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VOLUME IV , 1995 (ISBN 1-880653-19-2)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... v
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xii
Tensile and Shear Behavior of Undermatched Welded Joints
M. Ferrel and R.J. Dexter ..... 1
Proposed Ultimate Capacity Equations for CHS KK-Joints Under Anti-Symmetrical Loads
Y. Makino, Y. Kurobane, S.R. Wilmshurst and M.M.K. Lee ..... 6
The Static Behaviour of Multiplanar Tubular Steel TT-Joints Excluding the Effects of Chord Bending
G.J. van der Vegte and J. Wardenier ..... 12
Parametric Study on the Static Strength of Uniplanar and Multiplanar Plate to RHS Column Connections
L.H. Lu and J. Wardenier ..... 21
Behaviour of Plate Trunnions Subjected to Shear Loads
Y.S. Choo, K. Padmanaban, N.E. Shanmugam and J.Y.Richard Liew ..... 29
Influence of the Chord Bending on the Ultimate Capacity of RHS T-joint
Y. Yu and J. Wardenier ..... 37
Prediction of Elastic-Elastoplastic Deformation and Bend Radius at Top Roll Contact in Multipass Plate Bending Using a Continuous Four-Roll Plate Bending Process for Forming Tubular Sections
M. Hua, K. Baines, D.H. Sansome and W.L. Xu ..... 45
Corrosion Fatigue of Welded High-Strength Cast and Structural Steel Joints Under Constant and Variable Amplitude Loading
C.M. Sonsino, K. Lipp and E. Lachmann ..... 53
Fatigue Crack Growth of Tubular Joints Under Stochastic and Complex Loadings
A. Abel, S. Wu and X. Yu ..... 59
Performance of Tubular Members Under Cyclic Axial Loads
Raafat E. Shaker, Hidekazu Murakawa and Yukio Ueda ..... 66
Fatigue Strength of Boxing Fillet Welded Joints for TMCP Type 490 MPa-Class High Tensile Steel Plates
H. Yajima, M. Iwata, Y. Huang, M. Yamamoto, D. Sakai, E. Watanabe, K. Inoue and A. Fushimi ..... 75
Stress Intensity Factors for Small Fatigue Cracks in Tubular Joints
C.C. Monahan and W.D. Dover ..... 83
A Computational Strategy to Access the Safety Conditions of Cracked Tubular Joints
L.A. Souza, L.V.S. Sagrilo, E.C.P. de Lima and N.F.F. Ebecken ..... 91
Parametric Study on the Static Strength of Axially Loaded Multiplanar Plate to Circular Column Connections
G.D. de Winkel and J. Wardenier ..... 96
The Stress and Strain State in the Base Area of Wind-Loaded Steel Chimneys
W. Schneider and R. Thiele ..... 104
Ultimate Capacity of Multi-Planar Double X-Joints
C.Y. Chong, C.K. Soh, A.K. Soh, T.C. Fung and S.P. Chiew ..... 109
Grouted Sleeve Tubular Splices
Paul Grundy ..... 116
Effect of Some Image Processing on the Seam Tracking by a Welding Robot with Visual Sensor
Yasuo Suga ..... 121
Arc Spot Welding Technique for Underwater Use
H. Koga, Y. Ide and Y. Ogawa ..... 127
Analysis of Acoustic Signals on CO2 Arc Welding
Y. Ogawa, H. Koga, T. Morita and T. Sumitomo ..... 131
Approach for Laser Beam Welding Under Hyperbaric Conditions
T. Franz, E. Schubert and G. Sepold ..... 137
Underwater Plasma-MIG Arc Welding: Shielding Technique and Pressure Reduction by a Centrifugal Pump
M. Creutz, J. Bartzsch, D. Mewes and U. Draugelates ..... 141
Evaluation of Thermal Sprayed Coating by Ultrasonic Method
Yasuo Suga and Derming Lian ..... 147
Influence of Inevitable Uncertainties on Inspection Planning for Deteriorating Structures
Yukio Fujimoto, Eiji Shintaku and Sung Chan Kim ..... 153
Development of Real-Time Quality Evaluation of Friction Welding by Acoustic Emission: Report 1
S.K. Oh, J.H. Oh, T.E. Jeon and S.W. Oh ..... 163
Simulation Model of Fatigue Crack Opening/Closing Phenomena for Predicting RPG Load Under Arbitrary Stress Distribution Field
M. Toyosada and T. Niwa ..... 169
Dual-Phase Ferritic Martensitic Steel for Concrete Reinforcement
David Trejo, Paulo Monteiro and Gareth Thomas ..... 177
X-Mas Trees: A New Application for Duplex Stainless Steels
G. Hochörtler, G. Zeiler and K. Haberfellner ..... 183
Modern Structural Steels with Improved Properties Through Accelerated Cooling
H.J. Tschersich, U. Schriever, J. Bobbert and Ch. Kuntze ..... 187
Study on Fatigue Strength of Boxing Fillet Weldments: 1st Report
Yasumitsu Tomita, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Kuniteru Ishikawa, Hiroshi Yamamoto and Tetsuji Fukuoka ..... 197
Probabilistic Modelling of Marine Corrosion of Steel Specimens
Robert E. Melchers ..... 204
X-Ray Fractographic Study on Fracture Surface of New Light Metal
Hideaki Matsuoka, Yukio Hirose, Shigenobu Takahashi, Zenjiro Yajima and Yoichi Kishi ..... 211
Corrosion-Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Surface Crack on AH36 TMCP Steel Weld in Seawater
Young Gak Kweon, Hee Don Jeong and Rae Woong Chang ..... 216
Probabilistic Residual Strength Assessment of Corroded Pipelines
I.R.(Wally) Orisamolu, Q. Liu and M.W. Chernuka ..... 221
Beryl Bravo - Blast Walls Conversion: Development and Testing of Steel/Carbon Fibre Composite
D.N. Galbraith and F. Barnes ..... 229
Beryl Bravo - Blast Walls Conversion: Explicit Dynamic FE Analysis of Steel/Carbon Fibre Composite Wall
P.H.L. Groenenboom, D.N. Galbraith, P.G. Jay and P.J. van der Weijde ..... 237
Fatigue Crack Propagation Characteristics of Alumina Ceramics
Hiroshi Noguchi and Kazuya Mori ..... 243
Dynamic Toughness of Composite Steel-Concrete Structure of Sandwich System
Setsuo Iwata and Yoichi Hattori ..... 248
Influence of Boundary Conditions and Plate Geometries on Buckling Optimization of Symmetric Laminate Plates
Hsuan-Teh Hu ..... 256
An Inverse Problem of Estimating Temperature Dependent Thermal Conductivity in Composite Material
Cheng-Hung Huang and Jan-Yuan Yan ..... 264
Durability Issues of FRP Composites in Offshore Structures
Piyush K. Dutta ..... 271
Fabrication of Ceramic Matrix Composites from Preceramic Polymers
H. Jao, N. Masuda, A. Chin and J. Don ..... 277
Carbon-Carbon Composites Reinforced with SiC by Using Chemical Vapor Infiltration Technique
Arthur Chin, Jarlen Don and Hsuchung Jao ..... 280
An Automated Method for Accomplishing Shape Optimization of Cylindrical Composite Structures
A.A. Gates and J.H. Clark ..... 283
Effect of Specimen Configuration for Caustics Method
Masayuki Shozu, Yuichi Kawagishi, Toshihiko Sasaki and Yukio Hirose ..... 289
An Improved Spectral Method for Vibration of a Tubular Structure: Theory and Application
A.M. Horr ..... 294
Vibration Analysis of a Large Underwater Shell of Revolution
Y. Yasuzawa, K. Kagawa and H. Takahashi ..... 300
A New Approach for Bending of Rectangular Plates with Mixed Boundary Conditions
T. Mifune, R. Masuo and M. Hamada ..... 308
Analysis of the Cracking and Strength of the Pile Caps of the High-Pile Wharf
Yu-pu Song and Guo-fan Zhao ..... 314
Optimization of Steel and Titanium Stressjoints for Marine Risers
Carl M. Larsen and Allard van Hoeken ..... 320
An Automatic Data Generation Procedure for Finite Element Structural Analysis of Ships
J.G. Shin and S.W. Park ..... 327
Damage Detection Accuracy as a Function of Model Uncertainty in Offshore Jacket Platforms
Jeong-Tae Kim and Norris Stubbs ..... 333
Optimal Reliability-Based Planning of Experiments for POD Curves
J.D. Sørensen, M.H. Faber and I.B. Kroon ..... 339
Reliability Based Inspection Scheduling of Floaters
T. Onoufriou, R.J. Simpson and M. Protopapas ..... 346
Environmental Description for Long-Term Load Response of Ship Structures
Elzbieta M. Bitner-Gregersen, Espen H. Cramer and Florus Korbijn ..... 353
Reliability Updating Based on Equality Constraints
Ø. Hagen, G. Sigurdsson, L. Tvedt and E.H. Cramer ..... 361
Reliability Analysis of a Deep Water Flexible Riser System
Daniel Karunakaran, Arnt Olufsen, Nils T. Nordsve and Bernt J. Leira ..... 365
Reliability Based Design of a 15" Dynamic Flexible Gas Export Riser
A.U. Nilsen and T.D. Hanson ..... 373
Structural Safety Assessment of Floating Bridge System
I.S. Nho, B.C. Shin and J.B. Kim ..... 383
Effects of Wave-Current and Fluid-Structure Interactions on Fatigue Damages of Offshore Structures
H. Karadeniz ..... 389
Fatigue Reliability Calculation for Structure Members of Offshore Fixed Platform
Huacan Fang and Fayan Xu ..... 394
A Risk Based Approach to Re-Assessment of Existing North Sea Installations
J.V. Sharp, J.C. Kam and M. Birkinshaw ..... 399
Risk Management
M. Visser ..... 405
A Methodology for Assessing and Managing Fire and Life Safety for Offshore Production Platforms
William E. Gale, Jr., William H. Moore, Robert G. Bea and Robert B. Williamson ..... 409
PARLOC - Pipeline and Riser Loss of Containment: North Sea Experience
C.P. Ellinas, D.T. Smart, J. Robertson and T. Al-Hassan ..... 420
Assessment of Fire Pump Caisson Integrity
C.P. Ellinas and T. Weir ..... 428
Reassessment of Mining Installations on the Dutch Continental Shelf: A Rational Approach
M.J.J. Rottier and E.M. Hofstee ..... 437
Double Hull Grounding Experiments
James L. Rodd and Jerome P. Sikora ..... 446
Damage and Collapse of Double Hull Tankers in Groundings
J.K. Paik and T.K. Lee ..... 457
Dynamic Loading and Strength of a Stranded Double Hull Tanker in Waves
J.O. de Kat, P. Lemmen, C.S. Moore and A.W. Vredeveldt ..... 465
Experimental Study on Control of Autopilot System
Bong Joo Han, Kyoung Soo Bae, Sang Bong Kim and Seoung Gun Kim ..... 471
A Revolutionary Design of Double Hull Oil Tanker
Takehiko Akiba, Kimio Kitano, Yutaka Sumikama, Hiroyuki Tsukuda, Masatsugu Toyofuku, Kohta Shibasaki, Joe Hah and Koichi Furukawa ..... 478
Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Bending Propulsion Mechanism
K. Ono and M. Nakashima ..... 486
Design and Commissioning of a Computer Controlled Dynamometer for Testing Oscillating Hydrofoils
David Greening and Neil Bose ..... 495
Introduction of Energy Estimations in the Linear Wave Theory for Calculations of Ship Wave Resistance
E.L. Amromin, O.P. Orlov and Yu.S. Timoshin ..... 502
Force and Free Surface Elevation Measurements on a Series 60 CB=0.6 Ship Model in Forced Oscillations
F. Guyot and M. Guilbaud ..... 507
Investigation of Towing Resistance of Rectangular Platform Lower Base
A.V. Poustoshniy ..... 515
Simulation of Three-Dimensional Finite-Depth Wave Phenomenon for Moving Pressure Distributions
Iskender Sahin and Mark C. Hyman ..... 521
The Rankine Source Method Applied to the Determination of the Potential Flow Around a Submerged Body with Constant Forward Velocity
M. Szajnbok and M. de Conti ..... 528
The Rankine Source Method Applied to the Determination of the Potential Flow Around an Oscillating Submerged Body with Constant Mean Forward Velocity
M. de Conti and M. Szajnbok ..... 536
Multidiscipline Dynamic Simulation of the New Veslefrikk Personnel Transfer Bridge
Terje Rølvåg, Ole Ivar Sivertsen, Hans Petter Hildre and Åge Ø Waløen ..... 545