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VOLUME II , 1994 (ISBN 1-880653-12-5)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Papers Printed in the Journal IJOPE during 1991-1993 ..... xii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xix


Recent Advances in Offshore Pipeline Technology
Roberto Bruschi and Luigino Vitali ..... 1


Europipe Pipeline Shore Approach: Environmental Design Basis
Hermann Moshagen and Romke Bijker ..... 13
Earthquake Response Analysis of Submerged Floating Tunnels Considering Water Compressibility
Satoshi Morita, Toshihiko Yamashita, Yuzo Mizuno, Minoru Mineta and Kazuyasu Kurosaki ..... 20
Study on Submerged Floating Tunnel Characteristics Under the Wave Condition
Hiroshi Kunisu, Susumu Mizuno, Yuzo Mizuno and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 27
Optimum Design of Submarine Pipeline
Unit Gokkus and Adnan Akyarli ..... 33
The Static Response of Submarine Pipelines Under Laying Conditions
D. Kouvaros, C.B. Sharma and R. Narayanan ..... 41
An Experimental Study for Orbital Control of Pipelaying Platform
Hui-ryong Yoo, Seoung-gun Kim and Sang-bong Kim ..... 48
Selection of Fluid Velocity in Estimation of Pipeline Capacity: A Comparison of Various Approaches
A. Bhattacharya and R. Rai ..... 55
A Review on Vibrations of Marine Pipelines
B.M. Sumer and J. Fredsoe ..... 62
Hydrodynamic Forces on Pipes: Special Considerations
A.K. Otta ..... 72
The Hydrodynamic Characteristic of Submarine Piggyback Pipeline in Wave-Current Coexisting Field
Yu-cheng Li and Ning-chuan Zhang ..... 77
Wave Forces on Horizontal Cylinder Resting on Sloping Bottom
Y. Yuksel and R. Narayanan ..... 85
Probabilistic Assessment of Dented and Corroded Pipeline
Yong Bai, Einar Tore Moe and Kim Mork ..... 93
The Effect of Residual Tension and Free Span-Induced Moments on Vortex Shedding of Deep Water Pipelines
H.S. Choi and R.D. Haun ..... 102
Experimental Study of Strains Caused by Pressurisation of Pipes with Dents
E.R. Lancaster and S.C. Palmer ..... 110
Vertical Bucking of Heated Offshore Pipelines
Mohammed Raoof and Emil Maschner ..... 118
Pipeline on a Flat Seabed Subjected to Trawling or Other Limited Duration Point Loads
R. Verley ..... 128
Strength Criteria for Hot Pipelines Susceptible to Euler-Bar Buckling
R. Bruschi, G. Curti, A. Dumitrescu, L. Vitali and B.J. Leira ..... 135
The Influence of Diameter Ratio on the Stress Distribution Around 90 Branch Pipe Connection Due to Internal Pressure
Darmawan Harsokoesoemo and Gatot Santoso ..... 149
Stress Analysis of Submarine Pipeline During Installation by Means of the Floating-String Method
A.I. Ermolenko, L.V. Melnyk and V.J. Orlov and M.A. Kamyshev ..... 156
The State of the Art of Induction Bent Pipe
Joe Kondo, Moriyasu Nagae, Osamu Hirano and Masaaki Takagishi ..... 164
High-Niobium Bearing Steel for Base Material of CRA Clad UOE Pipe
Y. Terada and H. Tamehiro, R. Uemori and N. Maruyama, A. Takahashi and H. Ogawa ..... 172
Centrifugally Cast Bimetallic Pipe for Offshore Corrosion Resistant Pipelines
A. Yoshitake and T. Torigoe ..... 180
Design of Pipelines in High Strength Steel
A.M. Gresnigt, O.D. Dijkstra and H.J.M. van Rongen ..... 186
Abrasion of Heavy-Duty Coated Steel Piles by Sediment Transport
Yoshihisa Kariyazono, Yoshihiro Miyajima, Koichi Sato, Toshihiko Yamashita and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 195
Improvement of Charpy Toughness of Weld Metal in Circumferential SMAW of Pipe
T. Abe, N. Hara, T. Sugino, S. Naruse and N. Kasai ..... 200


Deep Water Drilling Risers in Calm and Harsh Environments
Arnt Olufsen and Nils Terje Nordsve ..... 208
Active Control of Riser Deformation and Vessel Motion for Automatic Entry/Reentry System
Hideyuki Suzuki, Koichiro Yoshida, Shigeki Ishida and Dongho Nam ..... 216
Dynamic Analysis of a Marine Riser
V.J. Modi, S.M. Calisal, A.S. Atadan and Y. Guo ..... 224
The Response Characteristics of Long Cylindrical Marine Structures Under Different Excitations
Han-Il Park ..... 231
Assessment of a Probabilistic Approach for Design of Dynamic Flexible Risers
Tor D. Hanson and A. Ulrik Nilsen ..... 238
Influence of Transported Mass on the Equilibrium Configuration of Risers
Somchai Chucheepsakul and Tseng Huang ..... 246
Three-Dimensional Static Analysis of Flexible Risers by a Lumped-Mass Method
Sub Hong ..... 251
Behaviour of Risers with Internal Flow Under Various Boundary Conditions
Geir Moe, Karl Chr. Stromsem and Ivar Fylling ..... 258
Stochastic Fatigue of Marine Risers Under Non-Gaussian Wave Loading
Jin Wang and Loren D. Lutes ..... 263


Characteristics of Locked Coil Strands Under Free Bending
Mohammed Raoof ..... 271
The Effect of Wire Indentation on Cable Rotation
R.H. Knapp, W.H. Chan and Yoshikazu Murata ..... 281
A Test Facility for Determining the Frictional Forces Between Components Used in Large Synthetic Fibre Ropes
H. Kawaguchi and C.M. Leech ..... 289
On the Dynamic Towline Tension During Towing
Shoichi Hara and Kenji Yamakawa ..... 295
Snap Loading of Marine Cables
S. Huang and D. Vassalos ..... 304
Effects of Quadratic Nonlinearities on the Modal Response of Towed Cable Systems
James W. Kamman ..... 311
Dynamics of the Interaction of Mooring Line with the Sea Bed
Y. Inoue and S. Surendran ..... 317


Systematical Development of an Autonomous HPF Driven and Controlled Inspection Robot
J. Niewels and W. Jorden ..... 324
Remote Repair Grinding of Cracks Underwater
Trygve Thomessen, Terje K. Lien and Kaj Johnsen ..... 330
A Numerical Study for Design of Depth, Pitch and Roll Control System of a Towed Vehicle
W. Koterayama, S. Yamaguchi, M. Nakamura, A. Moriyama and T. Akamatsu ..... 337
Technical Feasibility of an ROV with On-Board Power
P. Sayer and L. Bo ..... 345
Development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle R1 with a Closed Cycle Diesel Engine
Takashi Obara, Kitao Yamamoto, Tamaki Ura, Hisaaki Maeda and Hiroyuki Yamato ..... 351
H Synthesis of Depth Control Law for a Towed ROV with a Weight Shift Mechanism
H. Kajiwara, W. Koterayama, M. Nakamura and I. Sato ..... 358
Self-Generation of Controller of an Underwater Robot with Neural Network
T. Suto and T. Ura ..... 362
H Control of a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle
G. Conte and A. Serrani ..... 366
Dynamic Control of ROVs Making Use of the Neural Network Concept
Tadashi Ooi, Yuki Yoshida, Yoshiaki Takahashi and Hideki Kidoushi ..... 374
Automatic Stabilization of Underwater Robots in the Time Manipulation Operations
Vladimir F. Filaretov and Elena V. Koval ..... 382
A Control System Design of a Tethered Underwater Vehicle
Ikuo Yamamoto and Tetuo Nagamatu ..... 389
Sensitivity of ROV Model to Some Factors on the Ground Movement Computer Simulations
T. Graczyk ..... 395
An Enhanced Obstacle Avoiding System for AUVs
G. Conte and S.M. Zanoli ..... 400
Application of a Panel Method to Hydrodynamics of Underwater Vehicles
Iskender Sahin, Jan W. Crane and Kennard P. Watson ..... 406


A Review of Cold Regions Developments in Canada
Robert Frederking ..... 414


A Flexible Vertical Sheet in Waves
Michael Meylan ..... 422
Moving Loads on Sea Ice: A Juxtaposition of Theory and Experiment
Glen D. Rayner, Raymond L. Enlow, Vernon A. Squire and William H. Robinson ..... 428
Modelling of Creep Deformations in Ice
Arne Ulrik Nilsen and Geir Horrigmoe ..... 438
Numerical Simulations of Ice Failure Problems
T. Shibue, K. Kato, Y. Kumakura and Y. Toi ..... 442
Constitutive Modelling of the Visco-Plastic Behaviour of Ice
F. Azizi and W.B. Whalley ..... 449
The Strength Anisotropia of Sea Ice
Gennady N. Evdokimov and Stanislav I. Rogachko ..... 455
A Distributed Mass / Discrete Floe Model for Rheology Computation of Pack Ice Consisting of Disk Floes
C.K. Rheem, H. Yamaguchi and H. Kato ..... 458
Complete Ice Cover Formation in Closed Water
K. Hirayama, S. Sakai, M. Sasamoto, M. Kobayashi and A. Miya ..... 466
Operational Ice Model at the Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada
Venkata R. Neralla ..... 473


Laboratory Evaluation of Aircraft Ground De/Antiicing Products
P.R. Louchez, J.L. Laforte, G. Bouchard and M. Farzaneh ..... 479
New Ideas Concerning Aircraft Icing Forecast
Werner Fuchs and Klaus-Peter Schickel ..... 484
A New Method of Modelling Ice Accretion on Objects of Complex Geometry
Krzysztof Szilder and Edward P. Lozowski ..... 488
Icing Rate Meter Estimation of In-Cloud Cable Icing
Pierre McComber, Jacques Druez and Jean Laflamme ..... 495


Industrial Research and Development of Ice Technology
Tetsuro Kawasaki, Shigeru Tozawa, Yoshio Kayo and Shuho Yano ..... 503
Effect of Imperfect Contact on Total Ice Force
T. Takeuchi, H. Saeki, S. Okamoto and T. Yamashita ..... 509
About Initial Conditions of Ice-Structure Interaction Problem
Alexander T. Bekker and Victor A. Rudetski ..... 514
Load Combination for Offshore Structures
Alexander T. Bekker, Tatyana E. Uvarova and Leonid F. Shtanko ..... 517
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Ice-Structure Interaction at Varying Strain Rates
G. Horrigmoe and R. Andersen ..... 521
Model Experiments for Ice Forces on Multi Conical Legged Structures
K. Kato, M. Adachi, H. Kishimoto and S. Hayashiguchi ..... 526
Mitigation of Steady-State Vibrations Induced by Ice
Tuomo Karna ..... 534
Ice-Material Surface Interaction in Ice Friction and Ice Adfreeze Bonding
Naoki Nakazawa, Takashi Terashima and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 540
Estimation Method for Abrasion of Concrete Structures Due to Sea Ice Movement
Yoshishige Itoh, Yoshihiro Tanaka and Hiroshi Saeki ..... 545
Influence of a Rubble Field in Front of a Conical Structure
K. Izumiyama, M.B. Irani and G.W. Timco ..... 553
The Friction Coefficient Between Model Ice and Roughened Model Surface
S. Kishi, Y. Yamauchi, M. Inoue and S. Narita ..... 559
Model Tests of Multi-Legged Structures in Continuous and Broken Ice Fields
Y. Toyama and N. Yashima ..... 565
Development of the Sink-and-Float-Type Ice Boom (SFIB) in Ice Floe Control
Akira Imaizumi, Fumihiro Hara, Hiroshi Saeki and Kunio Enoki ..... 572


On the Speed Dependence of the Ice Submerging Resistance in Level Ice
Jorma Kamarainen ..... 578
A Study on Icebreaking Performance of Polar Ships - Ridge Transit Performance
Kazuo Nozawa ..... 584
Hydrodynamic Effect of Ship Advance on Ice Flexural Failure
H. Yamaguchi and H. Kato ..... 592
Experimental Determination of Hydrodynamic Non-Contact Loads During Propeller/Ice Interaction
Scott Newbury, Robin P. Browne and Stephen J. Jones ..... 596


VORTEX: Versatile and Open subsea Robot for Technical Experiment: Prototyping Software Architecture for the Next AUV and ROV Generation
V. Rigaud, E. Le Rest, L. Marce, E. Coste Maniere, D. Simon, A. Peuch and M. Perrier ..... 602
Feasibility Study of Laminar Flow Bodies in Fully Turbulent Flow
T. Sarkar, P.G. Sayer and S.M. Fraser ..... 607