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VOLUME IV , 1998 (ISBN 1-880653-38-9)


Ultimate Longitudinal Strength of Ship Hull Girder: Historical Review and State of the Art ..... 1
Tetsuya Yao
Gas Explosion Effects on Offshore Structures ..... 11
R.B. Corr and V.H.Y. Tam
Failure Modes and Limit States of Longitudinal Plate to RHS Connections ..... 16
C. Hörenbaum, J.J. Cao, J.A. Packer and R.S. Puthli
A New Approach to Calculate Stress Concentration Factors: Artificial Neural Networks ..... 22
Ademar A. Cardoso, Oscar B. Augusto and Carlos A.N. Dias
Damage Tolerance Assessment of Welded Joints Subjected to Fatigue Crack Growth ..... 27
T. Lassen
Brittle Fracture of Weld T-Joints in Reversed Loading ..... 33
K. Azuma, Y. Makino and Y. Kurobane
Fracture Mechanics Approach for Evaluating Fatigue Life of Butt Welded Joints: The Effect of Stress Concentration ..... 39
Chung-Hung Lin and Sin-Hwa Her
Experimental and Analytical Studies on Crack Surface Interference under Multiaxial Conditions ..... 45
Xiaobo Yu and Andras Abel
Effect of Support Conditions and Geometrical Imperfections on the Strength of CHS Uniplanar X-Joints ..... 50
D.K. Liu, C. Noordhoek and J. Wardenier
Elastic-Plastic Moment-Rotation Characterisation of Tubular YT-Joint Using an Energy Method for Response Prediction ..... 56
T.H. Hyde and S.B. Leen
A Novelty Detection Method to Diagnose Damage in Structures: An Application to an Offshore Platform ..... 64
C. Surace and K. Worden
A Methodology to Nondestructively Evaluate the Safety of Offshore Platforms ..... 71
Norris Stubbs, Sooyong Park, Charles Sikorsky and Sanghyun Choi
Can Fiber Optic Sensors Detect Damage in Buried Structures? ..... 80
Niell Elvin and Alex Elvin
Use of Phased Array Ultrasonic Equipment for Fatigue Crack Characterization for Underwater Inspection of Offshore Structures ..... 86
D. Choqueuse and A. Lamarre
Long-Range Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Composite Tubulars ..... 90
K. Maslov and V.K. Kinra
Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth in Offshore Structures Using a Sea State Equivalent Stress Concept ..... 95
L.S. Etube, F.P. Brennan and W. D. Dover
MagneScan XHR — Pathfinder in Corrosion Monitoring ..... 102
Karsten Harneshaug, Frank Günter, Poul Laursen and Klaus Germerdonk
Results of In-Line SCC-Inspection with the Ultrascan CD Tool ..... 109
H. Willems, O.A. Barbian and N. Uzelac
Variable Amplitude Corrosion Fatigue Behaviour and Hydrogen Embrittlement of High Strength Steels for Off-Shore Applications ..... 116
Emmanuelle Coudert and Claude Renaudin
Constant and Variable Amplitude Corrosion Fatigue Performance of a High Strength Jack-up Steel ..... 123
L.S. Etube, P. Myers, F.P. Brennan, W.D. Dover and A. Stacey
High-Strength Titanium-Oxide Bearing Tether Pipe for Tension Leg Platform ..... 131
Y. Terada, H. Ishikawa, R. Chijiiwa, K. Tomioka, T. Takamoto, G. Itsubo and H. Tamehiro
Tensile Properties of TEMPCORE Reinforcing Steel ..... 138
Hang Zheng and Andras Abel
Elastic-Plastic Dynamic Fracture Analysis of Structural Elements Due to Stress Wave Propagation ..... 142
K.S. Kim and J.B. Park
A Computational Framework to Predict Ductile Tearing Effects in Structural Materials ..... 149
Claudio Ruggieri
A 3-D Framework for Fracture Assessments of Structures Using a Probabilistic Fracture Parameter ..... 157
Claudio Ruggieri
Nucleation of Acicular Ferrite at Oxide Inclusion Sites in Basic Electrode Steel Metal Weld Deposits ..... 165
Tomasz Wegrzyn
Detection of Wet Condition for Underwater Local Dry Welding ..... 169
Y. Ogawa
The Development and Use of British Steel Bi - Steel ..... 173
J.W. Pryer and H.G. Bowerman
Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of a Graphite/Epoxy Composite for Marine Applications ..... 179
S.T. Mear, H.G. Wheat and H.L. Marcus
An Experimental Study on the Vibration Characteristics of Kevlar/Ep Sandwich Plate with Unsymmetrical Faces and Aluminum Honeycomb Core Sandwich Structure ..... 185
C.Y. Son, B.J. Koo and I.T. Kim
Composite Polyhedrally-Stiffened Cylinders for Undersea Applications ..... 192
R.H. Knapp and T.T. Le
Evaluation of Polymeric Composite Window Structures for Antarctic Environment ..... 199
Piyush K. Dutta and Donald F. Haynes
Fiber Optic Sensors for Marine Composite Applications ..... 206
I.N. Robertson and R.H. Knapp
Damage Process of CFRP Composites-Concrete Interface Under Fatigue Loading at Low Temperatures ..... 211
M. Arockiasamy, Chad C. Thayer and Piyush K. Dutta
Accelerated Aging Response of Carbon Composites Under Tension and Bending ..... 219
Hota V.S. GangaRao, Eric Burdine and Vijay P.V
Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Platform ..... 224
Yupu Song, Wei Yi, Yankun Zhang and Chongren Xu
Prediction of Slamming Loads and Extreme Structural Response for Large Twin Hull Vessels ..... 229
Ole David Økland and Torgeir Moan
Hydrodynamic Effects of 3-Dimensional WIG Moving Above Free Surface ..... 237
Seung-Hyun Kwag
Experimental Evaluation of Ship Resistance for RANS Code Validation ..... 245
Giulio Avanzini, Lanfranco Benedetti and Roberto Penna
Inviscid Non-Cavitating Flow Over Shallowly Submerged Swept Hydrofoils ..... 253
Saad A. Ragab
Bending, Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Steel-Aluminum Sandwich Plates in High-Speed Vehicles ..... 260
Hai-Hong Sun, Tao-Yun Xiao and Xiu-Heng Wu
Design of Anti-Rolling Tank for 500-Ton Class Coast Guard Ship ..... 266
Bong K. Woo, Chul H. Jo and Dong S. Chung
The Basic Structural Design Guides on the Lifting Lug of Ship Block ..... 274
Juh Hyeok Ham
On the Ultimate Strength of Cylinders with U-Type Longitudinal Stiffeners ..... 284
Setsuo Iwata, Masayuki Tanigawa, Naohiro Yoneda and Toshiaki Makihata
Elastic Local Buckling Strength of Stiffened Plates Considering Plate/Stiffener Interaction and Lateral Pressure ..... 292
Masahiko Fujikubo, Tetsuya Yao, Balu Varghese, Yufeng Zha and Koujiro Yamamura
A Co-Rotational 3D Beam Element for the Non-Linear Analysis of Offshore Structures ..... 300
H. Karadeniz
Proposal of Improved Iterative Method for Bending Analysis of the Circular Plate with Mixed Boundary Conditions ..... 308
T. Mifune, T. Matsuyama and M. Hamada
Influence on Membrane Stresses in a Thin Shell Due to a Hole ..... 314
I-Ta Lu and Tseng Huang
Advanced Finite Element Techniques for Hull Structural Analysis ..... 320
A. Geiro, P. Grundy, S. Cannon and V. Nguyen
Toward the Automated Determination of Structural Detail Geometry for a Target Fatigue Life ..... 326
Sergei V. Petinov, Anil K. Thayamballi and Kai-Tung Ma
Blast Response of a Generic Deck System ..... 332
Youguang Pan and Luke A. Louca
Effects of Damage and Repairs on the Lateral Load Capacity of a Typical Template-Type Offshore Platform ..... 338
T.A. Aviguetero and R.G. Bea
Study on FEM Simulation of Cyclic Plastic Behavior of Face-Centered Cubic Crystal (F.C.C.) Crystalline Materials: 2nd Report ..... 347
Naoki Osawa, Yasumitsu Tomita, Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Katsuya Hirose
A Study on Prediction of Impact Loads of Bow Flare Structure ..... 353
Sang-Gab Lee, Kil-Soo Choi, Man-Soo Kim, Kyung-Seok Lee and Jong-Woo Park
A Two-Dimensional Contact-Elasto-Plastic Analysis of a Plate Under Low Velocity Impact ..... 361
Hyun Seung Jung, Young Soon Yang, Jong Gye Shin, Wook Dokko and In Hack Kim
Development of Sacrificial Specimen for Fatigue Damage Prediction of Structures ..... 367
Yukio Fujimoto, Fei Huang, Eiji Shintaku and Kunihiro Hamada
Identification Analysis of Structural Damage on Unit-Linked Offshore Floating Models ..... 375
Ryuji Endo, Yoshitsugu Kawakami, Takuji Imai and Nobuyoshi Tosaka
Dynamic Behavior of Gravity Type Quay Wall-Backfill System During Earthquake with Regard to the Liquefaction of Backfill ..... 383
Eiji Kohama, Natsuhiko Ohtsuka, Kinya Miura, Nozomu Yoshida and Satoshi Kurita
Response of Soil Plug to Seaquake Induced by Vertical Seismic Excitation ..... 390
Yongkyu Choi, Michael W. O'Neill and Moon S. Nam
Simplified Earthquake Response Analysis Modeling of Offshore Structures ..... 398
T. Nakamura and Y. Tanaka
Time-Domain Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Structures Under Combined Wave and Earthquake Loadings ..... 404
Katta Venkataramana, Kenji Kawano, Susumu Yoshihara and Myo Khin
Fatigue Reliability of Large Catamaran Considering Inspection Updating ..... 412
Ruxin Song and Torgeir Moan
Optimal Inspection and Maintenance Planning Based on Reliability Analysis ..... 420
Saul Florentino and Oscar Valle
Burst Reliability of Dented Pipes with Cracks ..... 428
Ruxin Song and Yong Bai.
Reliability-Based Calibration of Safety Factors for Tubular Joints Design ..... 435
Ruxin Song, Eldar Tjelta and Yong Bai
Safety Issues Surrounding Offshore Platform Removal ..... 442
William Penney
Extreme Response and Fatigue Estimates in Directional Seas ..... 449
J.M. Niedzwecki and J.W. van de Lindt
Reliability Analysis of Fatigue Damage Accumulation Under Variable Amplitude Loading ..... 455
Kan Ni and Shengkun Zhang
Inspection Planning Using Genetic Algorithm for Fatigue Deteriorating Structure ..... 461
Yukio Fujimoto, Sung Chan Kim, Kunihiro Hamada and Fei Huang
Assessing the Impact of Management and Organizational Factors on the Risk of Tanker Grounding ..... 469
Alan Brown and Benedikte Haugene
An Analysis of Maritime Transportation Risk Factors ..... 484
Harilaos N. Psaraftis, George Panagakos, Nicholas Desypris and Nicholas Ventikos
Safety Criteria for Approach Channels ..... 484
R.Ph.A.C. Savenije
Simplified Strength-Level Earthquake Assessment of Jacket-Type Platforms ..... 492
J.D. Stear and R.G. Bea
Tanker Inspection and a Risk-Based Approach ..... 504
Kai-tung Ma
A Hysteretic MDOF Model for Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Towers ..... 504
P. Paevere, N. Haritos and G.C. Foliente
The X-Ray Study on Diamond Film ..... 518
Hajime Hirose
Initiation of Slip Line Under Tensile Stress on Pure Copper ..... 522
Tohru Saitoh, Masashi Kurose, Masaaki Tsuda, Hideaki Matsuoka and Yukio Hirose