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VOLUME I , 1994 (ISBN 1-880653-11-7)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... iv
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Papers Printed in the Journal IJOPE during 1991-1993 ..... xii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xix



The Hibernia Platform
G.C. Hoff and R.C. Johnson, D.C. Luther, H.R. Woodhead and W. Abel ..... 1
Major Onshore and Offshore Projects in Osaka Bay Area
T. Matsui ..... 8
Advance in Deep-Ocean Mining Systems Research
Jin S. Chung and Katsuya Tsurusaki ..... 18


Snorre TLP - Analysis of Measured Response
T. Marthinsen and J. Muren ..... 32
A Proposed Ringing Analysis Model for Higher Order Tether Response
Birger J. Natvig ..... 40
Cross-Bi-Spectral Analysis of High-Frequency Tether Force Signals From TLP Model Tests: A Case Study
Carl Trygve Stansberg and Karl Erik Kaasen ..... 52
Evaluation of the Three-Dimensional Linear Hydrodynamics of the ISSC TLP Using a Semianalytical Method
T.P. Mullarkey and J.F. McNamara ..... 61
Time Domain Simulation of Nonlinear Response of a Coupled TLP System in Random Seas
C.H. Kim, M.H. Kim, Y.H. Liu and C.T. Zhao ..... 68
TLP Hull Fatigue Analysis Due to Sum-Frequency Wave Effects
B.J. Natvig, M. Nygard and S. Vedeld ..... 78
On-Site Experiment for Towing Procedure of Pre-Fabricated Tendon of TLP
Masao Morikawa and Kuniteru Ishikawa, Hideyuki Suzuki and Koichiro Yoshida ..... 84
Fatigue of Threaded Tension Leg Platform Tethers
F.P. Brennan and W.D. Dover ..... 91
Active Control of Coupled Dynamic Response of TLP Hull and Tendon
Koichiro Yoshida, Hideyuki Suzuki, Dongho Nam, Motohiro Hineno and Shigeki Ishida ..... 98
Effects of Different Wave Free Surface Approximations on the Response of a TLP in Deep Water
B.B. Mekha, C.P. Johnson and J.M. Roesset ..... 105
Nonstationary Response Analysis of Offshore Guyed Tower for Strong Earthquake Under Moderate Random Waves
Chung-Son Ryu and Chung-Bang Yun ..... 116
Low Frequency Drift Oscillation of Offshore Guyed Towers
R.S. Bisht and A.K. Jain ..... 122


Motion Measurements and Human Comfort in the Case of Sea Bus Terminal in Yokohama Bay
Ryuji Endo, Kenichi Noguchi, Akio Kobayashi, Takehiko Kato and Masahiro Ando ..... 130
Semi-Submerged Modular Offshore Platform
Yen T. Huang ..... 137
On Re-Setting the Fatigue Clock on Older Semisubmersible Vessels
Bruce G. Wade ..... 142
Development of Surface Completion Floater ("SCF") and Cost Comparison with Two Alternative Deepwater Floating Production Systems
Louis H. Smulders, Derek Bradstreet and George M. Pomonik ..... 148


Structural Damage Due to High-Frequency Loads
O.E. Litonov ..... 156
Suppression of Resonance of Offshore Platform in Irregular Waves
H. Ishida and T. Komura ..... 160
A Note on Jacket Installation
P. Teigen ..... 167
Hydrocarbon Potential and Exploratory-Developmental Engineering Method's Selection in the Seabeach-Shallow Water Area of Zhaojiapu in Bohai Bay, China
Changming Zheng and Fushan Zhang ..... 174
Processing and Distribution of Graphical Information in Offshore Engineering
Martius V.R. Rodriguez, Norberto Cotta Simao, Celi Lorenzoni and A.J. Ferrante ..... 177
Integrity Analysis of Offshore Platforms on Distributed Memory Parallel Computers
Manoel Rodrigues Justino Filho and Nelson Francisco Favilla Ebecken ..... 181
Application of a Dynamic Positioning System to a Moored Floating Platform
Masahiko Nakamura and Wataru Koterayama, Hiroyuki Kajiwara and Tomohiro Mitamura ..... 190
A Comparative Study on Theoretical and Experimental Strengths of Padeyes Under In-Plane Loads
Y.S. Choo, K.C. Choi and K.H. Lee ..... 198
Subsea Developments in Water Depths Beyond 1000m - Technical Requirements and Challenges
Andrew Morrison ..... 209


The Determination of the Effects of Coal Mining on the Coastal Morphology at Black Sea Coasts of Istanbul Using Landsat Data
Derya Maktav and Sedat Kapdasli ..... 217
Technical Survey and Study Plan for CO2 Sequestration into the Ocean
Katsuya Tsurusaki, Takayuki Saito, Takeo Kajishima and Hiroyuki Hatano ..... 221
Spreading of Crude Petroleum in Brash Ice; Effects of Oil's Physical Properties and Water Current
Mohamed Sayed, Luba S. Kotlyar and Bryan D. Sparks ..... 225
The Development of Marine Waste Oil Treatment Unit
Yosihisa Shimamoto and Hiromasa Sugimura ..... 233
Treated Soil Plant and Placing Barge
Nobuo Nagatomi ..... 240
A Numerical Investigation of the Interaction of Spilt Oil with Two-Dimensional Subsurface Flow
Museok Song and Beom Soo Hyun ..... 244
Mean Behavior of Sediment-Laden Plume in Cross Flow
Kazuhiro Fujisaki, Naoki Kawano and Yoichi Awaya ..... 249


Evaluation of Co-Rich Manganese Deposits by Image Analysis and Photogrammetric Techniques
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Rahul Sharma and Katsuya Tsurusaki ..... 255
Acceleration Measurement of Gravity Corer on Cobalt-Rich Manganese Deposits
Tetsuo Yamazaki, Katsuya Tsurusaki, Keiji Handa and Yasuo Tomishima ..... 263
Underwater Application of Flame Jet Cutting Method
Sohei Shimada and Taiitsu Nakajima ..... 269
3-D Coupled Responses of Deep-Ocean Crust Mining Pipe Systems to Axial Bottom Vibration and Ship Motion
J.S. Chung, H.-P. Huttelmaier and Bao-rong Cheng ..... 275
Progress in the Development of the Continuous Line Bucket (CLB) Mining System and a Plan for Crust Mining on the 5th Takayou Sea Mount
Yoshio Masuda and Michael J. Cruickshank ..... 286
Development of a Floating-Type System for Uranium Extraction from Seawater Using Sea Current and Wave Power
Hisashi Nobukawa, Mitsuru Kitamura, Swilem A.M. Swilem and Kozo Ishibashi ..... 294
A Method for Semi-Active Control of the Longitudinal Vibration of a Pipe String for Mining Manganese Nodules
Kazuo Aso, Katsushige Kan, Hitoshi Doki and Tetsuya Natori ..... 301


The Current Distribution and Thermal Stability of Natural Gas Hydrates in the Canadian Polar Regions
Alan Judge, Sharon L. Smith and Jacek Majorowicz ..... 307
Detection of Gas Hydrates in Ocean Sediments: Suggestions Based on Experimental Research and Numerical Modelling
Antiopy Tzirita ..... 315
Laser Light Scattering Studies of Gas Hydrate Formation Kinetics
Ann Rigmor Nerheim, Thor Martin Svartaas and Emil J. Samuelsen ..... 323
Mass- and Heat Transfer Effects on Gas Hydrate Growth
H. Norvik and K. Lekvam ..... 329
Low-Cost Drilling System for Characterizing Marine Gas Hydrate Accumulations
Jack J. Kolle ..... 333
Gas Storage Through Impermeation of Porous Media by Hydrate Formation
Savvas G. Hatzikiriakos and Peter Englezos ..... 337


Design Study of Wave Power Generator for Power Supply to Islands in Far East
Yoshio Masuda ..... 345
Remodelling of Muroran Wave Test Plant
T. Watabe, H. Kondo, H. Shirai and K. Seino ..... 353
A Study for Design Method of Platform for Floating-Type Wave Energy Conversion and Wave Dissipation
Seoung-gun Kim and Ro-sik Park ..... 359
Performance Analysis of Stationary Double-Acting Wave-Energy Pump
H. Ueki, K. Kawaguty and T. Inoue ..... 364
Performance Analysis of Floating Double-Acting Wave-Energy Pump
H. Ueki, K. Kawaguty and T. Kira ..... 371
The Effect of Turbine Geometry on the Performance of Impulse Turbine with Self-Pitch-Controlled Guide Vanes for Wave Power Conversion
H. Maeda, T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko, T.W. Kim and M. Inoue ..... 378
Optimum Design Point for a Closed-Cycle OTEC System
Yasuyuki Ikegami and Haruo Uehara ..... 383


Study on Geotechnical Properties of Soft Marine Clays in Osaka Bay
Research Committee on Geotechnical Information of Osaka Bay Seabed Deposits (Chairman: T. Matsui) ..... 390
Settlement of Man-Made Islands Along Osaka Bay in Relation to the Geotechnical Conditions of the Seabed Deposits
Research Committee on Geotechnical Information of Osaka Bay Seabed Deposits (Chairman: T. Matsui) ..... 398
On Dynamic Soil Properties for Marine Environment
Shamsher Prakash and Sanjeev Kumar ..... 404
Permeability Studies in Marine Clays Stabilized with Lime Column
S. Narasimha Rao and Paul K. Mathew ..... 413
Abyssal Soil Investigation Equipment
F.P. Smits, W. Maggioni and U. Mainardi ..... 421
Changes of Yield Locus of Sand Due to Undrained Shearing and AE Measurement
Yasuo Tanaka and Kazuyasu Shirakawa ..... 428
Uplift Capacity of Plate Anchors in Clay
Braja M. Das and Gurdev Singh ..... 436
Propellant Embedded Rock Anchor
Sheng Lin ..... 443
Dynamic Response of a Mooring Anchor in Poroelastic Seabed Due to Mooring Force
Tomiya Takatani, Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Tetsuya Hiraishi and Tomotsuka Takayama ..... 448
Elimination of Suction Beneath Plate Anchors in Model Tests - A Comparison of Two Methods
Manoj Datta and C.V. Suryanarayana ..... 456
Mud Suction Force in the Uplift of Plate Anchors in Clay
E.C. Shin, R.N. Dass, M.T. Omar, B.M. Das and E.E. Cook ..... 462
Uplift Capacity of Strip Plate Anchors in Clay with Sloping Surface
K.H. Khing, B.M. Das and S.C. Yen ..... 467
Pile Foundations for Offshore Structures
Shamsher Prakash, K. Sreerama, Vijay K. Puri ..... 472
Cyclic Shear Testing for Piles in Cemented Calcareous Sands
J.P. Seidel, C.M. Haberfield and I.W. Johnston ..... 480
Geotechnical Approach in Offshore Dynamic Pile Instrumentation
Joao Alcino de Andrade Martins ..... 487
Risk Assessment in Pile Design
G. Singh, B.M. Das and W.T. Lai ..... 492
Influence of Pile Inclination on the Lateral Capacity of Batter Piles in Clays
S. Narasimha Rao and C. Veeresh ..... 498
Bearing Mechanisms of Multi-Node Piles
S. Yabuuchi ..... 504
Estimation of Skin Friction of Pile Shaft in Remolded Clay
Huei-wen Chang, Hsin-hsing Liao and Yu-huang Lu ..... 508
Geotechnical Properties of Marine Clay Deposits in Osaka Bay
Masashi Kamon ..... 513
Undrained Strength Anisotropy of Osaka Alluvial Clay and Effect on Slope Stability
Takaharu Shogaki, Hayato Moro, Keiji Kogure and Takashi Sudho ..... 518
Liquefaction of Marine Soils
Vijay K. Puri ..... 524
Analysis of Pore Pressure Build-up by Overlay Models
E.X. Song ..... 532
Residual Deformation of a Silty Clay Under Repeated Stresses
Q.J. Yang ..... 537

The Slope Hazard and the Mitigation Technique for Son-San Area, Kaoshiung, Taiwan

Kung-Jung Tsai, Der-Her Lee and Shin-Tsu Chen ..... 542
Deformation Behavior of Bored Steel Pipe Piles with Concrete Bulb on a Thin Bearing Layer
Tamotsu Matsui, Kazuhiro Oda and Masashi Nakabayashi ..... 548
Some Problems of Sensitivity Analysis of Axially Loaded Piles
B.B. Budkowska and C. Szymczak ..... 554
Effect of Arbitrary Changes of Temperature on the Thawing Depth Around Piles in Polar Climate
I. Assali and B.B. Budkowska ..... 559
Injection with Ultra-Fine Cement into Fine Sand Layer
Masahito Tamura, Toshiyoshi Goto, Takuya Ogino and Kazunari Shimizu ..... 567
The Study on the Permeability and Diffusion of the Weathered Mudstone
Robert Yun Pin Chin and Darn Horng Shiau ..... 572
Computer-Based System for Monitoring Settlement of Man-Made Islands in Kobe and Processing Measurement Data
Seiji Takeyama and Tsuneo Nobukawa ..... 578
Consolidation Characteristics of Aged Clays in Relation to Geological History
Tamotsu Matsui and Toshihiko Sakagami ..... 583
Instability and Movements of Oceanfloor Sediments: A Review
M.S. Rahman ..... 589
A Simplified One-Dimensional Theory for the Wave-Induced Liquefaction of Sandy Seabeds
Masayoshi Shimizu ..... 600
Simulation Model for Unsaturated Submarine Soil
Ryosuke Kitamura, Yosimasa Fujiyasu and Teruhiko Nagura ..... 607
Two-Dimensional Finite Strain Consolidation Theory
Robert Yun Pin Chin and Guang Yih Sheu ..... 613
Centrifugal Model Test for Reducing the Earth Pressure on the Culvert by Using the Flexible Material
K. Okabayashi, W. Ohtani, K. Akiyama and M. Kawamura ..... 620