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VOLUME IV , 1997 (ISBN 1-880653-32-X)


Current Trends in the Safety of Offshore Structures
T. Moan ..... 1
A New Ultimate Capacity Formula for Unstiffened CHS T-, TT- and K-Joints Under Axial Brace Loads
M. Morita, Y. Yamada, Y. Makino, S.R. Wilmshurst, Y. Kurobane and M.M.K. Lee ..... 13
Behaviour of Innovative Tubular KT-Joints Under Variable Repeated Loading
Nick K. Milani and Paul Grundy ..... 21
Failure Assessment Diagram Method for Tubular Joints
Björn Klasén and Stig Wästberg ..... 29
Mechanical Properties of Friction Welded Joints of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
Kazuyoshi Katoh, Toshikatsu Asahina and Hiroshi Tokisue ..... 37
The Static Strength of Stiffened and Unstiffened L-Joints Made of Circular Hollow Sections
R. Puthli, F. Mang and D. Karcher ..... 44
Additional Tests of CHS Planar KK-Joints Under Anti-Symmetrical Axial Loads
Y. Makino, S.R. Wilmshurst, Y. Kurobane and A. Yoshida ..... 51
Further Numerical Analyses of KK-Joints Under Anti-Symmetrical Axial Loading
S.R. Wilmshurst, Y. Makino and Y. Kurobane ..... 58
The Axial Strength of Uniplanar X-Joints Reinforced by T-Shaped Ring-Stiffeners
G.J. van der Vegte, D.H. Leray and Y.S. Choo ..... 65
The Static Behaviour of Bolted I-Beam to RHS Column Connections with a Composite Floor
L.H. Lu and J. Wardenier ..... 70
Characteristics of Bending Strength and Residual Stress Distribution on High Thermal Cycle of Ceramic/Metal Joint
Young-Chul Park, Sun-Chul Huh, Hoo-Taek Koo and Kwang-Young Kim ..... 78
Multiaxial Fatigue in Offshore Tubular Joints
Andras Abel and Xiao-bo Yu ..... 85
Effects of Joint Flexibility on the Fatigue Design of Welded Tubular Lattice Structures
A. Romeijn, S.A. Karamanos and J. Wardenier ..... 90
FE Mesh Generation for Circular Tubular Joints with or without Cracks
Junjie Cao, Guojing Yang and Jeffrey A. Packer ..... 98
Numerical SCF-Analyses of Grouted Tubular T- and X-Joints
G. Partiman, J. Wardenier, A. Romeijn and R.J. van Foeken ..... 106
Large Scale Testing of a Multiplanar Tubular DX-Joint
S.P. Chiew, C.K. Soh and T.C. Fung ..... 112
Tubular Joints Reliability and Fracture Analyses for Development of Underwater Inspection of Offshore Steel Structures
Wan Mahmood Wan Ab. Majid and Mohamad bin Embong ..... 119
A Modified CEGB Assessment Approach to Flawed Tubular Joints
Bo Wang, Yoshiaki Kurobane and Yuji Makino ..... 125
Damage Criterion and Ultimate Strength for Tubular Joints
Bo Wang, Yoshiaki Kurobane and Yuji Makino ..... 132
Sensitivity of TLP Tendon Reliability Estimates to Excitation by Multi-Peaked Random Seas
J.W. van de Lindt and J.M. Niedzwecki ..... 139
Fatigue and Overload Reliability of Mooring Systems
Geir Olav Hovde and Torgeir Moan ..... 145
Risk Analysis of the Vertical Offshore Breakwater at Gela, Italy
G. Passoni, A. Rigoni and L. Franco ..... 153
Probabilistic Calibrated Design Equation for Burst Strength Assessment of Corroded Pipes
O.H. Bjørnøy, E.H. Cramer and G. Sigurdsson ..... 160
An Application of Design of Experiments Concepts to the Inspection Planning of Structures
Alexandre Kawano ..... 167
Using Structural Reliability Analysis in Inspection Planning of Offshore Structures
Luis Volnei Sudati Sagrilo, Edison Castro Prates de Lima, Carlos Cunha Dias Henriques and Sérgio Guillermo Hormazabal Rodriguez ..... 174
Sensitivity Analysis on Fatigue Reliability and Inspection of Ship Structural Members
Yukio Fujimoto, Sung Chan Kim and Eiji Shintaku ..... 179
Use of Structural Simulation for Extension of Life of Offshore Structures
A.C. Walker, C.P. Ellinas and W. Snedden ..... 187
Reliability-Based Design and Requalification Criteria for Longitudinally Corroded Pipelines
Yong Bai, Tao Xu and Robert Bea ..... 193
Reassessment and Requalification of Two Gulf of Mexico Platforms
A. Sturm, R. Bea and T. Miller ..... 202
Substructural Identification of Offshore Structures Using Neural Networks
Chung-Bang Yun and Eun Young Bahng ..... 210
A Strategic Approach to Risk Reduction
Robert J. Simpson and Donald Smith ..... 216
Jet Fire Resistance for Passive Fire Protection Materials on Tubular Sections
Tariq Al-Hassan, Alex B. Wenzel and Paul Mather ..... 220
Effect of Boundary Conditions on Performance of Corrugated Panels to Blast Loading
L.A. Louca, Y.G. Pan and G. White ..... 226
Probabilistic Finite Element Methodology for the Reliability Assessment of Stiffened Plates
I.R. (Wally) Orisamolu and K-T. Ma ..... 232
Probabilistic Characterization of Pitting Corrosion Damage in Steel Panels
K-T Ma and I.R. (Wally) Orisamolu ..... 239
Integrity Up-Diving Down
M. Visser ..... 246
Risk-Based Decision Analysis for the Protection of Marine Pipelines from Dropped Objects
S. Yasseri ..... 251
The Relationship Between Public Policy and Risk Assessment in Tanker Design Regulation
Henry S. Marcus and Alan J. Brown ..... 257
Total Loss Risk of Ship Accidents
Wayne K. Talley ..... 262
Probabilistic Analysis of the Effect of Resource Constraints on System Safety: Towing Failures During the Construction of Concrete Platforms
Elisabeth Paté-Cornell and Wenche Rettedal ..... 268
Risk of Collisions and Groundings in Bulk Carriers and Tankers
Alexander M. Goulielmos, Kostas Giziakis and Ernestini Giziaki ..... 275
Toward a Port-Level Model of the Physical Risk of Grounding
Hauke L. Kite-Powell, Di Jin, Johan Jebsen, Vassilis Papakonstantinou and Nicholas Patrikalakis ..... 283
Admittance Policy Deep Draught Vessels and Safety
R.Ph.A.C. Savenije ..... 289
Houston/Galveston Safe Passage into the 21st Century, 1996
Stephen F. Ford and Ronald J. Bald ..... 297
Third Generation Electronic Charts: What They Will Provide Users and How to Produce Them
Peter Kielland and Michel Dagbert ..... 305
A Probabilistic Analysis of Tanker Groundings
Michael D. Amrozowicz, Alan Brown and Michael Golay ..... 313
Experimental Validation of the Ultimate Limit State Limit Equilibrium Analysis (ULSLEA) with Results from Frame Tests
M. Mortazavi and R.G. Bea ..... 321
An Empirical Formulation for Predicting the Ultimate Compressive Strength of Stiffened Panels
Jeom K. Paik and Anil K. Thayamballi ..... 328
A Posteriori Error Estimation and Improvement of Solution for Frame Structure Eigenvalue Problems
Mitsuru Kitamura, YuHua Chen and Hisashi Nobukawa ..... 339
Testing Ras Tanura Sea Island Breasting Dolphins
Abobakr M. Radwan and Ala A. Al-Sharif ..... 347
Buckling/Plastic Collapse Behaviour and Strength of Stiffened Plates Under Thrust
Tetsuya Yao, Masahiko Fujikubo and Daisuke Yanagihara ..... 353
Buckling Strength Analysis of Ring-Stiffened Circular Cylindrical Shells Under Hydrostatic Pressure
Hai-Hong Sun and Tie-Yun Chen ..... 361
The Governfactor of Plastic Spin
Y.Y. Nam and S.G. Lee ..... 367
Development of the Buckling Strength Estimation System for Plate Members Considering Tensile Load Effects
Juh Hyeok Ham and Ul Nyeon Kim ..... 373
Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Plates Subjected to Combined Loads
Masahiko Fujikubo, Tetsuya Yao and Balu Varghese ..... 380
A Boundary Element Based Solution of an Inverse Elasticity Problem by Conjugate Gradient and Regularization Method
Cheng-Hung Huang and Wu-Yang Shih ..... 388
On Collision Strength of Ship's Bow
Jeom Kee Paik and Jang Young Chung ..... 396
Experimental Study on Impact Force by Small Ship Collision to Fender System of Bridge
S. Shiraishi and R. Naitoh ..... 403
Assessment of Grounding Resistance of Oil Tankers
Sung Kyou Choi, Jae Hyung Park and Tomasz Wierzbicki ..... 410
A Study on the Critical Collision Speed of Double Hull VLCC
Sang-Gab Lee and Young-Gu Chung ..... 416
Impact Loading of Plates: Validation of Numerical Simulations by Testing
Magnus Langseth, Odd Sture Hopperstad and Torodd Berstad ..... 424
Side Collision Resistance of Ship's Stiffened Panels
Sang-Rai Cho, Sang-Bock Lee and Il-Woong Kim ..... 431
Integrity Monitoring of Offshore Platforms Using Artificial Neural Nets
Pradipta Banerji and Tushar K. Datta ..... 439
Three-Dimensional Characteristics of Seaquakes
T. Kiyokawa ..... 445
Analytical Solution for the Earthquake Response of a Cylindrical Structure Considering Hydrodynamic and Soil Dynamic Interaction
Yoshihiro Tanaka, Takaaki Nakamura and Kyohei Ito ..... 451
Dynamic Behavior of Large Tension Leg Floating Structures for Horizontally Traveling Seismic Waves
Takuji Hamamoto, Masashi Inoue and Yasuo Tanaka ..... 458
Seismic Response of TLP Under Offset Condition
Katta Venkataramana, Kenji Kawano and Susumu Yoshihara ..... 466
Seismic Behavior of Steel Piles in Offshore Bridge Piers
A. Astaneh-Asl and S. Ravat ..... 472
A Theoretical Study on the Effect of Seaquakes on a Two-Dimensional Floating Body
Yasushi Higo ..... 480
Dynamic Response Analysis of Semi Float Type Offshore Platform
Kenji Kawano, Katta Venkataramana, Tutomu Hashimoto and Tomoyo Taniguchi ..... 485
Deepwater Hyperbaric Welding - Initial Process Evaluation
Ian M. Richardson and John H. Nixon ..... 493
Monitoring of Molten Pool and Adaptive Control of Penetration in GTAW of Thin Mild Steel Plates
Y. Suga, M. Mukai, S. Usui and K. Ogawa ..... 502
Consideration of Sensing Methods for Mechanized Underwater Wet Welding
M. Tanaka, T. Morita, N. Kitamura, K. Tohno, T. Irie, H. Matsushita, Y. Ogawa and T. Sumitomo ..... 508
Automation of Arc Welding for Large Scale Structures by a Visual Sensor
A. Ishii, N. Masaoka, T. Tsushima and Y. Ochi ..... 515
Gas Removal and Separation for Underwater-Welding Applications with Shielding Gas Recycling
M. Creutz and D. Mewes ..... 521
Intelligent Image Processing for Abstraction and Discrimination of Defect Image in Radiographic Film
Kimiya Aoki and Yasuo Suga ..... 527
The Influence of the Main Factors on the Impact Toughness Properties of Low Carbon Steel Welds
T. Wegrzyn ..... 532
Development of Real-Time Quality Evaluation of Friction Welding by Acoustic Emission: 3rd Report. Effects of Initial AE Counts During Plastic Deformation in FRW
Sae-Kyoo Oh, Hyung-Dong Park, Bae-Sub Lee and Hong-Keun Chang ..... 535
Friction Welding of Aluminum Alloy and Steel
H. Ochi, K. Ogawa, Y. Yamamoto and Y. Suga ..... 541
Friction Welding of 6061 Aluminum Alloy Pipe to S25C Carbon Steel Pipe
G. Kawai, K. Ogawa and H. Tokisue ..... 546
The New Eurocode 3 - Part 2 - Annex C: Approach for the Choice of Steel Material to Avoid Brittle Fracture
Natalie Stranghöner, Gerhard Sedlacek, Gero Stötzel, Winfried Dahl and Peter Langenberg ..... 551
Study on Hot Spot Stress for Fatigue Strength Assessment of Fillet Welded Structure
Kanta Nihei, Fumihide Inamura and Shigeki Koe ..... 557
Effects of Static Load on Fatigue Strength of Ship Structure
W.S. Kim, Y. Tomita, K. Hashimoto and N. Osawa ..... 565
Restored Fatigue Life with Repair Welds
Barbara A. Kelly and Robert J. Dexter ..... 572
Definition of Physical Wear-and-Tear of the Marine Transport Hydraulic Structures
Vladimir L. Menshikov ..... 578
Recent Improvements in Automated Inspection and Fabrication Technology for Pipelines and Risers in Deep Water
J.C. Price ..... 583
Development of Long-Time Creep Safety Life Prediction of Steam Turbine Rotor Steel and AE Evaluation
Sae-Kyoo Oh, Hong-Keun Chang, Min-Hwa Chung and Sang-Guk Lee ..... 589
Some Aspects of Aging in a Low Carbon Bainitic Steel Containing Copper
G.J. Kulkarni and D.K. Biswas ..... 596
Nucleation of Proeutectoid Ferrite at Manganese-Sulphide Inclusion Sites in HY-80 Steel
D.K. Biswas and G.J. Kulkarni ..... 600
Fatigue Strength of Partially Thermal Sprayed Materials Under Corrosive Environment
H. Yara, T. Makishi, H. Arasaki and A. Ikuta ..... 602
Coalescence Conditions for Stress-Corrosion Cracking Based on Interacting Crack Pairs
B.N. Leis and R. Mohan ..... 607
Corrosion Behavior of Thermal Sprayed Metals on Weld of Galvanized Steel
Young-Gak Kweon and Jai-Hyun Park ..... 614
Prevention of Preferential Corrosion of Welded Joints of Carbon Steel in CO2 Containing Environment
Shigeru Endo, Sakae Fujita, Moriyasu Nagae and Mitsumasa Iwata ..... 618
An Alternative Approach to Assess the Integrity of Corroded Line Pipe - Part I: Current Status
B.N. Leis and D.R. Stephens ..... 624
An Alternative Approach to Assess the Integrity of Corroded Line Pipe - Part II: Alternative Criterion
B.N. Leis and D.R. Stephens ..... 635
Transverse Fatigue Crack Growth in a Graphite/Epoxy Composite Subjected to Combined Hydrostatic and Axial Loading
S.T. Mear, H.G. Wheat and H.L. Marcus ..... 642
Proposition of Polyhedrally-Stiffened Shells for Undersea Pressure Hulls
R.H. Knapp and T.T. Le ..... 650
Construction Applications of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Survey
T. Kant, V.P.V. Ramana, P.K. Dutta, A. Mukherjee and Y. Desai ..... 657
Study of FEM Simulation of Cyclic Plastic Behavior of Face-Centered Crystal (f.c.c.) Polycrystalline Materials
Yasumitsu Tomita, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Naoki Osawa and Taira Ozaki ..... 664
A Micromechanical Study of the Freeze-Thaw Behavior of Polymer Composites
Piyush K. Dutta ..... 672
Design of Fast Ships for Minimal Motions
Alexander H. Day and Lawrence J. Doctors ..... 677
On Efficient Design of Swath Ships by Using Reliability-Based Optimisation
Yongchang Pu ..... 684
Comparison of Structural Analysis Methods for Swath Ship Design
L.H. Seidl, K.F. Cheung and S. Wang ..... 689
An Experimental Study on the Structural Behavior and Vibrational Characteristics of Sandwich Plate with Aluminium Honeycomb Core
C.Y. Son, I.T. Kim and J.S. Paik ..... 697
Numerical Study on 3-Dimensional Power-Augmented Ram Wing in Ground Effect
Seung-Hyun Kwag ..... 704
The Dynamic Behaviour of a Fast Sailing Monohull in Waves
F. Louarn, W.G. Price and P. Temarel ..... 712
Prediction of Hydrodynamic Forces on High Speed Vessels
Mikio Takaki and Xin Lin ..... 721
Prediction of the Effects of Control Surfaces on the Motion of a Catamaran
Woo-Joon Yoo, Jae-Hong Park, Tae-Young Lee and Il-Geun Oh ..... 729
Seakeeping Analysis of a 30-Knot Coastal Passenger Swath Ship
H.H. Chun, M.S. Kim and Y.R. Joo ..... 736
Development of a New Integrated System of Ship Structure Analysis
O. Niho, K. Nishimura, T. Tsubokawa, H. Kaminaga, T. Maeda and K. Shimada ..... 746
The Influence of a Ship's Rudder on the Scouring Action of a Propeller Wash
G.A. Hamill and J.A. McGarvey ..... 754
A Finite-Volume Method for Three Dimensional Viscous Flow Around Ship Stern
Tieli Li, Yan Lin and Yanying Wang ..... 758
Ship Form Description with Function Parameter
Yan Lin, Zhaohui Zhu, Zhuoshang Ji and Yinsheng Dai ..... 761
A CFD Model of a Marine Propeller Wash
P.B. Brewster, G.A. Hamill, S. Raghunathan, D.J. Robinson and H.T. Johnston ..... 763
Navy Total Asset Visibility: A System Component Review
Robert F. Paguio and Ramon Flores ..... 768
Developing and Testing a Rough-Water Flexible Connector System for Pontoon Barges
William G. Hatch, Erick T. Huang and Joseph L. Barthelemy ..... 773
Rapid Steel Pile Cutting Technology
Sheng S. Lin ..... 780
Design of an Expeditionary Port Facility
Michele A. Murdoch and Glenwood Bretz ..... 784
Buckling Strength of Lightened Aluminium Hull Structures
Yoshiteru Tanaka and Kazuyoshi Matsuoka ..... 790
A Study on the Characteristics of BTA Deep Hole Drilling for Marine Part Materials
Sung-Bo Sim and Tae-Ok Jun ..... 798
Recent Developments in Evaluating and Designing Against Offshore Fire and Explosion
G.A. Chamberlain ..... 807
Risk Based Decisions for Entrance Channel Operation and Design
Andrew L. Silver and John F. Dalzell ..... 815