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VOLUME III , 1997 (ISBN 1-880653-31-1)


On the Contribution of Swell to Sea Surface Phenomena
Hisashi Mitsuyasu ..... 1
On the Dynamics and Control of Fluid-Structure Interaction Instabilities
V.J. Modi, M.L. Seto and S.R. Munshi ..... 8
Wave-in-Deck Forces
Timothy D. Finnigan and Chuck Petrauskas ..... 19
Assessment of Mean Water Levels and Tides from Satellite Data
C. Le Provost, F. Rabilloud and M. Olagnon ..... 25
Contribution of Satellite Data to Storm-Surge Climatology
Hafedh Hajji and Michel Olagnon ..... 32
SUCCESS: A Joint Project to Use Novel Techniques to Teach Future Engineers About Satellite Metocean Data Sources
Michel Olagnon and Georg Lindgren ..... 38
Satellite Measurements and Their Application to the Pechora Sea
Hafedh Hajji and Richard A. Sproson ..... 42
Runup on a Structure Due to Waves and Current
Bjarne Büchmann, Jesper Skourup and Kwok Fai Cheung ..... 48
A Rational Approach to Free Surface Flow by Using Higher-Order Boundary Elements
Hong G. Sung, Sa Y. Hong and Hang S. Choi ..... 56
Open Boundary for Horizontally 2-D Wave Analysis with Boundary Element Method
Ken-ichiro Hamanaka and Yukio Sato ..... 63
A Study on Parametric Roll Motions by Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank
Katsuji Tanizawa and Shigeru Naito ..... 69
Nonlinear Irregular Waves and Forces on Truncated Vertical Cylinder in a Numerical Wave Tank
S.Y. Boo and C.H. Kim ..... 76
Wave Generation and Active Absorption in a Numerical Wave Flume
Jesper Skourup and Hemming A. Schäffer ..... 85
Numerical Simulation of Short Wave-Wave Interaction
A. Clément and L. Gil ..... 92
Development of a Viscous Numerical Wave Tank and Numerical Evaluation of Dynamic Loads on Submerged Bodies at Small KC Numbers
V. Armenio and M. Favretto ..... 98
Wave-Current-Body Interaction by a Time-Domain High-Order Boundary Element Method
D.J. Kim and M.H. Kim ..... 107
Numerical Simulation for the Wave Resistance of a Submerged Spheroid
Chung-Chyi Lee and Ming-Chung Fang ..... 116
Non-linear Internal Wave Kinematics
Alastair J. Martin and William J. Easson ..... 122
Nonlinear Models of Internal Tide and Internal Solitary Wave Evolution Over a Continental Slope
Peter E. Holloway, Efim Pelinovsky, Tatyana Talipova and Belinda Barnes ..... 130
Temporal Behaviour of a Mixed Layer in a Stratified Flow
S.A. Walker, G.A. Hamill, H.A. Barnes and H.T. Johnston ..... 138
Internal Tide Driving of Estuarine-Shelf Water Exchange
Tateki Fujiwara, Tetsuya Takahashi and Katsuyuki Abo ..... 144
A Flow Field Over Upwelling Producing Structure in an Oscillatory Flow with or without Stratification
G. Tsujimoto, K. Michioku and H. Nishide ..... 149
Shallow Water Equilibrium Range Waves
R.-Q. Lin and W. Perrie ..... 156
On Some Characteristics of Breaking Waves Generated by a Submerged Circular Cylinder
Beom-Soo Hyun and Yong Heon Shin ..... 162
Analysis of Near-Crest Pressure Gradient of Irregular Water Waves as a Dynamic Criterion of Breaking
K. Nadaoka, O. Ono and H. Kurihara ..... 170
Shallow-Water Nonlinear Wave Instabilities and Energy Transfer
Ming-Yang Su ..... 175
Experimental Studies on Energy Dissipation in Breaking Waves
Jun Zhang, Eustorgio Meza Conde and Richard J. Seymour ..... 178
Generation of Second-Order Long Waves at Depth Discontinuity
Hiroaki Toita and Masaru Mizuguchi ..... 184
Internal Characteristics of Breaking Waves Over Submerged Breakwaters
Kiyoshi Takikawa, Fumihiko Yamada and Kensaku Matsumoto ..... 192
Breaking Waves and Offshore Design
William J. Easson ..... 200
Analysis of Ocean Waves by Crossing- and Oscillation-Intensities
I. Rychlik and M.R. Leadbetter ..... 206
Long Waves Accompanied by the Reflection of Short-Wave Groups
Wataru Kioka, Satoru Yamane, Kenji Kashihara and Shin-ichi Aoki ..... 214
Performance of Active Wave Absorption Systems: Comparison of Wave Gauge and Velocity Meter Based Systems
Tue Hald and Peter Frigaard ..... 221
Simulation of Design Storm Wave Conditions with Tailored Wave Groups
Günther F. Clauss and Walter L. Kühnlein ..... 228
Upstream Soliton Generation by a Slender, Vertical Strut and Ship: Boussinesq Equations
R.C. Ertekin, Z.M. Qian and J.V. Wehausen ..... 238
Three-Dimensional Characteristics of Velocity Field and Effects of Undertow in a Surf Zone
Y. Watanabe and N. Mori ..... 247
Characteristics of Long-Period Waves Observed in a Port
Tetsuya Hiraishi ..... 254
Accuracy Estimates of Multidecade Return Period Wind Velocity Values Over Shelf
Vladimir N. Kryjov ..... 259
Statistic Comparison Between Wave Height Time Histories from Different Simulation Techniques for a Campeche Bay Sea State
Jorge Silva-Ballesteros and Federico Barranco-Cicilia ..... 265
A Wave Climate Study for an LNG Terminal Near Marmara Ereglisi, Turkey
Adnan Akyarli and Ahmet C. Yalciner ..... 272
A Wave/Wind Climatology for the Gulf of Mexico
W.J. Teague, P.A. Hwang, D.W.-C. Wang, E.F. Thompson and G.A. Jacobs ..... 279
Effects of a Submerged Dike on the Statistical Properties of a Random Wave Field
Jaw-Guei Lin and John Z. Yim ..... 287
Solitons, Positons and Trains of Algebraically Decaying Waves
K.W. Chow and K. Tso ..... 292
Effect of Boundary on Ship Waves
Sing-Kwan Lee and Allen T. Chwang ..... 296
Active Wave Control by a Pitching Porous Plate
T.L. Yip and Allen T. Chwang ..... 302
A Perturbation-DRBEM Model for Wave Refraction-Diffraction
S.S. Hsiao, J.H. Wu and Y.F. Chiu ..... 308
Nonlinear Shallow Water Waves Generated by Submerged Moving Slender Bodies: An Experimental Study
Michelle H. Teng and Theodore Y. Wu ..... 313
Irregular Broken Wave Forces on Vertical Wall
Yu-cheng Li, Da-zhong Liu, Gui-ping Qi and Shiao-jun Su ..... 318
Viscous Effects in Wave-Body Interaction
M. Landrini, M. Ranucci, C.M. Casciola and G. Graziani ..... 327
Optimum Dynamic Response of a Floating Vessel Restrained by Cables: A Parametric Analysis
A. Carcaterra, M. Landrini and C. Lugni ..... 336
Second-Order Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Wave Diffraction Due to a Cylinder in Directional Sea
Norimi Mizutani, Takeshi Sanada, Akira Imai, Koichiro Iwata, Masumi Watanabe and Yoon-Koo Kang ..... 345
A Nonlinear Spectral Model for Directional Random Waves in Decreasing Depths
Laura Rebaudengo Landó, Renata Gentile and Giulio Scarsi ..... 353
Effects of Spectral Width on the Statistical Properties of Simulated Random Wave Fields
John Z. Yim and Jaw-Guei Lin ..... 362
A Weibull-Stokes Model for the Distribution of Maximum Wave and Crest Heights
Raymond Nerzic and Marc Prevosto ..... 367
The Relation Between Wave Length and Wave Period Distributions in Random Gaussian Waves
Georg Lindgren, Igor Rychlik and Marc Prevosto ..... 378
Spectral Modeling of Unidirectional Nonlinear Wave Propagation Over Arbitrary Depths
S. Beji and K. Nadaoka ..... 385
The Measurement of Acceleration Fields Under Waves by DPIV
T.P. Dewhirst, M.L. Jakobsen and C.A. Greated ..... 390
A Free-Surface Pressure Distribution Solution for the Radiation and Diffraction Problems of Large-Diameter Piles
G.P. Miao, Y.X. You and Y.Z. Liu ..... 395
Predictions of Morison Type Forces in Irregular, High Reynolds Number Waves
Geir Moe and Ove Tobias Gudmestad ..... 399
Estimation Method of Viscous Forces Acting on Floating Offshore Structures
Kunihiro Hoshino, Shunji Kato and Wataru Koterayama ..... 407
Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Bottom Mounted Circular Cylinder
Ian A.R. Neill and Jon B. Hinwood ..... 415
A Simple Procedure for the Wave Impact Forces for Circular Structure Member in Breaking Wave Zone
Kyu Nam Cho and Jae Joon Yoon ..... 423
The Force Acting on a Horizontal Cylinder Passing Through the Water Surface
M. Uchida, K. Hu and T. Nishijima ..... 427
Stochastic Analysis of Combined Wave and Current Loading on a Vertical Cylinder from Large-Scale Laboratory Experiments
G. Najafian, R. Burrows and R.G. Tickell ..... 435
The Influence of Grouping on the Force Characteristics of Pairs of Vertical Surface-Piercing Cylinders
D. Smith and N. Haritos ..... 443
Runup on Columns in Large Waves
A.J. Martin, W.J. Easson and T. Bruce ..... 449
Wave Runup Effects on Large Diameter Caissons in Shallow Water
R. Armstrong and N. Haritos ..... 453
Wave Enhancement Due to Structure Block in Semi-Submersibles
T. Bruce and W.J. Easson ..... 461
Hydrodynamic Analysis of Floating Bodies on Parallel Computers
B. Padmanabhan and R.C. Ertekin ..... 467
Drag Coefficients for Mooring Line Hydrodynamic Damping
G.J. Lyons, D.T. Brown and H.M. Lin ..... 473
Heave Force on a Slender Submerged Body with Application to Form Optimization of Ocean Structure
A.N. Simos and J.A.P. Aranha ..... 480
Safety of Life at Sea: Lessons Learned from the Analysis of Casualties Involving Ferries
Giulio Russo Krauss and Antonio Cardo ..... 484
Survival Analysis of a Deep-Water Floating Offshore Platform About Its Critical Axis Including Coupling
Ravikiran S. Kota, Jeffrey M. Falzarano and Alexander Vakakis ..... 492
On the Roll Radius of Gyration of Ro-Ro Passenger Ships
A. Papanikolaou, E. Boulougouris and D. Spanos ..... 499
An Investigation on the Applicability of Simplified Mathematical Models to the Roll-Sloshing Problem
Alberto Francescutto and Giorgio Contento ..... 507
Effect of Water Inside a Ship on Its Damage Stability
Roby Kambisseri, Tetsuya Hamano and Yoshiho Ikeda ..... 515
Characterisation of the Flooding Process of a Damaged Ro-Ro Vessel
D. Vassalos and L. Letizia ..... 523
Field Experiments and Numerical Prediction on Dynamics of a Light Floating Structure Moored in Deep Ocean
Wataru Koterayama, Hiroo Mizuoka, Naoyuki Takatsu and Tetsuro Ikebuchi ..... 533
Field Observation of Ship Motions Using Multi Camera Trackers
Katsuhiko Saito and Masayoshi Kubo ..... 541
Observation of Long Period Wave and Ship Motion in Tomakomai-port
Tetsuya Hiraishi, Youichi Atsumi, Atsushi Kunita, Shin-ichiro Sekiguchi and Tsutomu Kawaguchi ..... 546
Nonlinear Wave Loads on a Ship Advancing in Waves
Ming-Chung Fang and Cheng-Ming Liao ..... 552
Time-Domain Prediction of Ship Motions with Experimental Verification
Dexiang Zhu and Mahmoud Katory ..... 559
The Effects of Binding Hinge Connections in Multipli-Connected Pontoon Arrays
A. Nobakhti, G.J. Lyons and D.T. Brown ..... 564
Dynamic Responses of a Spar-Buoy Boring Derrick in Waves
Koji Otsuka, Yoshiho Ikeda, Mikio Fukutomi and Hiroshi Aso ..... 573
Time-Domain Simulation of a Berthing DDG-51 Ship by a Domain Decomposition Approach
Hamn-Ching Chen, Miaomou Chen, D.A. Davis and Erick T. Huang ..... 580
Effects of Slenderness and Flatness on Wave Drift Damping of a Moored Floating Body
Takeshi Kinoshita, Weiguang Bao and Rong Zhu ..... 588
Motional Dynamics of Coupled Pontoons in Seaways
Erick T. Huang ..... 596
Interaction Between Twin Floating Power Plant Motions in Short-Crested Waves
Masaaki Ikeno and Ryoichi Kajima ..... 602
A Time Domain Analysis of Moored Ship Motions in a Harbor Considering Harbor Oscillations
Masayoshi Kubo and Shigeki Sakakibara ..... 610
Hydrodynamic Response of a Bottom Mounted Flexible Membrane Structure in Gravity Waves
Amal C. Phadke and Kwok Fai Cheung . ..... 617
Nonlinear Dynamic Motions of Discus Buoys
S.C.S. Yim, K. Idris and J.W. Leonard ..... 625
Dynamic Positioning System Based on Nonlinear Programming for Offshore Platforms
Ikuo Yamamoto, Masami Matsuura, Youichi Yamaguchi, Katsunori Shimazaki and Akio Tanabe ..... 632
Control System Design and Model Experiments on Thruster Assisted Mooring System
Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroyuki Kajiwara, Wataru Koterayama and Tadahiro Hyakudome ..... 641
Estimation of Dynamic Towline Tension During Towing by the Probabilistic Method
Shoichi Hara ..... 649
Noise-Induced Transitions in Moored Ocean Structural Responses
H. Lin and S.C.S. Yim ..... 659
Development of a Model Scale Dynamic Positioning System
Sa Y. Hong, Hyun J. Kim and C.M. Lee ..... 664
Three-Dimensional Wave-Body Interactions in a Viscous Fluid: Heave Oscillation of a Submerged Vertical Cylinder
P. Ananthakrishnan ..... 672
Vortex-Induced Vibration Tests of a Flexible Smooth Cylinder at Supercritical Reynolds Numbers
D.W. Allen and D.L. Henning ..... 680
Study on Vortex Shedding Modes from an Impulsively Started Rotating and Translating Circular Cylinder
Xuequan E and Caimao Luo ..... 686
Experimental Analysis of the Wake Instabilities of an Oscillating Cylinder Near Synchronization: Influence of the Amplitude Parameter
O. Rodriguez ..... 694
Numerical Prediction of the Response of a Vortex-Excited Cylinder at Low Reynolds Numbers
Trond Stokka Meling and Joar Dalheim ..... 702
Experimental Nearfield Flow Maps of a Cylinder in a Reversing Flow
E.F. Medeiros, M.P. Brandão and R.W. Miksad ..... 710
A Numerical Procedure for Predicting Transverse Forces on a Body Submitted to Lock-In Motion
Joar Dalheim ..... 718
Control of Fluid-Structure Interaction Instabilities Using Circular Cylindrical Nutation Dampers
M.L. Seto and V.J. Modi ..... 726
Wave Forces on Vertical Breakwaters by Wave Overtopping
Ching-Piao Tsai and Po-Hung Yeh ..... 735
Coastal Dynamic Characteristics of Breaker-Induced Vortices in the Surf Zone
Daping Zhang and Shigenobu Tanaka ..... 740
Experimental Study on Anchor Wire Type Automatic Installation System of Offshore Breakwaters
H. Yoneyama, S. Shiraishi, K. Nazato and H. Takahashi ..... 745
A Simple Device to Increase the Safety of Vertical Breakwaters
P. De Girolamo, A. Noli, A. Togna and M. Pittori ..... 753
A Parametric Study on the Dynamic Response of Vertical Breakwaters Under Impulsive Wave Loads
E. Benassai, M. Calabrese and F. Silvestri ..... 759
Wave Transmission Past Slotted Barriers
Michael Isaacson, Sundarlingam Premasiri and Gang Yang ..... 766
Hydrothermodynamic Model of the Ob and Tas Rivers Estuary
B.V. Arkhipov, V.V. Solbakov and A.S. Tsvetsinsky ..... 772
A Study of Anti-Collision Facilities of Quay Wall: A Two-Leg Fender
Su-Liek Shih, Hui-Ming Fang and Te-Hsung Hsu ..... 778
Stability Assessment of Rubble Mound Breakwater and Armor Layer
Hajime Mase and Tomotsuka Takayama ..... 782
Oblique Wave Reflection from a Breakwater
Zhao-Chen Sun ..... 786
Nonlinear Wave Field Induced by Offshore Shoals and Vertical Structures
Eric C. Cruz and Toshio Aono ..... 791
Resonance Phenomenon Developed by Breakwater or Breakwater Fixed on Piles
C. Colmard, M. Bélorgey and P. Roger ..... 798
Flow Due to a Moving Pressure Distribution on Free Surface with Finite-Depth Bottom
Noriaki Okita and Iskender Sahin ..... 804
Time Domain Analysis of Ship-Generated Waves in Harbour Using a Fast Hierarchical Method
Ding Li and Allen T. Chwang ..... 811
Numerical Simulation of Wave Run-Up and Breaking on a Sloping Beach*
Decheng Wan, Guoping Miao and Shiqiang Dai ..... 817
Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Interaction Between Non-Linear Waves and Permeable Toe Over Sand Seabed in Front of a Seawall
Ayman M. Mostafa and Norimi Mizutani ..... 823
Distorted Flow Field and Induced Sand Drift Around Flexible, Artificial Seaweed
Makoto Ifuku, Norihiko Sakata and Hidero Hayashi ..... 831
Modeling Horizontally Two Dimensional Wave-Current Coexistence Field Over Uneven Topography
Md. Hasanat Zaman and Hiroyoshi Togashi ..... 838
A Numerical Method for Solving Second Order Diffraction Problem by Using Green's Identity Formula
Keisuke Murakami, A. Yoshida and I. Irie ..... 846
Small-Scale Beach Contour Modelling Behind a Submerged Plate
J. Lengricht, A. Schlenkhoff amd C. Fischer ..... 854
Failure Mode Response Functions in Reliability-Based Design of Rubble-Mound Breakwaters
Aysen Ergin and Can Elmar Balas ..... 861
Wave Blocking Efficiency of Flexible Membrane Breakwaters in Oblique Seas
S.T. Kee, I.H. Cho and M.H. Kim ..... 869
Formation of River-Mouth Bar by Waves and Wave-Induced Current
Ichiro Deguchi and Su Kyeong Chun ..... 877
Beach Response to Sea-Level Rise Around the Sea of Japan (East Sea)
Chang Bae Son, Hideaki Noda, Yuhei Matsubara and Masamitsu Kuroiwa ..... 885
Effects of a Submerged Structure on the Tidal Current
S.Y. Boo and K. Hong ..... 891
A Numerical Simulation of Vertical Convection Flow Induced by V-Shaped Plate
Chan-Kyu Yang, Keyyong Hong and Hark-Sun Choi ..... 899
Wave Interactions with an Infinite Array of 3-D Bodies
Takayuki Nakamura ..... 906
In Situ Detection of the Settling Velocity of Suspended Particles by Means of Underwater Videomicroscope
Verena Baier and W. Bechteler ..... 913
Measurement of Sand Beach Profiles in the Large Wave Flume
W. Dursthoff, O. Berend, R. Schmidt-Koppenhagen and W. Dursthoff ..... 917
Development of a Laser-Doppler-System for Measuring the Velocity Field Around a Cylinder Placed Close to the Bottom of a Wave Channel
W. Dursthoff and D. Mouazé ..... 924
Water Particle Velocity Field and Embedment of Artificial Fish Reef Under Wave Action
June-Q Kim, Koichiro Iwata, Norimi Mizutani, Atsushi Suzuki amd Teofilo Monge Ruffin, Jr ..... 929
Nonlinear Wave Effects on Wave Measurements at Different Depths
Igor Prislin and Jun Zhang ..... 937
Experimental Study on the Estimation Methods of Wave Orbital Velocity
Leonardo Damiani and Michele Mossa ..... 942
Numerical Model for Solving Boussinesq-Type Equations: Comparisons and Validation
Zhili Zou and Benhe Xui ..... 950
Simulation of Transient Bichromatic Second-Order Stokes Waves in a Two-Dimensional Wavetank
S. Zhang and A.N. Williams ..... 955
Vortex-Excited Vibration of a Vertical Circular Cylinder in Waves
Kenjirou Hayashi and John R. Chaplin ..... 963