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VOLUME III , 1998 (ISBN 1-880653-37-0)


Ocean Color Imager ¾ Taiwan's First Spaceborne Ocean Color Sensor ..... 1
Hsien-Wen Li, Chung-Ru Ho, Nan-Jung Kuo, Wei-Peng Tsai and Shih-Jen Huang
Open-Cell Conductivity Probe for Laboratory and Oceanic Use ..... 5
Hsien P. Pao and S.C. Ling
Velocity Fields in Solitary Internal Waves ..... 11
S.A. Walker, A.J. Martin and W.J. Easson
Evolution of Nonlinear Internal Waves Northeast of Taiwan ..... 18
Ming-Kuang Hsu, Antony K. Liu and Nai Kuang Liang
Wavelet Analysis of Satellite Imagery on Coastal Oil Spills ..... 25
Sunny Y. Wu, Antony K. Liu and William Y. Tseng
Sea Ice Motion from Wavelet Analysis of Satellite Data ..... 30
Antony K. Liu and Yunhe Zhao
Measurement of Ice Growth and Melt in the Labrador Pack Ice ..... 36
Donald J. Belliveau, Charles Tang and Andrew Mahon
Extraction of Sea Ice Parameters from Satellite Radar Images ..... 42
Mohammed E. Shokr
Estimating the Thermodynamic State of Snow Covered Sea Ice Using Time Series Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Data ..... 50
D.G. Barber, J.Y. Yackel, R.L. Wolfe and W. Lumsden
Experimental and Numerical Studies of the TLP's Airgap ..... 55
Y.-M. Scolan, Š. Malenica, D. Martigny and C. Berhault
Observed Short- and Long-Term Distributions of Wave Steepness ..... 63
M. Olagnon and H.E. Krogstad
Prediction of Offshore and Nearshore Storm Waves Using a Third Generation Spectral Wave Model ..... 71
Denis Aelbrecht, Michel Benoit, Frédéric Marcos and Gérard Goasguen
Observed Frequency Spectrum of Long Period Waves ..... 77
T. Hiraishi
Extreme Wave Prediction in Markov Chain Condition ..... 84
Defu Liu, Jitong Jiang and Chao Wang
An Analysis of Typhoon Wave Within a Bay ..... 91
Shaoying Li
Measured Wave Crest Distributions in Central and Southern North Sea Storms ..... 96
Susan J. Warren, James B. Bole and David B. Driver
Non-Gaussian Extremes in Numerically Generated Second-Order Random Waves on Deep Water ..... 103
Carl Trygve Stansberg
On the Selection of Design Wave Conditions ..... 111
Michael Isaacson and Ricardo Foschi
Effect of Directional Spreading and Spectral Bandwidth on the Nonlinearity of the Irregular Waves ..... 119
Marc Prevosto
Current Modeling for the Assessment of Offshore Structural Loading and Safety Design ..... 124
T.A. McClimans, G. Eidnes, T. Sotberg, B. Brørs and M. Mathiesen
Wave Crest Properties and Non-Linearities of Storm Waves Measured at Three Sites in the Mediterranean Sea ..... 129
Marco Venturi, Marco Petti and Michele Drago
A Field Experiment on Breaking Waves and Bubble Distribution in Shallow Water ..... 137
Ming-Yang Su, Ray Burge, Joel Wesson and William Teague
Some Near Shore Breaking Wave Statistics Outside the Surf Zone ..... 144
Joel C. Wesson, Ming-Yang Su and Raymond E. Burge
Velocities and Accelerations in Breaking Waves ..... 152
S.P. Kjeldsen, P. Bonmarin, M.G. Skafel and W.M. Drennan
Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Effects of Opposing Jet-Current on Waves ..... 159
M. Di Natale
Numerical Study of Solitary Wave on a Mild Slope ..... 165
Chung-Ren Chou and Ouyang Kwan
Wavelet-Based Bicoherence Analysis of Irregular Wave Data ..... 170
E.J. Powers, E.-J. Yi, I.-S. Park and J.-H. Chung
Development of Dual Face Serpent-Type Wave Generator ..... 176
T. Hiraishi, K. Hirayama and N. Hosotani
A Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of Tide and Wind Currents in the Baidaratskaya Bay of the Kara Sea ..... 184
Alexander S. Tsvetsinsky, Boris V. Arkhipov and Vyacheslav V. Solbakov
Wind-Swell Wave Interaction and Prediction Model at Mitou Coast in Taiwan ..... 189
J.T. Juang and P.C. Lin
On the Spectral Properties of Wind Waves in Northern Taiwan ..... 195
Jaw-Guei Lin and John Z. Yim
A Comparison of the Statistical Properties of Random Waves from Different Sources ..... 199
John Z. Yim and Jaw-Guei Lin
Statistical Properties of Random Waves in Deep Water Directional Seas Involving ¦-–4 Frequency Spectra ..... 203
R. Gentile
Validity of Existing Analytical Solutions for Predicting Long Waves Generated by Submerged Moving Objects ..... 212
Michelle H. Teng
A New Model on Equilibrium Spectrum of Wind Waves ..... 216
Yuguang Liu, Paul A. Hwang, Ming-Yang Su and W. Timothy Liu
Activities of the IAHR Maritime Hydraulics Section in Wave Generation and Analysis ..... 222
Etienne P.D. Mansard and Michael J. Briggs
On the Fourier Series Decomposition of Directional Wave Spectra ..... 227
Carl Trygve Stansberg
Second-Order Three-Dimensional Wave Maker Theory with Side-Wall Reflection ..... 235
W. Li and A.N. Williams
Directional Wave Experiments on Twin Floating Power Plant Motions Moored in a Semi-Closed Basin by Breakwaters ..... 242
Masaaki Ikeno and Ryoichi Kajima
Simulations with a 3D Active Absorption Method in a Numerical Wave Tank ..... 248
Jesper Skourup and Hemming A. Schäffer
Numerical Simulation of a Two-Dimensional Wave Tank in Viscous Fluid ..... 256
L. Gentaz, C. Maury, B. Alessandrini and G. Delhommeau
Fully Nonlinear Wave-Current-Body Interactions by a 3D Viscous Numerical Wave Tank ..... 264
Jong-Chun Park and Moo-Hyun Kim
Numerical Simulations of Free Surface Flow with Boundary-Fitted Coordinate Systems ..... 272
Fumihiko Yamada and Kiyoshi Takikawa
An Application of Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank to the Study on Chaotic Roll Motions ..... 280
Katsuji Tanizawa and Shigeru Naito
Nonlinear Diffraction of Waves Over a Submerged Body in a Real Fluid ..... 288
P. Ananthakrishnan
Periodic Wave Shoaling Over Barred-Beaches in a Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank ..... 294
Stéphan T. Grilli and Juan Horrillo
The Study of Flows of Moving Body Near a Free Surface ..... 301
D.C. Wan, G.P. Miao and S.Q. Dai
Numerical Simulation of Transient Nonlinear Free Surface Flows ..... 307
M. Ba, A. Rebeyrotte and A. Albayaty
Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Water Waves Propagating Over a Submerged Dike ..... 313
C.J. Huang and C.M. Dong
Chimera RANS/Laplace Simulation of Free Surface Flows Induced by 2D Ship Sway, Heave, and Roll Motions ..... 320
Chang-Ho Kang, Hamn-Ching Chen and Erick T. Huang
A Finite Element Model of Gravity Waves with Free Surface ..... 328
Bing Chen, Yucheng Li and Guozhang Lai
Runup on a Cylinder Due to Waves and Current: Potential Flow Solution with Fully Nonlinear Boundary Conditions ..... 332
Pierre Ferrant
Interaction of Second Order Wave Packets with a Vertical Cylinder ..... 340
Pierre Ferrant and Pierre-Emmanuel Guillerm
A High Order Boundary Element Model for 2D Wave Tank Simulation ..... 348
Yves Stassen, Marc Le Boulluec and Bernard Molin
The Simulation of Vortex Shedding from an Oscillating Circular Cylinder ..... 356
F. Saltara, J.R. Meneghini and C.L.R. Siqueira
Numerical Simulation of a Fixed and an Oscillating Circular Cylinder in Oscillatory Flow ..... 364
C.L.R. Siqueira, J.R. Meneghini and F. Saltara
Numerical Simulation for Shear Effect on Vortex Shedding Behind a Square Cylinder ..... 372
Robert R. Hwang and Y.C. Sue
Flow Field Around a Square Cylinder in Circular Orbital Flow at Low Keulegan-Carpenter Numbers ..... 380
Koji Otsuka, Yuji Anada and Yoshiho Ikeda
The Three Dimensional Flow Features of Interaction Between Two Vortex Streets ..... 388
Guo-Can Ling and Zhong-Ming Xiong
Vortex Induced Vibrations Experiments on a Flexible Cylinder ..... 393
A.C. Fujarra, C.P. Pesce and P.P.H. Parra
The Influence of Transverse Compliancy on the In-Line Forcing Characteristics of an Articulated Tower ..... 400
D. Smith, N. Haritos, S. Kristiansen and O. Arntsen
An Efficient Liquid Sloshing Damper for Vibration Control ..... 407
V.J. Modi and S.R. Munshi
Drag Reduction and Vibration Control of a Spar-Type Cylindrical Structure Through Boundary-Layer Control ..... 415
S.R. Munshi, V.J. Modi and T. Yokomizo
Experiments on Submerged Pitching Plate Under Water Waves ..... 424
T.L. Yip and Allen T. Chwang
Wave-Free Heaving Body Forms in Shallow Water ..... 431
Yusaku Kyozuka and Norimitsu Nariai
Calculation of Second Order Steady Potential ..... 438
B. Teng
On Roll Hydrodynamics of Rectangular Cylinders ..... 445
R.W. Yeung, S.-W. Liao and D. Roddier
Responses of a Barge-Mounted Platform in Waves and Currents ..... 454
S.Y. Hong, Y.R. Choi, D.J. Kim and M.H. Kim
Dynamic Response Analyses of Cargo Ship in Waves ..... 465
Hisashi Nobukawa and Guoqiang Zhou
Simulation of a Two-Part Underwater Maneuverable Towed System ..... 471
Jiaming Wu and Allen T. Chwang
Nonlinear System Identification of a Moored Structural System ..... 478
S. Narayanan, S.C.S. Yim and P.A. Palo
Experimental Investigation of Stability and Bifurcation of Nonlinear Moored Structural Responses ..... 485
H. Lin and S.C.S. Yim
The Effect of Excitation Modelling in the Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Rolling ..... 490
Alberto Francescutto, Giorgio Contento, Marco Biot, Lorenzo Schiffrer and Giovanni Caprino
Parametric Identification for a Roll Instability in a Series S60-70 Ship ..... 499
A.H. Nayfeh, J. Fung, M.R. Hajj and D.T. Mook
A Numerical Study of U-Tube Passive Anti-Rolling Tanks ..... 504
Z. Zhong, J.M. Falzarano and R.M. Fithen
On the Effects of Hydrodynamic Interaction upon the Wave Forces on Pile Arrays of Multiple Rows ..... 513
Z.X. Yu, G.P. Miao, Y.Z. Liu and H.X. Zhang
Analysis of the Dynamic Response and Static Stability of a Discus Buoy with Articulated Keel ..... 519
M.J. Sadigh and M. Keshmiri
Nonlinear Wave Loads on Single Vertical Cylinders: Pressure and Wave Field Measurements and Theoretical Predictions ..... 526
Giorgio Contento, Alberto Francescutto and Francesco Lalli
Second-Order Nonlinear Wave Force in Random Seas ..... 535
Chuntian Zhao and Cheung Hun Kim
Wave Forces on Large Cylinders in Multidirectional Irregular Waves ..... 543
Norimi Mizutani, Takeshi Sanada, Shin-ichi Matsumoto, Naoto Kawashima and Koichiro Iwata
Three-Dimensional Solution of the Diffraction Force on a Ship in Wave ..... 551
Ming-Chung Fang and Rong-Yawn Chen
Effect of Wave Parameters and Motion Phases on Wave Load Encountered by Oceangoing Ship and Offshore Structure ..... 559
Yanying Wang, Kun Qian and Dazheng Wang
Laboratory Studies of Breaking Wave Forces on Vertical Square Cylinders in Shallow Water ..... 564
Guo-hai Dong and Yu-cheng Li
Safety and Operation Management Considerations for Port-Island Coastal-Protection Works ..... 570
Teofilo Monge Rufin, Jr
Multi-Layer Breakwater Optimization ..... 578
A. Arsié and M. Bélorgey
Performance of Twin-Pontoon Floating Breakwaters ..... 584
Shankar Bhat and Michael Isaacson
Onset of Breaking in Front of Vertical and Composite Breakwaters ..... 590
M. Calabrese
Basic Research on Advanced Safety for Offshore Sea Berth in Open Sea and Berth Operation Support System ..... 596
Masayoshi Kubo, Masanori Tsugane, Kenji Sasa, Toyotaka Narita and Shigeki Sakakibara
Basic Research on Primary Factors That Controls Mooring Criteria — In Case of Ports Facing to Open Sea with Swells and Seasonal Winds ..... 603
Masayoshi Kubo, Masanori Tsugane, Kenji Sasa and Shigeki Sakakibara
Experimental Study on Profile Change of Rubble Mound Breakwater and Wave Force on Rubble Stone ..... 611
Susumu Araki and Ichiro Deguchi
DRBEM Analysis of Combined Wave Refraction and Diffraction in the Presence of Currents ..... 617
M.C. Lin, S.S. Hsiao and N.C. Hu
Motions of a Small Boat Moored in Waves Generated by a High Speed Vessel ..... 622
K. Saito, S. Shiotani and N. Fujitomi
Two-Dimensional Vertical Model for Salt Intrusion in Estuary ..... 630
Makoto Ifuku
The Wave Scattering by Vertical Thin Barriers Using Composite BEM ..... 636
Ching-Yun Yueh and Deng-How Tsaur
Harbor Tranquillity Analysis for Cheonha Harbor, Korea ..... 643
Jong-Wook Kim
A Reflection Wave Attenuator by Using Wave Slamming Phenomena ..... 650
Takayuki Nakamkura, Tohru Kohno, Taizou Fujioka and Osamu Fujita
Wave Kinematics in Front of Caisson Breakwaters ..... 658
T. Bruce and D. Vicinanza
Numerical Simulation of Tide in Qian-Tang-Jiang Tide ..... 665
Mingde Su, Fanlin Zhu and Y.C. Hon
Holography Underwater Inspection ..... 674
Edison Gonçalves and José Luis Valin Rivera
Low-Cost Particle Image Velocimetry: System and Application ..... 679
M. Walkden, G. Müller and T. Bruce
Acoustic Data Ground Truthing Through In-Situ Measurements of Physical Properties ..... 686
S. Unterseh, P. Cochonat, M. Voisset, G. Ollier and F. Harmegnies
An Empirical Consideration on Drag Coefficient of Flared Silt Curtain ..... 694
Yoshi-Hiko Maeno, Motoyasu Ishikawa, Yoshimichi Tanaka, Hiroyuki Azuma and Hirofumi Kawamoto
Effects of Stratification and Vertical Velocity on Tidal Dynamics Over a Continental Slope ..... 701
N. Jézéquel, R. Mazé and A. Pichon