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VOLUME II , 2000 (ISBN 1-880653-48–6)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-2000 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii
3-D Responses of Vertical Pipe Bottom Pin-Joined to a Horizontal Pipe to Ship Motion and Thrust on Pipe — Part II: Comparison of MSE and FEM Results (A)
Jin S. Chung ..... 1
Review of Design Criteria for Deepwater Risers and Mooring Systems in a Multidirectional Environment
R.M.C. Silva, C.E. Parente, J.M. Vasconcellos, B.P. Jacob and A.C. Fernandes ..... 8
Memory Effects on Dynamics of Risers for Upwelling Deep Ocean Water
Koji Otsuka, Akiyoshi Bando and Yoshiho Ikeda ..... 15
Identification of Modes of VIV on a Drilling Riser from Measurements of Acceleration and Rate of Rotation
Karl E. Kaasen ..... 23
Deflection of Flexible Risers Subjected to Ocean Currents
G.K. Furnes ..... 29
Assessment of Alternative Approaches for the Representation of Torque and Twist in Pipeline and Riser Analysis
T.P. Mullarkey, J.F. McNamara and, D.W. Lang ..... 37
Hydrate and Wax Prevention of Risers by Electrical Heating
Vidar Henrik Halvorsen, Jens Kristian Lervik and Gunnar Klevjer ..... 42
Fatigue Design of Risers: An Improved Methodology Incorporating a Transverse Hydrodynamic Force Model
O.B. Sertã, S.H. Sphaier and A.C. Fernandes ..... 49
A Parametric Analysis of Steel Catenary Risers: Fatigue Behavior Near the Top
C.A. Martins, E. Higashi and R.M.C. Silva ..... 54
Combined Riser-Bundle-Template Installed by Controlled Depth Tow Method
Christian Knutsen ..... 60
Statistical Variability in PET Fiber Physical Properties
Forrest Sloan and Jeff Funderburk ..... 68
Experimental and Numerical Study on Deep Sea Mooring of Ocean Observation Platform
Wataru Koterayama, Masahiko Nakamura, Naoyuki Takatsu and Tetsuro Ikebuchi ..... 73
A Comparative Analysis Between Analytical and FE-Based Models for Flexible Pipes Subjected to Axisymmetric Loads
R. Ramos Jr., C.P. Pesce and C.A. Martins ..... 80
A New Concept of Multipoint Mooring System Fan Weathervane Multipoint Counterweight Mooring (FWMCM)
Jie-cheng Chen ..... 89
Studies on the Dynamics of Truncated Mooring Line
Xiaohong Chen, Jun Zhang, Peter Johnson and Mehernosh Irani ..... 94

Bundle Pipeline Installation Technique for a Curved Route
Chul H. Jo, B.H. Han, W.J. Song, I.S.Jang and C.W. Park ..... 102
Submerged Floating Pipeline in Deep Water
Gunnar Paulsen, Tore H. Søreide and Finn Gunnar Nielsen ..... 108
Remotely Controlled Pipeline Isolation System
Jostein Aleksandersen and Edd Tveit ..... 115
Design Methodology for Upgrading of Pipeline Transport Systems, Case Studies
Hroar Nes, Lars Sortland, Ketil Kathrud and Svein Terje Kolstad ..... 120
Experiment on Formation Rate of Methane Hydrate
T. Arai, Y. Kato, T. Ebinuma, T. Uchida, H. Narita and K. Matsuo ..... 127
Testing of Instrumentation for the Identification of Wax in a Hydrocarbon Pipeline
G.H. Smith, E.H. Owens, R. Snodgrass and D. Russell ..... 131
The Smart Acquisition and Analysis Module (SAAM) for Pipeline Inspection
D. Russell, R. Snodgrass and G.H. Smith ..... 137
A Method to Obtain High Reliability for Mechanical Pipeline Couplings
Tore Mellem ..... 141
FEA-Based Seabed Intervention Design for Pipeline Bundle System
Ruxin Song, Christian Knutsen and Gang Dong ..... 147
On the Interaction of Pipe Lines on the Seabed
K.G. Rados, D. Pitt, D.M. Macfarlane and D.E. Dimla Snr ..... 155
Numerical Modeling of Gas Leakage of Pipeline Under Seawater
Bao-Shi Shiau ..... 162
Collapse of UOE Manufactured Steel Pipes
A.M. Gresnigt, R.J. van Foeken and Shilin Chen ..... 170
Residual Strength of Dented Pipelines, DNV Test Results
O.H. Bjørnøy, Ole Rengård, Stein Fredheim and Patrick Bruce ..... 182
Residual Strength of Corroded Pipelines, DNV Test Results
O.H. Bjørnøy, G. Sigurdsson and E. Cramer ..... 189
Steady-State Buckle Propagation in Corroded Pipelines
Michelle S. Hoo Fatt, Yi L. Liu and Jianghong Xue ..... 197
A New Buckle Arrestor for Reeled Pipe-in-Pipe
Antoine H. Bastard ..... 205
Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Process of Local Scour Around Pipelines
Fangjun Li and Liang Cheng ..... 212
Subsea Pipeline Stability in Various Trench Sections
Chul H. Jo, Kyung-Su Kim and Sung G. Hong ..... 218
In-Service Buckling of Submarine Pipelines with an Arbitrary Initial Out-of-Straightness
S. Kapuria, V.Y. Salpekar and S. Sengupta ..... 226
Finite Element Based Fracture Assessment of HP/HT Subsea Pipelines
T. Sriskandarajah, G. Anurudran and P. Ragupathy ..... 234
Materials and Design of High Strength Pipelines
Yong Bai, Gerhard Knauf and Hans-Georg Hillenbrand ..... 244
Bending Moment Capacity of Groove Corroded Pipes
Søren Hauch and Yong Bai ..... 253
Assessment of Pipeline Girth Weld Defects
Miaomou J. Chen, Gang Dong, Rolf A. Jakobsen and Yong Bai ..... 263
Case Studies in Pipeline Free Span Fatigue
Angus Reid, Trond I. Grytten and Per R. Nystrøm ..... 275
Risk-Based Inspection and Integrity Management of Pipeline Systems
John Willcocks and Yong Bai ..... 285

CFD Modelling of a Novel Electromagnetic Tip-Driven Thruster
A.W. Hughes, S.R. Turnock and S.Abu Sharkh ..... 294
Design and Testing of a Novel Electromagnetic Tip-Driven Thruster
A.W. Hughes, S. Abu Sharkh and S.R. Turnock ..... 299
Ice-Penetrating Communication Buoy for AUV Operating in the Arctic
Armen Bahlavouni, Douglas Andersen and Peter J. Stein ..... 304
Dynamics and Control Simulator for the Theseus AUV
Mae L. Seto and George D. Watt ..... 308
Design of an Underwater Vehicle-Mounted Manipulator System and Non-Regressor Based Adaptive Control
Seok-Won Hong, Pan-Mook Lee, Bong-Hwan Jeon and Chong-Moo Lee ..... 314
Dynamic Simulation of a Multi-Cable Underwater Towed System
Guoliang Huang and Jun Lu ..... 320

The Strongest Chi-Chi Earthquake of the Century in Taiwan
Robert Y.P. Chin ..... 326
Centrifuge Modelling on Suction Piles Under Cyclic and Long Term Vertical Loading
H.G.B. Allersma, A.A. Kierstein and D. Maes ..... 334
A Theoretical Study of the Vertical Uplift Capacity of Suction Caissons
W. Deng and J.P. Carter ..... 342
The Effect on Installation on the Pullout Capacity of Ground Anchor
I. Zakaria ..... 350
Development and Validation of Mooring Line Analysis in Cohesive Seafloor
S. Bang, H. Han and R.J. Taylor ..... 355
Modelling the Vertical Response of Untrenched Offshore Pipelines
J. Zhang, D.P. Stewart and M.F. Randolph ..... 360
Bearing Capacity of Unsaturated Oil-Contaminated Sand
Eun Chul Shin and Braja M. Das ..... 368
Mechanism of Slurry Trench Wall Stability in Soft Clay Grounds
Satoshi Fukui, Tomio Tamano and Tamotsu Matsui ..... 374
Dynamic Behavior of Buried Water Pipe with a Ball Type Flexible Joint in Liquefied Ground
Yasuo Tanaka, Akio Kuruma, Tsuyoshi Asada and Yoshihiro Mizoguchi ..... 381
Design Concept and Some Case Histories of Steel Grid Reinforced Earth Wall
Kenzo Uchihata, Norihiko Sakata, Noriyasu Ogawa, Tamotsu Matsui and Yasuyuki Nabeshima ..... 386
The Behavior of PC-Pile Group Subjected to Lateral Loading
Sheng-Huoo Ni and Ming-Jen Chuang ..... 391
Consolidation Parameters from Axial Pile Load Tests
U.A.A. Mirza ..... 395
A Case Study on the Application of Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) and CAPWAP Analysis to Bearing Capacity of Piles
Kazem Fakharian ..... 403
Deep Penetrating Anchor: Further Development, Optimization and Capacity Verification
Jon Tore Lieng, Arne Kavli, Frode Hove and Tor Inge Tjelta ..... 410
Model Tests of Borehole Excavation for Enlarged-Bottom Cast-in-Place Pile
Masanobu Kanaoka, Tran Thi Hong, Nguyen Hoang Quan and Tomio Tamano ..... 417
Jumbo Piston Coring in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico for Seabed Geohazard and Geotechnical Investigations
Armand J. Silva and William R. Bryant ..... 424
Drained Test Simulations for Clay by Strain Path Controlled Mini-Triaxial Test Device
Y. Nabeshima, K. Oda and T. Matsui ..... 434
Sedimentation State of Ariake Clays in Japan
Zhenshun Hong and Takashi Tsuchida ..... 438
Consolidation Characteristics of Osaka Pleistocene Clay by Separated-Type Consolidometer
M.S. Kang and T. Tsuchida ..... 444
A Case Study on the Slope Instability of Coastal Park in Southern Taiwan
D.H. Hsiao and L.J. Huang ..... 448
A Study on Small Strain Shear Modulus of Undisturbed Soft Marine Clays
Dinesh R. Shiwakoti, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Masanori Tanaka and Osamu Mishima ..... 455
A Portable Percussion Probe for In Situ Characterization of Marine Carbonate Sands and Other Sediments
M.J. Cruickshank, T.A. Shimabukuro and R.H. Knapp ..... 461
Ultimate Capacities of Suction Caissons and Pile Elements for Deepwater Applications
William O. McCarron and Beena Sukumaran ..... 466
Consolidation and Strength Properties of Calcareous Sediments from Kaneohe and Kailua Bays, Hawaii
Horst G. Brandes, Nandkumar H. Khadge and Devin D. Nakayama ..... 470
Electrochemical Treatment of Polluted Soils
A.M.O. Mohamed ..... 477
Evaluating Undrained Shear Strength Using the Vane Shear Apparatus
P.G. Watson, N. Suemasa and M.F. Randolph ..... 485
Evaluation of the Liquefaction Potential of Calcareous Sand
B.T. Morioka and P.G. Nicholson ..... 494
Size and Shape of Tamper’s Base in Dynamic Compaction of Loose Sands
T.W. Feng, K.H. Chen and Y.T. Su ..... 501
Using Multi-Neural Network to Estimate the Screening Effect of Surface Waves by In-Filled Trenches
Sheng-Huoo Ni and Chang-Chi Hung ..... 506
Soft Ground Improvement by Paper, Pack and Menard Drains
H.I. Chung, H.S. Jin and K.N. Jin ..... 514
Self-Weight Consolidation Behaviour of Dredged Clay Improved by Plastic Board Drain
Ken-ichi Sato, Nobuo Yoshida and Tadaaki Nomura ..... 520
Stability of Refuse Landfill Reinforced by Stone Columns
B.W. Shin, B.J. Lee, J.S. Yoon and W.S. Bae ..... 524
Stability of Rubble Mounds on Soft Grounds Improved by Deep Soil Mixing Method
W. P. Hong and Y.S. Song ..... 530
Properties and Applicability of Filling Material for Compaction Pile Method
Hideo Tsuboi, Kenji Harada, Minoru Yamamoto and Tamotsu Matsui ..... 538
Dredged Sludge Treated by Cement: Mechanical Resistance, Porosity and Leaching Properties Analysis
D. Levach
its by On-Line Seismic Response Tests
T. Fujii, M. Hyodo, K. Fukuda and S. Kusakabe ..... 564
Seismic Behavior of Caisson-Type Foundation in Clayey Ground During the Earthquake Using the Centrifuge Shaking Test
Takeshi Satoh, Tamotsu Nagata, Kazuhiro Tshrugasaki, Michio Miyake, Tamotsu Matsui, Akinori Nakahira, Ikuo Aoshima and Hiroshi Murakami ..... 570
An Experimental Study on the Stability of Open-Ended Pipe Piles Installed in Deep Sea During the Simulated Seaquake
Moon S. Nam and Yongkyu Choi ..... 576
On Liquefaction Countermeasure in the Soil Around a Caisson Type Quay Wall on Pile Foundation
Tomiya Takatani and Yoshi-hiko Maeno ..... 582
Wave-Induced Seabed Instability
A. Nanda, M. Paul and S. Bhowal ..... 590
The Effects of Anisotropy Consolidation on Liquefaction Strength and Deformation for Reclaimed Soil
Lien-Kwei Chien, Yan-Nam Oh and Chih-Hsin Chang ..... 594
Wave-Induced Sea Bed Liquefaction with Application to Mine Burial
N. Gratiot and M. Mory ..... 600
Cyclic Shear Behaviour of Marine Clays
M. Hyodo, S. Ito, Y. Yamamoto and T. Fujii ..... 606
Dispersion Phenomena of SH-Wave Caused by Obstacle in Layered Soil Strata
Jenq-Jy Charng, Shaw-Wen Liu, Yun-Jiunn Yeh and Yan-June Suen ..... 612
FE Analysis for T-Bar and Spherical Penetrometers in Cohesive Soil
Q. Lu, Y. Hu and M.F. Randolph ..... 617
Bounding Surface Plasticity Model for Loose Beach Sand Under Cyclic Loading
Robert Yun-Pin Chin ..... 624
A New Approach to the Finite Element Slope Stability Analysis Incorporating the Slice and the Pile Deformations
Hemanata Hazarika, Yasutaka Terado and Hirohide Hayamizu ..... 630
Finite Difference Analysis to Obtain the Rate of Consolidation Over a Stress Range Below and Above the Pre-Consolidation Pressure
Kazuyasu Shirakawa and Yasuo Tanaka ..... 637
Wave-Induced Seabed Instability
M. Miyake and T. Yanagihata ..... 642
The Rate Effect on pc Value for Nine Undisturbed Marine Clays
H. Tanaka, O. Mishima and M. Tanaka ..... 649

Deepwater Riser Systems: Riser Local Impact
H.H. Chan, S.R. Wilmshurst, C.P. Ellinas and T. Moros ..... 653
Usage of Cruie Depths for the Determination of Geothermal Areas in the Izmir Bay
E. Özel ..... 661
Inverse Analysis for Elastic Medium with Various Lozenge Cavities Under In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Loadings
Masayuki Shozu ..... 665
Modeling of Suction Caisson Foundations
Sherif El-Gharbawy and Roy Olson ..... 670