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VOLUME III , 1995 (ISBN 1-880653-19-2)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... v
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xii
Recent Progress in Numerical Wave Tank Research: A Review
C.H. Kim ..... 1
On the Generation and Propagation of Waves in 2D Numerical Wave Tanks
Giorgio Contento and Sebastiano Casole ..... 10
Weakly Nonlinear Diffraction Due to Vertical Cylinders in a 3-D Numerical Wave Tank
S.Y. Boo and C.H. Kim ..... 19
Development of Multi-Face Directional Random Wave Maker
T. Hiraishi, T. Kanazawa and H. Fujisaku ..... 26
Nonlinear Viscous Wavefields Generated by a Piston-Type Wavemaker
Ching-Jer Huang, En-Cheng Zhang and Jaw-Fang Lee ..... 34
A Unique Solvable Higher Order BEM for Wave Diffraction and Radiation
B. Teng and Y.C. Li ..... 42
Directional Random Wave Kinematics: Third Order of Approximation
L. Rebaudengo Landò and G. Scarsi ..... 49
The Characteristics of the Mean Velocity in the Turbulent Wave Boundary Layer Induced by Nonlinear Waves
Shamsul Alam Chowdhury, Micho Sato and Masaaki Chaen ..... 57
Numerical Study on the Energy Loss and the Wave Attenuation Over the Rippled Bed
Yasunori Watanabe, Hiroshi Saeki and Ken-ichiro Hamanaka ..... 64
Various Boussinesq Solitary Wave Solutions
George T. Yates ..... 70
Representation of Pierson-Moskowitz Type Spectrum in Time Domain
Shigeru Naito and Munehiko Minoura ..... 77
Numerical Simulation and Spectral Analysis of Irregular Sea Waves
Celso K. Morooka and Irineu H. Yokoo ..... 82
Wave Climate Assessment by Satellite Remote Sensing
Stephen F. Barstow and Harald E. Krogstad ..... 90
Combined Use of Satellite Data, Metocean and Prediction Models for a Site Study
Patrick Charriez, Hafed Hajji and Vincent Thouvenin ..... 98
Wave Measurements for the Design of the Hamidabad Natural Gas Pipeline System
Adnan Akyarli ..... 105
The Use of Bottom-Mounted Vertical Surface-Piercing Cylinders to Determine Wave Field Characteristics
N. Haritos ..... 112
GPS and GIS Integration in Cable Laying Applications
B. Nakos, V. Balis and C. Liapakis ..... 120
Breaking Wave and Void Fraction Statistics During Swade
Ming-Yang Su ..... 126
A Third-Order Random Wave Model
Arne Nestegård and Trond Stokka ..... 136
An Environmental Friendly Coastal Structure: Piled Breakwater
M. Sedat Kapdasli and Yalcin Yuksel ..... 143
Comparative Study of Wave Height Distributions
John Z. Yim, S.-L. Shih and M.-Y. Lai ..... 148
Performance of Submerged Wave Focusing Structures in a Current
J.W. Lee and K.F. Cheung ..... 154
An Approximated Solution for Scattering of Oblique Waves by an Array of Piles of an Arbitrary Cross Section
Shohachi Kakuno, Keiichi Yamano and Katsuhiko Kurata ..... 162
Characteristics of Short-Crested Waves and Currents Behind Offshore Man-Made Island Type Power Plant
Masaaki Ikeno, Ryoichi Kajima, Masafumi Matsuyama and Tsutomu Sakakiyama ..... 168
A Study of Waterwave Motion Over the Elastic Structure
Su-Liek Shih and Hui-Min Fang ..... 176
Study of Interaction Among Artificial Island Skew Waves and Viscous Currents1
Decheng Wan, Yingzhong Liu and Guoping Miao ..... 182
Wave Forces on Horizontal Cylinders at Low Keulegan-Carpenter and Reynolds Numbers
Wataru Koterayama and Changhong Hu ..... 189
Circular Cylinders Freely Oscillating in Both Waves and Slow Current
Takeshi Kinoshita and Weiguang Bao ..... 196
Vertical Hydrodynamic Forces on Truncated Hollow Cylinders
David C. Weggel and Jose M. Roesset ..... 206
Extreme Wave Kinematics and Impact Loads on a Fixed Truncated Circular Cylinder
J. Zou and C.H. Kim ..... 216
On the 3-D Pulsating Source of Michell's Type with Forward Speed
G.P. Miao, Y.Z. Liu, Q.Z. Yang and Z.Y. Liu ..... 226
Propagation of Numerical Errors in Hydrodynamic Coefficients to the Response of Floating Structures
Shin-ichi Aoki ..... 234
On Computing Nearly Singular Kernel Integral on Curved Surface Panels
Shukai Wu ..... 240
On the Vertical Distribution of Wave Impact Pressures
G.U. Müller and T.J.T. Whittaker ..... 244
Simulation of Nonlinear Waves and Forces Due to Transient and Steady Motion of Submerged Sphere
C.C. Lee, Y.H. Liu and C.H. Kim ..... 249
Wave Forces on a Submerged Sphere by Bichromatic Waves
Norimi Mizutani and Koichiro Iwata ..... 258
Wave Interaction with Two Vertical Cylinders
Xian-Chu Zhou, Dong-Jiao Wang and Allen T. Chwang ..... 266

Three-Dimensional Effects on Wave Forces on Horizontal Members of a Semisubmersible

Koji Otsuka, Yoshiho Ikeda and Koki Ikeda ..... 273
Time Domain Computation of Nonlinear Diffraction Loads Upon Three Dimensional Floating Bodies
Pierre Ferrant ..... 280
The In-Line Wave Forces on Small Square Cylinder
Yu-cheng Li and Ming He ..... 289
First Order Wave Loads in Beam Waves
J.M.J. Journée and A.P. van 't Veer ..... 287
Computation of Hydrodynamic Loads on a Bottom-Mounted Surface Piercing Cylinder
P.C.A. de Haas, P.J.F. Berkvens, J. Broeze, E.F.G. van Daalen and P.J. Zandbergen ..... 304
Hydrodynamic Force Computations on Yawed and Surface-Piercing Bodies
B. Ponizy, M. Ba and M. Guilbaud ..... 308
Nonlinear Diffraction Effects Around a Surface-Piercing Structure
F. Lalli, A. Di Mascio and M. Landrini ..... 314
Loading on a Vertical Cylinder Near Mean Water Level in Long- and Short-Crested Waves
Kesavan Subbiah, John R. Chaplin and Mehernosh B. Irani ..... 324
Wave Loads on Inclined Cylinders Due to Random Waves
G. Anand Kumar, V. Sundar, K.U. Graw and H. Kaldenhoff ..... 332
Hydrodynamic Forces Induced by a Solitary Wave on a Submerged Circular Cylinder
A. Clément and S. Mas ..... 339
Forces and Circulation of Horizontal Cylinders Submerged in Regular Waves
Shinichi Arai ..... 348
Evaluation of Capacities of Template-Type Gulf of Mexico Platforms
R.G. Bea, K.J. Loch and P.L. Young ..... 356
Responses of a Spar Platform in Random Waves and Currents (Experiment vs. Theory)
Z. Ran, M.H. Kim, J.M. Niedzwecki and R.P. Johnson ..... 363
Wave Radiation by a Submerged Elliptical Disk
S. Zhang and A.N. Williams ..... 372
Far-Field Fluid-Structure Interaction: A Comparison Between the Doubly Asymptotic and Plane Wave Approximations
F.H. Hamdan and R.E. Hobbs ..... 378
Optimal Allocation of Multiple Flexible Modes for a Large Circular Floating Island with Ring-Shaped Breakwater
Takuji Hamamoto, Tatsuro Asami, Masaki Tokubuchi and Yasuo Tanaka ..... 384
Three Dimensional BEM-FEM Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Module-Linked Large Floating Structures
Takuji Hamamoto and Ken-ichi Fujita ..... 392
Wave Response Analysis of a Flexible Floating Structure by BE-FE Combination Method
Tomoaki Utsunomiya, Eiichi Watanabe, Chong Wu, Nobuyuki Hayashi, Koji Nakai and Kinji Sekita ..... 400
Dynamic Behaviors of a Floating Airport and Its Effects on Ocean Current
Yoshiyuki Inoue, Makoto Arai, Shigeru Tabeta, Kazuhiro Nakazawa, Xuangang Zhang and Yasumasa Takei ..... 406
Hydrodynamic Interaction Effects in Waves
J.A. Pinkster ..... 414
Dynamic Response of Moored Semi-Submersible Platforms to Non-Collinear Wave, Wind and Current Loading
O. Yilmaz and A. Incecik ..... 420
Numerical Prediction for Response Motion of Floating Structures Subjected to Seaquakes
Tetsushi Kiyokawa ..... 429
Sliding Analysis of Softly Installed Offshore Structures with Liquid Storage Tanks Due to Earthquake
Yoshihiro Tanaka, Toshihiko Tsuka and Ajai Sulekh ..... 435
Seismic Response Reductions of Offshore Platform
Kenji Kawano, K. Venkataramana, Takahiro Komasa and Takeshi Iida ..... 443
The Motion of a Floating Flexible Disk Under Wave Action
Michael H. Meylan ..... 450
Transient Survival Analysis of a Moored Floating Offshore Platform: Unbiased
J.M. Falzarano, F. Zhang, S. Vishnubhotla and R. Kota ..... 456
Nonlinear Response of a Spar in Deep Water: Different Hydrodynamic and Structural Models
B.B. Mekha, C.P. Johnson and J.M. Roesset ..... 462
Effect of Additive Noise on Parametrically Excited Ship Rolling
C.Y. Liaw ..... 470
Estimates of Eigen Periods of an Anti-Rolling Tank Using the Finite Difference Method
Satoru Yamaguchi and Akiji Shinkai ..... 477
The Simulation of the Swath Ship Motion with Fixed Fin in Longitudinal Waves
Ming-Chung Fang and Bing-Nan Lin ..... 484
Numerical Modeling of Wave Interaction with Two-Dimensional Floating Bodies in Shallow Water
Wataru Kioka and Sinji Hiraoka ..... 492
A Numerical Study of Moored Vessel Response to Beam Waves
Michael Isaacson and Song-Ren Wu ..... 499
Effects of Directional Waves on the Statistical Characteristics of Low-Frequency Motions of a Floating Offshore Structure
S. Miyajima, H. Maeda and Hyo Jae Jo ..... 507
The Effect of Cross-Flow Conditions on the Wave Drift Forces of a Ship Sailing in Waves
R.H.M. Huijsmans ..... 516
New Stochastic Approach for Extreme Response of Slow Drift Motion of Moored Floating Structures
Shunji Kato and Takashi Okazaki ..... 526
Viscous Mean Drift Forces on Moored Semi-Submersibles
A.K. Dev and J.A. Pinkster ..... 535
Mean Drift Loads on Multiple Vertical Axisymmetric Bodies in Regular Waves
S.A. Mavrakos ..... 547
Slow Drift Oscillation of a Barge Moored in the Vicinity of a Large Marine Structure
Yukinobu Oda, Akio Kobayashi and Koichi Masuda ..... 556
PC-Based Computation for Second-Order Wave Loads on Large Volume Multi-Column Structures
M.H. Kim, B.J. Natvig, R.S. Mercier, G. Gu and C. Wu ..... 561
Low Frequency Non-Linear Motions of a Moored Ship in Regular and Irregular Waves
Tadeusz Szelangiewicz ..... 571
A Nonlinear Oscillator Model for Vortex Shedding From a Forced Cylinder. Part 1: Uniform Flow and Model Parameters
Richard A. Skop ..... 578
A Nonlinear Oscillator Model for Vortex Shedding From a Forced Cylinder. Part 2: Shear Flow and Axial Diffusion
Richard A. Skop ..... 582
Experimental/Numerical Mapping and Analysis of the Nearfield Flow Around a Cylinder in Planar Oscillatory Farfield Flow
I.A. Sibetheros, R.W. Miksad and K.F. Lambrakos ..... 587
Prediction of Transition Features in the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder in Three-Dimensions
H. Persillon, M. Braza and G. Jin ..... 597
Synchronization of Vortex Shedding from an Oscillating Cylinder in Uniform Flow
Shigeru Nishio and Atilla Incecik ..... 603
Impulsive Flow Around Cylinders by a Low-Order Panel Method
Iskender Sahin and Noriaki Okita ..... 611
Drag Reduction and Vibration Suppression of a D-Section Structural Member Through Momentum Injection
S.R. Munshi, V.J. Modi and T. Yokomizo ..... 618
Inline Forces Under Lock-In Conditions
Zhijie Wu and Geir Moe ..... 626
Forces on a Vibrating Cylinder in Current Under Lock-In Condition
Zhijie Wu ..... 632
Experimental Study on Development of Add-On Vortex Suppression Device
Sun H. Kwon, Jin W. Cho and Junsoo Park ..... 639
Visualization of an Unconfined Vortical Flow
B.C. Khoo, K.S. Yeo and D.F. Lim ..... 645
Toroidal Bubbles Near a Rigid Boundary
Q.X. Wang, K.S. Yeo, B.C. Khoo and K.Y. Lam ..... 653
Fluid-Structure Interactions Behind a Curved Cylinder with a Great Bend
Marc Aubrée, Michel Bélorgey and Michel Lebey ..... 661
Interaction of Sediment Flux with Breakwater Constructions
S.I. Rogachko and T.G. Smirnova ..... 667
Hydrodynamic Actions on the Crest Element of a Rubble Mound Submerged Structure
Edoardo Benassai, Alberto Bracci Laudiero, Giuseppe Paolella and Stefano Corsini ..... 670
A Hybrid Movement Grid System for Simulation of Storm Surge
Jiemin Zhan, Y.S. Li and Diming Zhang ..... 676
Vortical Flow and Material Transport in a Rectangular Basin with a Straight Breakwater
Yong Kweon Suh and Jong Choon Moon ..... 680
Solitary Wave Action on a Vertical Wall
Zhao-Chen Sun . ..... 685
An Investigation on Random Wave Breaking
M.S. Kapdasli, M. Bayazit and I. Duranyildiz ..... 690
Parametric Decomposition of Velocity Components on the Basis of Irregular Wave Data
L. Zhan and W. Dursthoff ..... 695
The Application of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) to Offshore Engineering
C. Gray and T. Bruce ..... 701
Experimental Study of Internal Waves Using Particle Image Velocimetry
A.J. Martin and W.J. Easson ..... 709
Wave Kinematics Measurements with a Surface Following Velocity Probe
Stefan Woltering and Karl F. Daemrich ..... 715
Numerical Modelling of Pore-Pressure Measurements in Saturated Sandy Seabed Sediments
W. Magda ..... 721