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VOLUME II , 1999 (ISBN 1-880653-41-9)


Hotpipe Project: Design Guideline for High Temperature/High Pressure Pipelines
Kim J. Mørk, Leif Collberg, Erik Levold and Roberto Bruschi ..... 1
Hotpipe Project: Use of Analytical Models/Formulas in Prediction of Lateral Buckling and Interacting Buckles
Maurizio Spinazzè, Luigino Vitali and Richard Verley ..... 9
Hotpipe Project: Capacity of Pipes Subject to Internal Pressure, Axial Force and Bending Moment
Luigino Vitali, Roberto Bruschi, Kim J. Mørk, Erik Levold and Richard Verley ..... 22
Hotpipe Project: Snaking of Submarine Pipelines Resting on Flat Sea Bottom Using Finite Element Method
Enrico Torselleti, Luigino Vitali, Erik Levold ..... 34
Hotpipe Project: A Study of the Selection of Remedial Measures to Tackle/Control the Development of Excessive Bending
Maurizio Spinazzè, Enrico Torselleti, Erik Levold ..... 46
Controlled Lateral Buckling of Large Diameter Pipeline by Snaked Lay
Rob Preston, Frank Drennan and Colin Cameron ..... 58
Critical Aspects of Shell ETAP HP/HT Pipe-in-Pipe Pipeline Design and Construction
B.S. Sahota, P. Ragupathy and R. Wilkins ..... 64
Local Buckling and Plastic Collapse of Corroded Pipes with Yield Anisotropy
Yong Bai, Søren Hauch and Jens C. Jensen ..... 74
Influence of Variable Foundation and Cover Response on Vertical Buckling of Pipelines
E.A. Maschner and L.A. Wood ..... 82
Multi-Bundle Pipeline Installation Technique Applied to Yong-Jong Island
Chul H. Jo ..... 89
New Concept of Export Line for Deepwater Fields
Jean-Luc Legras and Didier Traube ..... 96
Oil Transport Alternatives from the Caspian Sea
Deniz Güney and Ove T. Gudmestad ..... 99
Complex Assessment of Natural Conditions for Offshore Pipeline Route Optimization
Sergey Alekseev, Alexander Dobrotvorsky, Alexey Serebryakov and Elena Stavrova ..... 106
Introduction to the Update of DNV'96, DNV OS F101; Submarine Pipeline Systems
Leif Collberg ..... 112
Introduction and Background to DNV RP-F101 "Corroded Pipelines"
O.H. Bjørnøy, B. Fu, G. Sigurdsson, E.H. Cramer and D. Ritchie ..... 117
Modern Line Pipe Steels Designed for Sophisticated Subsea Projects for Sweet and Sour Gas
A. Streisselberger, P. Flüss and J. Bauer, C.J. Bennett ..... 125
A Finite-Element Model for In-Situ Behavior of Offshore Pipelines on Uneven Seabed and Its Application to On-Bottom Stability
Bjørn A. Ose, Yong Bai, Per R. Nystrøm and Per A. Damsleth ..... 132
Hot Tapping on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Ståle Størkersen and Thomas Sunde ..... 141
Nonlinear Vibrations of a Pipeline Under the Action of Pressure Waves in Fluid
M.A. Ilgamov and R.L. Lukmanov ..... 145
Stress Analysis of Damaged Submarine Pipeline Using Finite Element Method
B. Pal and V.Y. Salpekar ..... 153
Fishing Gear Interaction on HP/HT Pipe-in-Pipe Systems
T. Sriskandarajah, P. Ragupathy, G. Anurudran and R. Wilkins ..... 160
Effect of Initial Imperfections on the Lateral Buckling of Subsea Pipelines
T. Sriskandarajah, S. Dong, S. Sribalachandran and R. Wilkins ..... 168
Simulations of Ratcheting of HP/HT Flowlines
Yong Bai, June Y. Nielsen and Per Damsleth ..... 176
An Elasto-Plastic Model for Pipe-Soil Interaction of Unburied Pipelines
J. Zhang, M.F. Randolph and D.P. Stewart ..... 185
Reflection Induced by Large Pipe on an Erodible Bed
C. Dulou, M. Belzons and V. Rey ..... 193
Fatigue Due to Vortex-Induced Crossflow Oscillations in Free Spanning Pipelines Supported on Elastic Soil Bed
S. Kapuria, V.Y. Salpekar and S. Sengupta ..... 197
Numerical Flow Visualization of Vortex Shedding Flow Over a Circular Cylinder Near a Plane Boundary
C. Lei, L. Cheng and K. Kavanagh ..... 204
Numerical Simulation of Pipeline Local Scour with Lee-Wake Effects
Fangjun Li and Liang Cheng ..... 212
Floatation of Buried Pipeline Under Cyclic Loading of Water Pressure
S. Maeno, W. Magda and H. Nago ..... 217
Non-Linear Bending Behaviour of Offshore Flexible Pipes
E. Kebadze and I. Kraincanic ..... 226
Alternative Configurations for Steel Catenary Risers for Turret-Moored FPSOs
Breno P. Jacob, Marta C.T. Reyes, Beatriz S.L.P. de Lima, Ana L.F.L. Torres, Marcio M. Mourelle and Renato C.M. Silva ..... 234
Design of Deepwater Metallic Risers
Finn Kirkemo, Kim J. Mørk and Nils Sødahl and Bernt Leira ..... 240
Torsional Buckling of Vertical Risers
G.M. Katsaounis and V.J. Papazoglou ..... 248
Analytical and Closed Form Solutions for Deep Water Riser-Like Eigenvalue Problem
C.P. Pesce, A.L.C. Fujarra, A.N. Simos and E.A. Tannuri ..... 255
3-D Responses of Vertical Pipe Bottom Pin-Joined to a Horizontal Pipe to Ship Motion and Thrust on Pipe - Part I: MSE and FEM Modeling
Jin S. Chung and B. Cheng ..... 265
Implementation of Elastoplastic Material Laws in Dynamic Riser Analysis with Applications to Reeled Pipes
Daniel Averbuch, Jean-Michel Heurtier and Vu-Hieu Nguyen ..... 272
Active Control of Longitudinal Vibration and Axial Stress Caused in Pipe String for Mining Manganese Nodules in Deep Sea
Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Goro Obinata and Kazuo Aso ..... 278
Influence of Transported Fluid on Behavior of an Extensible Flexible Riser/Pipe
Somchai Chucheepsakul, Tseng Huang and Tinnakorn Monprapussorn ..... 286
3-D Numerical Analysis of a Long Slender Marine Structure Under Combined Axial and Lateral Excitations
Han-il Park, Dong-ho Jung and Chun-jun Piao ..... 294
Dynamic Analysis of Deep Seawater Risers
Koji Otsuka, Akiyoshi Bando and Yoshiho Ikeda ..... 302
Parametric Analysis of Steel Catenary Risers Under Extreme Loads
C.A. Martins, C.A.N. Harada, A.B. Costa, and R.M.C. Silva ..... 309
Parametric Analysis of Steel Catenary Risers: Fatigue Behavior Near the Touchdown Point
C.A. Martins, A.B. Costa and C.A.N. Harada and R.M.C. Silva ..... 314
Investigation into Three Mooring Line - Seabed Interaction Models for Frequency-Domain Mooring Line Dynamic Analysis
Shukai Wu ..... 320
Moored System Damping Evaluation Using Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis
Celso Velasco Raposo and Tiago A. Piedras Lopes ..... 326
Comparison of Numerical Methods for Predicting the Dynamic Behavior of Mooring Lines
I.K. Chatjigeorgiou and S.A. Mavrakos ..... 332
Modeling the Pay-Out and Reel-In of Cable
Robert F. Zueck ..... 340
Surging Motions of a Towed Undersea Cable Plow
James J. Burgess ..... 345
The Design of Deepwater Moorings Using Fibre Rope Tethers
R.W.P. Stonor, J.C. Trickey and T. Versavel ..... 352
Polyester Rope Mooring Design Considerations
K.H. Lo, H. Xü and L.A. Skogsberg ..... 358
Third Order Model for the Polyester Mooring Cables Dynamics
Antonio C. Fernandes, Ronaldo R. Rossi and Gustavo A.V. Castro ..... 364
Testing of Large Cables for Mooring Line Applications
P. Davies, R. Baizeau, F. Grosjean and M. François ..... 369
Testing of a Large-Diameter Polyester Rope Offshore West Africa
L. Foulhoux, S. Pennec, G. Damy and P. Davies ..... 377
Experience and Developments in Fibre Rope Mooring Certification
M. François ..... 385
10,000-Meter Class Deep Sea ROV "KAIKO" and Underwater Operations
Toshinobu Mikagawa, Tsutomu Fukui and "KAIKO" Operation Team ..... 388
Sea Trials of the Deep Scientific System VICTOR 6000
Marc Nokin ..... 395
A Four Quadrant Finite Dimensional Thruster Model
R. Bachmayer, L.L. Whitcomb, and M.A. Grosenbaugh ..... 399
Optimization of Diesel Powered Underwater Vehicles
I.J. Potter, G.T. Reader and J.G. Hawley ..... 407
Boundary Layer Relaminarization in Swimming Fish
A.H. Techet and M.S. Triantafyllou ..... 415
Experimental Study of a Self-Propelled Two-Joint Dolphin Robot
M. Nakashima, K. Tokuo, K. Kaminaga and K. Ono ..... 419
Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance for ROV
B. Deuker and M. Perrier ..... 425
In-Situ Oceanic Turbulence Measurements Using a Mobile AUV Platform
Manhar R. Dhanak and Ken Holappa ..... 431
Visual and Acoustic Terrain Based Navigation
M. Sistiaga, J. Opderbecke, M.J. Aldon and V. Rigaud ..... 435
Successive Learning Track-Keeping Control (SLTC) Algorithm for Seafloor Vehicle
T. Qi and Jin S. Chung ..... 441
From SIRENE to SWIMMER - Supervised Unmanned Vehicles: Operational Feedback from Science to Industry
V. Rigaud and SIRENE Team, Y. Chardard and SWIMMER Team ..... 447
Underwater Operation for Complex Deep Seafloor Observatory Using Demission Submarine Cable
K. Kawaguchi, R. Iwase and H. Momma ..... 452
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Inspection of Submarine Cables
Junichi Kojima, Yoichi Kato and Kenichi Asakawa ..... 458
Mission Planning and Navigation for an AUV
Claude Barrouil and Jérôme Lemaire ..... 463
Developments in the AUV Field and Description of REDERMOR
Frédéric Devie, Jérôme Lemaire, Gilles Mailfert and Norbert Toumelin ..... 469
Dynamics and Control of a Towed Vehicle in Transient Mode
Wataru Koterayama, Masahiko Nakamura and Takashi Yokobiki ..... 476
Study on Ice Loads Acting on Marine Structures: Interim Report of JOIA Project
Kazuyuki Kato, Kazuhiko Kamesaki, Satoshi Akagawa, Takahiro Takeuchi, Tetsuro Kawasaki, Naoki Nakazawa and Akira Kurokawa ..... 483
Field Ice Indentation Tests: 6m-wide (Maximum) with Servo-Controlled Power System and 2D Pressure Measurement System
Satoshi Akagawa, Muneo Kawamura, Takahiro Takeuchi, Hisao Matsushita, Masafumi Sakai and Takashi Terashima ..... 491
Medium-Scale Field Ice Indentation Test (MSFIT): Results of Winter 1998 Tests
Naoki Nakazawa, Satoshi Akagawa, Muneo Kawamura, Masafumi Sakai, Hisao Matsushita, Takashi Terashima, Takahiro Takeuchi, Hiroshi Saeki, and Ken-ichi Hirayama ..... 498
Contact Ratio in Ice/Structure Interaction Based on Statistical Generation of Ice Failure Surface
Takahiro Takeuchi, Mikio Sasaki, Satoshi Akagawa and Muneo Kawamura, Masafumi Sakai, Yasuhiro Hamana, Akira Kurokawa, and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 505
Experimental Study on Ice Sheet Strain Area According to Indentation Velocity in Field Indentation Tests
Masafumi Sakai, Kyo-ichi Narita and Yasuhiro Hamana, Takahiro Takeuchi, and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 512
Experimental Study for First Year Ridge Load
Kazuhiko Kamesaki and Yutaka Yamauchi ..... 518
Medium Scale Field Indentation Tests: Strength Characteristics of the Ice Sheet (First-Year Sea Ice)
Hisao Matsushita, Toru Takawaki, Toichiro Tuboi, Takahiro Takeuchi, Masafumi Sakai, Takashi Terashima and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 523
A Lattice Model of Ice Failure
Mohamed Sayed and Gary W. Timco ..... 528
Use of Mathematical Modeling of Ice Regime for Simulating Ice Load on Sakhalin Offshore Structure
Alexander T. Bekker and Igor Appel ..... 535
Ice Pressure Distributions from First-Year Sea Ice Features Interacting with the Molikpaq in the Beaufort Sea
R. Frederking, G.W. Timco, and B. Wright ..... 541
Experimental Study on Adfreeze Bond Strength Between Ice and Pile Structures
Takashi Terashima, Takaharu Kawai, Atsumi Furuya, Kyo-ichi Narita, and Norihiro Usami and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 549
Mathematical Model for Offshore Platform Structural Vibration by Sea Ice
Wei-Liang Jin, Hai-Bo Li and Zhi-Gang Song ..... 553
The Analysis of Ice Loads on "Molikpaq" for Sakhalin Offshore Conditions
Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Komarova, Tatyana E. Uvarova, and Alexander N. Chetyrbotsky ..... 559
Internal Structure of Hummocks
Stepan V. Zemluk, Vladimir N. Astafiev, Genadiy A. Surkov and Anatoliy M. Polomoshnov ..... 566
Meteorological Conditions and Icing in a Low Stratus Cloud
W. Fuchs, and Klaus-Peter Schickel ..... 569
Analysis of Atmospheric Icing Events Observed at the Mount Valin Test Site During the 1995-96 Season
J. Druez, P. McComber and M. Farzaneh ..... 574
Increased Lift Losses of Airfoils Protected with Anti-Icing Fluids and Submitted to Dynamic Dilution
Gilles Bouchard and Martin Bourbonnais ..... 581
Innovative Airborne Inventory and Inspection Technology for Electric Power Line Condition Assessments in Remote Areas and Cold Climates
Mark Ostendorp ..... 588
Predicting Extreme Loads on a Power Line from Freezing Rainstorms
M.L. Lu, P. Oliver, N. Popplewell and A.H. Shah ..... 594
Estimation of Transmission Line Icing at Different Sites Using a Neural Network
P. McComber, J. Druez, J. De Lafontaine and A. Paradis, and J.N. Laflamme ..... 599
Analysis and Interpretation of Icing Rate Meter and Load Cell Measurements on the Mt. Bélair Icing Site
Konstantin Savadjiev, Masoud Farzaneh, Jacques Druez, Pierre McComber and Alain Paradis ..... 607
DC Flashover of Artificial Ice-Covered Insulators at Low Atmospheric Pressure
M. Farzaneh, Y. Li, S.M. Fikke and H. Mercure ..... 612
Morphogenetic Modelling of Wet Ice Accretions on Transmission Lines as a Result of Freezing Rain
Krzysztof Szilder, Edward P. Lozowski, and Masoud Farzaneh ..... 616
Overview of a New Operational Ice Model
Mohamed Sayed and Tom Carrieres ..... 622
Field Observation on Wave-Ice Interactions in the Okhotsk Sea
Mayumi Dozaki, Tetsuya Hayakawa, and Shigeki Sakai ..... 628
Ice Formation and Hydrodynamics of the Weddell Sea: a Modelling Approach
B. Petit and A. Norro ..... 636
Hummocking of Ice in the Okhotsk Sea
Lev P. Yakunin and Anton K. Skorupsky ..... 643
Transport Corridor East-West as New Stage of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
Igor L. Belchuk ..... 645
LC-130H Parking Curves for Operating from Skiways
Joseph L. Barthelemy ..... 647
USCGC HEALY (WAGB-20): A Modern Platform to Support Polar Research
George Dupree, Jonathan Berkson, Stephen Osmer, Chuck Klingler and Robert Pond ..... 654
Adapting the Canadian Ice Regime System to Operational Ice Navigation
R. Frederking ..... 659
A Consideration on Ship Performance in Broken Ice Sea
Kazuo Nozawa ..... 665
Design Considerations in the Use of Pipe-In-Pipe Systems for Hp/Ht Subsea Pipelines
T. Sriskandarajah, G. Anurudran, P. Ragupathy and R. Wilkins ..... 672
Design Considerations of High-Temperature Pipelines
Wim Guijt ..... 683
The Heat Build-Up and Mechanical Property Characteristics of Polyester and Aramid Rope
Neil Casey, Steve Banfield and Ulrik Bindingsbo ..... 690
Full-Scale Dynamic Measurements of a Shallow-Water Oceanographic Surface Mooring
Mark A. Grosenbaugh and Jason I. Gobat ..... 699