii ..... 391
Nonlinear Analysis on Stress-Strain Relation of Reclaimed Soil
L.K. Chien, W.T. Lin and C.C. Cheng ..... 395
Kinetics of Naphthalene Removal from Sand and Kaolinite/Sand Soils Using SDS Surfactant
Mohammed A. Gabr, Russell Thomas, Echol E. Cook and Kurt Shoblom ..... 402
Gibson's Equation of Soil Consolidation in Convective Coordinate and a Method for Obtaining Solutions
Hin-Chi Lei, Huei-Wen Chang and Ming-Jui Hung ..... 408
Construction of New Seoul International Airport on Reclaimed Land
Sang Choo Lee, Kyu-Jin Lee and Eun Chul Shin ..... 415
Judgment Method of Reinforcement Failure Mode in Steel Grid Reinforced Earth
T. Matsui, Y. Nabeshima, N.U. Amin and K. Uchihata ..... 420
Large and Small Strain FE Analyses of CRS Consolidation Tests of Soft Marine Clays
M. Shimizu ..... 424
Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Shear Modulus of Granular Offshore Sediments
Salome Romero and Sibel Pamukcu ..... 431
Ocean Wave-Induced Stress States of Seabed Beneath a Breakwater
Ken-ichi Sato, Kazuya Yasuhara and Nobuo Yoshida ..... 438
Determination of the Saline Soils Creep Parameters in Yamal Peninsula
V.I. Aksionov and A.P. Afonin ..... 444
Strength and Consolidation Properties of Soils Which Have Suffered Stress Histories
Takaharu Shogaki and Tadashi Yoshida ..... 450
A Constitutive Model for Consolidation Based on Microscopic Consideration by Probability Theory
Ryosuke Kitamura and George Kisanuki ..... 456
Improvable Characteristics of Marine Clay by Soil-Cement Mixing Method
Bang-Woong Shin, Bong-Jik Lee and Se-Wook Oh ..... 460
Depression of Soil Moisture Freezing Point and Relationships for Native and Compact Soils
V.I. Fedorov ..... 465
Trench Stability Analysis
Jiin-Song Tsai and Jia-Chyi Chang ..... 469
Estimation of the Parameters of Seepage Through an Earth Dam
Mahmudul Alam Chowdhury, Masato Kunitake, Fumiyoshi Kondo, Hitone Inagaki, Hidehiko Ogata, Masaki Saito and Itsuro Kakuda ..... 477
Analysis of Pile Supported Offshore Structures Under Wave Loading
Shamsher Prakash, Sanjeev Kumar and V.K. Puri ..... 483
Cyclic Loading Regime of Offshore Piles
U.A.A. Mirza ..... 491
Comparative Sensitivity Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles
B.B. Budkowska and E. Cean ..... 499
Sensitivity of Probabilistic Pile Design to Various Uncertainties
Gurdev Singh, W.T. Lai and Braja M. Das ..... 506
Behaviour of Batter Anchor Piles in Marine Clay Subjected to Vertical Pull Out
S. Narasimha Rao and C. Veeresh ..... 514
Behaviour of Laterally Loaded Model Pile Groups in Clay
S. Narasimha Rao and V.G.S.T. Ramakrishna ..... 520
Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundation on Geogrid-Reinforced Sand-Scale Effects in Model Tests
B.M. Das, V.K. Puri, M.T. Omar and E. Evgin ..... 527
Strip Foundation on Geogrid-Reinforced Clay: A Tentative Design Procedure
B.M. Das, E.C. Shin and G. Singh ..... 531
Dynamic Response of Caisson with Suction on Soft Seabed
Tomiya Takatani, Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Shigeo Takahashi and Ken-ichiro Shimosako ..... 536
Suction Beneath Cylindrical Anchors in Soft Clay
Manoj Datta and Pankaj Kumar ..... 544
Design of Deep Foundations Using the Pressuremeter Method
F. Azizi and R. Frank ..... 549
Emergency Dumping of Large Oil Inventories
T. Al-Hassan, J.N. Edmondson and J.G. Krol ..... 558
Limit State Design with Load Dependence in Offshore Foundations
Yude Lin ..... 562
Stresses and Strength of Padeye to Circular Pipe Connection
Y.S. Choo, K.H. Lee and W.H. Lee ..... 570