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VOLUME I , 1995 (ISBN 1-880653-17-6)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... v
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... viii


Submarine Cable Route Survey
G. Herrouin and T. Scuiller ..... 1
Exploration and Development of Oil and Gas Field on the Shelf of Sakhalin
S.M. Bogdanchikov, V.N. Astafiev and E.K. Bojarshin ..... 7
The Northumberland Strait Crossing Project
James A. Feltham ..... 14
Soil Parameters for Pile Foundations
A. Verruijt ..... 19
Oil Combatting in a Cold Environment Using Bioremediation Techniques
Jorma Rytkönen, Seppo Liukkonen, Alexei Levchenko, Thomas Worthington, Gennady Matishov and Vladimir Petrov ..... 24
Putting the Environment First - Planning for Environmental Soundness: The Northumberland Strait Crossing Project
Randy Vallis ..... 31
Ocean Environmental Change Due to an Offshore Airport in Ariake Bay
Yusaku Kyozuka and Kazutoyo Yokoyama ..... 38
Metocean Input Data For Drift Models Application: Loustic Study
P. Michon, Cdt. Bossart and M. Cabioc'h ..... 44
The Tidal Wave Circulation and Water Quality in Harbor
Wen-Hen Yang, Juin-Shin Juang and Da-Wei Li ..... 51
Multipurpose ROV System for Underwater Monitoring
T. Graczyk ..... 60
TLP Design Philosophy - Past, Present, Future
B.J. Natvig and H. Vogel ..... 64
Extreme Steepness of Numerical Model and Laboratory Waves
Elzbieta M. Bitner-Gregersen, Kim J. Mørk and Carl T. Stansberg ..... 70
Experimental Study of Non-Linear Loads on Vertical Cylinders in Steep Random Waves
C.T. Stansberg, E. Huse, J.R. Krokstad and E. Lehn ..... 75
Springing and Ringing Due to Nonlinear Waves on a Coupled TLP
Cheung Hun Kim, Chuntian Zhao and Jun Zou ..... 83
Springing Responses of a Taut-Moored Column-Footing Type Floating Body
Koichi Masuda, Tomoki Ikoma and Takashi Nagai ..... 90
Higher Order Forces on a Vertical Cylinder in Waves: Comparisons of Experimental and Numerical Results
Y.-M. Scolan, M. Le Boulluec and D. Martigny ..... 99
High Frequency Effects of Modifications to Morison's Equation on the Response of a TLP
B.B. Mekha, C.P. Johnson and J.M. Roesset ..... 104
Dynamic Response of Offshore Guyed Towers to Low Frequency Wind Induced Loads
R.S. Bisht and A.K. Jain ..... 112
Dynamic Behavior of Articulated Single Point Mooring System
A.K. Jain ..... 119
Developments in Dynamic Positioning Systems for Offshore Stationkeeping and Offloading
A.B. Aalbers, R.B.H.J. Jansen, R.J.P.E. Kuipers and F. Van Walree ..... 125
Pressure Surge Analysis in Tanker Loading/Unloading Systems
Z. El-Oun and P. Stephens ..... 132
On the Performance of Large Floating Structures with Different Connectors in Waves
Mikio Takaki, Xin Lin and Yasushi Higo ..... 139
Hydroelastic-Response Analysis of a Box-Like Floating Airport of Shallow Draft
S. Wang, R.C. Ertekin, A.T.F.M. van Stiphout and P.G.P. Ferier ..... 145
Experimental Modal Analysis on Unit-Linked Large Floating Structure Models
Ryuji Endo, Takuji Hamamoto, Takehiko Kato, Takayuki Hayashi and Nobuyoshi Tosaka ..... 153
A New Original Approach to the Assessment of Marine Drilling Systems
Raffaele Romagnoli ..... 159
A Buoyant Leg Structure for the Development of Marginal Fields in Deep Water
Robert W. Copple and Cuneyt C. Capanoglu ..... 163
Deep Water Offshore Jacket Removal
E.C.P. van Herel, A. Wijninckx and J. Wardenier ..... 169
Experimentally Development of Underwater Abrasive Water Jet Cutting System Using a High-Polymer Mixed Abrasive
Hitoshi Yamaguchi ..... 176
Features of a Taut Leg Mooring System for Deep Water
T. Løvstad, J. Namork and A.U. Nilsen ..... 180
Simplified Evaluation of the Capacities of Template-Type Offshore Platforms
R.G. Bea and M.M. Mortazavi ..... 185

Analysis of Subsea Structure Installation

I.E. Kopsov and P.C. Sandvik ..... 193
Design and Analysis of SHW Living Quarter
H.A. Moon, Y.C. Park and Y.S. Bae ..... 200
A Study on the Correlation Between Structural and Environmental Data of an Offshore Platform
Luciano Galano, Ostilio Spadaccini and Andrea Vignoli ..... 207
Simplified Dynamic Assessment for Fixed Offshore Structures Under Extreme Waves
W. Visser ..... 215
Image Processing in Offshore Engineering
Martius V.R. Rodriguez, Marcelo de A. Oliveira, Maria E.T. de Almeida, Celi Lorenzoni and A.J. Ferrante ..... 222
A Network Planning Model for Offshore Structures
Aysen Ergin, Can Elmar Balas and Engin Keyder ..... 227
CO2 Miscible Displacement Enhanced Oil Recovery in Dutch North Sea
P.J.C. Alkemade ..... 231
Hydrate Formation in Pipelines
Frank Dorstewitz and Dieter Mewes ..... 244
Gas Hydrate Nucleation and Growth Kinetics in Multiphase Transportation Systems
D. Lippmann, D. Kessel and I. Rahimian ..... 250
Hydrate Problems in Pipelines: A Study from Norwegian Continental Waters
David Lysne, Roar Larsen, Åse K. Thomsen and Are Lund ..... 257
Gas Solubility in Saline Water and Its Effect on Hydrate Equilibria
B. Tohidi, A. Danesh, R.W. Burgass and A.C. Todd ..... 263
An Extended Absorption Theory for Hydrate Equilibrium
Bjørn Kvamme ..... 269
How Does CO2-Hydrate Influence Options for Deep Ocean Carbon Dioxide Deposition?
Per Christer Lund ..... 277
Transport of Natural Gas as Frozen Hydrate
J.S. Gudmundsson, F. Hveding and A. Børrehaug ..... 282
Kinetics of Gas Hydrate Formation and Kinetic Inhibition in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
Peter Englezos ..... 289
Deep Seabed Mining? An Economic and Legal Ordeal
J.P. Lenoble ..... 297
The Effects of Vibration Absorbers with Nonlinear Springs on the Longitudinal Vibration of a Pipe String for Mining Manganese Nodules
Kazuo Aso, Katsushige Kan, Hitoshi Doki and Tetsuya Natori ..... 303
Model Test of Gravity Coring
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Tadaaki Ezawa, Kohei Maeda, Teteki Yoshida and Katsuya Tsurusaki ..... 310
Dynamic Response of Deep-Sea Sediments to the Collector Touch-Down
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Katsuya Tsurusaki and Takahiko Inagaki ..... 315
An Experiment-Based Time-Domain Mathematical Model of OWC Power Plants
A.J.N.A. Sarmento and A. Brito-Melo ..... 321
Wave Forces on an Array of Oscillating Water Column Type Free Standing Wave Energy Caissons
S. Neelamani and K. Thiruvenkatasamy ..... 328
Impulse Turbine with Self-Pitch-Controlled Guide Vanes for Wave Power Conversion (Guide Vanes Connected by Link Motion)
T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko, H. Taniyama, H. Maeda and M. Inoue ..... 337
Asymmetrical and Fluctuating Performance of the Islay Wells Air Turbine
R. Curran, S. Raghunathan and T.J.T. Whittaker ..... 343
The Use of Dynamic Simulation as a Tool in the Design of Wells' Turbine
S.J. McIlwaine, R. Curran, S. Raghunathan, T.P. Stewart and T.J.T. Whittaker ..... 349
Performance of the Contra-Rotating Wells Turbine
L.M.C. Gato and R. Curran ..... 355
Aerodynamic Performance of Contra-Rotating Wells Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion
S. Raghunathan and W.C. Beattie ..... 363
Utilising Tidal Currents to Generate Electricity in Orkney and Shetland
Ian G. Bryden, Colin Bullen and Oliver Paish ..... 370
Geotechnical Study of Marine Clays of Recent and Pleistocene Deposits in Osaka Bay
Research Committee on Geotechnical Information of Osaka Bay Seabed Deposits, Chairman: Tamotsu Matsui ..... 377
Physical Properties and Mechanical Behavior of Clays with Saline Pore Fluid
Masayoshi Shimizu ..... 385
Engineering Properties of the Hydraulic-Filled Sand
John C. Li, C.J. Jeng, C.Y. Lin and C.J. Lee ..... 392
Effect of Sample Disturbance on Undrained Strength Anisotropy
Takaharu Shogaki, Hayato Moro and Misao Kaneko ..... 400
Statistical Properties of Soil Data Within Thinwalled Samplers
Takaharu Shogaki, Hayato Moro and Keiji Kogure ..... 406
Holding Capacity of Plate Anchors in Sand: A Review
B.M. Das and Gurdev Singh ..... 414
Dynamic Response of Suction Pile Anchor in Poroelastic Seabed Due to Mooring Force
Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Tomiya Takatani, Tetsuya Hiraishi and Tomotsuka Takayama ..... 420
Effect of Jetting on Footing Penetration and Pullout
Sheng S. Lin ..... 426
Dynamic Response of Friction Anchor with End Bearing Plate for Mooring System of Floating Structure
Tomiya Takatani, Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Tetsuya Hiraishi and Tomotsuka Takayama ..... 430
Geotechnical Investigation in New Seoul Metropolitan Airport Site
Eun Chul Shin, Kyu-Jin Lee and Bang-Woong Shin ..... 436
Improvement of Soft Sea Bed by Dewatering with Vertical Drain
Tej B.S. Pradhan, Masaaki Kiyama, Masahiro Okamoto and Toshiroh Maida ..... 442
Potential Causes for Slope Instabilities of Under-Consolidated Marine Sediments
Ph. Quéméneur, P. Cochonat, J.-F. Bourillet, V. d'Oultremont, J.-P. Tisot, J.-L. Colliat and R. Tofani ..... 448
A Practical Application of Two-Dimensional Finite Strain Consolidation Theory
Robert Yun-Pin Chin and Guang-Yih Sheu ..... 454
Liquefaction of Soils
Vijay K. Puri, Shamsher Prakash and Sanjeev Kumar ..... 461
The Effects of Preshearing Stress on the Dynamic Behaviors on Saturated Sand
Robert Yun-Pin Chin ..... 466
Creep and Yield Model of Frozen Soil Under Triaxial Compression
Anatoly M. Fish ..... 473
Settlement of Breakwater on Submarine Soil Due to Wave-Induced Liquefaction
F. Oka, A. Yashima, K. Miura, S. Ohmaki and A. Kamata ..... 482
The Axial Loading of Foundations Embedded in Frozen Soils
A.P.S. Selvadurai and J. Hu ..... 488
A Simple Approach for Calculating Pile Skin Friction in Clays
U.A.A. Mirza ..... 496
Influence of Model Choice on the Calculated Reliability of a Single Pile
W.T. Lai, B.M. Das and G. Singh ..... 505
Behaviour of Instrumented Model Batter Piles in Clays
S. Narasimha Rao and C. Veeresh ..... 511
Finite Element Analysis of a Model Scale Footing on Clean and Oil Contaminated Sand
E. Evgin, M. Boulon and B.M. Das ..... 517
Numerical Simulation of Pipe Penetration in Non-Homogeneous Soil
Y. Hu and M.F. Randolph ..... 522
Analysis of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Clay
S. Narasimha Rao and V.G.S.T. Ramakrishna ..... 527
Simplifying Transformations for the Analysis of Shallow Foundations on Sand
Roy Butterfield and Guido Gottardi ..... 534
Instrumented Model Pile Tests on Sand Plugs
L.J.C. van Haaren, H.J. Kolk and A. Verruijt .......... 539
Effect of Void on Shallow Foundation on Geogrid-Reinforced Layered Soil
Braja M. Das and K.H. Khing ..... 544
Cyclic Load-Induced Settlement of a Square Shallow Foundation With and Without Geogrid Reinforcement
B.W. Shin, B.C. Yeo, B.M. Das, S.U. Shin and S.W. Oh ..... 548
Improvement Effects of Quicklime Pile on Soft Cohesive Soils
Ming-jui Hung, Huei-wen Chang and Hin-Chi Lei ..... 555
Norwegian Petroleum Resources with Focus on Challenges and Opportunities in the Barents sea
Finn Roar Aamodt ..... 560
Three-Dimensional Coupled Responses of a Vertical Deep-Ocean Pipe: Effect of Periodic Internal Flow on Shear Stress
Peter D. Rogers and Jin S. Chung ..... 567
Onshore Wave Energy Resource: Methodology and Tools for the Assessment
M. T. Pontes ..... 575
Strength Computation of Pin Connections Through Three-Dimensional Finite Element Idealisation
Y.S. Choo, K.H. Lee, S.H. Wong and T. Zhuang ..... 580
The First Controlled Descent of a Large Subsea Structure
Kjell Arne Nyhus and Helge Røraas ..... 589
Offshore Wave Energy Experiment
Kim Nielsen, N. Christian Scholten and Kjeld Aaby Sørensen ..... 596
Review of Probability Based Limit State Design
Ton Vrouwenvelder ..... 603
Extreme Response of Deep Water Structures in Directional Seas
P. Teigen ..... 609
The Hydrodynamics of a Wave-Power Device in a Tapered Harbour
B.P.Ó Gallachóir, A.J.N.A. Sarmento and G.P. Thomas ..... 615