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VOLUME IV , 1994 (ISBN 1-880653-14-1)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... v
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Papers Printed in the Journal IJOPE during 1991-1993 ..... xii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xix


Reliability of Fatigue Life Predictions for Tubular Joints with Load Pattern Recognition
Hari B. Kanegaonkar ..... 1
The Static Strength of Multiplanar Joints: A Design Formulation
S.R. Wilmshurst and M.M.K. Lee ..... 8
Interaction Diagrams for CHS T-DT Multiplanar Joints Under Axial Loads
G. Davies and P. Crockett ..... 15
Strength Evaluation of X-Joints Internally Stiffened with Longitudinal Diaphragms
Y.S. Choo ..... 21
Multiaxial Fatigue Behaviour of Tubular Joints Under Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions
A. Abel, S. Wu and X. Yu ..... 30
Parametric Study on Uniplanar K-Joints Made of RHS Regarding Axial Force, In-Plane Bending and Out-of-Plane Bending Moments
F. Mang, S. Herion and O. Bucak ..... 37
Parametric Study on Multiplanar K-Joints Made of RHS Regarding Axial Force, In-Plane Bending and Out-of-Plane Bending Moments
S. Herion and F. Mang ..... 44
The Static Behaviour of Uniplanar Tubular Steel T-Joints Excluding the Effects of Chord Bending
G.J. van der Vegte and J. Wardenier ..... 51
Effect of Local Buckling on Hysteretic Behavior of Beam-Column with Circular Cross-Section
Yukio Ueda, Hidekazu Murakawa and Raafat E. Shaker ..... 58
The Static Strength of Uniplanar and Multiplanar I-beam to Tubular Column Connections Loaded with In-Plane Bending Moments
G.D. de Winkel, H.D. Rink and J. Wardenier ..... 65
Ultimate Deformation Criteria for Uniplanar Connections Between I-Beams and RHS Columns Under In-Plane Bending
L.H. Lu and J. Wardenier ..... 73


Processing of Titanium and Titanium Alloys by Thermal Spraying
E. Lugscheider and P. Jokiel ..... 81
Detection of Weld Line and Automatic Seam Tracking by Ultrasonic Sensing Robot for Underwater Wet Welding
Yasuo Suga and Akira Machida ..... 86
The Effect of Metal Vapors on Electron Density of Hyperbaric Arc Plasma
Y. Ogawa ..... 92
Advanced Tests of Wet Welded Joints
I. Pachniuk, H. Petershagen, R. Pohl, P. Szelagowski and O. Drews ..... 99
Effect of Process Parameters on Metal Transfer of Hyperbaric GMAW of Duplex Stainless Steels
J.M. Olsen and J.F. Dos Santos and I.M. Richardson ..... 107
On the Influence of the Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient on Wet Underwater Welds
R. Hamann and O. Mahrenholtz ..... 112
Investigations on Local Shielding Systems for Underwater Applications
U. Draugelates, B. Bouaifi and J. Bartzsch ..... 120
Development of Mobile Robot for Pipe Welding with Visual Sensor
Yasuo Suga, Hideaki Ishii and Keishin Saito ..... 130
Gas Metal Arc Welding of Duplex Stainless Steel Using Flux Cored Wire
T. Maruyama, T. Ogawa, S. Nishiyama, A. Ushijima and K. Yamashita ..... 135


Frequency Effects on the Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in an Offshore Steel
X.J. Wu and R. Akid ..... 142
Improvement of Fatigue Strength of Structural Steel
M. Iwata, Y. Huang and Samudro ..... 148
Study on Stress-Strain Response and Fatigue Strength of Steel Under Cyclic-Loading Conditions
Yasumitsu Tomita, Tae-Hoan An, Kiyoshi Hashimoto, Naoki Osawa and Yoichi Inada ..... 154
Study on Time History of Wave-Induced Load and Simulation Method of Wave Loading Pattern for Fatigue Design
Yasumitsu Tomita, Hiroshi Kawabe, Tsukasa Sasaki and Tetsuji Fukuoka ..... 162
A Study of Crack Monitoring of Ship Structures
Yukio Fujimoto and Zhi Zong ..... 168
Numerical and Experimental Assessments of Nonlinear Bearing Strength Properties of CFRP Laminates
L.T. Kisielewicz, K. Ando and K. Kenmochi ..... 176
An Intrinsic and Objective Engineering Equation of State for Composite Materials Accounting for Damage and Rupture
L.T. Kisielewicz and E. Haug ..... 182


Assessment of Special Stainless Steels and Nickel-Base Alloys for Use Under Offshore Conditions
M.R. Jasner and W.R. Herda ..... 192
Evaluation of LBZ Susceptibility of Offshore Structural Steels by CTOD and Instrumented Pre-Crack Charpy Impact Test
Shuji Aihara and Kentaro Okamoto ..... 198
Effect of Temperature on the Fracture Toughness in the Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel (SA508-3)
Sae-Wook Oh, Man-Bae Lim and Han-Kee Yoon ..... 206
Metallurgical Factors on Toughness in Intercritically Reheated HAZ of Low-C Low-Alloy Steel
Toyoaki Shiwaku, Yoichiro Kobayashi, Masato Shimizu, Masao Toyoda and Fumiyoshi Minami ..... 215
Non-Uniformity of Local Strain and Strain Concentration in Static Deformation of Plain Specimens of Rolled Round Carbon Steel Bars
Hironobu Nisitani, Takayuki Fukuda and Kensei Fujimura and Hideaki Horio ..... 222


The Mechanical Properties and SCC Life of Extruded Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-La System Alloys Improved by Cr, Mn and Mg Addition
Yoichi Kishi, Ichizoh Tsukuda, Kenji Higashi and Yukio Hirose ..... 228
Development of Steel Plate and Welding Material with Superior Preferential Corrosion Resistance in Welded Joint
Mitsuo Kimura, Yukio Miyata, Yoshiyuki Saito and Yoshifumi Nakano ..... 234
Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Ni-(Pd,Ru)-Cr Alloy
Y. Sugizaki, K. Ueda, T. Yashiki, K. Mori, H. Yano and H. Satoh ..... 238
Corrosion Fatigue of Stiffened Steel Tubular T and Y Joints
D.S. Ramachandra Murthy, A.G. Madhava Rao, R. Raghava, P. Gandhi, P.K. Pant, P.F. Anto and A.K. Samant ..... 242
Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of Structural Materials in Various Environments Containing H2S Gas
Eiichi Watanabe, Ryuichiro Ebara, Hiroshi Yajima, Kunifumi Hashimoto and Akira Fushimi ..... 250
Effect of Experimental Temperatures in Stress Corrosion Crack Growth Behavior
Masashi Kurose, Masaaki Tsuda and Yukio Hirose ..... 256
Initiation and Growth Behavior of SCC in Notch Root on High Strength Steel
Masayuki Shozu, Yukio Hirose and Zenjiro Yajima ..... 261
Corrosion Consultant Expert System
Y.L. Mo ..... 266


Technical Challenges in the Design and Construction of the Troll Gravity Base Structure
Helge Skjaeveland, Arnt Knudsen and Astor Nyborg ..... 274
The Troll Oil Floater: The First Concrete Floater Platform
K. Helland, B. Jensen, J. Martin and P. Meaas ..... 285
Some Challenges in Design and Construction of the Draugen Gravity Base Structures
K. Sandvik and K. Karal ..... 303
The Modelling, Finite Element Analysis, and Code Checking of a Large Offshore Concrete Structure
R. Langberg, K. Haverty, K. Waagaard and S. Egeland ..... 311
Design of Offshore Concrete Structure Based on Postprocessing of Results from Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Methods, Limitations and Accuracy
Dan-Evert Brekke, Erik Aldstedt and Henrik Grosch ..... 318
Application of Truss Analogy and Stress Field Methods in the Design of Offshore Concrete Structures
Kolbjorn Hoyland, Stein Atle Haugerud and Michael P. Collins ..... 329
The Application of Nonlinear FE Analysis for Capacity Prediction of Offshore Concrete Structures
K. Waagaard, S. Egeland, D. Askheim and H. Johansen ..... 341
Independent Verification of the Draugen Deepwater Concrete Platform
K. Waagaard and R. Langberg ..... 348
Toughness of Composite Steel-Concrete Structure of Sandwich System
Setsuo Iwata and Yoichi Hattori ..... 355
Study on the Characteristics of High-Strength Lightweight Concrete for Icy Waters
Y. Asai, Y. Itoh, S. Kanie, M. Sakai and H. Saeki ..... 363
Analysis of Thermal Transfer of Reinforced Concrete Submarine Oil Tanks
Yu-pu Song and Guo-fan Zhao ..... 369
Special Challenges in Design and Construction of Concrete Structures in Shallow Water and Soft Soil
O. Loset and K. Schroder ..... 372
Requirements for Construction of Offshore Concrete Platforms
Ove T. Gudmestad and Nigel Pollard ..... 381
The Design of Offshore Concrete Structures in the Future
Jan Kr. Johnsrud and Tor Ole Olsen ..... 389
Design Verification of Offshore Concrete Structures
K. Waagaard ..... 394


Local Damage Detection of Flexible Offshore Platforms Using Ambient Vibration Measurement
Ippei Kondo and Takuji Hamamoto ..... 400
Artificial Islands as Protection Against Ship Impact
N.-E. Ottesen Hansen, Jens Rordam Thomsen, Leif Sjogren and M.J. Sterndorff ..... 408
Study on Structural Damage of Ships Due to Collision and Grounding
T. Kuroiwa, T. Nakamura, Y. Kawamoto, M. Kondo and S. Kusuba ..... 416
Advances in Surface Magnetic Field Measurement Technique for Detection and Sizing of Surface-Breaking Cracks in Offshore Structures
D. Mirshekar-Syahkal and S.H.H. Sadeghi ..... 421
Development of Small Diameter In-Line MFL Inspection Tools: A Technical Challenge
Poul Laursen and David L. Atherton ..... 425
Detection of Weld Defects by Computer Aided X-ray Radiography Image Processing
Yasuo Suga, Kouichiro Kojima and Tetsuro Tominaga ..... 431


Optimizing Mode Localization in Periodic Structures
M.A. Grosenbaugh, M.S. Triantafyllou and G. Rajagopal ..... 437
Finite Element Stress Analysis of the Midship Transverse Frame in an Offshore Production Ship
Xiaozhi Wang, Torgeir Moan and Jorgen Amdahl ..... 443


Critical Path Incremental Loading Procedure for System Reliability Analysis of Offshore Structures
Daniel Mohammad Rosyid ..... 452
Predicting Pipeline Reliability Using Discriminant Analysis: A Comparison Between North Sea and Gulf of Mexico Performance
R.F. de la Mare and Y.L. Bakouros ..... 460
Safety Evaluation for Distributed Tension-Legs of Flexible Floating Structures
H. Kamura, T. Hamamoto, T. Misumi and Y. Tanaka ..... 467
Application of Probabilistic Methods in Offshore Field Development
Carl Andreas Holm ..... 474
Probabilistic Design of the Steel Structure of the "Nieuwe Waterweg" Storm Surge Barrier
R.J. van Foeken, J.G.M. Kerstens, S.E. van Manen and A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder ..... 483
Probabilistic Fracture Assessment of Offshore Pipelines
K. Horiuchi and M. Hauge ..... 491
Rational Planning of Offshore On-site Measurements
I.B. Kroon, J.D. Sorensen and M.H. Faber ..... 500
Fracture Mechanics Limit States for Reassessment and Maintenance of Fixed Offshore Structures
R.J. van Foeken, S. Dharmavasan, O.D. Dijkstra and M.H. Faber ..... 505
Use of Knowledge Based Systems for Rational Reliability Analysis Based Inspection and Maintenance Planning for Offshore Structures
M.X. Tang, S. Dharmavasan and S.M.C. Peers ..... 514
Review of Monitoring, Inspection and Maintenance of Structural Components in 900 Metres of Water
R.M. Webb, D.B.J. Thomas and C. Geronimi ..... 522
Structural Integrity Monitoring of an Offshore Platform
Sandro Chiostrini and Andrea Vignoli ..... 528


Structural Design of Double Hull Tankers
O. Niho, S. Yanagibayashi and T. Akashi ..... 534
The Development of New Evaluation Criteria for Double Hull Tankers
Teruaki Kaibara and Ryoji Uemori ..... 542
Structural Strength Evaluation of a 280,000 DWT Double-Hull VLCC
Tomokazu Taniguchi, Makoto Unno, Kazuo Kada, Akira Kohsaka and Akio Murakami ..... 550
Fatigue Analysis for Double Hull VLCC
S. Kawachi, T. Kushima, H. Negayama and K. Shigematsu ..... 557
A Comparative Study of Simplified Methods to Analyse the Strength of Double-Hulled Tankers in Collision
Hisashi Ito, Kazuo Hayashi and Kimio Kitano ..... 563
Progressive Collapse Behaviour of Double Hull Tanker Under Longitudinal Bending
Tetsuya Yao, Masahiko Fujikubo, Kimio Kondo and Shin-ichi Nagahama ..... 570


New Energy Saving System for Future LNG Carriers
Susumu Kahara, Yoshihiro Suetake, Junshiro Ishimaru and Kazuyoshi Hiraoka ..... 578
World's First SPB LNG Carrier "POLAR EAGLE"
Eiji Aoki, Yoshiyuki Nakajima and Koichiro Yamada ..... 586
Low Temperature Type New TMCP Steel Plate for LPG Carriers
Shuichi Suzuki, Kiyoshi Bessyo, Kazushige Arimochi, Hiroshi Yajima, Masuo Tada and Daisuke Sakai ..... 591
Dynamic Load Measurement on an LPG Carrier During Voyage
Noriyuki Kamoi, Tomokazu Taniguchi, Takashi Kiso, Kazuo Kada, Tatsuya Motoi and Shinichi Nakamura ..... 596
Seakeeping Analysis of a 80-m Class High-Speed Catamaran
D.S. Gong, S.Y. Hong, S.W. Hong, B.S. Kim, S.Y. Yoo and D.H. Han ..... 603
Mitsubishi Super Shuttle 400, Fully Submerged Hydrofoil Catamaran: "RAINBOW"
Kazuyuki Kihara, Chikafusa Hamada, Hajime Komatsu, Susumu Matsuishi and Masao Miyoshi ..... 608


Underwater Laser Viewing System
Hidetoshi Takahashi, Hisao Kato, Masato Nakamichi, Masaki Tamuro, Yoichi Kemmochi, Toshitaka Saito, Mikio Mori, Yoshiaki Takahashi, Harukazu Asatsuma and Shiro Ishida ..... 614
Development of an Optical Beam System for Deep Sea Data Acquisition
Yozo Shibata ..... 622
A Study of the Two-Dimensional Underwater Sound Field Radiated from Vibrating Bodies in Shallow Water
Y. Higo, K. Tokuda, K. Watanabe and T. Yasada ..... 628
Super Advanced Ship Operation Support System
Mikio Koga, Takeo Matsumura and Ryuichi Kawabe ..... 636
Marine Organism Prevention System by Electrolysis Technology
Masahiro Usami, Kiyomi Tomoshige and Hidetoshi Morita ..... 644
Ship Motion Acquisition and Recording Terminal (SMART) on "Kaiyo"
K. Wada, H. Yagi and J. Takashina ..... 647
Automatized Complex for Hydrophysical Researches
B. Bruslinovsky, A. Karassev and S. Stepanov ..... 652


Dynamic Response of Plates Subjected to Impulse Loads
Weimin Chen ..... 657
Crack Curvature Under the Weld Toe in a Tubular Joint: A Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation
D. Bowness and M.M.K. Lee ..... 664