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VOLUME II , 1997 (ISBN 1-880653-30-3)


The NorFra Pipeline Shore Approach: Engineering, Environmental and Construction Challenges
Bernt Thorbjørnsen, Henning Dale, Steinar Eldøy and Massimo Mercanti ..... 1
Instrumentation and Research Program on Confederation Bridge
M.S. Cheung
Experimental Study of the Dynamic Behaviour of a Towed System
G. Duvat and C. Large ..... 17
Advanced Tethered/Non-Tethered Control System for a Large Underwater Vehicle
Xiaocheng Shi and Xinqian Bian ..... 26
A Study on Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Towed Vehicle
Satoru Yamaguchi, Wataru Koterayama and Eiji Sasaki ..... 30
Coupled Motion Simulation of Underwater Towed and Self-Propulsive Vehicle
Ke-Qiang Zhu and Wei-Yang Li ..... 38
3-D Simulation of a Two-Part Underwater Towed System
Jiaming Wu and Allen T. Chwang ..... 44
LMI-Based Design of Robust Controllers for an Underwater Vehicle
Hiroyuki Kajiwara, Wataru Koterayama, Masahiko Nakamura and Shigeru Yugawa ..... 51
The Problem of Synthesis of the Most Effective System for Supporting a Heat Balance in a Diving Chamber of the Hyperbaric Lifeboats
O.A. Kozyrko, Y.V. Zacharov, E.I. Trushlyakov and P.A. Chegrintsev ..... 57
Bifurcation and Normal Forms of Dive Plane Reversal of Submersible Vehicles
Wei Kang and Fotis A. Papoulias ..... 62
New Experimental Results on Shallow-Water Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Motion in Controlled Environments
P.E. An, S.M. Smith, S.E. Dunn, X. Chen and L. Mu ..... 69
Exploring the Possibility of Placing Traditional Marine Vessels Under Oscillating Foil Propulsion
J. Czarnowski, R. Cleary and B. Kreamer ..... 76
Concept Design of a Flexible-Hull Unmanned Undersea Vehicle
Jamie M. Anderson, Michael S. Triantafyllou and Peter A. Kerrebrock ..... 82
AUV Platform Requirements for Ambient Turbulence Measurement
Manhar R. Dhanak and Ken Holappa ..... 89
A Hybrid Navigation System for Underwater Robotic Vehicles
Pan-Mook Lee, Chong-Moo Lee, Seong-Wook Cheong, Jae-Seok Oh and Jun-Ho Oh ..... 93
Sensor Data Fusion in Marine Robotics
John J. Leonard and Christopher M. Smith ..... 100
Reentry of Deepsea Riser by Adaptive Control
Dongho Nam, Hideyuki Suzuki and Koichiro Yoshida ..... 107
Application of Thrusts to Elastic Joints of Long Vertical Pipe in 3-D Nonlinear Motions: Part I. MSE and FEM Modeling
Jin S. Chung, Baorong Cheng and Zhao-Chang Zheng ..... 115
Dynamics of Deep Water Marine Risers - Asymptotic Solutions
Geir Moe and Bjørn Larsen ..... 123
Effect of Axial Deformation on Natural Frequencies of Marine Cables
Somchai Chucheepsakul and Tseng Huang ..... 131
Structural Analysis of Flexible Pipe Using Finite Element Method
Flavio Torres Lopez da Cruz and Carlos Alberto Nunes Dias ..... 137
Fatigue Performance of Deep Water Rigid Marine Risers
G.F.M. de Souza and E. Gonçalves ..... 144
Dynamical Measurements of the Bending Stiffness of Taut Cables
Peter Hagedorn and Ulrich Gutzer ..... 152
Analysis of Resonant Tangential Response in Submerged Cables Resulting from 1-to-1 Internal Resonance
B.L. Newberry and N.C. Perkins ..... 157
Installation Options for Deployment of Light-Weight Telecommunications Cable
James J. Burgess ..... 164
Axial Fatigue of Spiral Strands in Offshore Platform Applications
M. Raoof and M. Alani ..... 169
Transition in the Wake of Flexible Cables and Beams
C. Evangelinos and G.E. Karniadakis ..... 177
Simplified Catenary Force-Deflection Analysis
John F. Flory ..... 185
Nonlinear Contributions in Predicting Dynamic Tensions on Mooring Lines for High and Low Frequencies of Excitation
J.K. Chatjigeorgiou and S.A. Mavrakos ..... 192
A Synthesis Procedure of Mooring System to Reduce Costs and Simplify the Underwater Layout
B.L.R. Andrade, M.R. Martins and H.L. Brinati ..... 200
Transport Support for Oil and Gas Production Facilities on the Sakhalin Offshore
A.M. Polomoshnov and S.V. Astafiev ..... 208
A Numerical Simulation to Determine Ice Scour and Pipeline Burial Depth
Ki-Young Yoon, Kyungsik Choi and Han-Il Park ..... 212
Sour Resistant X65 UOE Line Pipe for Low-Temperature Service
Y. Terada, H. Tamehiro, H. Ishikawa, M. Sugiyama, R. Chijiiwa and N. Ayukawa ..... 220
Technological Regimes of the Natural Gas Transport by Marine Pipelines with Schtokmanovskoe Gas Condensate Field, Barentsevo Sea
N.G. Figarov, V.V. Rusakova and A.S. Tsourikov ..... 226
An Introduction to the DNV 1996 Rules for Submarine Pipeline Systems
Leif Collberg, Tommy Bjørnsen and Kim J. Mørk ..... 233
Stability of Pipeline in Curved Route During Offshore Pipeline Installation
H. Shin, J.B. Kim and Chul H. Jo ..... 243
Prevention of Hydrate Formation in Pipelines by Electrical Methods
Jens Kristian Lervik, Harald Kulbotten and Gunnar Klevjer Norway ..... 249
Force and Vortex Shedding Characteristics of a Circular Cylinder Near a Plane Boundary
C. Lei, K. Kavanagh and L. Cheng ..... 255
Wave Induced Forces on a Submarine Pipeline
F. Raichlen and A. Watanabe ..... 261
Local Scour Around Submarine Pipelines Under Wave Conditions
E. Özkan Çevik and Y. Yüksel ..... 269
The Numerical Simulation of Wave Forces on Seabed Pipeline by Three-Step Finite Element Method and Large Eddy Simulation
Yucheng Li, Bing Chen and Guozhang Lai ..... 273
The Norfra Pipeline: Challenging Shore Approach Handled by Coastal Dynamics Modelling
Hermann Moshagen, Bernt Thorbjørnsen, Per Strass, Bernard Latteux and Marco Venturi ..... 278
An Interface Beam Element for the Analyses of Soil-Structure Interactions and Pipelines
H. Karadeniz ..... 286
Expansion Analysis of Subsea Pipe-in-Pipe Flowline
Gary E. Harrison, Naum Y. Kershenbaum and Han S. Choi ..... 293
3-D Dynamic Buckling and Cyclic Behaviour of HP/HT Flowlines
Per R. Nystrøm, Knut Tørnes, Yong Bai and Per Damsleth ..... 299
Elastic-Plastic Analysis of a Thick-Walled Submarine Pipeline Considering Plastic Compressibility
C.H. Shin ..... 308
Intrinsic Coordinate Elements for Large Deflection of Offshore Pipelines
Poh C. Andrew Ngiam ..... 313
The Behaviour of High Pressure, High Temperature Flowlines on Very Uneven Seabed
Knut Tørnes, Per R. Nystrøm, Per Damsleth and Lars H. Sortland ..... 321
Bends in Steel Pipelines: A New Analytical Model to Calculate Stresses, Strains and Deformations
J. Mennink, A.M. Gresnigt, J. Blaauwendraad and P.Ph.C. Coors ..... 330
Analytical Methods for the Determination of Allowable Free Span Lengths of Subsea Pipelines
H.I. Park and C.H. Kim ..... 337
Non-Linear Finite Element Prediction of Wrinkling in Corroded Pipe
Daniel P. Nicolella and Marina Q. Smith ..... 343
JOIA Project of Study on Ice Load
Hiroshi Saeki, Ken-ichi Hiyayama, Tetsuro Kawasaki, Satoshi Akagawa, Kazuyuki Kato, Kazuhiko Kamesaki,Koji Saka and Akira Kurokawa ..... 349
Distinct Element Simulation of Ice Sheet Failure Against Offshore Structures
K. Katsuragi, M. Ochi, H. Seto and T. Kawasaki ..... 356
Simulation of Ice Loads on a Conical Shaped Structure: Comparison with Experimental Results
Kazuyuki Kato and Koh Izumiyama ..... 360
Medium Scale Field Indentation Tests - Physical Properties and Strength of the Ice Sheet
H. Matsushita, T. Takawaki, K. Masaki, M. Hanada, H. Honda, A. Nishihata, H. Saeki and K. Hirayama ..... 368
Medium-Scale Field Indentation Tests (MSFIT) - Ice Failure Characteristics in Ice/Structure Interactions
Takahiro Takeuchi, Takaharu Masaki, Satoshi Akagawa, Muneo Kawamura, Naoki Nakazawa, Takashi Terashima, Hideki Honda, Hiroshi Saeki and Ken-ichi Hirayama ..... 376
Medium-Scale Field Indentation Tests: Measurements of Ice Sheet Deformation Under Ice-Structure Interactions by Means of Photogrammetry
M. Sakai, M. Aoshima, H. Katsui and M. Suzuki ..... 383
Experimental Studies on Nonsimultaneous Failure Characteristics of Vertical Sided Indentors
Kazuhiko Kamesaki, Hiroyuki Tsukuda and Yutaka Yamauchi ..... 387
Thermal Stressing of Pack Ice
James K. Lewis ..... 394
The Ductile Deformation of Columnar (S2) Saline Ice Under Triaxial Compression
Jeffrey S. Melton and Erland M. Schulson ..... 402
Flexural Strength of Ice with Non-Uniform Thickness
G.W. Timco and A.M. Cornett ..... 410
Temperature Effect on Strength of Ice Under Triaxial Compression
Anatoly M. Fish and Yuri K. Zaretsky ..... 415
Ice Floe Collisions: A Neglected Attribute of Wave Dissipation in Ice Fields
Vernon A. Squire and Hayley H. Shen ..... 423
Discrete and Lattice Models of Floating Ice Covers
Mohamed Sayed ..... 428
Assessment of the Wave-Iceberg Load Combination Factor
Ricardo Foschi, Michael Isaacson, Norman Allyn and Ibrahim Saudy ..... 434
Ice Boom Loads in the St. Lawrence River, 1994-95 & 1995-96
A. Cornett, R. Frederking, B. Morse and S. Dumont ..... 442
Ridge Ice Loads on Proposed Faceted Conical Structure
Zhiguo Wang, Derek B. Muggeridge and Ken. R. Croasdale ..... 449
Vertical Ice Forces on Large-Diameter Marine Structures Under Water Level Changes
Takashi Terashima, Naoki Nakazawa, Akifumi Nishihata, Hideki Honda and Takaharu Kawai ..... 457
Method of Ridge Ice Force Analysis on Offshore Structures
Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Komarova and Sergey L. Vasiljev ..... 461
Experimental Study of the Friction of Ice Over Concrete at the Centimetre Scale
B. Fiorio, J. Meyssonnier and M. Boulon ..... 466
Abrasion of Steel Sheet Piles Due to Ice Flow Movements
Takashi Terashima, Masakuni Hanada, Takaharu Kawai, Kaori Oshima and Fumihiro Hara ..... 473
Discrete Element Modelling of the Local Interaction Between a Stationary Structure and a Moving Ice Pack
K. Sepehr, A.P.S. Selvadurai and G. Comfort ..... 480
Design Parameters for Hummocks and Grounded Hummocks in the Sea of Okhotsk
S.P. Beketsky, V.N. Astafiev and P.A. Truskov ..... 487
Description of Sea Ice Regime for Offshore Construction
A.T. Bekker and I.L. Appel ..... 494
A Methodology for Developing a Scientific Basis for the Ice Regime System
G.W. Timco, R.M.W. Frederking and V.M. Santos-Pedro ..... 498
Real-Time Monitoring of River Ice Floes
Brian Morse, Marc Choquette and Marc Savard ..... 504
Ice Conditions in an Anisotropic Sea Ice Dynamics Model
R.S. Pritchard ..... 508
Numerical Modeling of Ice State for Ship Operation
I. Appel ..... 514
On the Damage of Skeg and Steering Gear of the M/V "Stepan Krasheninnikov" in the Antarctic Ice
N. Barabanov, A. Moskalenko and E. Lapin ..... 521
Landing and Parking Curves for the C-17 Globemaster on Sea Ice: McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Joseph L. Barthelemy ..... 523
Development of a Modern Heavy-Haul Traverse for Antarctica
George L. Blaisdell, Paul W. Richmond, Fred C. Kaiser and Russell G. Alger ..... 529
The Polar Ice Prediction System (PIPS 2.0) - the Navy's Sea Ice Forecasting System
Pamela G. Posey and Ruth H. Preller ..... 537
Characteristics of Frequency Spectra of Wind Waves in the Presence of Sea Ice
Tetsuya Hayakawa, Takahiko Sasajima, Masafumi Yoshino and Chiaki Goto ..... 544
An Analysis of Wave Fields Around a Flexible Sheet Structure with Green Function Method
Ken-ichiro Hamanaka and Masaya Kato ..... 551
Arctic Shoreline Oil Combatting Experiments in 1996 in Murmansk
Jorma Rytkönen, Reetta Piskonen, Merja Itävaara, Gennady Matishov, Vladimir Petrov and Gennady Iluyin ..... 558
The Improvement of Oil Bioremediation on the Shoreline
Jorma Rytkönen, Merja Itävaara and John E. Paulsen ..... 565
Pollution Abatement at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Erick Chiang, Shih-Cheng Chang and Arthur J. Brown ..... 572
On the Adhesion of Oil to Ice
Seppo Liukkonen, Jorma Rytkönen, Alexander Alhimenko and Elena Kniazeva ..... 579
In-Situ Burning: An Alternative Approach to Oil Spill Clean-Up in Arctic Waters
Chantal C. Guénette ..... 587
Modelling Oil Pollution Under Ice Cover
A. Alhimenko, A. Bolshev, A. Yakovlev, K. Klevanny and S. Liukkonen ..... 594
Study of Polluted Air Masses Coming Ways into Arctics
A.M. Prokhorenkov and A.S. Sovlukov ..... 602
Source Locations of Contaminated Sea Ice Derived Using Backward Trajectories from an Ice-Ocean Model
Ruth H. Preller and Pamela G. Posey ..... 608
Intelligent Sensor Protection System for Polar and Marine Environments
Peter J. Stein, Armen Bahlavouni and Douglas W. Andersen ..... 615
Application of the Pivot Point on FCP Diagram to Low-Temperature Fatigue of Materials
Meng-Lan Duan, James C.M. Li and Jing Li ..... 621
A Laboratory Simulation of Wet Icing Build-up on H.V. Insulators
M. Farzaneh and J.-L. Laforte ..... 626
A Theoretical Investigation of the Distribution of Freshwater Spongy Spray on a Vertical Cylinder
R.Z. Blackmore and E.P. Lozowski ..... 633
Atmospheric Icing on Cables of Different Flexibilities
Pierre McComber, Jacques Druez and Jean Laflamme ..... 640
Ice Accretion and Shedding on Overhead Line Cables
Jacques Druez and Pierre McComber ..... 647
Dynamic Curvature in Catenary Risers at the Touch Down Point: An Experimental Study and the Analytical Boundary-Layer Solution
C.P. Pesce, J.A.P. Aranha, C.A. Martins and O.G.S. Ricardo and S. Silva ..... 656
A Simplified Analysis of Imperfect Thermally Buckled Subsea Pipelines
James G.A. Croll ..... 666
Development of a Russian Standard for Submarine Pipeline Design, Installation and Operation
M.A. Kamyshev and J.G. de Vries ..... 677
Limit Force Ice Loads and Their Significance to Offshore Structures in the Beaufort Sea
G. Comfort, S. Singh and A. Dinovitzer ..... 686
Wave-Induced Behaviour of a Submarine Pipeline Laid on an Erodable Bottom: Full-Scale Experiments
W. Dursthoff, W. Magda, T. Marcinkowski and B. Mazurkiewicz ..... 693