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VOLUME IV , 1996 (ISBN 1-880653-26-5)


Computational Welding Mechanics
Yukio Ueda and Hidekazu Murakawa ..... 1
ISO Harmonization of Offshore Guidance on Strength of Tubular Joints
N. Zettlemoyer ..... 9
The Basis for Changing the Fatigue Provisions of API RP2A
William C. Mohr ..... 15
Bird Beak T-Joints in Square Hollow Sections: A Finite Element Investigation
G. Davies, J.S. Owen and R. Kelly ..... 22
Effect of Applied Shear/Moment Ratio on In-Plane Moment Strength of X-Joint
Y.S. Choo, K.H. Lee and F.K. Lau ..... 28
Flexibility Coefficients for Innovative Tubular Connections
A. Ure, P. Grundy and I. Eadie ..... 34
Probabilistic Maintenance Planning for the Tubular Joints in the Steel Gates in the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier
O.D. Dijkstra, S.E. van Manen, F.B.J. Gijsbers and H. van der Weijde ..... 39
Stress Concentrations in Tubular Joints Welded from One Side
Morten Baerheim ..... 47
Determination of Stress Concentration Factors for K-Connections Between Square Hollow Sections
A.M. van Wingerde, J.A. Packer and J. Wardenier ..... 52
Comparison of Uniplanar and Multiplanar K-Joints with Gap Made of Rectangular Hollow Sections
S. Herion and F. Mang ..... 60
Parametric Study on Multiplanar K-Joints with Gap Made of Circular Hollow Sections by Means of the Finite Element Method
S. Herion, F. Mang and R. Puthli ..... 68
Strain Concentration Factors and Load Capacity of Innovative Tubular Joints
A. Ure, P. Grundy and I. Eadie ..... 74
A Comparative Study on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Welded Joints Under Random Fatigue Loading
Y.C. Wu, J.C. Chen and X.X. Cheng ..... 78
Fatigue Life Estimation of Tubular Joint of Offshore Fixed Platform Under Ice Loads
Fayan Xu and Huacan Fang ..... 86
Experimental and Finite Element Studies to Determine the Stress-Strain Characteristics for Cold- and Hot-Formed SHS Relevant for the Rotation Behaviour of Beams
N. Stranghöner, G. Sedlacek and W. Dahl ..... 90
The Static Behaviour of Multiplanar Tubular XX-Joints Loaded by In-Plane Bending Moments on the In-Plane and Axial Forces on the Out-of-Plane Braces
G.J. van der Vegte and J. Wardenier ..... 94
Modelling of the Rotation Capacity of Cold- and Hot-Formed SHS Beams by a Plastic Collapse Mechanism
N. Stranghöner and G. Sedlacek ..... 101
Parameter Study on the Static Strength of Multiplanar XX-Joints in Rectangular Hollow Sections Loaded by In-Plane Bending Moments
Y. Yu and J. Wardenier ..... 105
Load Interaction on the Ultimate Strength of Tubular T-Joints
J.D. Kim, C.W. Rim, B.C. Shin and C.H. Hong ..... 113
The Influence of the Can Length on the Static Strength of Multiplanar XX-Joints
G.J. van der Vegte and J. Wardenier ..... 120
Detection and Tracking of Weld Line by a Welding Robot with Ultrasonic Sensing System in Underwater Wet Welding
Y. Suga and A. Machida ..... 128
Influence of Chemical Composition, Heat Treatment, Plastic Deformation and Surface Heating on Mechanical Properties of High Strength Steels for Offshore Technology and Shipbuilding
Henryk Buglacki ..... 133
Technology of Welding High Strength Low Alloy Quenched and Tempered Steel Plates for Offshore Technology and Shipbuilding
Henryk Buglacki ..... 137
Properties of a Ferritic Metal Cored Wire Weld Metal Deposited in the Pressure Range from 51bar to 110bar
J.F. dos Santos, V.R. dos Santos and J.C. Jorge ..... 141
The Influence of the Water Contact on the Welding Residual Stresses of Wet Underwater Welds
L. Lindhorst, O. Mahrenholtz and J. Bartzsch ..... 147
Fracture Toughness Assessment and HAZ Strain-Ageing Resistance of Thermomechanically Processed Steel Subjected to Cold Forming Before Welding
P. Nevasmaa, O. Kortelainen, K. Wallin and D. Porter ..... 154
Kinematics and Thermoplastic Analysis of Ship Hull Plate Forming
Jong-Gye Shin, Won-Don Kim and Jang-Hyun Lee ..... 160
Oxygen and Nitrogen in SMAW and GMAW Processes
T. Wegrzyn ..... 166
Design of an Eye-in-Hand Robotic Vision System
J. Jardim and S.C. Absi-Alfaro ..... 169
Off-Line Programming of Flexible Welding Manufacturing Cells
L.S. Danni, G.C. Carvalho, J.O.D. Jardim, M.L. Siqueira and S.C. Absi-Alfaro ..... 172
Development of Real-Time Quality Evaluation of Friction Welding by Acoustic Emission: 2nd Report. Effects of Welding Parameters on Weld Strength and AE
Sae-Kyoo Oh, Jung-Hwan Oh and Hong-Keun Chang ..... 177
Penetration Control by Detecting Oscillation of Weld Pool in Automatic TIG Arc Welding
Y. Suga and T. Tokiwa ..... 185
Fatigue of TLP Tendon Girth Welds
G.R. Razmjoo, I. Hadley and S. Crouch ..... 190
Study on Fatigue Strength of Boxing Fillet Weldments (2nd Report)
Yasumitsu Tomita, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Kuniteru Ishikawa, Hiroshi Yamamoto and Tetsuji Fukuoka ..... 199
Fatigue of Cracked Ship Critical Structural Details: Cracked S-N Curves and Load Shedding
T. Xu and R.G. Bea ..... 205
Effect of Specimen Thickness on Probabilistic Fatigue Crack Growth
Seon-Jin Kim, Sae-Kyoo Oh, Hiroshi Itagaki and Tetsuo Ishizuka ..... 219
Structural Monitoring for Fatigue Crack Detection and Prediction
Y. Fujimoto, E. Shintaku and S.C. Kim ..... 227
Hydrogen Induced Cracking and Embrittlement in Zeron 100
P.J. Fang and D. Kirkwood ..... 236
On the Proper Correction of Design Fatigue Curves in Fatigue Assessment of Ship Hull Structures
S.V. Petinov and T.I. Letova ..... 243
Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation: An Inelastic Strain Energy Approach
S. Petinov ..... 246
Fracture Mechanics Evaluation of Ductile Vessel Rupture Under LNG-Conditions
U. Eisele, P. Julisch, H. Silcher, W. Stadtmüller, D. Sturm and J. Wiedemann ..... 250
A Suggested Method of Ship Hull Plating Fracture Toughness Assessment
H. Yajima, Y. Huang, M. Yamamoto, M. Tada and H. Kitada ..... 256
The Low Temperature Fracture Behaviour of a Super-Duplex Stainless Steel (Zeron 1001)
A.O. Humphreys, X. Li, M. Strangwood, P. Bowen, M.A. Spence and G.R. Warburton ..... 263
Evaluation on Elastic-Plastic Fracture Resistance Curve of SA508 and Aluminum Alloy Steels by Load-Ratio Method
Han-Ki Yoon, Gee-Jun Cha, Sae-Wook Oh and Won-Jo Park ..... 269
Development of Long-Time Creep Safety Life Prediction of Steam Turbine Rotor Steel and AE Evaluation: 1st Report. Possibility of Creep Prediction by Initial Strain Method
Sae-Kyoo Oh, Seon-Jin Kim and Tae-Eun Jeon ..... 275
Measurement of Stress Intensity Factor Under Mixed-Mode Loading by the Method of Caustics
Yuichi Kawagishi, Yukio Hirose and Toshihiko Sasaki ..... 280
The Use of Recycled High Density Polyethylene Fibers as Secondary Reinforcement in Concrete Subjected to Severe Environment
Flynn L. Auchey and Piyush K. Dutta ..... 287
Polyhedrally-Stiffened Composite Pressure Hulls
R.H. Knapp and T.T. Le ..... 292
Failure Criterion of the Mass Concrete Under Combined Compression-Tension Stress States
Yu-pu Song and Guo-fan Zhao ..... 299
Optimization of the Shape of a Hole in Laminated Composite Materials
Abhijit Mukherjee ..... 304
Numerical Study of Stability of Laminated Composite Shells Using a Finite Volume Technique
T. Capponi, G. Labonia and M. Marchetti ..... 312
Effects of Delaminations on Composite Tubes Subjected to External Pressure
Hayder A. Rasheed and John L. Tassoulas ..... 320
Transverse Fatigue Crack Growth of Graphite/Epoxy Composites in High Pressure Seawater
S.T. Mear, J. Stolk, H.G. Wheat and H.L. Marcus ..... 327
Hybrid Composite Design: Optimization and Scaling Aspects
Ozden O. Ochoa ..... 333
Retrofitting and Structural Repair with Advanced Polymer Matrix Composite Materials
M. Arockiasamy and P.K. Dutta ..... 336
Estimating Method of Buckling Strength of Rectangular Plates Using Selected Eigenfunction
Koji Masaoka, Hiroo Okada and Yukio Ueda ..... 341
An Accelerated Solution Algorithm for the Eigenvalue Problem in the Offshore Structural Analysis
H. Karadeniz ..... 347
Effect of Dishing on In-Plane Stiffness of Stiffened Plates
A. Geiro and P. Grundy ..... 352
Application of Combined Theory of Strength and Stability to Fracture Mechanics
Peilin Luo, Kanglin Liu and Hongwu Luo ..... 356
Advantages and Limitations of Using CFD for Gas Dispersion in Offshore Structures
S.B.C. Martins, J. Amaral Neto, C. Leal, R.A. Pinto, L.F.S. Oliveira and S.H. Sphaier ..... 362
Stochastic Dynamics of Offshore Structures with Non-Gaussian Wave Excitation
Jin Wang and Loren D. Lutes ..... 369
An Analytical Algorithm for Predicting Reliability Confidence Bounds and Applications to Ship Structures
Q. Liu ..... 376
Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Reliability for Marine Structures
Defu Liu, Sheng Dong and Chao Wang ..... 380
Structural Reliability Analysis Using Commercial FEM Package
Y.S. Yang, J.O. Lee and B.J. Kim ..... 387
Computer Investigation of Construction Reliability
Victor A. Kulesh ..... 395
Calibration of Models for Slow Drift Motions Using Statistical Moments of Observed Data
Todd C. Ude and Steven R. Winterstein ..... 402
Reliability Assessment of Overload Failure of the Heidrun Tethers
Sverre Haver ..... 410
Fatigue Reliability and Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Mooring Chains
T. Lassen and K. Syvertsen ..... 418
Reliability of Stiffened-Plated Panels in Offshore Structures
K-T Ma and I.R. Orisamolu ..... 423
Reassessment of Fixed Offshore Structures Using Reliability and Nonlinear Analyses
L.V.S. Sagrilo, E.C.P. Lima and S.G.H. Rodriguez ..... 431
A Simplified Structural Reliability Analysis Procedure for Use in Assessments and Requalifications of Template-Type Offshore Platforms
M. Mortazavi and R.G. Bea ..... 438
The Setting of Target Safety Levels for the Assessment of Offshore Structures
M. Birkinshaw and D. Smith ..... 447
Reliability-Based Mooring System Design for a Drilling Semisubmersible
Kjell Larsen and Jan Mathisen ..... 457
Simulation Model for Development of Siting Strategies for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
J. Ying and R.G. Bea ..... 467
Grounding Bottom Damage and Ship Motion Over a Rock
Bo Cerup Simonsen and Tomasz Wierzbicki ..... 476
Large Scale Tanker Grounding Experiments
James L. Rodd ..... 483
On the Dissipation Energy and Crushing Strength of Stiffened Plates Under Axial Compression
J.M. Choung and J.W. Lee ..... 495
Energy Absorption Capacity of Steel Plates Under Lateral Loading
A. Glykas, E. Samuelides and P.K. Das ..... 502
A Semi-Analytical Method of Assessing the Residual Longitudinal Strength of Damaged Ship Hull
Sheng-Kun Zhang, Qing Yu and Yang Mu ..... 510
Grounding-Induced Sectional Forces and Residual Strength of Grounded Ship Hulls
Jeom Kee Paik and P. Terndrup Pedersen ..... 517
Collision Simulation of a Double-Hulled Structure with Uni-Directional Girder System
Masaru Mizukami, Masayuki Tanigawa, Shin-ichi Nagahama and Sakito Kamei ..... 523
Systematic Design of an Extensible Membrane for LNG Carrier Tanks
Michael French ..... 529
Numerical Simulation of Transient Flows Induced by a Berthing Ship
Miaomou Chen, Hamn-Ching Chen and D.A. Davis ..... 533
Development of a Crane System for High Speed Transportation in Container Terminal
Sang-Bong Kim, Sun-Min Kim, Min-Saeng Shin and Jong-Sik Lee ..... 542
Development of a Rapidly Deployed Pier (RDP)
Michele Murdoch and Glenwood Bretz ..... 548
An Open Sea Modular Construction Method: Rigid Pontoon Connectors
Erick T. Huang ..... 553
Recording and Tracking Technologies: Opening a Window to Total Asset Visibility
Robert F. Paguio ..... 559
Reliability Based Inspection Planning Applications for Offshore Structures
Toula Onoufriou ..... 565
The Effect of Residual Stresses and Micro Strain on SCC Resistance of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu System Alloys
Hideaki Matsuoka and Yukio Hirose ..... 573
A Mechanism for a Potentially Dangerous Transfer of Energy in Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Dynamic Systems such as TLPs
M.R. Hajj, M. Tabaddor, A.H. Nayfeh and D.T. Mook ..... 577
Analytical Study on Settlement Behavior of Soft Ground Improved by SCP
Tamotsu Matsui, Kazuhiro Oda and Yasuyuki Nabeshima ..... 582