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VOLUME III , 1999 (ISBN 1-880653-42-7)


Viscous Forces on Offshore Structures and Their Effects on the Motion of Floating Bodies
John R. Chaplin and Yoshiho Ikeda ..... 1
Variability and Trends in the Wave Climate of the North Atlantic: A Review
D.J.T. Carter ..... 12
Recent Advances in Wave Measurement Technology
Harald E. Krogstad and Stephen F. Barstow ..... 19
Statistics for Velocities of Random Waves
Krzysztof Podgórski, Igor Rychlik and Eva Sjö ..... 27
Comparison of Time-Frequency Representations of Random Wave Elevation Data
YongJune Shin, Edward J. Powers and Eun-jik Yi ..... 34
Experimental Study on the Dependence of Wave Statistics Upon Wave Dimensionality
John Z. Yim, Jaw-Guei Lin, C.R. Chou and W.P. Huang ..... 41
The Typhoon Waves in Shantou Coastal Areas: Hindcasted Typhoon Waves and Their Characteristics
Shaoying Li, Jinghan Zhang, Shengan Wang and Jianping Shen ..... 47
How Big Are the Big Waves?
Krzysztof Podgórski, Igor Rychlik, Jesper Rydén and Eva Sjö ..... 53
Experimental Study on the Distributions of Wave Phases
Jaw-Guei Lin, Ching-Yun Yueh and John Z. Yim ..... 61
Joint Distribution of Wave Height and Wave Crest Velocity from Reconstructed Data
Per A. Brodtkorb, Dag Myrhaug and Håvard Rue ..... 66
Time Domain Model Representations of Standard Wind Gust Spectra
Karl E. Kaasen ..... 74
Directional Distributions in Ocean Wave Spectra
Harald E. Krogstad and Stephen F. Barstow ..... 79
Comparative Evaluation of Directional Wave Analysis Techniques Applied to Field Measurements
Michel Benoit and Gérard Goasguen ..... 87
Extreme Water Level from Joint Distributions of Tide, Surge and Crests: a Case Study
M. Olagnon, R. Nerzic and M. Prevosto ..... 95
Models of the Probability Distribution of Extreme Wave Crest Elevation
E.G. Pitt, J. Daruvala, J.B. Bole and D.B. Driver ..... 101
Statistics of Heavy Weather Actual Ocean Wave Data in North Sea and Japan Sea with Reference to Abnormal Waves
H. Tomita and H. Sawada ..... 109
Long-Term Comparison of ERS, TOPEX and POSEIDON Altimeter Wind and Wave Measurements
P. Queffeulou ..... 114
Duration Characteristics of Storm and Calm Weather Periods Over the North Western Siberian Shelf
Vladimir N. Kryjov ..... 121
A Steady-State Shallow-Water Spectral Wave Model Based on Unstructured Spatial Meshing
Frédéric Marcos and Michel Benoit ..... 126
Sensitivity Analysis on the Transfer of the Offshore Wave Conditions to a Coastal Location
Mauro Sclavo and Luigi Cavaleri ..... 132
WaMoS II: A Radar Based Wave and Current Monitoring System
K. Reichert, K. Hessner, J.C. Nieto Borge and J. Dittmer ..... 139
Sea State Measurements in the Ross Sea Based on Ship Motions
R. Tedeschi ..... 144
CANDHIS Database of in situ Sea States Measurements on the French Coastal Zone
Joël L'Her, Gérard Goasguen and Michel Rogard ..... 148
North Atlantic Wave Climate Variability and the North Atlantic Oscillation Index
P.D. Cotton and P.G. Challenor ..... 153
Eurowaves: a User-Friendly Approach to the Evaluation of Nearshore Wave Conditions
Luigi Cavaleri, Gerassimos A. Athanassoulis and Steve Barstow ..... 158
Climate Changes of Wind Waves in the North Atlantic Over the Last Several Decades
Sergey K. Gulev and Lutz Hasse ..... 164
A Numerical Study of High Wave Probability for Some Severe Wave Conditions
Jianbo Hua and Philip Ekman ..... 168
Nonlinear Internal Waves in the South China Sea
Ming-Kuang Hsu and Antony K. Liu ..... 175
Baroclinic Tides at a North-West European Margin: Analytical Modelling Compared to In Situ Data
Katell Guizien, Mark Inall, Eric Barthélemy and Toby Sherwin ..... 181
Generation of Upstream Internal Waves on the Pycnocline by a Horizontally Moving Body
Hsien P. Pao and Timothy W. Kao ..... 187
Non-Linear Resonance Between Short and Long Waves
H. Michallet and F. Dias ..... 193
Internal Wave Signature Detection and Characterization from SAR Images
Josep A. Ródenas and René Garello ..... 199
Experimental Study of Breaking Wave Flow Field Past a Submerged Hydrofoil by LDV
Paolo De Blasi, Fabio Di Felice, Francesco Lalli and Giovanni Paolo Romano ..... 207
Spatial Distribution of Breaking Waves: An Airborne Measurement Technique
Paul A. Hwang, Edward J. Walsh, William B. Krabill, Wayne Wright and Robert N. Swift ..... 213
Internal Solitary Waves Shoaling and Breaking on Uniform Slopes
H. Michallet and G.N. Ivey ..... 217
Experimental Investigation of Fluid-Particle Oscillating Flows
G.P. Romano, F. Lalli, P. Monti and A. Papili ..... 223
Two-Phase Flow Structure in Breaking Waves
Y. Yüksel, T. Bostan, E. Çevik, Y. Çelikoglu and M. Günal ..... 231
Deep Water Three-Dimensional Waves
R.-Q. Lin and M.-Y. Su ..... 236
Continuous Change of Wave Direction in Dual-Face Wave Generator
T. Hiraishi, K. Hirayama, H. Maruyama, T. Takayama and N. Hosotani ..... 241
Effect of Surface Tension on Wave Characteristics Past a Porous Barrier
T. Sahoo, A.T. Chan and A.T. Chwang ..... 247
A Finite Element Procedure for 3D Incompressible Free-Surface Flow
Tong Chen and Allen T. Chwang ..... 253
On the Irregular Eigenvalues in Wave Radiation Solutions Using Dual Boundary Element Method
J.T. Chen, I.L. Chen and M.T. Liang ..... 260
Benchmark Test Cases for Numerical Wave Absorption: 1st Workshop of ISOPE Numerical Wave Tank Group, Montréal, May 1998
A.H. Clément ..... 266
Simulation of a Self-Adaptively Controlled OWC in a Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank
G. Chatry, A.H. Clément and A.J.N.A. Sarmento ..... 290
A Numerical Approach to Three-Dimensional Diffraction Problem in Non-Linear Waves
Hong G. Sung and Hang S. Choi ..... 297
Computation of Shoaling and Breaking Waves in Nearshore Areas by the Coupling of BEM and VOF Methods
Stéphan Guignard, Stéphan T. Grilli, Richard Marcer and Vincent Rey ..... 304
A Numerical Model of Wave Setup Associated with Monochromatic Waves
Guohai Dong, Zhili Zou and Nicholas Dodd ..... 310
Method of Verification for Numerical Wave Tank Force
C.H. Kim, Z.M. Wang, A. Sebastian and S.Y. Boo ..... 317
Estimation of Wave Drift Force by Numerical Wave Tank
Katsuji Tanizawa, Makiko Minami and Shigeru Naito ..... 323
A Computation on Wave Damping Effects for a 3-D Body Under Regular Waves and Currents
Tzung-hang Lee ..... 331
Fully Non-Linear Diffraction of Regular Waves by a Multi-Column Structure
Pierre Ferrant ..... 337
Chimera RANS Simulation of Ship and Fender Coupling for Berthing Operations
Hamn-Ching Chen, Tuanjie Liu, Erick T. Huang and Duane A. Davis ..... 345
Wave-Induced Response in a Rigid Porous Bed
Ching-Jer Huang and Hsing-Han Chang ..... 355
Three-Dimensional Model of Waves Passing Submerged Porous Structures
Jaw-Fang Lee and Po-I Chen ..... 363
Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Transient Waves and Its Validation by Laboratory Data
Günther F. Clauss and Ulrich Steinhagen ..... 368
Cross-Validation Methods for Wave Tank Measurements
M. Le Boulluec, S. Maisondieu and Y. Stassen ..... 376
New VOF Method for Simulation of Non-Linear Wave Effects
S. Guignard, V. Rey and R. Marcer ..... 382
Vortex Generation in Water Waves Propagating Over a Submerged Rectangular Dike
C.M. Dong and C.J. Huang ..... 388
Evaluation of Performance of New Wave-Making Basin
Shigeru Naito, Munehiko Minoura, Kenta Tanaka and Haruaki Sakashita ..... 396
Uncertainty Assessment in Wave Elevation Measurement
A. Olivieri and R. Penna ..... 404
Fully Nonlinear Multi-Directional Waves by a 3D Viscous Numerical Wave Tank
M.H. Kim, J.C. Park, S.Y. Hong and A. Tavassoli ..... 412
2D Nonlinear Diffraction Around Free Surface Piercing Body in a Viscous Numerical Wave Tank
L. Gentaz, B. Alessandrini and G. Delhommeau ..... 420
Resistance in Unsteady Flow: Search for an In-Line Force Model
T. Sarpkaya ..... 427
Maximum Wave Loads on a Caisson Structure for the Sakhalin Offshore
A.M. Cornett, M.H. Davies, J.S. Readshaw and H. Wells ..... 433
Wave Pressure on a Large Cylinder in a Wave-Current Coexisting Field
S.S. Hsiao, W.K. Weng and M.C. Lin ..... 441
Wave Forces on Large Cylinders on Slope in Directional Sea
Norimi Mizutani, Yukikazu Yoshida, Takeshi Sanada, Naoto Kawashima and Koichiro Iwata ..... 446
Time-Domain Solution of Freely Floating Cylinders in a Viscous Fluid
R.W. Yeung and S.-W. Liao ..... 454
Offshore Concrete Structures: Force Distribution in Massive Intersections of Structural Members
Jean-Luc Parat, Patrick Le Tallec and Marina Vidrescu ..... 463
Wave-Current Forces on Rectangular Cylinder at Low KC Numbers
V. Vengatesan, K.S. Varyani and N.D.P. Barltrop ..... 469
Hydrodynamic Forces on Three-Dimensional Bodies in a Restricted Waterway
S.Y. Liou and D.T. Su ..... 478
Aspect of the Normalization of Hydrodynamic Coefficients in Morison Equation
Yu-cheng Li ..... 485
Numerical Estimation of Hydrodynamic Heave Damping of a Vertical Cylinder with Appendages
L. Tao, L. Cheng and K. Thiagarajan ..... 490
Towards Convective Cell Free Surface Modelling of a SPAR Buoy
A.M. Wright and S.R. Turnock ..... 496
Analysis of Second Order Steady Hydrodynamic Forces on Floating Bodies in Regular Waves by Finite Element Method
Santhosh Sathyapal, S.K. Bhattacharyya and C.P. Vendhan ..... 504
An Experimental Study of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Floating Cranes
G.F. Clauss and M. Vannahme ..... 511
Nonlinear Air-Gap System Identification from Model Tests
Carl Trygve Stansberg ..... 519
On the Mathematical Modelling of Roll Motion of a Ship with a List
Fabrizio D'Este and Giorgio Contento ..... 527
Large Amplitude Nonlinear Dynamics of the Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) at Transit Draft in a Random Seaway
S. Vishnubhotla, J. Falzarano and A. Vakakis ..... 531
A Study on Numerical Simulation Methods to Reproduce Long-Period Ship Motions
Satoru Shiraishi, Masayoshi Kubo, Shigeki Sakakibara and Kenji Sasa ..... 536
Ship Roll Motion with Water Inside Compartments Due to Damage
Roby Kambisseri and Yoshiho Ikeda ..... 544
Characteristics of Harbor Oscillation and Ship Motion Induced by Long Period Waves
Keisuke Murakami, A. Yoshida and I. Irie ..... 552
Wind-Induced Dynamic Response of Offshore Platform Structures
Jing-Jong Jang and Chiou-Shui Lee ..... 558
Response Statistics of a Moored Semisubmersible Platform in Multidirectional Waves: A Model Test Study
Carl Trygve Stansberg ..... 566
A Study on Time Domain Analysis of Moored Ship Motion Considering Harbor Oscillations
Masayoshi Kubo and Shigeki Sakakibara ..... 574
Analysis on the Fender Deformation by Moored Ship Motions Due to Wave Actions at Ocean Facing Port
Satoru Shiraishi, Koichi Nagamatsu and Toshiaki Umihara ..... 582
The Fractal Character of Chaotic Motion of a Structure with Nonlinear Mooring
Dale G. Karr, Patrick J. Murphy and Daniel Fuchs ..... 590
Primary Resonance Response of a Controlled Ocean System
P.E. King and S.C.S. Yim ..... 596
Average Wave Drift Force Determination for the Ships and Offshore Structures: Testing and Computation
I.K. Boroday, M.N. Bogdanov and G.V. Vilensky ..... 601
A Dynamical System Approach to the Sloshing: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis
G. Sciortino and M. La Rocca ..... 607
The Use of the Finite Element Method in the Simulation of Liquid Sloshing
D.C. Webb and K. Kormi ..... 615
The Effect of Steady Flow Potential on the Ship Motions in Waves
Ming-Chung Fang and Pei-Yawn Liao ..... 621
A Method to Analyse Seakeeping Model Measurements in Time Domain
K. Garme and J. Hua ..... 629
A Study on Motions in Waves and Performance of Wave Energy Absorption of an Autonomous Biogeochemical Monitoring Platform
Tetsuro Ikebuchi, Naoyuki Takatsu and Wataru Koterayama ..... 635
Improving the Accuracy of Free-Surface Recognition and Conservation of Mass for the Volume of Fluid Method
Fumihiko Yamada and Kiyoshi Takikawa ..... 643
Non-Linear Diffraction Around Heeled Ship Sections
R.H.M. Huijsmans, J. Westhuis and A. Ballast ..... 651
Non-Linear Time Domain Analysis of Complex Marine Operations
C. Berhault, M.A. Bohéas and G. Morin ..... 658
Determination of Instantaneous Frequency of Vortex Bursts
Jon Hinwood and Richard Aarons ..... 665
Vortex Shedding Around Two Circular Cylinders of Different Diameters
X. Wang and L. Cheng ..... 671
Modal Decomposition of Measured Vortex Induced Response of Drilling Risers
Christopher Hoen and Geir Moe ..... 679
Effect of Internal Flow on Vortex-Induced Vibration of Riser
Namseeg Hong and Taiknyung Huh ..... 688
Parametrical Analysis of a Rectangular Cylinder with Splitter Plate Using Numerical Simulation
C.L.R. Siqueira, J.R. Meneghini and F. Saltara ..... 694
Avoidance Criteria for Wind-Induced Vortex Shedding Vibrations
Kurt Sjursen ..... 699
The Effects of Impulsive Wave Loads on the Dynamic Response of Vertical Breakwaters
E. Benassai, M. Calabrese and G. Sorgenti degli Uberti ..... 706
Analysis of Horizontal Forces Acting on Vertical Walls of Perforated Breakwater
E.H. Tabet-Aoul, J.-M. Rousset and M. Bélorgey ..... 712
Wave Force on a Vertical Wall in Directional Seas
T. Hiraishi ..... 718
Effect of Detached Breakwater on Wave Directionality: Example of BDZ Harbour
Wei-Po Huang, John Z. Yim and Jaw-Guei Lin ..... 724
Performance of a Floating Breakwater by the Use of Wave Slamming Loss
Takayuki Nakamura, Tohru Kohno and Minoru Uemura ..... 730
Experimental Study on Deformation and Hydraulic Function of Rubble Mound Breakwater
Susumu Araki, Yoshiyasu Fujiwara and Ichiro Deguchi ..... 735
Reflection of Water Waves by Sloping Porous Structures
A.T. Chan, T. Sahoo and A.T. Chwang ..... 743
Numerical and Experimental Study of Submerged Flexible Nets: Applications to Fish Farms
F. Le Bris and D. Marichal ..... 749
Wave Damping Due to Porous Seabed Effect
Zhao-Chen Sun and Zhi-Hai Zhu ..... 756
A Boundary Layer Correction Approach on Dynamic Response of Soft Poroelastic Bed to Nonlinear Water Waves
P.C. Hsieh, L.H. Huang and T.W. Wang ..... 7621
Characteristics of the Turbulent Boundary Layer Along Sand-Ripples Under Regular Waves
Tetsuya Kakinoki, Kiyoshi Takikawa and Fumihiko Yamada ..... 767
The Threshold of Sand Motion Under Random Waves
R. Gentile, L. Rebaudengo Landò and G. Scarsi ..... 775
Performance of Silt Protector in Three Dimensional Flow
Akio Yasui, Ichiro Deguchi and Masanobu Ono ..... 781
Extended Boussinesq Equations Model for Wave Propagation on Currents
M. Mohiuddin, H. Togashi and Y. Hirayama ..... 787
Linear and Nonlinear Transfer Functions in the Prediction of Unidirectional Irregular Waves from Pressure Measurements
Eustorgio Meza and Jun Zhang ..... 794
DRBEM Analysis on Wave-Induced Harbor Oscillation
M.C. Lin, S.S. Hsiao, C.L. Ting and P.H. Lin ..... 800
Oscillation Problems in Çesme Marina
Ü. Yerli, A. Ünal, R. Koh, M. Furukawa and Y. Yüksel ..... 806