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VOLUME IV , 1999 (ISBN 1-880653-43-5)


Strength Prediction of Axially Loaded Overlap Tubular K-Joints
F. Gazzola, M.M.K. Lee and E.M. Dexter ..... 1
Strength Sensitivities of Overlap Tubular K-Joints Under Axial Loading
F. Gazzola, M.M.K. Lee and E.M. Dexter ..... 10
The Static Strength of Ring-Stiffened Tubular Joints
Silke Willibald, Stefan Herion and Ram S. Puthli ..... 18
Pullout Strength of Concrete Plugs in Tubular Piles
R. Al-Mahaidi, P. Grundy and W. Bean ..... 24
The Use of Grout for the Repair and Strengthening of Steel Tubular Members
C. D'Mello and L.F. Boswell ..... 30
Experimental Study of Through Plate, Transverse Plate, and Stiffened Plate-to-RHS Member Connections
N. Kosteski, J.A. Packer and J.J. Cao ..... 38
Experimental Study of Bolted Flange-Plate Connections for Square Hollow Section Tension Members
Silke Willibald, Jeffrey A. Packer and Ram S. Puthli ..... 46
Load-Deformation Relationships for Gusset-Plate to CHS Tube Joints Under Compression Loads
M. Ariyoshi and Y. Makino ..... 54
Experimental and Finite Element Investigations on the Static Collapse of a Plane Tubular Framework Structure
T.H. Hyde, H. Ou and S.B. Leen ..... 63
Tests on the Effective Column Lengths of Web Members in a CHS Lattice Girder
Y. Furukawa, K. Adachi, Y. Makino and Y. Kurobane ..... 71
Residual Fatigue Life Predictions Under Mixed Mode Loads in Offshore Structures
Xiaobo Yu and Andras Abel ..... 78
SCF Equations for Fatigue Design of Multiplanar Tubular XT-Joints
S.P. Chiew, C.K. Soh and N.W. Wu ..... 82
Fracture from Fatigue Cracks Installed at Weld Toes of Plate to Plate T-Joints
T. Iwashita, K. Azuma, Y. Makino and Y. Kurobane ..... 90
Fatigue Behaviour of Nailed Tubular Connections
N. Kosteski, J.A. Packer and A.M. van Wingerde ..... 97
Application of Finite Element Analysis in Shakedown Analysis of CHS Joints
K. Dale, X.-L. Zhao and P. Grundy ..... 104
Fatigue Strength of Coated Steel Plate in Seawater
Yasushi Kumakura, Masahiro Takanashi, Akio Fuji, Masaki Kitagawa, Masao Ojima and Yuki Kobayashi ..... 108
X-Ray Stress Determination in a Dual Phase Stainless Steel Using Orientation Distribution Function
Shouichi Ejiri, Jun Hayashi, Toshihiko Sasaki, Hirofumi Inoue and Yukio Hirose ..... 115
Measurement of Residual Stress Introduced by Grinding in Dual Phase Stainless Steel by the Method of the X-Ray Stress Measurement
Hajime Hirose and Toshihiko Sasaki ..... 121
Random Fatigue Crack Propagation in Offshore Structural Steel A131 Under Ice Loading at 292K
M.L. Duan and Z.J. Gao ..... 127
Development of Residual Stresses in High Strength Low Alloy Steel
L. Volden, Ø. Gundersen and G. Rørvik ..... 134
Study of FEM Simulation of Cyclic Plastic Behavior of Face-Centered Cubic Crystal (F.C.C.) Crystalline Materials (3rd Report)
Naoki Osawa, Yasumitsu Tomita and Kiyoshi Hashimoto ..... 140
A Study on the Antifouling Technique Through Seawater Electrolysis on Structural Surface
Y. Huang, M. Iwata, M. Usami and K. Ueda ..... 146
The Hole Profile and Tool Wear of BTA Deep Hole Drilling for SUS 316 Marine Part Material
Sung-Bo Sim and Chi-Ok Kim ..... 154
Coarse Grain Measures and Limit of Application to Worked Surface on X-Ray Stress Measurement for TiAl Intermetallic Compound
Tokimasa Goto, Toshihiko Sasaki and Yukio Hirose ..... 162
X-Ray Stress Measurement of Sintered Fe-Cr/TiN Composites
Shigeki Takago, Toshihiko Sasaki and Yukio Hirose ..... 169
Application of Neural Network to Control Penetration in Arc Welding
Y. Suga, T. Shimamura, T. Fujio and K. Ogawa ..... 175
Study on Approximate Method to Analyze Thermo-Flow Field During Line-Heating Process
Yasumitsu Tomita, Naoki Osawa, Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Nobutaka Shinkai ..... 181
Modelling of Residual Stresses in Weld Simulated Restrained C-Mn Steel Specimens
Ø. Gundersen, Z. Zhang, L. Volden, G. Rørvik and O.M. Akselsen ..... 187
Local Thermal Effect on the Growth Rate of Fatigue Crack
Chung-Hung Lin, Jer-Wei Sheu and Dong-Ming Lee ..... 195
Precipitate Effects on CGHAZ Toughness of Underwater Weld on Pipeline Steels
Guorong Wang and Yonghua Shi ..... 199
A Process Combining Shielding and Gas Cleaning in Wet Underwater Welding
Sven Scheuch, Matthias Creutz and Dieter Mewes ..... 207
The Classification of Metal Weld Deposits in Terms of the Amount of Oxygen
Tomasz Wegrzyn ..... 212
Effect of Mechanical Work on Joint Properties of SUS304 Stainless Steel Friction Weld Joint
T. Sawai, K. Ogawa, H. Yamaguchi, R. Tsujino and Y. Suga ..... 217
Relationship Between FRW and AE for Real-Time Quality Evaluation of Engine Valve Production and the Creep Life Prediction
Sae Kyoo Oh, Seon Jin Kim and Hyung Dong Park ..... 222
Influence of Welding Condition on Strength of Aluminum Alloy to Copper Friction Welded Joints
H. Ochi, K. Ogawa, Y. Yamamoto, K. Fujii and Y. Suga ..... 231
Composite Structures Health Monitoring
Melek Yalcintas ..... 236
A New Concept for Smart Composite Pressure Vessels
R.H. Knapp and I.N. Robertson ..... 244
The Use of Composites in the Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures
M.A. Unal, J.O. Jirsa, H.G. Wheat and D.W. Fowler ..... 249
On the Transitions of Secant Modulus of GFRP Laminates for Ship Structure During Fatigue Test
Sadayoshi Chiaki and Akio Sakurai ..... 253
Prestressing Losses in Lightweight Concrete Members
Yupu Song and Yankun Zhang ..... 259
Measurement of Stress Intensity Factor for Orthotropic CFRP Material by the Method of Caustics
Masayuki Shozu ..... 264
Influence of Moisture and Low Temperature on Notched Izod Impact Toughness in a Pultruded Reinforced Composite
K.G. Kellogg , A.R. Kallmeyer, R.B. Chinnam and P.K. Dutta ..... 270
Sensitivity Analysis of the SMFM Technique for Measuring the Thickness of a Conducting Plate
S.H.H. Sadeghi and A.H. Salemi ..... 276
Ultimate Compressive Strength Prediction of Stiffened Panels by Counterpropagation Neural Networks (CPN)
Dong Wei and Shengkun Zhang ..... 280
Geometric and Material Nonlinear Analysis of Offshore Framed Structures
Adilson C. Benjamin, Sérgio M.S. Freitas, Breno P. Jacob and Nelson F.F. Ebecken ..... 286
Equivalent Stiffness Parameters of Truss-Core Sandwich Panel
Tat Seng Lok, Qianhua Cheng and Leonard Heng ..... 292
Fundamental Study on Damping Matrix by Fluid Viscosity for Vibration Analysis of Floating Structures
Toshihiko Funaki and Shigehiro Hayashi ..... 299
Fundamental Study on the Optimization Method for Vibration Level: Development of the Optimization Method for Vibration in a Superstructure
Toshihiko Funaki, Shigehiro Hayashi, Kenneth Sunil Mukherjee and Naruyoshi Izumi ..... 307
Beam-Like Ship Vibration Analysis in Consideration of Fluid-Structure Interaction
Choong-Yul Son, Seok Lee and Young-Bok Kim ..... 315
Hydroelastic Analysis of Ship Hulls with Large Deck Openings
Wei Ye and Jun Zhang ..... 320
ISO Standard Pipeline Transportation Systems: Reliability-Based Limit State Methods
Torbjørn Sotberg, Kim J. Mørk and Serghios Barbas ..... 325
Optimal Design-Phase Inspection and Replacement Planning of Pipelines Subjected to CO2 Corrosion
Svein G. Hellevik and Ivar Langen ..... 331
Reliability-Based Assessment of Offshore Structures at Cold Phase Considering the Effect of Inspection
Ruxin Song and Peng Zheng ..... 339
Assessment of Pipeline Suitability for Service
R. Bea, B. Farkas, C. Smith, J. Rosenmoller, V. Valdes and O. Valle ..... 347
Assessment of Biases and Uncertainties in Design and Requalification Parameters for Offshore Platforms
A. Soriano, R. Ramos, E. Heredia and R. Bea ..... 355
Probabilistic Description of the Response of Offshore Structures to Wave Loading Via Random Sampling Technique
G. Najafian, R. Burrows and R.G. Tickell ..... 362
Coastal Revetment Risk Assessment: A Case Study in UK
A.T. Williams, A. Ergin and C.E. Balas ..... 369
Uncertainties in Weather Forecasting, a Risk to Offshore Operations
Ove T. Gudmestad and Per Erik Bjerke ..... 375
Risk Management of Through-Thickness Cracks in Offshore Fixed Structures
J.V. Sharp and A. Stacey ..... 381
Uncertainties in the Response of Offshore Structures to Explosion Loading
R.B. Corr and V.H.Y. Tam ..... 391
Designing Gas Detection Systems for Offshore Installations Using CFD Models
Márcia S. Araújo, Wagner Salomão, Marcelo F. Mendes and Wyler Mansur ..... 396
Fire Numerical Simulations in Engineering Design of Offshore Platforms
L. Dufrêne, G. Morin, J.M. Bureau and J.C. Naudin ..... 401
10 Years of Computational Fire Simulation at Offshore Installations: Results, Benefits and New Developments
Márcia S. Araújo, Sérgio H. Rodriguez, Marcelo F. Mendes and Wyler Mansur ..... 408
Deformation and Failure of Corrugated Firewalls Under Blast Loading
Luke A. Louca, Roland Martland and David Campbell ..... 415
A Strategy for Assessment of Non-Stationary Free Spans
Kim J. Mørk, Olav Fyrileiv, Hroar Nes and Lars Sortland ..... 421
Occurrence of Breaking on Vertical Breakwaters
M. Calabrese ..... 429
Numerical Prediction of Slamming Loads Acting on Catamaran Sections
Rama M. Gatiganti, Kamlesh S. Varyani and Miroslaw Gerigk ..... 434
Slamming of Elastic Structures on the Water Surface: A Shock Spectral Approach
A. Carcaterra, E. Ciappi, A. Iafrati and E.F. Campana ..... 440
Experimental Study on the Collision Strength of VLCC Side Structures
Tak K. Lee, Jae D. Kim, Tae B. Chun and Byung C. Shin ..... 450
The Double-Skid Launching, a New Concept for Launching Free-Fall Lifeboats
Makoto Arai and Kazushige Okazaki ..... 456
Impact Load of a Supply Vessel
Ge Wang and Hideomi Ohtsubo ..... 463
Non-Linear Analysis and Redundancy Approach for Analysing Offshore Steel Structures During Ship Impact
Wan Mahmood Wan Ab. Majid and Mohamad bin Embong ..... 472
Dynamic Characteristics of New Material Protective Device for Ship Collision
Kuniaki Shoji, Tokiko Takabayashi, Shigeo Mita and Chisato Nonomura ..... 476
Damage Analysis of Super Large Floating Structure in Airplane Collision
Osamu Muragishi, Takumi Kawasaki, Takao Yoshikawa, Kazuo Kada, Takuya Fujita and Akira Kohsaka ..... 482
A Numerical Simulation Method of Dynamic Response for Marine Structures Under an Explosive Load
T. Shibue, E. Nakayama, H. Manabe, T. Asano and A. Yamaguchi ..... 490
Proposal of Tsunami Fission Criteria and Splitted Tsunami Pressure Formulae Based on Non-Distorted Model Tests
Masaaki Ikeno, Masafumi Matsuyama and Hiroyoshi Tanaka ..... 496
Spectral Analysis of Offshore Structures Under Combined Wave and Earthquake Loadings
H. Karadeniz ..... 504
Instability of Gravity Type Quay Wall During Earthquake with Regard to Dynamic Interaction with Backfill Ground
Kinya Miura, Eiji Kohama, Kiyotaka Inoue, Natsuhiko Ohtsuka, Takahiko Sasajima, Tadashi Hayashi and Nozomu Yoshida ..... 512
Seismic Performance and Ultimate Load-Carrying Capacity of an Open Piled Marginal Wharf
H. Yokota, S. Kawasaki, H. El-Bakry, R. Sugawara, N. Takehana and N. Kawabata ..... 520
Seismic Response Effects on Large Offshore Platform
Kenji Kawano, Katta Venkataramana and Tutomu Hashimoto ..... 528
LDV Cross-Flow Survey on a Series 60 Double Model at Incidence
F. Di Felice and S. Mauro ..... 536
Availability Analysis of High Speed Crafts: A Way to Improve Competitiveness
C. Vivalda and S. Capizzi ..... 544
A New Approach to Select SWATH Hull Shapes for Minimum Total Resistance at Preliminary Design Stages
Protásio Dutra Martins Filho and Marcos Santoni ..... 549
Development of a Rapid Pile Splicer for the Navy Modular Elevated Causeway System
Sheng S. Lin ..... 554
Seabasing Naval Operations: The Challenges Ahead
Shujie Chang ..... 558
Magnetorheological Fluid Based Torque Transmission Clutches
Melek Yalcintas ..... 563
Building of Ships and Floating Structures on Horizontal Berth and Their Launching by Tipping Table Principle
Ivo Senjanovic ..... 570
US High Speed Coastal Cargo Transportation and Agile Port Developments
Robert Latorre ..... 578
Sampling and Measuring of Hydrothermal Fluids with the Hydro Bottom Station (HBS)
Andrea Koschinsky, Peter Halbach, Thomas Kuhn and Sylvia Sander ..... 583
Multiscale Discriminant Analysis for Texture Classification of High Resolution Sonar Images
Christophe Collet, Jean-Marie Burel and Eric Borderie ..... 590
Conceptual Design of an Autonomous Biogeochemical Monitoring Platform
M. Kusakabe, N. Takatsu, T. Kimoto and H. Mikasa ..... 596
A New Approach for Long-Term Seafloor Monitoring and Data Recovery
H. Momma, K. Kawaguchi and R. Iwase ..... 603
POSIDONIA: Acoustic Positioning System
Frédéric Rybicki, Jean François Denis and Jean-Paul Peyronnet ..... 611
Generator of Plane Shock Waves
Serge Sibony ..... 616
First Results of a 3D Very High Resolution Seismic Survey Near the Present Rhone Delta
Bruno Marsset and Tania Marsset ..... 623
Optical Communication System for Expendable Fiber Optics ROV "UROV7K" System
Takashi Murashima, Taro Aoki, Hidehiko Nakajoh, Satoshi Tsukioka and Yoshihisa Asao ..... 628
IMBAT3000: A New Deep Towed Fish System for the Offshore Oil Industry
Dominique Brechet and Jean-Paul Peyronnet ..... 635
Automatic Selection of Soundings Toward a Dynamic Method for Nautical Chart Generalisation
Thierry Huet ..... 642
A Study of Some Problems Relating to the Stress Calculation of Ring-Stiffened Cylindrical Shells
Z.B. Li, X.T. Wang and G.Q. Dong ..... 646
Free Vibration Analysis and Optimization of Sandwich Plate with Aluminum Honeycomb Core
C.Y. Son, H.J. Lim and I.T. Kim ..... 650
An Experimental Study on the Vibration Characteristics of FRP Sandwich Structure
C.Y. Son, C.K. Jeong and I.T. Kim ..... 657