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VOLUME III , 2000 (ISBN 1-880653-54-0)


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ISOPE-2000 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
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List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii

Data Interpretation and System Identification in Hydrodynamic Model Testing
C.T. Stansberg 1

Continuous Space Discrete Time Markov Models for Multivariate Sea State Parameter Processes
Valérie Monbet and Pierre-François Marteau 10
Two Methods for Simulating the Bivariate Process of Wave Height and Direction
P. Ailliot and M. Prevosto 15
Joint Distribution for Wind and Waves in the Northern North Sea
Kenneth Johannessen, Trond Stokka Meling and Sverre Haver 19
Expected Wave Height by Wave Direction at Japanese Coastal Zone
Yasutaka Saito, Ryoko Suzuki, Shuhei Notomi, Osamu Saijo and Kyoichi Okamoto 29
Joint Occurrence of Sea States and Associated Durations
Takvor H. Soukissian and Zoe Theochari 33
Performance of Three Wave Models on Aegean Sea: First Results
Takvor H. Soukissian, Leonidas Perivoliotis, Aristides M. Prospathopoulos and Anastassios Papadopoulos 40
Modeling of Hurricane Waves in Hawaiian Waters
Christopher D. Martino, Kwok Fai Cheung, Amal C. Phadke and Samuel H. Houston 46
On an Efficient Numerical Model for Freak Wave Simulations
Didier Clamond and John Grue 54
Study of Freak Waves by Use of Wavelet Transform
Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen, Sverre Haver and Jan Erik Odegard 58
Application of Wavelet-Based Trispectra to Detect Short-Time Duration Nonlinear Wave Phenomena
E.-J. Yi and E.J. Powers 65
Spatial Evolution of Water Surface Waves: Numerical Simulation and Experiment of Bichromatic Waves
Karsten Trulsen and Carl Trygve Stansberg 71
Higher-Order Spectral Estimators and Nonlinear System Identification
Yngve Birkelund and Edward J. Powers 78
Improved Characterizations for Design Waves
S. van Iseghem, G. Deleuil and P. Guerin 85
Representativity of Some Standard Spectral Models for Waves
M. Olagnon 92

A Mixed Analytical-Numerical Time Domain Approach to Second-Order Diffraction
Karine Pelletier and Pierre Ferrant 100
Time-Dependent Nonlinear Finite Element Models for Wave Propagation over Gently Varying Depths
Conceição J.E.M. Fortes and J. Leonel M. Fernandes 108
Modeling of Wave Shoaling in a 2D-NWT Using a Spilling Breaker Model
Stéphan Guignard and Stéphan T. Grilli 116
Modeling of Freak Wave Generation in a 3D-NWT
Carlo Brandini and Stéphan Grilli 124
Modeling of Tsunami Generation by an Underwater Landslide in a 3D-NWT
Stéphan T. Grilli and Philip Watts 132
Reproduction of Fully-Nonlinear Multi-Directional Waves by a 3D Viscous Numerical Wave Tank
J.C. Park, Y. Uno, H. Matsuo, T. Sato and H. Miyata 140
On a 2-D Numerical Wave Tank in Viscous Fluid
C.M. Dong and C.J. Huang 148
Synthesizing Nonlinear Transient Waves in Random Seas
Ulrich Steinhagen and Günther F. Clauss 156
Analysis of the Three-Dimensional Sloshing Flows in the Ship Liquid Cargo
Yonghwan Kim 166
Experimental Simulation of Tailored Design Wave Sequences in Extreme Seas
Günther F. Clauss, Csaba Pákozdi and Ulrich Steinhagen 173
Generation of Surface Waves by Turbulent Wind Flow
Andy T. Chan 181
Development of a Numerical Ocean Basin for Predicton of Ringing Effects on Platforms
Søren Peter Kjeldsen and Pierre Bonmarin 186
Non-Linear Wave Structure Interactions at Artifical Reefs
Günther F. Clauss, Rolf Habel and Csaba Pákozdi 194
A Stationary Flow Approximation for Breaking Wave Crests and Its Application to the Impact of Extreme Waves on Vessels and Offshore Structures
Alastair D. Jenkins 201
Numerical Simulation of Shallow Water Waves around Coastal Structures by a Chimera Potential-Flow Method
Hamn-Ching Chen and Tsung-Lung Liu 205
Numerical Estimation of Ship-Generated Wave Pattern
S. Shiotani 213
Experimental and Numerical Study of a Half-Submerged Pile-Supported Breakwater
Gaelle Duclos, Alain H. Clément, Lionel Gentaz and Christophe Colmard 221
Forecasting Wave-Induced Response for Offshore Floating Structures
Anne Karin Magnusson, Ole Tom Vårdal, Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Rasmus Myklebust, Magnar Reistad and Kjell Hansen 229
Hydrodynamic Interaction between Two Cylinders in Steady Flow
Kjell Herfjord and Mads Bryndum 237
Long-Wavelength Approximation of Wave Force on Two-Body Axisymmetric System
T. Bjarte-Larsson and J. Falnes 244
Radiation by Large Elongated Floating Bodies by Finite Element Method Using Second Order Elliptic Far Field Boundary Condition
S.K. Bhattacharyya, S. Sathyapal and C.P. Vendhan 250
Drag Coefficients of Long Vertical Pipe Moving in Deep Ocean: An Adaptive Algorithm for Multi-Input/Multi-Output
Jin S. Chung and Dong Ho Nam 257
Statistical Properties of Non-Linear Froude-Krylov Forces on Cylinders
Felice Arena and Francesco Fedele 264
Non-Linear Wave Interactions with a Submerged Horizontal Cylinder
J.R. Chaplin 272
Computation of Non-Linear Wave Reflections and Transmissions from a Submerged Horizontal Cylinder
T. Schønberg and J.R. Chaplin 280
Nonlinear Wave-Body Interactions by the Chimera Laplace Method
Chang-Ho Kang and Hamn-Ching Chen 288
Inundation Effect and Quartic Approximation of Morison-Type Wave Loading
X.Y. Zheng and C.Y. Liaw 295
Time-Domain Simulation of Large Amplitude Ship Roll Motions by a Chimera RANS Method
Hamn-Ching Chen, Tuanjie Liu and Erick T. Huang 299
Distribution of Maxima of Non-Linear Barge Rolling with Medium Damping
Marc Prevosto 307
Some Remarks on the Nonlinear Modelling of Parametric Rolling
Alberto Francescutto, Daniele Dessi and Roberto Penna 317
On the Roll Motion of a Trimaran in Beam Waves
Alberto Francescutto 321
A Study on Long-Period Moored Ship Motions in a Harbor Induced by a Resonant Large Roll Motion Under Long-Period Waves
Shigeki Sakakibara, Katsuhiko Saito, Masayoshi Kubo, Satoru Shiraishi, Toshihiko Nagai and Fumihiko Yazaki 326
Stability Investigation of a Pontoon Barge in Wave Basin
Erick T. Huang and Hamn-Ching Chen 334
3-D Dynamic Behavior of Moored Floating Structure of a Nuclear Power Plant Due to Tsunami Based on Non-Distorted Model Tests
Masaaki Ikeno, Hiroyoshi Tanaka and Masafumi Matsuyama 339
Current Effects on Extreme Response Value Statistics of Offshore Structures Subjected to Wave and Current
Tomoyo Taniguchi and Kenji Kawano 347
Interactions of Fully Nonlinear Waves with Submerged Bodies by a 2D Viscous NWT
Armin Tavassoli and M.H. Kim 354
The Relative Motion and Wave Elevation Between Two Floating Structures in Waves
Ming-Chung Fang and Gung-Rong Chen 361
Numerical Investigation of Nonlinear Wave Effects Around Multiple Cylinders
P. Teigen and K. Trulsen 369
Wave Scattering by Multiple Floating Membranes
T.L. Yip, T. Sahoo and Allen T. Chwang 379
An Application of Scattering Frequencies to Hydroelasticity
Michael H. Meylan 385
A Convergence Study of Second-Order Wave Elevation on Four Cylinders
Jørn Birknes 392
Experiments for High Reynolds Numbers VIV on Risers
J.J. de Wilde and R.H.M. Huijsmans 400
Vortex-Induced Vibration of Single and Multiple Risers in a Sheared Current
R.H.J. Willden, J.M.R. Graham and G. Giannakidis 406
Wake Development and Hydrodynamic Forces on a Rotary Circular Cylinder with High a Numbers
Xuequan E, Caimao Luo and Jianmin Yang 411
Numerical Simulations of Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Slender Flexible Offshore Structures
S. Etienne, F. Biolley, E. Fontaine, C. Le Cunff and J.M. Heurtier 419
VIV Analysis of Risers by Complex Modes
G. Moe, Ø. Arntsen and C. Hoen 426
Optimizing Sensor Locations for Identification of Riser VIV Modes
Karl E. Kaasen 431
Estimation of Hydrodynamic Forces on an Irregularly Oscillating Cylinder Using Symmetrical Vortices Model
Akiyoshi Bando, Koji Otsuka and Yoshiho Ikeda 437
A New Method for Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Platforms
Gautam Chaudhury 444
Coupled Analysis Strategies for Deepwater Spar Platforms
O.C. Astrup, A. Nestegård, M. Ronœss and N. Sødahl 449
Fully Coupled Response Simulations of Theme Offshore Structures in Water Depths of Up to 10,000 Feet
Sungeun Kim and Paul D. Sclavounos 457
Variability of TLP Motion Analysis Against Various Design Methodologies/Parameters
M.H. Kim, A. Tahar and Y.B. Kim 467
Comparison of Numerical Models for the Capability of Hull/Mooring/Riser Coupled Dynamic Analysis for Spars and TLPs in Deep and Ultra-Deep Waters
M.H. Kim, E.G. Ward and R. Haring 474
Effect of Coupling of Mooring Lines and Risers on the Design Values for a Turret Moored FPSO in Deep Water of the Gulf of Mexico
J.E.W. Wichers and P.V. Devlin 480

Wave Breaking-Induced Dynamic Pressure Due to Submerged Breakwater
Koji Kawasaki and Koichiro Iwata 488
Laboratory Study on the Interaction Between Regular Obliquely Incident Waves and Vertical Walls
Yu-cheng Li, Zhao-chen Sun, Guo-hai Dong, Shuang-quan Xu, En-zong Niu and Kai Mao 495
Performance of a Double-Walled Barrier with a Front Wall of Inclined Plate Array
Takayuki Nakamura, Tohru Kohno and Yoshimitsu Morita 499
Wave Reflection over a Sloping Beach
Hsien-Kuo Chang, Tai-Wen Hsu and Jin-Cheng Liou 506
Analysis and Comparison of the Forces by the Nonlinear Long Waves on the Piled System at Derince Port Turkey
E. Irtem, N. Gedik and A.C. Yalciner 512
Hydrodynamic Forces on a Submerged Plate
Mikio Takaki 518
Harbor Facilities and Water Area Investigation Unit
Toshiyuki Kano, Yasuhiro Matsushita, Yoshiaki Takahashi and Satoshi Ueda 525
The Quay Construction with Concrete Caisson in Belde Container Port in Turkey
R. Bakis and M. Bilgin 532
Basic Research on the Prediction of the Wave Growth at Harbour Facing to the Pacific Ocean
Kenji Sasa, Masayoshi Kubo, Satoru Shiraishi and Toshihiko Nagai 537
Study of the Capacity of Breakwater with Channel to Exchange Water
Syuuji Morita and Ichiro Deguchi 545
Characteristics of Wave Overtopping in a Harbor Induced by Typhoon 9918
Tetsuya Hiraishi 553
Investigation of Seismic Response and Stability of Breakwaters Under Seepage Flows
Y.K. Liu and T. Zhu 559
Study on the Characteristics of the Coastal Wind Fields in Keelung
John Z. Yim and Chung-Ren Chou 564
Effect of Coastal Topography on Wave Climate in Shallow Water
Masataka Yamaguchi and Yoshio Hatada 569
The Evolution of Wallops Spectra in Decreasing Depths
R. Gentile, L. Rebaudengo Landò and G. Scarsi 575
DRBEM Analysis on Wave Oscillation Due to Energy Dissipation
Sung-Shan Hsiao, Jaw-Guei Lin and Hui-Ming Fang 581
The Bottom Boundary Layer Flow in the Prebreaking Zone of Shoaling Waves
Chang Lin and Hwung-Hweng Hwung 587
Basic Research on Frequency Properties of Long Period Waves at Harbour Facing to the Pacific Ocean
Kenji Sasa, Masayoshi Kubo, Satoru Shiraishi and Toshihiko Nagai 593
Experiments on the Bragg Reflection of Waves by Different Types of Artificial Bars
Tai-Wen Hsu, Hsien-Kuo Chang, Li-Hung Tsai and Yi-Xin Li 601
An Extended Boussinesq Model and Its Application to Long Period Waves
Md. Hasanat Zaman, Katsuya Hirayama and Tetsuya Hiraishi 607
Influence of Directional Angle to Typhoon Swell Prediction
Jea-Tzyy Juang and Po-Chin Lin 615
A Neural Network Approach to the Problem of Recovering Lost Data in a Network of Marine Buoys
S. Puca, B. Tirozzi, G. Arena, S. Corsini and R. Inghilesi 620
Experimental Study on the Influence of the Crest Width on the Deformation of Submerged Breakwater
Susumu Araki, Toshihiro Miyazaki, Ichiro Deguchi and Yoshiyasu Fujiwara 624
Waves Passing Submerged Porous Structures with Multiple Regions
Jaw-Fang Lee and Yo-Ming Cheng 631
Three-Dimensional Study on the Wave-Induced Flow Inside and Around a Permeable Structure
Norimi Mizutani, Aliasghar Golshani and Dong-Soo Hur 638
Theoretical Analysis on Wave Transmission, Reflection and Stability of Rubble Mound Breakwater with a Granular Model
R. Koh 645
Behaviour of a Model Breakwater Element on a Sandy Seabed
Gilliane Sills, Omar Fergui, Geir Svanoe, Alf Torum and Trygve Ilstad 651
Waves over Submerged Parabolic Shoal in the Presence of Uniform Current
Md. Hasanat Zaman, Tetsuya Hiraishi and Hiroyoshi Togashi 658
On the Propagation of a Solitary Wave over Rigid Sand Ripples
C.J. Huang and C.M. Dong 666
Numerical Study on Simulation of Tidal Exchange of Hakata Bay
Kensaku Furusho and Yusaku Kyozuka 674
Stochastic-Numerical Model of Tidal Current Field for Jiaozhou Bay of Yellow Sea
D.F. Liu, L.Sh. Kong, J.C. Zuo, Y.F. Yu and Z.D. Cao 682
Numerical Simulation of Tidal Flow Around Hangzhou Bay with a Three Dimensional Ocean Circulation Model
Zhaochen Sun, Shuxiu Liang and Guohai Dong 686
Observation of Coastal Current by Acoustic Doppler Profile 2 km Offshore of Tsuyazaki, Fukuoka, Japan
Takeshi Kasa, Yusaku Kyozuka and Masaru Inada

Comparing Extreme Wave Estimates from Hourly and Annual Data
Steven R. Winterstein, Gudmund Kleiven and Øistein Hagen 700
Incident Irregular Waves and Long Waves in Surf Zone
Gui-hai Dong, Wen-ya Ye, Zhi-li Zou and Mei Chang 708