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VOLUME III , 2000 (ISBN 1-880653-49–4)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
ISOPE-2000 Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... vi
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xiii

Nonlinear Extreme Wave Evolution in Random Wave Groups
Carl Trygve Stansberg ..... 1
Maxiumum Wave Height Distributions of Nonlinear Narrow Banded Random Waves
Nobuhito Mori and Takashi Yasuda ..... 9
Use of the Hilbert Transform for Random Ocean Wave Statistics
Kang Hung Yang, Laurence Z.H. Chuang and C.C. Kao ..... 14
Markov Theory for Runs of High Waves
Thomas H. Dawson ..... 20
An Experimental Study of the Surface Elevation Probability Distribution
Dejun Dai, Zhong Wang and Wei Wang ..... 25
Simulation of Extreme Waves in a Background Random Sea
David L. Kriebel and Maria V. Alsina ..... 31
A Study of the Statistics of Wave Groups
John Z. Yim, Chung-Ren Chou and Jaw-Guei Lin ..... 38
Time-Frequency Analysis of Dispersive Wave Phenomena
YongJune Shin, Andy Chao and Edward J. Powers ..... 42
A Simple Formula for Nonlinear Wave-Wave Interaction
Alastair D. Jenkins and O.M. Phillips ..... 50
Spatial Evolution of Laboratory Generated Freak Waves in Deep Water Depth
Torsten Schlurmann, Joachim Lengricht and Kai-Uwe Graw ..... 54
Large-Eddy Simulations for a Free-Surface Turbulent Flow Past Vertical Cylinders
Tong Chen, Allen T. Chwang and Daohua Zhang ..... 60
A 3-D Composite Model for Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Waves
Peng Qi, Zhili Zou, Yongxue Wang and Dahong Qiu ..... 68
On the Characteristics of Storm Waves
Brian Linfoot, Paul Stansell and Julian Wolfram ..... 74
Some Observed Characteristics of Sea States with Extreme Waves
M. Olagnon and S. van Iseghem ..... 84
Bivariate Simulation of Non-Stationary and Non-Gaussian Observed Processes: Application to Sea State Parameters
Valérie Monbet and Marc Prevosto ..... 91
Generation of Strongly Asymmetric Wave in Random Seaway
J. Zou and C.H. Kim ..... 95
A Unified Approach to Extreme Value Analysis of Ocean Waves
Harald E. Krogstad and Stephen F. Barstow ..... 103
Statistical Properties of Freak Waves Observed in the Sea of Japan
Nobuhito Mori, Takashi Yasuda and Shin-ichi Nakayama ..... 109
Statistical Analysis and Inference from the In-Situ Data of the Sea of Japan with Reference to Abnormal and/or Freak Waves
H. Tomita and T. Kawamura ..... 116
Freak Waves: Rare Realizations of a Typical Population or Typical Realizations of a Rare Population?
Sverre Haver and Odd Jan Andersen ..... 123
The Rayo Network: Implementation and First Results
E. Ávarez Fanjul, M. Alfonso and I. Rodriguez ..... 131
Statistical Extreme Wave Analysis of the Italian Sea Wave Measurement Network Data in the Period 1989-1999
Stefano Corsini, Franco Guiducci and Roberto Inghilesi ..... 137
Baydaratskaya Bay Coastal Climate Conditions in Recent Years
Yuriy A. Goryainov and Vladimir N. Kryjov ..... 144
Meteomarine Forecast, Ballast Water and Sail Navigation: A Case Study
A. Pezzoli, G. Pezzoli and M. Franza ..... 149
Modelling of Wind and Wave Joint Occurrence Probability and Persistence Duration from Satellite Observation Data
R. Nerzic and M. Prevosto ..... 154
Nonlinear Internal Waves in a Two-Liquids System
M. La Rocca, G. Sciortino and P. Mele ..... 159
Satellite Studies of Ocean Fronts and Eddies for Deepwater Development in the Norwegian Sea
S. Sandven, J.A. Johannessen, K. Kloster, T. Hamre and Hans J. Sætre ..... 166
Nonlinear Internal Tides in the Yellow Sea
Tao Wang, Tian-Fu Gao, De-Jun Jiang and Yun-Peng Zhang ..... 171

Report of the 2nd Workshop of ISOPE Numerical Wave Tank Group: Benchmark Test Cases of Radiation Problem, (Brest, May 1999)
Katsuji Tanizawa and A.H. Clément ..... 175
Absorption of Outgoing Waves in a Numerical Wave Tank Using a Self-Adaptive Boundary Condition
G. Duclos, A.H. Clément and G. Chatry ..... 185
Calculations of Nonlinear Free Surface Flows Around Submerged and Floating Sea Caches
Hamn-Ching Chen, Tuanjie Liu and Erick T. Huang ..... 193
A Numerical Model for 3-D Floating Body Motion in Nonlinear Waves Using the BEM
M. Ikeno ..... 201
An Efficient Finite Difference Scheme for Improved Boussinesq Equations
J.M. Zhan and Y.S. Li ..... 209
Nonlinear Wave Forces on a Stationary Vertical Cylinder by HOBEM-NWT
Sa Y. Hong and M.H. Kim ..... 214
Modeling of Overturning Waves over Arbitrary Bottom in a 3D Numerical Wave Tank
Stéphan T. Grilli, Philippe Guyenne and Frédéric Dias ..... 221
Optimization of Transient Design Waves in Random Sea
Günther F. Clauss and Ulrich Steinhagen ..... 229
Estimation of Wave Drift Force by Numerical Wave Tank: 2nd Report
Katsuji Tanizawa, Makiko Minami, Hiroshi Sawada and Shigeru Naito ..... 237
Approximate Analytic Solutions and Numerical Wave Tank Results for the Reflection Coefficients of a Class of Numerical Beaches
Jaap-Harm Westhuis ..... 245
Development of 3-D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank to Simulate Floating Bodies Interacting with Water Waves
Yosuke Shirakura, Katsuji Tanizawa and Shigeru Naito ..... 253
Detection of Wave Breaking in a 2D Viscous Numerical Wave Tank
L. Gentaz and B. Alessandrini ..... 263
Wave Measurement and Transfer Functions
Christophe Maisondieu and Marc Le Boulluec ..... 271
Hydrodynamic Force on a Wall due to Breaking Waves
Jian-Jun Shu and Allen T. Chwang ..... 277
Experimental Evidence of Near-Trapping in an Array of Bottom-Mounted Circular Cylinders in Regular Waves
Giorgio Contento, Fabrizio D’Este, Guido Calcagno and Roberto Penna ..... 281
Hydrodynamic Damping of Liquid Sloshing in Ship Tanks
Michael Isaacson and Sundaralingam Premasiri ..... 288
Boundary Layer Formation Around a Cylinder Subject to Waves
Dominique Mouazé and Michel Bélorgey ..... 294
Laboratory Stokes 5th Order Waves and Forces on a Vertical Truncated Cylinder
Hitha Alex and C.H. Kim ..... 303
Numerical Examination on Third-Order Force on Axisymmetric Bodies
Bin Teng and Guo-Hai Dong ..... 312
Prediction of the Complete Second Order Wave Drift Damping Force for Offshore Structures
Styrk Finne, John Grue and Arne Nestegård ..... 320
Nonlinear Wave Diffraction due to a Vertical Structure with Arbitrary Section and Axisymmetric Structure
Norimi Mizutani, Takeshi Sanada and Koichiro Iwata ..... 328
An Approach on Calculating Mean Drifting Forces Acting on a 3-D Floating Body Under Waves and Currents
Tzung-hang Lee and Jing-Liang Chen ..... 336
WAFO - A Matlab Toolbox for Analysis of Random Waves and Loads
Per Andreas Brodtkorb, Pär Johannesson, Georg Lindgren, Igor Rychlik, Jesper Rydén and Eva Sjö ..... 343
Inundation Effect of Wave Forces on Jack-Up Platforms
C.Y. Liaw ..... 351
Measurement of Axial Hydrodynamic Force on a Yawed Cylinder in a Uniform Stream
H.P. Pao, S.C. Ling and T.W. Kao ..... 356
Mathematical Modeling of Roll Motion of a Catamaran in Intact and Damage Conditions in Beam Waves
Alberto Francescutto ..... 362
Nonlinear Effects in Ship Dynamics and Capsizing
Edwin Kreuzer and Mareike Wendt ..... 369
On Freely-Floating Cylinders Fitted with Bilge Keels
D. Roddier, S.-W. Liao and R.W. Yeung ..... 377
Planar Motion of a Slightly Distorted Circular Cylinder Around Another Circular One
Ren Sun and Allen T. Chwang ..... 385
Storm Survival of a Tanker Based Floating Production System (FPSO) in a Realistic (Random) Seaway
S. Vishnubhotla, J. Falzarano and A. Vakakis ..... 391
Use of Generalized Modes in Hydrodynamic Analysis of Multiple Bodies
T. Mathai ..... 396
Nonlinear Model Evaluation via System Identification of a Moored Structural System
S. Narayanan and S.C.S. Yim ..... 402
Effect of Anti-Pitching Fins on Ship’s Motions by the Methods of Evaluation of Passengers’ Comfort
Ritsuo Shigehiro and Takako Kuroda ..... 410
The Effectiveness of Porous Damping Devices
M.J. Downie, J. Wang and J.M.R. Graham ..... 418
Linear and Nonlinear Ship Motions at Zero Speed in Random Waves
Yonghwan Kim, Yung-Sup Shin and Chang-Ho Kang ..... 426
Diffraction by Large Elongated Bodies by Finite Element Method Using Absorbing Boundary Condition on Elliptic Far Field Boundary
S.K. Bhattacharyya, Santhosh Sathyapal and C.P. Vendham ..... 433
Time-Domain Response of Fluid-Filled Membrane in Gravity Waves
Amal C. Phadke and Kwok Fai Cheung ..... 441
Study of Nonlinear Local Flow
Jørgen R. Krokstad and Frøydis Solaas ..... 449
VIV Lift Coefficients Found from Response Build-up of an Elastically Mounted Dense Cylinder
Kyrre Vikestad and Karl Henning Halse ..... 455
Simulating Vortex Shedding at High Reynolds Numbers
P.A.B. de Sampaio and A.L.G.A. Coutinho ..... 461
Ground Effect on Vortical Flows Behind a Square Cylinder
Robert R. Hwang ..... 467
Prediction of Viscous Forces on Oscillating Cylinders by Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Solver
Richard Korpus, Paul Jones, Owen Oakley and Leonard Imas ..... 471
Two-Dimensional Viscous-Flow Simulations for a Circular Cylinder in Motion
Armin Tavassoli, M.H. Kim and J.C. Park ..... 478
Coupled Cross-flow and In-line Vortex Induced Vibrations of Cable Suspensions
WanJun Kim and N.C. Perkins ..... 486
Effect of Variable Current on Vortex-Induced Vibrations
Kyrre Vikestad and Karl Henning Halse ..... 493
Numerical Prediction of Vortex-Induced Vibration on Steel Catenary Risers
Joar Dalheim ..... 499
Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Moored Floats in Steady Currents
Katta Venkataramana, Susumu Yoshihara, Kenji Kawano and Yorikazu Aikou ..... 504
An Application of Numerical Methods to the Mechanics of Vortex-Induced Vibrations in Two Dimensions
Mauro C. Oliveira, Sergio H. Sphaier and Astrid M. Barros ..... 511

Solitary Wave Pressure on a Barrier
M.A. Hamzah, Hajime Mase and Tomotsuka Takayama ..... 519
Wave Forces on a Horizontal Cylinder in the Coastal Zone
C. Chevalier, E. Lambert and M. Bélorgey ..... 523
Hydrodynamic Forces on a Submerged Horizontal Plate Type Breakwater
Mikio Takaki and Xin Lin ..... 532
Scattering of Long Waves over a Submerged Step
Masami Ohashi, Yukio Sato and Ken-ichiro Hamanaka ..... 540
Three Dimensional Numerical Modelling of the Marmaris Bay
L. Balas and E. Özhan ..... 547
Dissipation of Wave Energy Due to Bottom Effect on Very Mild Slope
Yang Yu and Yu-cheng Li ..... 552
Hydrodynamics in the Swash Zone
Marco Petti and Sandro Longo ..... 559
Reliability Analysis of Existing Breakwaters
E. Benassai, M. Calabrese and G. Sorgenti degli Uberti ..... 568
A Floating Pontoon Breakwater with a Wave Wall
A. N. Williams and W.G. McDougal ..... 576
On the Interaction of Surface Waves with a Semi-Infinite Elastic Plate
T. Sahoo, T.L. Yip and Allen T. Chwang ..... 584
Low-Frequency Harbour Oscillations
Keiji Nomura, Yasuhisa Furuta and Ken-ichiro Hamanaka ..... 590
Numerical Simulation of Wave Refraction-Diffraction in the Pearl River Estuary
Y.Chen, Onyx W.H. Wai and Y.S. Li ..... 597
Analysis of Hydraulic Characteristics in Lock Chamber Using Hydraulic Model Tests
Jung Wook Park, Kyu Han Kim, Chang Kun Park and Chong Kun Pyun ..... 605
A Study on Motions of Pleasure Boats Moored to Floating Piers in Marina
S. Shiraishi, H. Yoneyama, H. Kawahara and K. Nazato ..... 613
Wave Interactions with Permeable Vertical Barriers
Gang Yang, John Baldwin and Michael Isaacson ..... 620
Wave-Induced Flow in a Porous Vertical Breakwater
Norimi Mizutani and Ayman M. Mostafa ..... 625
Wave Trapping by Porous and Flexible Barriers
T.L. Yip, T. Sahoo and Allen T. Chwang ..... 633
Experimental Velocity Profiles in Wave-Jet Interaction
M. Di Natale and D. Vicinanza ..... 639
A Study on the Shallow Water Wave Equation with the Presence of Currents
M.C. Lin, C.M. Hsu and C.L. Ting ..... 647
Sediment Transport: Continuous Versus Discrete Model
F. Lalli, R. Piscopia and R. Verzicco ..... 655
Experimental Study on Long Wave Run-up on Plane Beaches
Michelle H. Teng, Kelie Feng and Tsung I Liao ..... 660
Wave-Current Interactions – A Numerical Model and Simulations of Wave Propagation
M. Mohiuddin, H. Togashi and Y. Hirayama ..... 665
A Procedure to Evaluate the Longshore Sediment Transport Due to Random Waves
R. Gentile ..... 673

Dependence of Bimodality of Ocean Waves on Estimating Method
D. Zhao ..... 681
Second Order Wave Diffraction Patterns About Complex Offshore Structures
Pierre Ferrant and Karine Pelletier ..... 686
Wave Impacts on Vertical and Composite Breakwaters
Mario Calabrese and Mariano Buccino ..... 694
Wave Impact Load Decay Along Composite Breakwaters in Directional Seas
Mario Calabrese, William Allsop and Mariano Buccino ..... 699