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VOLUME III , 1996 (ISBN 1-880653-25-7)


The Evolution and Structure of Energetic Wind Waves
M.P. Tulin, Y. Yao and A.K. Magnusson ..... 1
Nonlinear Phenomena in the Motions of Unrestrained Bodies in a Numerical Wave Tank
Giorgio Contento ..... 18
Fully Nonlinear Diffraction Due to a Vertical Circular Cylinder in a 3-D HOBEM Numerical Wave Tank
S.Y. Boo and C.H. Kim ..... 23
Active Absorption in a Numerical Wave Tank
Jesper Skourup ..... 31
Analytic-FEM Modelling of Flexible Wavemaker Problems
J. Lee and S. Huang ..... 39
A Note on Preconditioned GMRES Solver
J. Zou and C.H. Kim ..... 44
Far Field Condition for Nonlinear Scattered Waves
S. Chen and S.D. Sharma ..... 50
Deterministic Decomposition of Irregular Short-Crested Surface Gravity Waves
Igor Prislin, Jun Zhang and Peter Johnson ..... 57
Theoretical Analysis of Directional Waves in a Laboratory Basin
A.N. Williams and W.W. Crull ..... 65
Laboratory Study of Wave-Current Interaction
Michael J. Briggs and Zeki Demirbilek ..... 73
A Boussinesq Model for a Wave-Current Interaction System
X. Ren and K.-H. Wang ..... 81
Refraction-Diffraction Model for Irregular Wave and Multidirectional Spectrum with Current
Yu-Cheng Li and Yong-Gang Zhang ..... 87
The Interaction of Nonlinear Water Wave and Porous Bed
T.W. Chen, L.H. Huang and C.H. Song ..... 90
World-Wide Characteristics of Hs and Tz for Long-Term Load Responses of Ships and Offshore Structures
Elzbieta Bitner-Gregersen, Denis Bonicel, Hafedh Hajji, Michel Olagnon and Guy Parmentier ..... 95
Statistical Properties of Simulated Random Waves
John Z. Yim and S.-S. Shiao ..... 103
Wave Height Distribution Around a Large Cylinder in Waves and Current
S.S. Hsiao, M.C. Lin and John Z. Yim ..... 108
Quick Assessment of Metocean Parameters: CLIOSat, a Product Using Satellite Data
S. Loeul, H. Hajji, D. Bonicel, P. Charriez and P. Lasnier ..... 115
Exact Numerical Solutions to Large Amplitude Internal Solitary Waves
W.A.B. Evans ..... 124
Linear and Non-Linear Internal Tides Around the European Atlantic Shelf Edge
T.J. Sherwin, A.C. Dale, M.E. Inall and D.R.G. Jeans ..... 131
An Underwatervideomicroscope to Determine the Size and Shape of Suspended Particles by Means of Digital Image Processing
V. Baier and W. Bechteler ..... 138
Experimental Study of Flow Fields Around Cylinder Arrays Using PIV
S.H. Kwon, J. Park, D.D. Ha and Y.H. Lee ..... 145
A Numerical Model for Fluid-Particle Flows
F. Lalli and A. Di Mascio ..... 151
Nonlinear Wave Groups
Ming-Yang Su ..... 158
Numerical Analysis of Wave Breaking Due to Submerged Structure
Koji Kawasaki and Koichiro Iwata ..... 168
Nonlinear Behavior of Two-Crossing Waves in Finite Water Depth
Takashi Tomita, Yoon-Koo Kang, Katsuhiko Kurata and Koichiro Iwata ..... 176
Breaking Wave Impact Loads on Vertical Faces
N.W.H. Allsop, D. Vicinanza, M. Calabrese and L. Centurioni ..... 185
Wave Slamming on Offshore Structure
Yongxue Wang ..... 192
Wave Forces on Vertical Circular Cylinder Under Two-Crossing Wave Field
Yoon-Koo Kang, Takashi Tomita, Katsuhiko Kurata and Koichiro Iwata ..... 197
Hydrodynamic Forces on Vertical Cylinders in Directional Seas: Third Order of Approximation
L. Rebaudengo Landò, G. Scarci, R. Bracco and R. Gentile ..... 205
A Model for Weak Impacting Force on Vertical Truncated Cylinder Due to Steep Asymmetric Wave
C.H. Kim, Y. Xu, J. Zou and Y.S. Won ..... 215
A Complete Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Vertical and Flexible Offshore Cylinder During Earthquakes
Bang-Fuh Chen ..... 221
An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Wave Loads on Floating Bridges, Including Non-Linear and Wind Effects
Samuel Welch, Yitao Yao, Marshall Tulin and Sridhar Jagannathan ..... 228
Vortex Method Applied to Force Calculation on Cylinder Array
S.B.C. Martins and S.H. Sphaier ..... 237
Added Mass and Damping of Circular Moonpools
D.P.K. Fung ..... 247
Convergence of Numerical Estimates of Hydrodynamic Coefficients
Michael Isaacson and Thomas Mathai ..... 255
Minimum Resistance Hull Form of Planing Craft with Controlled Trim Angle
T. Nagai and Y. Yoshida ..... 263
On the Irregular Frequencies Appearing in Wave Diffraction-Radiation Solutions
S. Malenica and X.B. Chen ..... 271
A Study of Wave-Iceberg Load Combination Factors
Ricardo Foschi and Michael Isaacson ..... 278
Wave and Current Induced Hydrodynamic Forces on Horizontal Circular Cylinders
Y. Yüksel and T. Okuyan Bostan ..... 286
Nonlinear Wave Interaction with Cylinder Arrays
K.-H. Wang and X. Ren ..... 291
The Statistical Investigations of Ocean Wave and Current Data Acting on Cesme Peninsula in the Aegean Sea (Izmir/Turkey)
Nihat Taspinar, Aydin Saatci and Davut Ozdaglar ..... 299
Application of Galerkin's Method in Wave Response Analysis of Flexible Floating Plates
Chong Wu, Tomoaki Utsunomiya and Eiichi Watanabe ..... 307
Hydrodynamic Interaction Between a Fixed and a Floating Cylinder
Imam H. Kazi, Allen T. Chwang and George T. Yates ..... 315
A Model for the Propagation of Waves Through the MIZ from a Single Floe Solution
Michael H. Meylan and Colin Fox ..... 321
The Wave Response of Floating Thin Plates of Shallow Draft by a Variational Method
Michael H. Meylan ..... 328
Loads and Motions for Underway Floating Structure in Waves
Yanying Wang and Jie Miao ..... 335
Experimental Modal Analysis by Harmonic Sweep Excitation on Unit Linked Floating Models
Ryuji Endo, Takuji Hamamoto, Takehiko Kato, Kenji Wakui, Takuji Imai and Nobuyoshi Tosaka ..... 341
Motion Simulation of a Floating Structure Coupled with Mooring Lines
Sa Y. Hong and Sup Hong ..... 349
Motion Response of a Moored Semi-Submersible Platform in Waves
Xiaohong Chen and Xianglu Huang ..... 356
Motions of Floating Pier for Marina in Waves
Katsuhiko Saito and Masayoshi Kubo ..... 364
Motion Transfer Functions for a Slack-Moored Wave-Following Buoy
Chung-Chu Teng, Brett A. Taft and Henry T. Wang ..... 371
On the Roll Motion of a Ship with Partially Filled Unbaffled and Baffled Tanks: Numerical and Experimental Investigation
Alberto Francescutto, Vincenzo Armenio and Michele La Rocca ..... 377
Genetic Algorithms in Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Models for Ship Motions
C.Y. Liaw, H.F. Cheong and Q. Xie ..... 387
Nonlinear Effects of the Local Steady Flow on Wave Diffraction-Radiation at Low Forward Speed
X.B. Chen and S. Malenica ..... 393
The Wave Drift Damping of Moored Floating Structures in Oblique Waves
In K. Park and Hang S. Choi .......... 401
A Pitching Plate as an Active Water-Wave Controller
T.L. Yip and Allen T. Chwang ..... 408
Nonlinear Simulation of Floating Body Motions in Waves
K. Tanizawa ..... 414
Steady Drift Forces on Multiple Floating Bodies of Arbitrary Shape in Waves
Ja-Sam Goo, Chang-Ho Lee, Hyo-Jae Jo, Sa-Young Hong and Koichiro Yoshida ..... 421
Second Order Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Wave Diffraction Due to Multiple Cylinders
Takeshi Sanada, Norimi Mizutani and Koichiro Iwata ..... 430
An Engineering Prediction Method for Large Amplitude Motions of Ships in Waves
Y.Z. Liu, Y.L. Li and G.P. Miao ..... 438
Wave Drift and Viscous Damping Forces Acting on TLPs: Some Experimental Results
Alwyn McLeary, Stéphane Cornut, Atilla Incecik, Alistair Arnott and Clive A. Greated ..... 445
Second-Order Forced Waves in an Eccentrically-Rotating Circular Cylinder
A.N. Williams and J.H. Vasquez ..... 455
Full-Scale Field Measurements of Wave Kinematics and Vortex Shedding Induced Vibrations in Slender Structures
Jens R. Thomsen, Bjarke Pedersen, Karsten G. Nielsen and Mads B. Bryndum ..... 463
A Lift Force Model Featuring Velocity Measurements Around a Cylinder in a Reversing Flow
E.F. Medeiros, R.W. Miksad and N.T. Clemens ..... 471
Experimental Analysis of the Wake Instabilities of an Oscillating Cylinder Near Synchronization
O. Rodriguez ..... 478
Transition Features of Near-Wake Flow Behind a Circular Cylinder
Guo Can Ling, Allen T. Chwang and Jia Yu Niu ..... 484
Vortex Regimes Around a Freely Vibrating Cylinder in Oscillatory Flow
A. Kozakiewicz, B.M. Sumer, J. Fredsøe and E.A. Hansen ..... 490
Flow Field Around a Circular Cylinder in Orbital Flow at Low Keulegan-Carpenter Numbers
K. Otsuka, T. Morita and Y. Ikeda ..... 499
Effect of Momentum Injection on the Drag Reduction and Flow-Induced Instabilities of a Square Prism
S.R. Munshi, V.J. Modi and T. Yokomizo ..... 507
Vibrating Cylinder in Current: Energy Transfer and Flow Disturbance
Zhijie Wu ..... 515
Experimental Study on Automatic Installation System of Offshore Breakwaters
H. Yoneyama, S. Shiraishi, K. Nazato, S. Ueda and H. Takahashi ..... 523
Hydraulic Functioning of "Fixed Water Wall" Type Breakwaters
C. Colmard, M. Bélorgey and L. Aupérin ..... 531
Oblique Reflection of Cnoidal Wave Train Against Breakwater
Yulin Lu and Donghua Jia ..... 538
Non-Linear Motion Due to Interaction of Monochromatic Waves and Permeable Coastal Structures
Joachim Lengricht ..... 548
Topographical Change Around Submerged Moored-Floating Structure Under Wave Action
Noritaka Murakami, Koichiro Iwata and Do-Sam Kim ..... 554
Hydrodynamic Analysis of Dual Pontoon Floating Breakwater
A.N. Williams and A.G. Abul-Azm ..... 560
Analysis of Unsteady Heat Conduction in Concrete Specimens Using 3-D FEM
Takefumi Nakazono, Masato Kunitake, Fumiyoshi Kondo, Hitone Inagaki, Takao Nakazawa, Tadayoshi Kikumura, Masaki Saito and Itsuro Kakuda ..... 566
Numerical and Experimental Research for Wave Damping Over a Submerged Porous Breakwater
Dahong Qiu and Lisheng Wang ..... 572
Wave Energy Dissipation Due to the Submerged Elastic Structure
Su-Liek Shih and Hui-Ming Fang ..... 577
Action Plan in Salvage of Stranded Vessels
Nikolaos Papanikos and Emmanuel Samuelides ..... 581
On the Wave Breaking Efficiency of an Array of Floating Vertical Cylinders
G.J. Grigoropoulos, S.A. Mavrakos and T.A. Loukakis ..... 587
Added Mass and Damping on an Oscillating Surface-Piercing Column with a Horizontal Cylinder: Square Cross Sections
Jin S. Chung and Moo-Hyun Kim ..... 595
Analysis of Hydrodynamic Unsteady Flow Fields Using Fast Computations of the Green's Function with Forward Speed
M. Ba and M. Guilbaud ..... 603