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VOLUME II , 2001 (ISBN 1-880653-53-2)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-2001 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii
Suction Piles: Their Position and Application Today
Tor Inge Tjelta ..... 1
Design of the Åsgard Transport Gas Trunkline for Thermal Buckling
Per R. Nystrøm, Knut Tørnes, Jan S. Karlsen, Geir Endal and Erik Levold ..... 7
Åsgard Gas Transport System: Precommissioning and Commissioning
Jarleiv Maribu, Christian Falck and Philip Burman ..... 18
Åsgard Transport Pipeline — Onshore Section
Arne Ingvar Helland, Anders Ohm and Arve Johannessen ..... 26
Åsgard Transport Gas Pipeline — New Landfall Solution at Kalstø
Stein Ryfetten and Erik Bjertness ..... 33
Geo-Hazard Assessment for Pipelines Crossing the Continental Slope
Marco Venturi and Sabrina Bughi ..... 42
Risk-Based Condition Assessment and Inspection Planning for Submarine Pipeline Systems
Hroar Nes and Lars Sortland ..... 47
Parameter Study of Long Free Spans
Tore Søreide, Gunnar Paulsen and Finn Gunnar Nielsen ..... 55
Hydrodynamic Drag of a Pipeline in Broken Ice
M.A. Kamyshev, A.M. Kamyshev, N.V. Shaybo and G.N. Sokolovsky ..... 63
Numerical Comparison of Stability and Flow Pattern Over Offshore Pipelines in Trench
Seungbae Lee, Chul H. Jo, Sung-Wook Jang and Sung-Geun Hong ..... 68
Burst and Gross Plastic Deformation Limit State Equations for Pipes: Part 1 — Theory
Finn Kirkemo ..... 76
Burst and Gross Plastic Deformation Limit State Equations for Pipes: Part 2 — Application
Finn Kirkemo and Harald Holden ..... 85
Assessment of Corroded Pipelines: Past, Present and Future
O.H. Bjørnøy and M.J. Marley ..... 93
Background and Development of DNV-RP-F101 "Corroded Pipelines"
O.H. Bjørnøy, G. Sigurdsson and M.J. Marley ..... 102
RBI Planning for Pipelines
M.J. Marley, C.H. Jahre-Nilsen and O.H. Bjørnøy ..... 110
Inherent Safety Level in Different Pressure Containment Criteria
L. Collberg, K.J. Mørk and M.J. Marley ..... 118
Effect of Spoilers on Flow Around Submarine Pipelines
Lee Woon Chew and Liang Cheng ..... 126
Local Buckling of UOE and Seamless Steel Pipes
A.M. Gresnigt and R.J. van Foeken ..... 131
Prediction Model for Decommissioned Offshore Pipelines
R. Bijker and Z. Chen ..... 143
Design and Installation Aspects in the Use of High Strength Steels for Deep and Ultra-Deepwater Pipelines
T. Sriskandarajah, P. Ragupathy, G. Anurudran and R. Wilkins ..... 147
Dynamic Fracture Analysis of a Ring-Stiffened Cylinder Subjected to a Strong Acoustic Wave
K.S. Kim, C.H. Jo, S.B. Choi and J.H. Kim ..... 155
On the Forces Exerted on Buried Pipe in Liquefied Ground
Yasuo Tanaka, Akio Kuruma, Tsuyoshi Asada and Yoshihiro Mizoguchi ..... 160
Mass Gravity Flow Modelling
Michele Drago and Alessandro Terenzi ..... 166
Dual Offshore Pipeline Stability in Trench
Chul H. Jo, Kyoung H. Min and Young S. Shin ..... 173
Seismic Response and Vibration Control for Free Spanning Submarine Pipelines
J. Zhou, X. Li and C.X. Ma ..... 180
Dynamic Versus Static Lateral Buckling of Subsea Pipelines
T. Sriskandarajah, P. Ragupathy and R. Wilkins ..... 185
The Smart Plug: A Remotely Controlled Pipeline Isolation System
Jostein Aleksandersen and Edd Tveit ..... 192
3-D Dynamic Vibration for the Offshore Pipeline Subjected to Wave Forces
H.H. Lee, G.L. Liaw and P.Y. Chung ..... 200
Tower Riser Concept for West Africa
Jim Hamilton, Terje Clausen and Mike McSherry ..... 206
Stationary and Hopf Bifurcations of Equilibrium Positions of a Cylinder Situated in Near and Far Wake Fields of an Upstream Cylinder
Wusheng Wu, Shan Huang and Nigel Barltrop ..... 214
Evaluation of Effect of Contact Between Top Tensioned Risers in Deep and Ultra Deep Waters
Magne K. Nygård, Fikry R. Botros and Henrik Hannus ..... 222
Riserless Casing While Drilling Using a Dual Gradient Mud System
Sigbjørn Sangesland, Geir Tandberg and Jøren Breda ..... 227
Nonlinear Dynamic Response of a Steel Catenary Riser at the Touch-Down Point
Luciano de A. Campos and Clóvis Arruda Martins ..... 234
Dynamics in the Touchdown Region of Catenary Moorings
Jason I. Gobat and Mark A. Grosenbaugh ..... 239
An Analytic Model for Static Analysis of Catenary Risers
G. Moe and Ø. Arntsen ..... 248
Local Riser Impact: F.E. Model Validation Using Laboratory Impact Tests
S.R. Wilmshurst, H.H. Chan, C.P. Ellinas and T. Moros ..... 254
Local Riser Impact: The Effect of Neoprene Coatings
S.R. Wilmshurst, H.H. Chan, C.P. Ellinas and T. Moros ..... 261
An Assessment of the Application of the Hilbert Spectrum to the Fatigue Analysis of Marine Risers
B.M. Gravier, N.J. Napal, J.A. Pelstring, D.A. Jordan and R.W. Miksad ..... 268
Steady Current-Induced Drag on Piggyback Risers
Robert Olsen, Shan Huang and Nigel Barltrop ..... 276
Numerical Analysis of Wire Ropes Considering Coupled Extensional and Torsional Behaviour
José R.M. de Sousa, Marcos Q. de Siqueira, Gilberto B. Ellwanger, Léa M.B. Troina, Márcio M. Mourelle and Luís Cláudio S. Costa ..... 281
Numerical Prediction of the Dynamics of a Sea-Plow System
James J. Burgess ..... 288
Effect of the Selection of Mooring System on Characteristics of Platforms in Wave and Ice Conditions
E. Toropov, O. Gladkov, A. Gintovt, D. Mirzoev, A. Bolshev and S. Frolov ..... 295
Mooring a Drilling Semi Over a Pre-Installed Riser System – West Alpha at Snorre B
Erik Falkenberg, Jun Xu, Grzegorz Odor, Simen Moxnesand Hans H. Bruu ..... 299
Dynamic Analysis of the DICAS Mooring Configuration for Floating Systems
G.B. Matter, J.S. Sales Jr., S.H. Sphaier, S.H.S. Correa and I.Q. Masetti ..... 306
Deep and Long Range AUV "URASHIMA"
Taro Aoki, Tadahiro Hyakudome, Toshiaki Nakamura, Kenkichi Tamura, Hiroshi Ochi, Takashi Murashima, Satoshi Tsukioka, Hidehiko Nakajoh, Tadahiko Ida, Katsufumi Akazawa and Kikuo Hashimoto ..... 314
Performance of a Tip-Driven Electric Thruster for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
S.M. Abu Sharkh, S.R. Turnock and G. Draper ..... 321
Integron-Based Control Architecture for AUVs
Roberto Luiz C.B. Ramos and José Reinaldo Silva ..... 325
Hydrodynamic Mitigation of Washover Effects Associated with Surface-Towed Antenna Bodies
James H. Clark ..... 333
Effects of Unsteady Lift and Cable Tension on Design of a Control System of a Towed Vehicle
Satoru Yamaguchi, Wataru Koterayama and Takashi Yokobiki ..... 339
Oil Spreading in Cold Waters – A Model Suitable for Broken Ice
Janne K.Ø. Gjøsteen ..... 346
Design Criteria for a New Generation of Oil Skimming Vessels
Günther F. Clauss, Rolf Habel and Martin Vannahme ..... 352
A Review Analysis of International and Greek Databases Concerning Oil Spills: The Case of a New Greek Oil Spill Database
Nikolas P. Ventikos, Konstantinos P. Dilzas and Harilaos N. Psaraftis ..... 360
Development of Oil Boom System for Stormy Weather
Eiichi Kobayashi, Yoshiharu Shigeiri, Yoshiyuki Nishimura, Kiyoto Oe, Seigi Yamase and Kunihiro Ikegami ..... 366
Research and Development of Oil Skimmer for Stormy Weather
Shirou Ono, Hideo Yamaga, Yuiti Katoh, Yoshiharu Shigeiri, Hiroomi Ozawa, Hiroyuki Nakagawa and Hideyuki Omori ..... 374
Special Information-Analytical System on the Shelf Arctic Seas Environmental Conditions
Dilijan A. Mirzoev, Alexander S. Tsvetsinsky, Valentin S. Tuzhilkin, Boris V. Arkchipov and Alexander A. Vorontsov ..... 381
The Relationships between the Winter North Western Siberia Wind Velocity and the North Atlantic Oscillation
Vladimir N. Kryjov ..... 387
Structural Design of Movable Gate of Coastal Floating Unit
H. Kusumoto and Y. Takeda ..... 391
An Experimental Study of Heated Surface Jet in a Wave Environment
M. Di Natale and D. Vicinanza ..... 396
Analysis of Breakwater-Induced Environmental Effects at Pescara (Adriatic Sea, Italy) Channel-Harbor
F. Lalli, D. Berti, M. Miozzi, F. Miscione, B. Porfidia, L. Serva, E. Vittori and G.P. Romano ..... 404
Probability Analysis of Soil Instability Under Random Waves
Shaoli Yang, Jingdong Liu and Lars Grande ..... 409
Using a Method to Determine the Coefficient of Consolidation of Two Clays
T.W. Feng ..... 413
Thermo-Viscoplastic Model for Soft Clays
Nobuharu Abe ..... 417
Method of Examining Data Measured in the Constant-Rate-of-Strain Consolidation Test
M. Shimizu and J. Imamura ..... 425
Influence of Inherent Particle Characteristics on the Flow Behavior and Strength Properties of Particulate Materials
Beena Sukumaran and Alaa K. Ashmawy ..... 430
Elasto-Viscoplastic Modeling of Consolidation Behavior of Natural Clays
Nobuharu Abe ..... 437
Dependence of Liquid Limit on Grain Size Distribution
Mitsuharu Fukuda, Seiji Suwa, Takao Uno, Sung Zae Park and Gyeong Hwan Jeong ..... 442
Elasto-Plastic Volume Change of Unsaturated Compacted Clay
I. Zakaria ..... 446
Deep Penetration in Soft Clay with Strength Increasing with Depth
Q. Lu, Y. Hu and M.F. Randolph ..... 453
Mitigation of Seismic Hazard on Retaining Structures — A Numerical Experiment
Hemanta Hazarika ..... 459
Mechanical Properties of Foamed Alumina Cements
Jong-Shin Huang ..... 465
Analytical Technique for the Interpretation of Measured Pore Pressures in Shallow Marine Sediments
Glen R. Andersen, Philip J. Valent and S. Peter Gonzales ..... 469
Response of Coulomb-Damped Poroelastic Seabed to Waves
Ching-piao Tsai, Tsong-Lin Lee and D.S. Jeng ..... 476
Geotechnical Properties of Marine Sediments from Acoustic Measurements
Horst G. Brandes ..... 482
Sample Quality of Pleistocene Clay and Influence of Residual Effective Stress
F. Rito, N. Ohmukai, H. Tanaka and M. Tanaka ..... 488
Sample Quality Evaluation of Soft Clays Using Six Types of Samplers
Masanori Tanaka, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Dinesh R. Shiwakoti ..... 493
The Role of Fines in the Shear and Liquefaction of a Volcanic Soil ‘Shirasu’ as a Reclamation Material
M. Hyodo, Y. Nakata, N. Yoshimoto, Y. Kato and T. Okabayashi ..... 501
Empirical Formula on Floor Response Spectrum
Li-Ling Hong and Yu-Chin Chen ..... 508
Influence of Clay Content and Clay Type on Cyclic Behavior of Compacted Intermediate Soils
M.A. El Mesmary, Y. Nabeshima and T. Matsui ..... 512
Influences of Wave Force on Liquefaction Behavior of Seabed Soil
Lien-kwei Chien and Chih-hsin Chang ..... 518
Effects of Fabric on Steady State and Liquefaction Resistance
Yao-Chung Chen and Jiun-Chi Chuang ..... 524
Liquefaction Behavior of Toyoura Sand Under Cyclic Strain Controlled Triaxial Testing
Kazunori Uchida and James David Stedman ..... 530
Seismic Response of Reinforced Earth Wall Faced by Concrete Block
Norihiko Sakata, Itsuo Sakashita, Mitsunobu Aoshima and Tamotsu Matsui ..... 537
Field Testing of Suction Embedded Plate Anchors
Bob Wilde, Hans Treu and Tom Fulton ..... 544
Ultimate Horizontal Loading Capacity of Suction Piles
Sangchul Bang and Yeongki Cho ..... 552
A Comparison of Uplift and Bearing Behaviour of Plate Anchors in Soft Clay
N. Santosh Rao and Manoj Datta ..... 560
Field Measurements on the Holding Power of Mooring Anchors
Yoshi-hiko Maeno, Motoyasu Ishikawa, Yuji Kumagai and Hirofumi Kawamoto ..... 566
Installation and Pull-Out Capacity of Stiffened Suction Caissons in Cohesive Sediments
A.R. House and M.F. Randolph ..... 574
Capacity of Driven Piles in Clays and Sands on the Basis of Pile Load Tests
Carl J.F. Clausen and Per Magne Aas ..... 581
A Field Investigation into the Performance of Compaction Grout piles
Adel M. El-Kelesh and Tamotsu Matsui ..... 587
Friction Pile-Soil Interaction Subjected to Cyclic Axial Loads
Kazem Fakharian ..... 594
Anchor Selection and Installation for Shallow and Deepwater Mooring Systems
Roderick Ruinen and Gijs Degenkamp ..... 600
A Case Study on Lateral Movement of Bridge Abutment
Won-Pyo Hong, Young-Suk Song and Seung-Joo Lee ..... 607
A Centrifuge Study of Suction Pile Installation in Sand
Youseok Kim, Seongwoon Kim, Joongbai Park, Sungjoon Kim, Heungseok Kim and Kyoungo Kim ..... 615
Centrifuge Modelling of Suction Pile Installation Using a Percussion Technique
H.G.B. Allersma, J.R. Hogervorst and M. Pimoulle ..... 620
Installation of Offshore Concrete Structure with Skirt Foundation
Naoki Masui, Hiroshi Yoneda, Yosinobu Zenda, Masato Ito, Yasuhiro Iida and Jon Hermstad ..... 626
Dynamic Loading to Sea Bed by Direct Dumping
M. Miyake, T. Yanagihata, T. Tsurugasaki and S. Baba ..... 631
Effect of Pile Diameter on Bearing Mechanism of Cast-in-Place Bored Piles
K. Oda and T. Matsui ..... 639
Full-Scale Monitoring of Troll A Concrete Platform: A Huge Gravity-Based Structure on Soft Clay
Cecilie Huslid ..... 647
Effect of Rate of Loading on Uplift Capacity of a Model Pile in Clay
Abdullah I. Al-Mhaidib ..... 656
Guidance for Design of Suction Caissons Against Buckling During Installation in Clay Soils
R. Pinna, C.M. Martin and B.F. Ronalds ..... 662
Characteristics of Heavy Metal Migration in Contaminated Soil by Electrokinetic Technique
Soo-Sam Kim, Sang-Jae Han, Seung-Yong Jung and Yeon-Soo Jang ..... 669
Stress Distribution in Reclaimed Land Under a Geogrid-Reinforced Granular Pad
E.C. Shin, D.H. Kim, B.M. Das and E.S. Lee ..... 676
Applicability and Performance of Substitutional Filling Materials for Compaction Methods in Field Tests
Hideo Tsuboi, Hirofumi Shono, Kenji Harada and Tamotsu Matsui ..... 681
Model Tests on Consolidation Behavior of Soft Clay Ground Improved by Plastic Board Drain
Seung Kyong You, Kazuhiro Oda and Tamotsu Matsui ..... 687
Electrokinetic Strengthening of Marine Clay Adjacent to Offshore Foundations
S. Micic, J.Q. Shang and K.Y. Lo ..... 694
Assessment of Dynamic Property of Reclaimed Lands from Observed Microtremors
Kiyoshi Hayakawa, Tamotsu Matsui, Teruyuki Hamada and Yukihiko Kani ..... 702
Conductor Survival in Lightweight Upper Ocean Working Cables
Walter Paul and Doug Bentley ..... 708
Acceleration of Self-Weight Consolidation for Dredged Clay Using Plastic Board Drain
Ken-ichi Sato, Tadaaki Nomura and Nobuo Yoshida ..... 715
Stability Analysis of Extensible Flexible Marine Pipes Transporting Fluid
Somchai Chucheepsakul, Tseng Huang and Tinnakorn Monprapussorn ..... 722
Direct Heated Flowlines in the Åsgard Field
Svein Dretvik and Atle Harald Børnes ..... 730