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VOLUME IV , 2001 (ISBN 1-880653-55-9)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-2001 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
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List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii

Deepwater Technology and Deepwater Developments
R. Garside, R.O. Snell and H. Cook 1
Demo 2000: Qualifying Deepwater E&P Technology by Pilot Demonstration
Morten Wiencke 6
Need for a New Paradigm in Offshore Industry-University Cooperation
Jose M. RoŽsset 11

The Strength of Multiplanar Gap KK-Joints of Rectangular Hollow Sections Under Axial Loading
D.K. Liu and J. Wardenier 15
Developments in Fatigue Design Standards for Offshore Structures
I. Lotsberg and Per K. Larsen 23
Stress Intensity Factors of Through-Thickness and Surface Cracks in Tubular Y-Joints
S.P. Chiew, S.T. Lie, C.K. Lee and Z.W. Huang 30
Testing of Beam-to-RHS Column Connections without Weld Access Holes
K. Miura, Y. Makino, Y. Kurobane, M. Tanaka, K. Tokudome and G.J. van der Vegte 37
Prediction of Ductile Failure in Tubular Steel Members Using ABAQUS
D.C. Brooker and B.F. Ronalds 45
Design Recommendations for Stiffened and Unstiffened L-Joints Made of CHS and RHS under Fatigue Loading
D. Karcher and R. Puthli 51
SCFs and Fatigue Design of Multi-Planar Tubular DT-Joints
Spyros A. Karamanos, Arie Romeijn and Jaap Wardenier. 59
FATIGUE: A Joint Industry Program
Full Scale Fatigue Testing of Side Longitudinals in FPSOs
I. Lotsberg, D.ō. Askheim, T. Haavi and S.J. Maddox 67
Comparison of Measurements and Finite Element Analysis of Side Longitudinals
P. Rucho, S. Maherault, W. Chen, A. Berstad and G.E. SamnÝy 73
Stress Concentration Factors in Side Shell Longitudinals Connected to Transverse Webframes
Tore Ulleland, Mattias Svensson and Einar Landet 81
Recommended Hot Spot Analysis Procedure for Structural Details of FPSOs and Ships Based on Round-Robin FE Analyses
Wolfgang Fricke 89
Recommended Hot-Spot Stress Design S-N Curves for Fatigue Assessment of FPSOs
S.J. Maddox 97
Fatigue Life Improvement of Scallops in Ships/FPSOs Using Finite Element Analysis
Mia Norman and Inge Lotsberg 105

Testing of Windows for the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
Piyush K. Dutta and Charles Clark 111
The Fracturing Processes of Freezing Composites
Piyush K. Dutta 118
Characterization of Sub-Zero Response of Vinylester FRP in Civil Infrastructure Renewal
J. Rivera and V.M. Karbhari 124
Modeling of Piezoelectric Composite Laminates Using a Third-Order Plate Theory
Y.L. Zhou 131
Experimental Consideration in Mechanical Property of Accumulated Coal Fly Ash
D. Suetsugu, Y. Miyata and K. Kogure 140
The Suitability for Using Glass and Fly Ash in Portland Cement Concrete
Mustafa Tuncan, Bekir Karasu and Muhsin Yalcin 146
Development of a New Breakwater with Steel-Concrete Composite Cylindrical Shell Structure
Setsuo Iwata, Susumu Matsuno, Kazuhiro Yasuda and Hiroshi Tanaka 153
Post-Fire Flexural Response of GRP Composite Ship Panels
C.P. Gardiner, A.P. Mouritz, Z. Mathys and C.R. Townsend 160
Environmental Degradation Associated with Graphite/Epoxy Composites
S.T. Mear, H.G. Wheat and H.L. Marcus 168
Hygrothermal Conditioning of Composites
Barry A. Coutermarsh 175
Performance of a Quantitative Ultrasonic Technique in Evaluating In-Plane Elastic Constants of Carbon-Epoxy Laminates Subjected to Low Level Impacts
Kenneth G. Kellogg 179
Affordable Processing of Thick Section Composite Structures
U.K. Vaidya, W. Young and C. Ulven 186
Fiber Optic Sensor System (FOSS) for Filament-Wound Gas Cylinders
R.H. Knapp, T.A. Shimabukuro and I.N. Robertson 191
Plastic Strain and Residual Stress in a Ground Fe-Cr/TiN Composite
Shigeki Takago, Toshihiko Sasaki, Hideaki Watanabe and Yukio Hirose 197
Interface Element for Strength Analysis of Joint Between Dissimilar Materials
Hidekazu Murakawa, Hisashi Serizawa, Zhenqi Wu and Yukio Ueda 201
Adhesive Bonding as an Alternative for Underwater Structural Repair
Patricia Dolez and Brian Love 206
Performance of Structural Epoxy Adhesives in Extreme Temperature Environments
Ayman Mosallam and Piyush K. Dutta 211
Fabrication of a Composite Superstructure Using a New Assembly Method
Sarah E. Mouring and Ronnal P. Reichard 218
Effect of Environment on the Integrity of CFRP/Concrete Bond
Rajan Sen, Gray Mullins, Mohsen Shahawy and John Spain 222

Modern High-Strength Steels with Minimum Yield Strengths up to 690 MPa and High Component Safety
H.-J. Kaiser, A. Kern, T. Niessen and U. Schriever 227
Fitness-for-Purpose Failure and Corrosion Control Management in Offshore Oil and Gas Development
Jeremy C. Price 234
Sour Service X65 Seamless Linepipe for Offshore Special Applications
E. Anelli, D. Colleluori, J.C. Gonzalez, G. Cumino, H. Quintanilla and M. Tivelli 242
The Effects of Alloying Elements on Thermal Fatigue and Thermal Shock Resistance of the HSLA Cast Steels
J.H. Park, H.J. Kim and I.B. Kim 250
Evaluation of Strength of Friction Welded 6061 Alminum Alloy Pipe Joints by Heat Input and Burn-Off Length
H. Ochi, T. Sawai, Y. Yamamoto, K. Ogawa and Y. Suga 256
Hybrid Welding of Steel for Offshore Applications
Christian Walz, Ingo Stiebe-Springer, Magdy El Rayes, Thomas Seefeld and Gerd Sepold 263
Effect of Number and Size of Cracks on Fatigue Behavior of Alumina
Akira Yoshikawa, Kiyohiko Ikeda, Koichi Kaizu and Katsushige Adachi 267
Fatigue Strength of AL-6XN Superaustenitic Stainless Steel
Brian Metrovich, Eric J. Kaufmann, John W. Fisher, Xiaohua Cheng, Ben T. Yen and Zuozhang Ma 272
Evaluation of Joint Strength of 6061 Aluminum Alloy Joint Welded Under Inertia Type Friction Welding by Heat Input and Burn-Off Length
T. Sawai, H. Ochi, Y. Yamamoto, K. Ogawa and Y. Suga 277
The Influence of Nickel and Nitrogen on Impact Toughness Properties of Low Alloy Basic Electrode Steel Deposits
Tomasz Wegrzyn 282
Automatic Control of Penetration by Monitoring Reverse Side Shape of Molten Pool in All Position Welding of Fixed Pipes
Yasuo Suga, Daisuke Takenaka, Yuto Hibikiya and Koichi Ogawa 286
Effect of Contact Detecting Method on Pre-Heating Time and Tensile Strength in 6061, 2017 Aluminum Alloy to SUS304 Stainless Steel Friction Welding
Katsuyoshi Morikawa, Yoshio Ohue, Ryouji Tsujino, Hiroshi Yamaguchi and Koichi Ogawa 292
Finite Element Analysis of Hot Cracking Under Welding Using Temperature-Dependent Interface Element
Masakazu Shibahara, Hisashi Serizawa, Hidekazu Murakawa and Yukio Ueda 297
Statistical Investigation for Optimum Welding Condition of 2017 Aluminum Similar Alloy Friction Welded Joints
Ryoji Tsujino, Katsuyoshi Morikawa, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Koichi Ogawa and Hiizu Ochi 304
Fatigue Resistance of Welded Details Enhanced by Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT)
Sougata Roy, John W. Fisher, Ben T. Yen 309
A Study on Residual Stress Distribution Measurement of Dual Phase Stainless Steel by Means of X-Ray Method
Xiaopeng Wei, Juwen He, Toshihiko Sasaki and Yukio Hirose 314
X-Ray Stress Measurement of Ni-Al systemCoating Layer Prepared by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis Reaction
Takayuki Murotani, Juwen He, Toshihiko Sasaki and Hajime Hirose 319

Three-Dimensional Hydroelastic Water Entry: Preliminary Results
B. Donguy, B. Peseux, L. Gornet and E. Fontaine 324
Structural Response of a Thin Plate by Underwater Explosion Loading
M. Arami, T. Kakinouchi and T. Shibue 331
Hydroelastic Formulation in Order to Achieve More Accurate Prediction of Hydrodynamic Loads
A. Bereznitski, B. Boon and V. Postnov 337
Slamming and Whipping Analysis of Large Container Ship
Ivo Senjanovic and Joško Parunov 343
Designing for Wave Impact on Bow and Deck Structures
ō. Hellan, O.A. Hermundstad and C.T. Stansberg 349
Large-Scale Experiments with Slender Cylinders in Breaking Waves
J. Wienke, U. Sparboom and H. Oumeraci 358
Nonlinear Wave-Structure Interactions on Floating Production Systems
C.T. Stansberg and F.G. Nielsen 363
High-Energy Ship Collision with Jacket Legs
JÝrgen Amdahl and Atle Johansen 373
FE Approach to the Ship Grounding Event
J. Kajaste-Rudnitski and P. Kujala 378
On the Design of New Material Protective Device for Ship Collision
Tokiko Takabayashi, Kuniaki Shoji, Shigeo Mita and Chisato Nonomura 385
Post-Ultimate Strength Behaviour of Long Rectangular Plate Subjected to Uni-Axial Thrust
Tetsuya Yao, Masahiko Fujikubo, Daisuke Yanagihara and Tomoyuki Murase 390
New Simplified Model for Collapse Analysis of Stiffened Plates and Its Application to Offshore Structures
Patrick Kaeding and Masahiko Fujikubo 398
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Aluminium Columns Subjected to Fire
Nina Kristin Langhelle and JÝrgen Amdahl 406
An Optimal Design Study on Pitched Beams
Ki-Sung Kim, Nam-Gu Kang and Hyoung-Jin Park 414
The Effect of Yield Stress on the Initiation of Fatigue Crack Occurred From a Round Hole
C.H. Lin, G.S. Lin and C.S. Lee 420
A Method for Including Ovalization Effects of Tuular Member on Cross-Section Properties
H. Karadeniz 426
A Case Study of Applicability of Seismic Bearing Capacity Method to Open Piled Pier with Vertical Steel Piles
Takayuki Suzuki, Shigeru Ueda, Tomoyuki Ikeuchi and Makoto Ishida 433
Study on the Seismic Response of a Semi-Submerged Bridge Including the Hydrodynamic Force
Shigeru Ueda, Kazuyoshi Kihara, Koichi Inoue, Jun Hirai and Shunichi Ikesue 441
Damages due to the Eastern Marmara Earthquake (EME) at Port Structures
Y. YŁksel, E. «evik, Y. «elikoglu, T. Bostan, H.I. ÷zmen and O. ÷zgŁven 447

Safety of Offshore Installations – Making ALARP Principle More Practicable
Chengi Kuo 452
On the Risk of Structural Failure on Norwegian Offshore Installations
Arne Kvitrud, Gerhard Ersdal and Roger L. Leonhardsen 459
On the Importance of Human and Organizational Factors in Design, Construction and Installation of Engineered Systems
Roger R. Stoelsnes, Ove Tobias Gudmestad and Robert G. Bea 465
Use of accident and Incident Data for Safety Optimisation
Jan Erik Vinnem and Nils Helge RÝrŚ 475
Reassessment of Jacket Type of Platforms Subject to Wave-in-Deck Forces: Current Practice and Future Development
Katrine Hansen and Ove Tobias Gudmestad 482
Reliability Assessment of a Mooring System
Sverre Haver, Kjell Larsen and Trond Stokka Meling 490
Case Study: Effects of Wind Loading on Structural Reliability
Emmanuel Fakas, Suhartodjo Tuty, Beverley F. Ronalds and Rodney Pinna 498
Quantifying Uncertainty due to Imperfect Force Prediction Models: A General Methodology with Applications to Fluid Drag Loads
Tina Kashef, Steven R. Winterstein and Rune Torhaug 503
Probability Distributions of Mechanical Damage for Offshore Marine Platforms
D. De Leůn and E. Heredia-Zavoni 511
Possibilistic Inspection Planning Technique Based on Fuzzy Reliability Concepts
Hari B. Kanegaonkar 516
Modified FMEA for Fishing Vessels: A Fuzzy Set and Grey Theory Approach
A. Pillay, J. Wang, G.M. Jung, Y.S. Kwon, C.G. Loughran, T. I’Anson, A.D. Wall and T. Ruxton 522
Value and Risk: A Basis for a Balanced Performance Assessment Criterion for Maintenance in Offshore Engineering Constructions
Jayantha P. Liyanage, Tore Markeset, Jens KÝrte and Uday Kumar 529
Expert Judgment and Risk Perception
Rolf Skjong and Benedikte H. Wentworth 537
Life Cycle Structural Integrity of North Sea Installations
A. Stacey, M. Birkinshaw and J.V. Sharp 545

Second-Order Free Surface Effect on Cavitating 3-D Hydrofoils
Sakir Bal 554
Evaluation Method of Passenger Comfort for Training Ships in Irregular Seas
Ritsuo Shigehiro, Takako Kuroda and Yoichi Arita 562
Simulation of Modern Surface Ships with a Wetted Transom in a Viscous Flow
Tingqiu Li and Jerzy Matusiak 570
Bayesian Estimation of Directional Wave Spectra for Ship Guidance System
Toshio Iseki and Daisuke Terada 577
Statistical Design of Fenders for Berthing Ship
Shigeru Ueda, Ryo Umemura, Satoru Shiraishi, Shuji Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Akakura and Seigi Yamase 583
Fatigue Design Method of Ship Structural Members Based on Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis
K. Terai, Y. Tomita, K. Hashimoto and N. Osawa 589
Experimental Study on Thermo-Flow Field during Gas Flame Heating
Nobutaka Shinkai, Yasumitsu Tomita, Naoki Osawa, Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Junji Sawamura 595
Fatigue Strength Tests of Side Longitudinal Frames under Constant Amplitude Loading
Yasushi Kumakura, Nobu Iino, Hajime Kawano, Kouta Shibasaki and Shunichi Kawachi 602
Bulk Carrier Corrosion Modelling
C.P. Gardiner and R.E. Melchers 609

Engineering an Offshore Engineering Curriculum
W.W. Massie and J.H. Vugts 616
Offshore Engineering Education Seen from the Viewpoint of an Adjoint Professor
Ove Tobias Gudmestad 620
Industry-University Educational Cooperation: A University Perspective
W.W. Massie 625
Industry-University Education Co-operation – An Industry Perspective
F.C. Lange 628

An Experimental Research Study of a Mini-TLP
J.M. Niedzwecki, P.F. Liagre, J.M. Roesset, M.H. Kim and P. Teigen 631
Dynamic Analysis of Mooring Lines by Using Three Different Methods
Xiaohong Chen, Jun Zhang, Peter Johnson and Mehernosh Irani 635
Toward the Design of New Technologies for Deep-Water Anchorages
R.E. Olson, A.F. Rauch, R.B. Gilbert, J.L. Tassoulas, C.P. Aubeny and J.D. Murff 643
The Behavior of a Tanker-Based FPSO in Hurricane Waves, Winds, and Currents
E.G. Ward, Mehernosh B. Irani and Robert P. Johnson 650
Deepwater Production System Risks
E.G. Ward, Robert B. Gilbert, Jihad Jaber and Andrew J. Wolford 654

Recent Progress of the Deep Ocean Technology in JAMSTEC
Hiroyasu Momma, Taro Aoki and Katsuyoshi Kawaguchi 660
Deep Water Production Technology and Perspectives in Brazil
Pedro Josť Barusco Filho and Mauricio da J.A. de Aratanha 664
Deep Ocean Research Activity in China
Ji-Mao Zhu 668
Acoustic Systems of the AUV "URASHIMA"
Toshiaki Nakamura, Takuya Shimura, Hiroshi Ochi, Taro Aoki, Yasutaka Amitani, Kenkichi Tamura, Satoshi Tsukioka, Takashi Murashima, Hidehiko Nakajoh, Takao Sawa and Tadahiro Hyakudome 674
The HUGIN 3000 Survey AUV
Karstein Vestgard, Roar Hansen, Bjorn Jalving and Odd Arild Pedersen 679
Design and Deepwater Tests of MODUS – the Deployment and Recovery Vehicle for GEOSTAR 2 – Seafloor Stations
GŁnther F. Clauss, Sven Hoog and Hans W. Gerber 685
Improvement on the Vergence Control Mechanism of an Underwater Stereo Camera
Bong-Hwan Jeon, Pan-Mook Lee and Chong-Moo Lee 693

Repair and Structural Upgrade of R/C Columns Using Polymeric Composite Laminates
Medhat A. Haroun, Hussein M. Elsanadedy, Carla V. Yland and Ayman S. Mosallam 698