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VOLUME III , 1994 (ISBN 1-880653-13-3)


Foreword ..... iii
Acknowledgement ..... iv
Technical Program Committee ..... iv
Partial List of Reviewers ..... v
Announcements and Publication Order Information ..... viii
List of Papers Printed in the Journal IJOPE during 1991-1993 ..... xii
List of Topics in Each Volume ..... xix


Analytical and Experimental Studies of the Helical Magnetohydrodynamic Thruster Design
J.B. Gilbert II and T.F. Lin ..... 1


Research on Element Wavemakers and Wave Field Generated by Their Combination
Shigeru Naito and Munehiko Minoura ..... 8
Simulation of Fully Nonlinear Irregular Waves in a 3-D Numerical Wave Tank
S.Y. Boo and C.H. Kim ..... 17
Calculation of Nonlinear Free-Surface Flows Using Two-Dimensional Numerical Wave Tank
Yong J. Kim, Dong J. Kim and Jong H. Hwang ..... 25
A Study on Periodic Wave Breaking by Absorbed Numerical Wave Channel
Yongxue Wang ..... 32


Comparative Study of Several Methods Used in Coastal Engineering for the Prediction of Extreme Wave Conditions
P. Regnault, P. Charriez, M. Olagnon, E. Peltier, A. de Graauw and O. Piet ..... 37
Freak Wave Kinematics in Unidirectional Deep Water Waves
T. Yasuda, N. Mori and S. Nakayama ..... 43
Contribution of Satellite Data to Meteo-Oceanic Site Characterization: A Case Study
H. de Sury, M. Olagnon, P. Charriez and P. Lasnier ..... 51
Accuracy of the Global Wave Statistics Data
Elzbieta M. Bitner-Gregersen and Espen H. Cramer ..... 58
Oceanographic Measurements for the Tube-Tunnel Crossing of the Bosphorus
Adnan Akyarli and Yalcin Arisoy ..... 68
A Fine Grid Two-Dimensional M2 Tidal Model of the East China Sea
K.M. Han and B.H. Choi ..... 76
Barotrophic and Baroclinic Tidal Flows Between the CESME Peninsula (Turkey) and Samos Island (Greece)
Nihat Taspinar ..... 85
Wave Kinematics of Nonlinear Crossing Waves
Yoon-Koo Kang, Takashi Tomita, Katsuhiko Kurata and Koichiro Iwata ..... 91
BEM Analysis of Nonlinear Free-Surface Waves Propagated by a Submerged Oscillating Shell
Jerson N. Orejudos, Hideo Ohkawa and Kazuhisa Abe ..... 99
Directional Irregular Waves Generated in a Seakeeping Basin with Side-Wall Reflections
Naoya Umeda and Yasuyuki Yamakoshi ..... 105
Third-Order Analysis of Nonlinearities Bounded to Narrow Banded Spectra
M. Petti ..... 110
Solitary Wave Scattering by a Vertical Cylinder: Experimental Study
G.T. Yates and K.H. Wang ..... 118
Effects of Nonuniform Current on the Wave Field
Li Jiachun and Allen T. Chwang ..... 125
Recent Development of Wave Theory in Shallow Water
Yulin Lu and Baoyuan Li ..... 133
Changes to Ocean Wave Spectra in a Marginal Ice Zone 1
Michael Meylan and Vernon A. Squire ..... 136
Changes to Ocean Wave Spectra in a Marginal Ice Zone 2
Vernon A. Squire and Michael Meylan ..... 142
Application of a Higher Order BEM in the Calculation of Wave Run-Up in a Weak Current
Bin Teng and Rodney Eatock Taylor ..... 147
Scattered Waves Around a Submerged Porous Disk
Jianhua Wu and Allen T. Chwang ..... 154
Strong Interaction Between Buoyancy Bubble and Free Surface
Q.X. Wang, K.S. Yeo, B.C. Khoo and K.Y. Lam ..... 160
Experimental Study of the Screening Effectiveness of Surface Wave by In-Filled Trenches
Sheng-Huoo Ni, Chun-Hsiung Hsu and Pay-Shiun Tsai ..... 167


Experimental Study on Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on an Oscillating Column with Circular Footing
Kunihiro Hoshino and Hiroshi Sato ..... 173
Added Mass and Damping on an Oscillating Surface-Piercing Circular Column with a Circular Footing
Jin S. Chung ..... 182
Wave Forces Acting on Triangular Roughness of Washboard-Like Sea Bottom
Takashi Tomita, June-Q Kim, Koichiro Iwata, Ryuzo Matsudaira and Yoshihito Miyaike ..... 190
Hydrodynamic Loads Due to Earthquakes on Subsea Storage Tanks
C. Ganapathy and O. Mahrenholtz ..... 198
Vertical Hydrodynamic Forces on Truncated Cylinders
David C. Weggel and Jose M. Roesset ..... 210
Wave Forces on a Vertical Smooth Cylinder in Directional Waves
M. Hogedal, J. Skourup and H.F. Burcharth ..... 218
Breaking Wave Impact on a Slender Horizontal Cylinder
Sundar Prasad, Eng-Soon Chan and Michael Isaacson ..... 225
Hydrodynamic Forces on the Semi-Circle Oscillating Across the Free Surface
Xiechong Gu and Xianglu Huang ..... 233
Numerical Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Forces and Stationary Response of Floating Bodies Using the Boundary Element Method
E.R. Carvalho and E. Mesquita ..... 237
Wave Forces Acting on Multiple Cylindrical Structures with Large Diameter
Norimi Mizutani, Changje Kim, Koichiro Iwata, Ryozo Matsudaira, Yoshihito Miyaike and Hongsun Yu ..... 244
Wave Forces on Large Offshore Structures: An Effective Calculation of Green's Function
Eiichi Watanabe, Chong Wu and Tomoaki Utsunomiya ..... 252
Application Regime of Wave Force Calculations
Jaw-Fang Lee ..... 256
Wave Force Equation by Using Singularity-Distribution Method
Hajime Ishida, Takehisa Saitoh and Chikayoshi Yatomi ..... 263


Comparison of Simulated and Measured Motions of a Turret Moored Vessel
Knut Mo and Ivar J. Fylling ..... 269
The Motion Behavior of a Shuttle Tanker Connected to a Submerged Turret Loading System
Yoon R. Choi, Yoon S. Won and Hang S. Choi ..... 275
An Experimental Study of the Coupling Between Roll Motion and Sloshing in a Compartment
Alberto Francescutto and Giorgio Contento ..... 283
On Equivalent Nonlinearization for Nonlinear Ship Rolling Motion
S.H. Kwon, D.W. Kim and D.D. Ha ..... 292
Viscous Damping of a Submerged Pontoon Undergoing Forced Combined Motions
M.J. Downie, J.M.R. Graham, Y.-D. Zhao and C.-Y. Zhou ..... 297
An Advanced Adaptive Control System for Activated Anti-Rolling Tank
Satoru Yamaguchi and Akiji Shinkai ..... 307
3-D Time Domain Numerical Model for the Prediction of Ship Motions in Random Seas
D.X. Zhu and M. Katory ..... 313
Large Floating Offshore Structures
Gokhan Kor and Adnan Akyarli ..... 320
Linear and Nonlinear Response Analyses of Offshore Structures Under Random Wave and Current Loading
H. Karadeniz ..... 328
Experimental Study on Behaviour of an Open Bottom Floating Platform in Wave, Wind and Current
Qi Xin-Yuan ..... 334
Chaotic Motion of a Nonlinearly Moored Structure
Michael Isaacson and Amal Phadke ..... 338
Experimental Procedures on Floating Offshore Plate Subjected to Ground Motion
Ryuji Endo, Takuji Hamamoto, Masahiro Ando, Takehiko Kato and Nobuyoshi Tosaka ..... 346
The Occurrence of Relative Heave Motion of Floating Bodies
Y.F. Wu, C.Y. Liaw and E.S. Chan ..... 354
Dynamic Response of Offshore Structure with Active Force
Kenji Kawano and Hidefumi Ishizawa ..... 358
Galloping of Prismatic Bodies with Different Afterbody Shapes
T.S. Lee, S.C. Luo, Y.T. Chew and M.G. Yazdani ..... 364


Slowly-Varying Wave Loads on Slender Structures in Multi-Directional Irregular Seas
M.H. Kim and W. Chen ..... 370
Wave Drifting Force on Very Large Floating Structures
Mikio Takaki and Yoshihiko Tango ..... 377
Low Frequency Wave Forces on Cylinder
Chin-pu Zhou ..... 385
Prediction of First and Second Order Wave Forces on a Steel Caisson
Sy Yeuan Liou ..... 393
Second-Order Long Period Wave Forces on an Offshore Structures in Shallow Water by the Method of Green's Theorem
Hisafumi Yoshida and Kimio Saito ..... 399


Flow Mapping of the Reversing Vortex Wake of a Cylinder in Planar Harmonic Flow
I.A. Sibetheros, R.W. Miksad, A.-V. Ventre and K.F. Lambrakos ..... 406
Visualization of Flow Around Cylinders in Irregular Waves
B.M. Sumer and A. Kozakiewicz ..... 413
An Attempt of Controlling Large Scale Vortex Motions in Osaka Bay Current
K. Inohara, K. Kawanaka and Y. Himeno ..... 421
A Numerical Simulation of Vortex Motion Behind a Circular Cylinder Above a Horizontal Plane Boundary
Young-Gill Lee, Sung-Wan Hong and Kuk-Jin Kang ..... 427
The Vortex Street Wakes of a Rotating Circular Cylinder
M. Cheng, Y.T. Chew and S.C. Luo ..... 434
Computation of Separated Vortical Flow with Free Surface
M. Inoue and N. Baba ..... 441
Flow-Induced Torsional Moment and Vortex Suppression for a Circular Cylinder with Cables
Jin S. Chung, Arthur K. Whitney, Dieter Lezius and R.J. Conti ..... 447
Viscous Flow Around Oscillating Roughened Cylinders
Koji Otsuka, Futoshi Niwa and Yoshiho Ikeda ..... 460
Motion of Spring Supported Cylinders in Subcritical and Critical Water Flows
Geir Moe, Kjell Holden and P.O. Yttervoll ..... 468
Flow Around Circular Cylinder Oscillating at Low Keulegan-Carpenter Number
Shunji Sunahara and Takeshi Kinoshita ..... 476
Numerical Study on a Two-Dimensional Circular Cylinder with a Rigid and an Elastic Splitter Plate in Uniform Flow
Changhong Hu and Wataru Koterayama ..... 484
Prediction of Hydrodynamic Forces on Oscillating Bodies by Unsteady Turbulent Wake Theory
Koichiro Matsumoto ..... 491
A New Approach to Vortex Shedding Method for Analysing Flow Around Bluff Body
Mitsunori Murakami and Yoji Himeno ..... 501


Wave Energy Utilization into Ship Propulsion by Fins Attached to a Ship
H. Isshiki ..... 508
Human Powered Boat: High-Speed Hydrofoil and Moderate-Speed Fin Ship
Y. Terao ..... 522
Laminar Flow Computation of Fish-Like Motion Wing
T. Nakaoka and Y. Toda ..... 530
Oscillating Foils for Marine Propulsion
H. Yamaguchi and N. Bose ..... 539


Wave Control by Pile-Supported Floating Breakwaters
Heon-tae Kim, Toru Sawaragi and Shin-ichi Aoki ..... 545
Control of Incident Waves into a Harbor by L-Shaped Structures
Yusaku Kyozuka and Kazunori Kitano ..... 550
Wave Forces Acting on Armor Unit of a Submerged Wide-Crown Breakwater
Teofilo Monge Rufin, Jr., Norimi Mizutani, Natsuko Totsuka, Katsuhiko Kurata and Koichiro Iwata ..... 556


Sensitivity of Directional Spreading for Low-Frequency Motions in Short-Crested Waves
Jorgen R. Krokstad ..... 564
Evaluation of Wave Quality in a Multidirectional Wave Basin
M.B. Irani and G.R. Mogridge ..... 575