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VOLUME IV , 2000 (ISBN 1-880653-50–8)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-2000 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii

How to Improve the Conceptual Design of Tubular Structures
J.Wardenier ..... 1
Static Tests of Axially Loaded CHS KTKT- Joints
T. Kiuchi, Y. Makino and Y. Kurobane ..... 8
Parametric Study and Validation of the Static Strength of Ring-Stiffened Tubular T- and Y- Joints
Silke Willibald, Stefan Herion and Ram S. Puthli ..... 16
Fatigue Crack Growth in Notched Thin-walled Tubes Under Non-proportional Mixed Mode Loads
Xiaobo Yu and Andras Abel ..... 23
Shakedown Analysis of CHS T- Joints
K. Dale, P. Grundy and X.-L. Zhao ..... 29
SCF Equations for Fatigue Design of Steel Multiplanar Tubular XX- Joints
S.P. Chiew, C.K. Soh and N.W. Wu ..... 34
Stress Intensification Factors for Piping Tees Using Finite Element Analyses
Edwin P. Russo and Yvonne Traynham ..... 41
The Effect of Chord Support Conditions on the Force-Displacement Characteristics of Tubular YT- Joints
S.B. Leen and T.H. Hyde ..... 45
Modelling Arbitrary Through-Thickness Crack in a Tubular T- Joint
S.T. Lie, S.P. Chiew, C.K. Lee, S.M. Wong and Z.W. Huang ..... 53

Results from Cyclic Internal Pressure Tests on Fiberglass Pipes
Guillermo Ramirez, Michael D. Engelhardt and Timothy J. Fowler ..... 59
Failure Analysis of Graphite/Epoxy Filament Wound Tubes Under Cyclic Loading
H. Masudi and J. Green ..... 66
Effects of Low Temperature Thermal Cycling and Moisture on Izod Notch Toughness of a Glass FRP
K.G. Kellogg, A.R. Kallmeyer and P.K. Dutta ..... 72
Fiber Optic Sensor System for Filament-Wound Pressure Vessels
R.H. Knapp and I.N. Robertson ..... 77
Thermochemical Modelling of Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes
M.R.E. Looyeh ..... 83
Experimental Study of the Model of Prestressed High-Strength Lightweight Concrete Platform
Yu-Pu Song and Xiao-Ruan Song ..... 90
Ultimate Strength of Composite Steel–Concrete Shell Structure of an Open Sandwich System
Setsuo Iwata, Susumu Matsuno, Hiroshi Tanaka and Masakatsu Matsuishi ..... 97
Evaluation and Performance Monitoring of Corrosion Protection Provided by Fiber-Reinforced Composites
S. Verhulst, L. Fuentes, J.O. Jirsa, D.W. Fowler, H.G. Wheat, D. Whitney and E. Berver ..... 103
Analysis of Sandwich Panel as a 2-D Orthotropic Thick Plate Continuum
Tat-Seng Lok and Qian-Hua Cheng ..... 110
Composite Slabs with Expanded Metal Used as Metal Decking
E. Keyder and O. Tengirsenk ..... 116
A Fatigue Strength Prediction Model for Steel–Resin Co–cured Jointed Interfaces with Roughness
Sadayoshi Chiaki and Yasumitsu Tomita ..... 120
Application of Synchrotron Radiation to Investigate Deformation Behavior of Sintered Fe-Cr/TiN Composites
Shigeki Takago, Toshihiko Sasaki and Yukio Hirose ..... 124

The Classification of Metal Weld Deposits in Terms of the Amount of Nitrogen
Tomasz Wegrzyn ..... 130
Tensil-Strength Characteristics of Friction Welded Joints of A1050, A2017, A6061 Aluminum Alloy to SUS304 Stainless Steel
Ryoji Tsujino, Katsuyoshi Morikawa, Yoshio Ohue, Hiroshi Yamaguchi and Koichi Ogawa ..... 135
Evaluation of Joint Performance of 5056 Aluminum Friction Welded Joints by Heat Input and Burn-Off Quantity
H. Ochi, T. Sawai, Y. Yamamoto, K. Ogawa and Y. Suga ..... 139
Fatigue Strength Characteristics of A6061 Aluminum Alloy and S35C Carbon Steel Friction Welded Joints
K. Morikawa, Y. Ohue, K. Ogawa and H. Nakayama ..... 145
Automatic Control of Penetration by Monitoring Oscillation of the Molten Pool in TIG Welding of Thin Steel Plates
Yasuo Suga, Kaoru Yasuda, Kazuhiro Hayakawa, Yasutomo Ichiyama and Koichi Ogawa ..... 150
Numerical Analysis of Heat Flux on Combustion Flow Field During Line-Heating Process — 1st Report: Heat Flux for Spot Heating
Yasumitsu Tomita, Naoki Osawa, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Junji Sawamura and Nobutaka Shinkai ..... 156
Fatigue Strength of Coated Steel Structures in Seawater
Yasushi Kumakura, Masakazu Onoduka, Akio Fuji, Hironori Kino and Masuo Tada ..... 161

Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of a Stainless Steel at Ultrasonic Frequency

Z.D. Sun, C. Bathias and A. Dubois ..... 167
A Study on the Characteristics of BTA Deep Drilling for Marine Part Carbon and Alloy Steels
Sung-Bo Sim, Tae-Ok Jun and Chi-Ok Kim ..... 171
Propagation and Non-Propagation of Small Fatigue Cracks
Y. Fujimoto and K. Hamada ..... 180
Effects of Strain Precycling on the Tensile Fracture Morphology of Nickel 270
Daniel P. Harvey II ..... 188
Study of FEM Simulation of Cyclic Plastic Behavior of Face–Centered Cubic Crystal (F.C.C.) Crystalline Materials: 4th Report
Naoki Osawa, Yasumitsu Tomita and Kiyoshi Hashimoto ..... 195
Creep Life Prediction for Dissimilar Friction-Welded Joints of Turbine-Impeller-Heat-Resisting Steels and AE Evaluation (1) – FRW and AE Evaluation
Sae-Kyoo Oh, Yu-Sik Kong, In-Jong Yoo and Il-Seock Kim ..... 203
Creep Life Prediction for Dissimilar Friction-Welded Joints of Turbine-Impeller-Heat-Resisting Steels and AE Evaluation (2) – Creep Life Prediction by ISM
Sae-Kyoo Oh, Hyung-Tae Yang, Il-Dong Park and Hyun-Kyoung Kim ..... 208

Dynamic Response of a Large Offshore Structure due to Seismic Loads
Kenji Kawano, Katta Venkatarama and Tutomu Hashimoto ..... 213
Hydrodynamic Pressure due to Seaquakes in Deep Ocean
P.K. Chatterjee, R. Jain and V.Y. Salpekar ..... 220
Earthquake Analysis of Buried Structures and Pipelines Based on Rayleigh Wave Propagation
H. Karadeniz ..... 227
Storage Tanks Under Earthquake Loading, a Case Study: Evaluation of Eurocode 8 Predictions
P.R. Pandohi-Mishre, W.M.G. Courage and A.M. Gresnigt ..... 235
Plastic Analysis of Grillage Under a Point Load
Sang-Chol Lee, Ki-Sup Hong and Ki-Sung Kim ..... 243
Experimental and Numerical Study of Torsional Buckling of Stiffeners in Aluminium Panels
Yufeng Zha, Torgeir Moan and Edvin Hanken ..... 249
An Assessment of Imperfections and Boundary Conditions on the Buckling of Steel Plates
Antonio F. Mateus and Joel A. Witz ..... 256
Mixed Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Frame Models
Dermot J. Monaghan, Kok Yong Lee, Cecil G. Armstrong and Hengan Ou ..... 263
Collapsing Behavior of Continuous Rectangular Panels of a Deck Subjected to In-plane Combined Loads
K. Masaoka, H. Okada and Y. Ueda ..... 270
The Effect of Hydroelasticity on the Impact Pressure due to Bottom Slamming on Ship Structure
A. Bereznitski, B. Boon and V. Postnov ..... 277
Impact of Semi-Submerged Obstacles on the Composite Fin of a New Concept High-Velocity Craft
Alessandro Bucci, David Palmieri, Sabino Rocotelli and Mario Marchetti ..... 284

Requalification of Platforms Offshore Tampico — Tuxpan, Mexico: Conditions and Criteria
Robert Bea, Faustino Perez and Roberto Ortega ..... 292
Requalification of Platforms Offshore Tampico — Tuxpan, Mexico: Arenque Platforms
Robert Bea, Faustino Perez and Roberto Ortega ..... 300
Reliability Assessment of Marine Platforms Installed in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico
Saul Florentino and David de Leon ..... 307
Optimal Operational Decision-Making for Pol — A Compression Platform In Mexico
David de Leon ..... 315
Mooring System Design Considerations for FPSOs
Ken Huang ..... 319
Survey and Maintenance of Oil Storage Vessels at Mooring Site
Eiichi Muraoka ..... 325
Safety Evaluation of Ship Entering a Harbor Under Severe Wave Conditions
Masayoshi Kubo, Shinji Mizui and Kazuhiro Inoue ..... 330
Integrity Assessment of Tripod Offshore Structure
Wan Mahmood Wan Ab. Majid, Mohamed Embong and Rashid Hashim ..... 337
Fatigue Life Calibration of Bass Strait Platforms Based on Inspection History
Andrew D. Barton and Nick K. Milani ..... 343
Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Offshore Structures in Ice Environment
Huacan Fang, Zhaojie Gao, Menglan Duan, Fayan Xu, Zhonghan Shen and Yubiao Liu ..... 349
Reliability Assessment of a FPSO Hull Girder Subjected to Degradations of Corrosion and Fatigue
Hai-Hong Sun and Yong Bai ..... 355
Risk-Based Inspection Planning Applied to 14 Steel Jacket Structures in Bass Strait, Australia — Case Study
A.D. Barton and B. Descamps ..... 364
In-Service Inspection Planning of Flowlines Subjected to CO2 Corrosion
Svein Gunnar Hellevik and Ivar Langen ..... 372
Optimization for Inspection Planning of Ship Structures Considering Corrosion Effects
Sung-Chan Kim, Jang-Ho Yoon and Yukio Fujimoto ..... 380
Reliability-Based Risk Assessment in Project Management of Coastal Structures
C.E. Balas, A. Ergin, G. Piskin and A.T. Williams ..... 387

Ship Model Wake Analysis by Means of PIV in Large Circulating Water Channel
F. Di Felice and F. De Gregorio ..... 392
Seakeeping Computations Using the Ship Motion Green’s Function
J.-P. Boin, M. Guilbaud and M. Ba ..... 398
Numerical and Experimental Transient Tests for Ship Seakeeping
A. Colagrossi, C. Lugni, M. Landrini and G. Graziani ..... 406
Improvement of Performance on Multi-Purpose Work Vessel
Kenji Yamakawa, Shoichi Hara, Kunihiro Hoshino and Kazuhiro Yukawa ..... 414
Numerical Investigations on the Characteristics of Viscous Flows Around Large-Size of Twin-Skeg Container Carriers
Chun-Beom Hong, Sung-Mok Ahn, Soo-Chul Shin, Uh-Cheul Jeong and Chan-Won Park ..... 420
Experimental Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on the Control Surfaces of a New WIG Concept
D. Dessi, F. Pistani and A. Olivieri ..... 428
Characteristics of Hydrodynamic Derivatives in Maneuvering Equations for Super High-Speed Planing Hulls
Yoshiho Ikeda, Toru Katayama and Hideaki Okumura ..... 434
Vertical Load Anchor Project
E. Gonçalves, C.A. Nunes Dias, A.O. Fernandes and G.R. Testa ..... 445
Tracker Monitor Device for VLA Embedment
C.A. Nunes Dias, E. Gonçalves, M.A. Garcia Domingez and A.O. Fernandes ..... 452
Stress Distribution of a Box Girder with Hatch Openings
Tohru Ohta ..... 458
Study on Welding Models in Shipbuilding CIM
K. Hamada, K. Aoyama and S. Takechi ..... 464

Application of Wavelet Method in Signal Analysis — Two Case Studies
Jianbo Hua and Rong-Juin Shyu ..... 472