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VOLUME II , 1996 (ISBN 1-880653-24-9)


The First Offshore Gas Pipeline Project in Vietnam
Chul H. Jo ..... 1
Pipeline Riser Failure Investigation
C.P. Ellinas, R. Davies and B. King ..... 11
Technical Outline of High Strain Based Design for Marine Pipelines
T. Sriskandarajah, T. Sreetharan and R.G. Carmichael ..... 19
Re-qualification of Pipeline Systems
Leif Collberg, Espen H. Cramer and Ola H. Bjørnøy ..... 27
Zeepipe IIA Pipeline: Strains Measured During Laying and Predictions
O.B. Ness, G. Hjartholm, R.L.P. Verley and O.G. Thorsen ..... 35
Transmission Pipeline System for Development of Shtockmanovskoye Gas Field in the Barents Sea
M.A. Kamyshev and H.R. Vermeulen ..... 41
Study of the Offshore Pipeline Installation Based on the Pipeline Experiment
H. Shin, J.B. Kim, S. Hara and K. Yamakawa ..... 48
On the Application of Rentis Method for Offshore Pipeline Installation
S. Soemantri and G. Pradnyana ..... 56
Analysis of Expansion Curves for Subsea Pipelines
Olav Fyrileiv, Olav Aamlid and Asle Venås ..... 66
Subsea Pipeline Lateral Deviation Due to High Temperature Product
Naum Y. Kershenbaum, Gary E. Harrison and Han S. Choi ..... 74
Effect of Local Buckling on Burst Pressure
A.M. Gresnigt, R.J. van Foeken and S.L. Chen ..... 80
A Plane Strain Analysis of Corroded Pipelines
Hong Ou Kim and James A. Maple ..... 89
Residual Strength of Pipelines in Hydroelectric Power Plants
Luis A.P. Simões da Silva and Rui A.D. Simões ..... 95
Sediment Transport and Morphological Changes Caused by Underwater Pipeline in the Kara Sea
Svetlana G. Beloshapkova, Alexander V. Beloshapkov and Igor O. Leont'yev ..... 105
Current-Induced Vibrations of Submerged Floating Tunnels
Katta Venkataramana, Susumu Yoshihara, Shozo Toyoda and Yorikazu Aikou ..... 111
Numerical Simulation of Irregular Temperature Field Around Shallow Pipe in Soil Medium
B.B. Budkowska and I. Kreja ..... 119
Optimization of Fuzzy Membership Functions Using the Random-Search Method and Its Application to Direct Digital Control in Pipelines
Hitone Inagaki, Masato Kunitake, Fumiyoshi Kondo and Masaki Saito ..... 126
Large Eddy Simulation Scheme of Pipeline Under Regular Wave Action
Ge Wang, Guozhang Lai and Yucheng Li ..... 132
Studies of Multiphase Flow in High Pressure Horizontal and +5 Degree Inclined Pipelines
Robert Wilkens and W. Paul Jepson ..... 139
Simulation of Dynamic Response of a Riser System under Wave-Crest Loads
Yousun Li ..... 148
An Efficient Metal Riser Configuration for Ship and Semi Based Production Systems
D. Karunakaran, N.T. Nordsve and A. Olufsen ..... 156
First-Order Dynamic Variation of Curvature and Tension in Catenary Risers
C.P. Pesce and M.O. Pinto ..... 163
On the Mechanical Hysteresis and Bending Stiffness of Conductors and Cables
Peter Hagedorn and Ulrich Gutzer ..... 175
Modelling Heat Build-Up in Large Polyester Ropes
M.S. Overington and C.M. Leech ..... 182
Effect of Lay Angle on Various Characteristics of Spiral Strands
M. Raoof ..... 189
Characteristics of Locked Coil Cables Under Coupled Axial/Torsional Loading
M. Raoof and I. Kraincanic ..... 197
Manoeuvering of Bodies Suspended at Extreme Water Depth
Walter Lian and Bjørn Sortland ..... 204

Investigation of Resonant Tensioning in Submerged Cables Subjected to Lateral Excitation

B.L. Newberry and N.C. Perkins ..... 210
Dynamics of Systems with Rigid Body Modes: A Numerical Approach
Jose L. Martinez-Gonzalez, Rafael J. Ramos and Jorge Silva Ballesteros ..... 217
The Mechanism Analysis and Dynamic Simulation of Iced Cable Galloping
Qinshan Fan, Fei Guan, Kunmin Zhao and Hongyu Wu ..... 224
Analysis of Extensible Marine Cables in Polar Coordinates
Somchai Chucheepsakul, Tseng Huang and Sommart Tansorajprasert ..... 228
Loads in Mooring Lines of the Mooring Positioning System of a Vessel
Tadeusz Szelangiewicz ..... 233
Stabilization of Underwater Vehicle Dynamics: A Geometric Perspective
Naomi Ehrich Leonard ..... 241
Numerical Simulation of an AUV Thruster During Maneuvering
J. Knowles, M. Grosenbaugh and D. Keenan ..... 247
Acoustically Controlled Untethered Underwater Vehicle Systems for Deep Water Seabed Mapping
Nils Størkersen, Henrich Henriksen and Rolf Arne Klepaker ..... 251
Numerical Simulation of the Turbulent Flow Around a Three-Dimensional Axi-Symmetric Body
Myung-Soo Shin and Hark-Sun Choi ..... 256
Towards Improved Control of Thruster Dynamics in ROV Station-Keeping
Louis L. Whitcomb and Dana R. Yoerger ..... 265
Depth Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Using H¥ Controller
Hui-Ryong Yoo, Sang-Moo Lee, Pan-Mook Lee and Sang-Bong Kim ..... 273
Metal-Hydride Life Support System of a Prospective Deep Sea Bell
G. Nerubenko and O. Kozirko ..... 278
Compressive Strength of Natural Sea Ice in Horizontal Loading
Eila Lehmus, Tuomo Kärnä, Akio Tanabe, Minoru Yoshizawa, Yoshitsugu Ishibashi and William Sackinger ..... 285
Model of Viscoplastic Deformation of Frozen and Unfrozen Soils and Ice
Yuri K. Zaretsky and Anatoly M. Fish ..... 291
Mechanical Properties of Dry Saline Ice Rubble
A.M. Cornett and G.W. Timco ..... 297
A Numerical Technique in Calculation of Dynamic Interaction Forces Between Ice Floe and Arctic Offshore Structures
Kyungsik Choi and Chae Whan Rim ..... 304
Indentation Contact and Penetration of Ice by a Semicircular Indentor
Brian Veitch and Jukka Tuhkuri ..... 311
Impact of Ice Loads on Pile Structures
T. Sasajima and K. Kawai ..... 317
Answers to Some Questions on the New Method for Sheet Ice Force Estimation
A.V.M. Arunachalam ..... 323
Sea Ice Compression and Dynamic Response in Local Observation in the Arctic Ocean
V.N. Smirnov, I.B. Sheikin and A.I. Shushlebin ..... 333
The Program of Experimental Study of the Three-Dimensional Ice Strength Distribution for Ice Force Analysis
A.T. Bekker ..... 340
Determination of the Ice Strength for Calculation of the Ice Load
A.T. Bekker and S.G. Gomolski ..... 343
Method of Slowing of Ice Cover Growth
V.P. Gavrilo, S.M. Kovalev, G.A. Lebedev and K.K. Sukhorukov ..... 346
Nonlinear Loading Phase in Ice Indentation
Tuomo Kärnä and Merja Sippola ..... 349
Experimental Investigations of Relaxation Properties of Sea Ice Internal Stresses
K.K. Sukhorukov ..... 354
Numerical Modelling of the Creep Behaviour of Ice-Debris Mixtures Under Variable Thermal Regimes
F. Azizi and W.B. Whalley ..... 362
Ice Loads on the Northumberland Strait Bridge Piers - An Approach
T.G. Brown, K.R. Croasdale and B. Wright ..... 367
Northumberland Strait Crossing Project Acceptance Criteria for Ice Loads and Load Factors
Peter G. Buckland, A. Joe Leal and Darrel P. Gagnon ..... 373
Assessment of casi Data for Monitoring Chlorophyll-a and Suspended Solids in the Northumberland Strait, P.E.I.
R. Vallis, D. Currie and J. Dechka ..... 380
Financial/Economic Considerations of Northumberland Strait Crossing Project
A. Gordon DeWolf ..... 384
Ice Features and Ice Mechanical Properties in Northumberland Strait
F.M. Williams ..... 390
Structure of Hummocks Offshore of Northern Sakhalin
S.P. Beketsky, V.N. Astafiev and P.A. Truskov ..... 398
Monitoring Ice Movement in Antarctica
Karl-Heinz Thiel and Xiaoqing Wu ..... 401
Freeze-Up and Ice Movement Effects: Kara Sea - Fall 1994
R.W. Fett, R.E. Englebretson and T.L. Kozo ..... 406
Evidence for Autumn Sea Ice Transport Through the Vil'kitskogo Strait at the Eastern Exit of the Kara Sea
T.L. Kozo, W.T. Thompson, S.J. Lowe, J.M. Shelton, T.J. Kienitz, R.W. Fett and T.C. Pham ..... 411
Icewatch - Ice SAR Monitoring of the Northern Sea Route
Ola M. Johannessen, Stein Sandven and Vladimir V. Melentyev ..... 417
Global Sea Ice Monitoring from Microwave Satellites
O.M. Johannessen, M.W. Miles and E. Bjørgo ..... 422
The Sea-Ice Runway Near McMurdo Station, Antarctica: A Problem of Logistics
Joseph L. Barthelemy ..... 427
Abrasion Rate of Various Materials Due to the Movement of Ice Sheets
M. Hanada, M. Ujihira, F. Hara and H. Saeki ..... 433
Underwater Arctic Transport System
V. Pavlenko and D. Tsagareli ..... 438
Hydrodynamic and Ice Model of the South-Western Part of the Kara Sea
B.V. Arhipov, V.V. Solbakov and A.S. Tsvetsinsky ..... 441
Technical Aspects of Marine Seismic Survey in Ice Covered Regions
Vadim Yu. Buravtsev and Wilfried Jokat ..... 447
Sea-Ice Observations at the North-Eastern Sakhalin Shelf and a Thermodynamic Modelling of First-Year Sea Ice
M. Aota, K. Shirasawa, P. Truskov, A. Polomoshnov and V. Michoukov ..... 450
An Experimental Research on Ice Load
Zhi-rui Cai, Yong-hu Pen and Xian-yi Men ..... 455
Design of Hull Structures for Ice-Navigating Ships
G.P. Shemendjuk and V.A. Batsev ..... 459
Model Experiments on Thruster Assisted Mooring System Controlled by H¥ Controller
Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara and Wataru Koterayama ..... 464
Numerical Modelling of Strength Degradation in a Steel Submarine Pipeline Subjected to the Pitting Corrosion
W. Magda ..... 469
Seismic Stability of Offshore Pipelines
N.G. Figarov and A.M. Kamyshev ..... 477