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The Proceedings of
The Twenty-third (2013) International

Anchorage, Alaska, USA, June 30-July 5, 2013

VOLUMES 1~4, 2013



ISBN 978-1 880653 99-9

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex and Others


International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of
The Twenty-third (2013) International

Anchorage, Alaska, USA, June 30-July 5, 2013

VOLUME I, 2013



Shale Gas, Permafrost and Hydrates, Offshore Wind Energy


Clean Coal, Shale Gas, Heavy Oil and EOR


Offshore Wind Energy – Foundation, Substructures, Loads, Floating Turbine Systems, Dynamics and Analysis, Design and Test, Control, Ocean Energy – OTEC and Emerging Energy, Wave Energy, Resources and Systems, Tidal and Ocean Current Energy


CO2 Capture and Transport, Energy and Environment, Oil Spill and Containment


South China Sea (Liwan 3-1 Field Development and Installation), TLP and Semisubmersibles, FLNG, Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), FPS, FPSO and SPAR, Dynamic Positioning and Control, Subsea Installation and Operation, Jacket Structures, Offshore Systems


Arctic Environment, Ice Mechanics and Loads, Arctic Vessels and Structures, Arctic Operations, Operations in Ice, Ice Mechanics

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ISBN 978-1 880653 99-9

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex and Others

Edited by:

Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA
Ivar Langen, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway
Ted Kokkinis, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Houston, Texas, USA
Alan M. Wang, China Offshore Oil Engineering Company, Ltd, Tianjin, China

Presented at:

The Twenty-third (2013) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, June 30-July 5, 2013

Organized by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

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International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
P.O. Box 189, Cupertino, California 95015-0189, USA





Plenary Presentation

1Prediction of Pore Pressures in Thawing in situ Hydrates on Arctic Continental Shelves

Jeffrey S Weaver

Clean Coal

8Computational Analyses on Coal-Conveying Pneumatic System

Chan Lee, Jin Wook Lee, Gyoo Tae Kim, Jae Wook Shin

12Characteristics of Pneumatic Transport of Low Rank Coal for The Application of Fast Fluidized Bed Gasification

Jin Wook Lee, Seok Woo Chung, Sang Oh Yoo, Sung Pill Yoon, Jae Man Lee, Yongseung Yun, Gyoo Tae Kim, Jae Wook Shin

17Catalyst Loading and Dispersion Study for Catalytic Gasification of Lignite

David J. Marchand, Erik Schneider, Jinhong Kim, Gyu Tae Kim, Jae-wook Shin, Yong L. Joo, Seong H. Kim

20Modeling of Geothermal Heat Exchangers

Georgios Florides, Paul Christodoulides, Elisavet Theofanous, Lazaros Lazari, Vassilios Messaritis

27Process Design and Economic Evaluation of Steam Hydrogasification Process

Xiaoming Lu, Joseph M Norbeck, Chan S Park

35Catalytic Coal Gasification: Discrete Element Modeling vs. Experiments

An-Cheng Ruo, Brian P. Williams, Youngjune Park, Jinhong Kim, Yong Lak Joo

38Methanol to Gasoline Technology

Mitch L. Hindman

42Study on Sustainable Development of the Green Energy in Taiwan

Wen-Chih Huang, Chiu-Hua Jhong

50Well Test Simulation as a Validation Method for New CBM Reservoir Model

Yvan Christian Supartono, Jeonghwan Lee

Shale Gas

54Shale Gas and Light Tight Oil Reservoir Production Results: What Matters?

Randy F. LaFollette

61Novel Apparatus to Measure the Low-Permeability and Porosity in Tight and Shale Gas Reservoir

Junggyun Kim, Jeonghwan Lee

68Pressure Transient Characteristics of a Fractured Horizontal Well in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Sung Jun Lee, Tae Hong Kim, Kun Sang Lee

Heavy Oil and EOR

75C-EOR Projects - Offshore Challenges

Christophe Rivas, Flavien Gathier

81A Novel Approach in Estimating Shear-Thinning Rheology of HPAM and AMPS Polymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Artificial Neural Network

Pan-Sang Kang, Jong-Se Lim, Chun Huh

86Performance of Gel Treatments in Reservoirs with Multi-scale Heterogeneity

Ji Ho Lee, Guang Xi Shen, Kun Sang Lee

94Sensitivity Analysis on Steam and Gas Push to Reduce Heat Loss in to the Top Water-Bearing Area Overlaying Oil Sands

Sunghoon Chung, Changhyup Park, Joe M. Kang

98Downhole Burners: Pushing the Envelope of Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Artic

George D. Vassilellis, Laura Capper, Marvin J. Schneider, Myron Kuhlman

106Optimal Operation of Fast-SAGD Process Considering Steam Channeling among Vapor Chambers

Soonhyeong Jeong, Sunghoon Chung, Baehyun Min, Changhyup Park, Joe M. Kang

110Displacement of THF/SDS Solution by CO2/N2 in Cooled Porous Media

Xiaojing Wang, Mingjun Yang, Yongchen Song, Lanlan Jiang, Yuechao Zhao, Shanrong Wang


Plenary Presentation

114New Guidelines for the Certification of Offshore Wind Turbines

Mike Woebbeking, Kimon Argyriadis



119Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation Model Validation with Wind Farm Measurements and Uncertainty Quantification

Christina Koukoura, Anand Natarajan, Thomas Krogh, Ole Jesper Kristensen

126Centrifuge Testing of Monopiles for Offshore Wind Turbines

Peter Kirkwood, Stuart Haigh

131Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Scour at Foundation Structures for Offshore Wind Turbines

Arne Stahlmann

139Cyclic Behaviour of an Over Consolidated Marine Clay

Thi Minh Hue Le, Gudmund Reidar Eiksund, Pål Johannes Strøm

145The Influences of Clay Properties on Wind Turbine Tower

Fang Cai, Gudmund Reidar Eiksund

150Acoustic Emissions due to Offshore Piling - Field Measurements at an Offshore Wind Energy Construction Site

Katja Reimann, Matthias Schwarz, Jürgen Grabe


157Offshore Wind farm layout optimization - State of the art

Pedro Santos Valverde, António J. N. A. Sarmento, Marco Alves

164Numerical Investigations on Local Degradation and Vertical Misalignments of Grouted Joints in Monopile Foundations

Peter Schaumann, Stephan Lochte-Holtgreven, Rasmus Eichstädt, Tim Camp, Graeme McCann

173Grouted Joints for Offshore Wind Turbine Jackets under Full Reversal Axially Loading Conditions

Peter Schaumann, Anne Bechtel, Stephan Lochte-Holtgreven

181Derivation and Validation of Soil-Pile-Interaction Models for Offshore Wind Turbines

Mingchao Wang, Yongsheng Zhao, Weikang Du, Yanping He, Ruhong Jiang

189Application of 3D Nonlinear Beam Theory on Modeling Offshore Wind Turbines

Carsten Corte

203Structural Optimization and Parametric Study of Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Substructure

Kok Hon Chew, Michael Muskulus, Daniel Zwick, E.Y.K Ng, Kang Tai


211Steep Wave Impact on a Jacket Type Wind Turbine Substructure

Jamie F Luxmoore, Suzana Ilic, Andrew M Folkard, Stuart J McLelland, Brendan Murphy

216Numerical Predictions of Wave Impacts on the Supporting Structures of Shanghai Donghai-Bridge Offshore Wind Turbines

Hu Zhou, Hongjian Cao, Decheng Wan

225Significance of Ice Impact on Structural Integrity of a Monopile Offshore Wind Turbine in The Great Lakes

Mahdi Norouzi, Eric Wells, Sorin Cioc, Efstratios Nikolaidis, Abdollah Afjeh

233Cost Reductions in Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Design using Integrated Analysis Methods and Advanced Control

John King, Andrew Cordle, Graeme McCann

242A Study of Gust Response Factor for Wind Turbine Towers Design

Jing-Jong Jang, Ching-Wen Chien

250Turbulence Modeling Around Extremely Large Cylindrical Bluff Bodies

Andrew Li Jian Pang, Martin Skote, Siow Yong Lim

257Time-History Analysis of a 600kW Wind Turbine under Wenchuan Seismic Excitation

Lei Zhu, Zhenxiang Ye

Floating Turbine Systems

261Analysis of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Hydrodynamics Using coupled CFD and Multibody Methods

Friedemann Beyer, Matthias Arnold, Po Wen Cheng

268CFD Simulation of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine System Using a Quasi-Static Crowfoot Mooring-Line Model

Sean Quallen, Tao Xing, Pablo Carrica, Yuwei Li, Jun Xu

276Variations in Ultimate Load Predictions for Floating Offshore Wind Turbine extreme Pitching Motions applying different Aerodynamic Methodologies

Denis Matha, Sven-Alan Fischer, Stefan Hauptmann, Po Wen Cheng, Dimitrios Bekiropoulos, Thorsten Lutz, Tiago Duarte, Koen Boorsma

285Design and Analysis of a Model Wind Turbine Blade for Wave Basin Test of Floating Wind Turbines

Weikang Du, Yongsheng Zhao, Mingchao Wang, Yanping He, Ruhong Jiang

293Prediction of Wave-induced Tower Loading of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Systems

Nan Xu, Takeshi Ishihara

301Experimental Study of an Offshore Wind Turbine TLP in ULS Conditions

Christof Wehmeyer, Francesco Ferri, Jesper Skourup, Peter Bak Frigaard

309Analysis of Dynamics in Deep Water Catenary Model With One Buoy for SPM Systems in Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Asgar Ahadpour Dodaran, Sang Kil Park, O Young Park

315Implementation of a Multisegmented, Quasi-Static Cable Model

Marco Masciola, Jason Jonkman, Amy Robertson

323Time Domain Analysis of Arrays of Floating Offshore Wind Structures

Yunho Kim, Sa Y. Hong, Bo Woo Nam, Byoung W. Kim, Seok W. Hong

329The Shape Design and Analysis of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Structures with Damper Structure and Shallow Draft

Jin Ha Kim, Sa Young Hong, Hyun Joe Kim

Dynamics, Design and Analysis

336Investigation of Local Vibration Phenomena of a Jacket Sub-structure Caused by Coupling with Other Components of an Offshore Wind Turbine

Wojciech Popko, Panagiotis Antonakas, Fabian Vorpahl

345FloVAWT: Progress on the Development of a Coupled Model of Dynamics for Floating Offshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Andrew Shires, Maurizio Collu, Michael Borg

352Coupled Dynamic Analysis of FOWT (Floating Offshore Wind Turbine) with Partially Broken Blade

Y.H. Bae, M.H. Kim, Q. Yu

359Assessment of the Importance of Mooring Dynamics on the Global Response of the DeepCwind Floating Semisubmersible Offshore Wind Turbine

Marco Masciola, Amy Robertson, Jason Jonkman, Alexander Coulling, Andrew Goupe

369Investigation of Response Amplitude Operators for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

G. K. V. Ramachandran, A. Robertson, J. M. Jonkman, M. D. Masciola

377Numerical Modelling of Fluid-structure Interactions for Floating Wind Turbine Foundations

Axelle Viré, Jiansheng Xiang, Matthew Piggott, Johannes Spinneken, Christopher Pain

383A New Structural-Dynamics Module for Offshore Multimember Substructures within the Wind Turbine Computer-Aided Engineering Tool FAST

Huimin Song, Rick Damiani, Amy Robertson, Jason Jonkman

392Validation of an Integrated Simulation Method with High Resolution Load Measurements of the Offshore Wind Turbine REpower 5M at Alpha Ventus

Daniel Kaufer, Po Wen Cheng

402Reliability Assessment of Offshore Wind Turbines Considering Faults of Electrical / Mechanical Components

Erik Eduard Kostandyan, John Dalsgaard Sørensen

408On the Design of Measurement Campaigns for Fatigue Life Monitoring of O shore Wind Turbines

Ursula Smolka, Po Wen Cheng

414Risk Assessment of Offshore Wind-Farm Construction

Lien-Kwei Chien, Shu-Yi Chiu, Wen-Chien Tseng, Kuan-Hung Chen

421GICON®-TLP for Wind Turbines - Validation of Calculated Results

Frank Adam, Christian Steinke, Frank Dahlhaus, Jochen Großmann


428Multi-objective Active Structural Control of the OC3-Hywind Floating Wind Turbine

Yulin Si, Hamid Reza Karimi

434A Linear Parameter-Varying Approach to H∞ Control of an Offshore Wind Turbine

Tore Bakka, Hamid Reza Karimi

440Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Floating Wind Turbines

David Schlipf, Frank Sandner, Steffen Raach, Denis Matha, Po Wen Cheng

447A Regulated Perturb and Observe Algorithm for Renewable Energy Systems

Kung-Yen Lee, Wen-Jie Tsai, Yu-Chi Chiu, Hui-Chia Yen


OTEC and Emerging Energy

451OTEC Using Mutli-stage Rankine Cycle

Yasuyuki Ikegami, Takafumi Morisaki

457Experimental Study of Multi-heat Sourced Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion System

Hyeon-Ju Kim, Ho-Saeng Lee, Young-Kown Jung, Young-Seok Kim, Ji-hoon Son

462Modeling Dependence between Wind and Wave in an Offshore Wind Turbine Site

Mahdi Norouzi, Efstratios Nikolaidis

468Performance Characteristics of Sea Heat Pump by Cooling Operation Mode

Ho-Saeng Lee, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Dong-Ho Jung, Seung-Won Lee, Deok-Soo Moon

477Evaluation of Heat Exchange Rate for Different Types of Ground Heat Exchangers

Seung-Rae Lee, Seok Yoon, Gyu-Hyun Go, Han-Byul Kang, Do-Won Park

482Study on a Compound Cage Aquaculture System in an Open Sea

Chai-Cheng Huang, Chun-Ho Chan

488An Integrated Feasibility Study of an Anaerobic Digestion Plant using Marine Biomass and Food Waste

Kana Kuroda, Yuichiro Keno, Naoki Nakatani, Koji Otsuka

Wave Energy

495Robust Wave Resource Estimation: A Danish Case Study

John Lavelle, Jens Peter Kofoed

500Validation of a wave-body interaction model by experimental tests

Francesco Ferri, Morten Mejlhede Kramer, Arthur Pecher

508Investigation of the Decoupled Hydrodynamic and Thermodynamic Characteristics of an Oscillating Water Column and Their Coupled Effect under Irregular Sea Wave Excitation

Georgios D. Gkikas

516On the Vertical Motion of Water in the Chambers for Wave Energy Converter

Kesayoshi Hadano, Pallav Koirala, Keisuke Taneura, Kyo Ohgi, Toshiaki Ohnishi

520Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Land-Based Oscillating Water Column for Various Pneumatic Chamber Conditions

Jinseong Kwon, Weoncheol Koo

528Study on Wave Energy Generation of Floating Bodies for Energy Absorption by CFD

Kui Ming Li, Nanjundan Parthasarathy, Yoon Hwan Choi, Yeon Won Lee

532Structural Assessment of Floating-Type Wave Energy Converter

Jung Min Sohn, Bo Woo Nam, Ho Jeong Cheon, Seung Ho Shin, Key Yong Hong

538Wave Energy Converter Design Tool for Point Absorbers with Arbitrary Device Geometry

Kelley Ruehl, Robert Paasch, Ted KA Brekken, Bret Bosma

546Effect of Motion Reduction Structures on Motion of Floating Wave Energy Converter

J.Y. Park, B.W. Nam, S.Y. Hong, S.H. Shin, K.Y. Hong

552Experiments and Numerical Analysis on Conversion Efficiency of Floating Pendulum Wave Energy Converter in Regular Waves

Kazutaka Toyata, Shuichi Nagata, Yasutaka Imai, Toshiaki Setoguchi

560Design and Testing of a Model Scale McCabe Wave Pump

Andrew Paulmeno, Sarah E. Mouring

566The Characteristics of Wave Impacts on an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter

Alan Henry, Pal Schmitt, Ashkan Rafiee, Frederic Dias, Trevor Whittaker

574Development of Wave Overtopping Type Wave Power Generation Devices

Hiromichi Tanaka, Minosuke Yodokawa, Nobuhito Nikawadori, On Yamanashi

578The Theoretical and Experimental Investigation to an Ocean Wave Powered Piezoelectric Vibration Generator

Yan Li, Lu Wang, Huan Lin, Xueyong Yan, Lina Song, Ning Mei

584Wave-Energy Absorption by Electric-Power Generator Rotating on Interior Circular Surface of an Asymmetric Floating Body

Masashi Kashiwagi, Saki Nishimatsu, Katsuhiro Sakai

Tidal and Ocean Current Energy

591Three-dimensionality of Vertical Axis Tidal Stream Turbine and Its Application to Efficiency Improvement with Supporting Circular Discs

Beom-Soo Hyun, Jeong-Ki Lee, Jiyuan Jin

597Dynamic Response Analysis of Darrieus-Type Vertical Axis Water Turbines

Norbert V. Dy, Farooq Saeed, Ion Paraschivoiu

605Simulation of Fluid-Structure-Interaction on Tidal Current Turbines Based on Coupled Multibody and CFD Methods

Matthias Arnold, Frank Biskup, Po Wen Cheng

612Numerical Simulations on Performance of Hydropower Turbine in a Duct for the System Utilizing Tidal Jet Generator

Se-min Jeong, Kyung-Mi Kim, Jong-Chun Park, Hee-Su Lee, Jae-Kyung Heo, Yong-Jin Cho

618Experimental and Numerical Investigations into an Ocean Current Induced Rotating Magnetic Field Electric Generator

Lu Wang, Yan Li, Huan Lin, Lina Song, Ning Mei

623Study of Tidal Stream Electricity Generation for Obatake Strait

Seiji Shimizu, Masayuki Fujii, Eishi Koga, Kenji Sasa, Yasuhiro Kimura, Hironori Kitakaze


CO2 Capture and Transport

629Definition of Requirements for Safe and Reliable CO2 Transportation Network through an Integrated Laboratory, Computer Modelling and Full Scale Methodology

G. Demofonti, M. Di Biagio, A. Fonzo, A. Lucci, C. M. Spinelli

639Operating Experience of Desulfurization Process and Pre-combustion CO2 Capture Process Integrated with Coal Gasifier

Ho-Jung Ryu, Dong-Ho Lee, Seung-Yong Lee, Sung-Ho Jo, Young Cheol Park

642Development of Prediction Model of CO2 Hydrate Film Thickness for CCS

Xiao Ma, Yutaka Abe, Akiko Kaneko, Kenji Yamane

Energy and Environment

650A Numerical Simulation of HOPs Transport with a Sorption-Desorption Kinematic Model

Bang-Fuh Chen, Yu-Jen Lin

656Integration Lagrangian Sediment Transport into Non-Orthogonal Ocean Hydrodynamics Model to Simulate Drilling Cutting and Mud Dispersion in Indonesia Sea Water

Muslim Muin

663Field Study in the Influence of Floating Mud over the Lasting Effect of Sand Capping Technique on Nutrient Release Reduction

Norio Katakura, Kazuo Murakami

671Temporal and Spatial Variation on Water Environment and Fishery Resources in Osaka Bay

Kohji Uno, Ayumi Kinoshita, Gozo Tsujimoto, Tetsuya Kakinoki

677Benthic Interactions with Renewable Energy Installations in a Temperate Ecosystem

Emma Victoria Sheehan, Matthew James Witt, Sophie Louise Cousens, Sarah Caroline Gall, Martin James Attrill

685Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Simulation of Seawater Intake and Cooling/Saline Water Outfalls from a Power Plant along the Red Sea Coast of KSA

Samir Abohadima, Ayman M. Mostafa, Karim Rakha

Oil Spill and Containment

695Development of Spilled Oil and Gas Tracking and Monitoring Autonomous Buoy System and its Application to Marine Disaster Prevention

M. Choyekh, R. Kimura, T. Akamatsu, N. Kato, H. Senga, H. Suzuki Y. Okano, T. Ban, Y. Takagi, M. Yoshie, T. Tanaka, N. Sakagami

703Variation Trend of Discharges into Sea from the Yangtze River

Jiaqi Liu, Zheng Gong, Changkuan Zhang

707Containing Oil Spills by use of Air Bubbles

Grim Eidnes, Frode Leirvik, Thomas A. McClimans, Svein Helge Gjøsund, Eduardo Grimaldo

711CFD Simulation of Bubble Curtains Applied to Oil Spill Containment

Paal Skjetne

716Study on Chemical Contamination in Japanese Coastal Area Derived from Marine Debris Plastics

Hideto SATO, Katsuhiko SAIDO, Akifumi OKABE, Tsubasa AKIYAMA, Akimitsu NISHINO

722Engineering Approach for Cleaning-up Garbage Patches

Hee Jin Kang, Haeseong Ahn, Jin Choi, Dongkon Lee


South China Sea : Liwan 3-1 Field Development and Installation

727Process Design Considerations of Large Central Platform for LW3-1 Deepwater Gas Development

Xiaohong Zhou, Hualei Yi, Yun Hao

732Research of Flow Assurance for Deep Water Gas/Condensate Oil Pipelines

Hongju Chen, Xiaohong Zhou, Jun Wang

736Pigging Simulation Analysis of Deepwater Gas Tieback Flowlines in South China Sea

Xichong Yu, Bin Xie, Qingping Li, Bing Cheng

743Installation Method Selection for Heavy Weight Topside in the South China Sea

Jinlin Hou, Qian (Ken)Tang, Lian Xu

751Study on Deepwater Submerged Pump Skid for Installation of Suction Piles

Liqin Wang, Jinlin Hou

755Fabrication Considerations of the Liwan 3-1 Mega Jacket

Shumin Li, Yun Yang, Zhengrong Song, Fengyan Yang, Tui Deng, Zhuangchun Yang, Jian Gao

761Structural Design and Analysis of Subsea Camera Shell in Deep Water

Wei Huidong, Zhou Meizhen, Jiang Ying, Yin Hanjun

768The Statistical Characteristics of Sea Waves with Double-peaked Spectrum in deep area of South China Sea

Botao Xie, Fanghui Lei, Junqin Wang

774Pendulous Installation Method and its Installation Analysis for a Deepwater Manifold in South China Sea

Alan M. Wang, Shaohua Zhu, Xiaohuan Zhu, Jingkuo Xu, Min He, Changzhi Zhang

785A Rational Approach for Global Strength Evaluation of T-Shaped Launch Barge HYSY229 during Liwan 3-1 Mega Jacket Launch

Shaohua Zhu, Håvard Nordtveit Austefjord, Bin Ma, Litao Li, Min He, Alan Wang

794Design and Operation Considerations for Large Jacket Installations in South China Sea

Changsheng Yu, Zhigang Li, Jian Fu, Wentai Yu, Alan M. Wang, Jianmin Li

807T-Shaped Launch Barge Modification Design for Very Challenging Floatover Installation of Liwan 3-1 Mega Topsides in South China Sea

Huailiang Li, Yun Yang, Ruhua Yuan, Weiwei Xie, Alan Wang, Xiaojian Jin

814A Model Test Study for Liwan 3-1 Mega Jacket Launch in South China Sea

Ding Zhang, Xin Li, Da Li, Yu Liang, Zhuangchun Yang, Xu Sun, Alan M. Wang

822A Comparative Study of Launch Analysis and Field Measurement for Liwan 3-1 Mega Jacket Launch in South China Sea

Min He, Huailiang Li, Alan M. Wang, Yu Liang, Xin Li, Jun Li

TLP and Semisubmersibles

831Design and Hydrodynamic Analysis of a New Concept of ETLP

Weiping Huang, Chaofan Yang, Bo Xu

837Semi-Active Magneto-Rheological Damper to Reduce the Dynamic Response of Top-Tension Risers

Hooi-Siang Kang, Moo-Hyun Kim, Shankar S. Bhat Aramanadka, Heon-Yong Kang

845Introduction of Hull Construction for Big Foot E-TLP

Jun-Ho Song, Gi-Jae Kim, Kyung-Seok Lee, Man-Soo Kim

FLNG, Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), FPS, FPSO and SPAR

852Challenges and New Technologies for World's Largest Floating LNG

Mun Keun Ha, Deog Jin Ha, Dong Hyun Lee

860Wave Chamber of Ultra Large Floating System

Jianhui Liu, Wenjun Zhong, Keli Shen

869Monitoring the Response of Connected Moored Floating Modules

Constantine Michailides, Eva Loukogeorgaki, Demos C. Angelides

877Empirical Estimation of Probability Distribution of Extreme Responses of Turret Moored FPSOs

Amir H. Izadparast, Arun S. Duggal

885Preliminary Results of Global Performance Evaluation of a FPSO Designed for Mexican GoM

A.O.V. Hernandez, HG Sung, J. Hernandez, SK Cho, O.V. Molina, KY Hong

892Study of the Behavior of Turret moored Floating Body

SK Cho, HG Sung, SY Hong, HS Choi

899Effect of Short-crested Waves on the Dynamic Responses of Truss SPAR Platforms

V.J. Kurian, C.Y. Ng, M.S. Liew

907Scale Model Experiments of the SPAR-Type Floating Offshore Platform

Sinpyo Hong, Inwon Lee, Seong Hyeon Park, Cheolmin Lee, Ho-Hwan Chun

913Numerical Investigations of Wave and Current Incoming Directions on SPAR Motions

Guochun Xu, Q.W. Ma, Shan Ma, Liping Sun

920A Stochastic Model for the Design of Mooring System Against Squall Events

E. Fontaine

927Dynamic Coupled Multi-body Analysis of FSRU and Mooring System

Byoung Wan Kim, Sa Young Hong, Hong Gun Sung, Seok Won Hong

934Development of 270k CBM LNG FEGaSuS

Jae Ik Lee, Won Jae Choi, Jin Won Jung

938A Development of a Docking Aid and Tightening System for FSRUs and LNGCs

Young-Jin Kim, Young-June Cho, Kwang-Sik Kim, Seung-Gi Lee, Jae-Ik Lee

943Introduction of Structural Design and Construction of FLNG

Sang-Woo Lee, Young-Woo Kwen, Young-Min Kim, Man-Soo Kim

950Ontological Modeling and Process Simulation of LNG FPSO Liquefaction Cycle based on DEVS Formalism

Sol Ha, Namkug Ku, Myung-Il Roh, Kyu-Yeul Lee

959The Study on Natural Gas Liquefaction Cycle Development for LNG-FPSO

Sanggyu Lee, Kunhyung Choe, Chulgu Lee, Moonyong Lee, Young-myung Yang

Dynamic Positioning and Control

966Development of an Experimental Methodology for Self-Propulsion Test with a Marine Diesel Engine Simulator, The Second Report - Propeller Pitch Control

Katsuji Tanizawa, Yasusi Kitagawa, Kohichi Hirata, Masaki Fukazawa

973Dynamic Positioning With Roll-Pitch Motion Control for a Semi-submersible

Shengwen Xu, Xuefeng Wang, Lei Wang, Jun Li

979A Robust Dynamic Positioning Control Algorithm and Its Validation through Experiment and Numerical Simulation

Young-Shik Kim, Yun-Ho Kim, Hong-Gun Sung, Jinwhan Kim

987Development and Application of Positioning Support System for Maritime Accidents

Zheng Zhang, Shu-hua Zuo, Bei Li

Subsea Installation and Operation

991A New Method for the Crawler Crane Down to the Dock

Chen Gong, Zhengrong Song, Tui Deng, Xuejun Xu, Xiaoxuan Wang

995Static Equilibrium Configuration of Deepwater Steel Lazy-Wave Riser

Jinlong Wang, Menglan Duan, Jiakun Fan, Yanjun Liu

999SHWE Topside Installation

Meng Yuan, Larry Chen, Frank Ma, Daejun Kim

1008Integrated Simulations of a Floating Crane Installation Vessel with DP systems in Waves

Nam, B.W., Hong, S.Y., Kim, Y.S., Kim, J.W.

1013Safety Analysis for Installation of Offshore Structure based on Proportional-Derivative Control Strategy with Multibody Dynamics

Ju-Hwan Cha, Ye-Ji Heo, Bo-Woo Nam

Jacket Structures

1019The Numerical Analysis of Wind Load for Jack-up Drilling Unit

Wei Jiang, An-kang Hu, Yi Lin

1024Component, Joint and System Based Environmental Load Factor for Jacket Platforms in Malaysia

V.J. Kurian, Z. Nizamani, M.A.W. Mohamed, M.S. Liew

1032Application of the Wave-based Method (WBM) for the Calculation of Structural Power Flow

Nian Yang, Luyun Chen, Yufang Zhang

1037Application of Profit Approach for the Cost Estimation of the Ocean Engineering Facilities Design Works

Maria S. Korableva

1045Key Innovation Drivers in Maritime Clusters

Ricardo Aurélio Quinhões Pinto, Bernardo Luis Rodrigues de Andrade

1052A More Natural Model for Nonlinear Soil/Structure Interaction

Robert F. Zueck


Arctic Environment

1058Long-Term Changes in Metocean-Ice Conditions in the Canadian Beaufort Sea

David B. Fissel, Mar Martínez de Saavedra Álvarez, Ed. Ross, John. R. Marko, Alex Slonimer

1066Simulating Oil Spill Evolution in Water and Sea Ice in the Beaufort Sea

Shannon H. Nudds, Adam Drozdowski, Youyu Lu, Simon Prinsenberg

1072GPS-Measured Drift of Icebergs in the North-Eastern Barents Sea and its Correlation with Fields of Atmospheric Pressure

Gennadiy K. Zubakin, Nikolay Ye. Ivanov, Alexander V. Nesterov

1080Probabilistic Analysis of Alaskan Beaufort Sea Ice Gouge Data

Jonathan Caines, Glenn Lanan, Amy Sturge, Andreas E. Georghiou, Mike Paulin

Ice Mechanics and Loads

1087Review of Flexural Strength of Multi-year Ice

R. Frederking, D. Sudom

1094Ice Age Classification Using Cross-Polarization Measurement with X-Band Radar

Armin Parsa

1098The Method of Experimental Study of the Energy Criterion of the Sea Ice Failure Requirements to the Method and to the Criterion

Vladimir G. Tsuprik

1104Measurements of Thermodynamic Properties of Ice Created by Frozen Sea Spray

Anton Kulyakhtin, Sergey Kulyakhtin, Sveinung Løset

1112Response of Floating Ice Sheet Subjected to Pulse Loading over Variable Bottom

Alexandra V. Pogorelova, Victor M. Kozin

1119Numerical Prediction of Contact Surface Between Hummock and Ice Fields for Estimation of Ice Loads on Structure

Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Sabodash, Boris V. Balakin

Arctic Vessels and Structures

1123Modeling and Analysis of Probabilistic Distributions of Ice Loads on Lighthouse Structures in the Gulf of Bothnia

Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Sabodash, Roman G. Kovalenko

1127Design of Hebron Gravity Based Structure for Iceberg Impact

Widianto, Jameel Khalifa, Adel Younan, Tommy Karlsson, Paul Stuckey, Anton Gjorven

1135Safety Assessment of Membrane Type LNG Carrier under Repeated Ice Impact

Hoonkyu Oh, Whasoo Kim, Byeongjae Noh, Claude Daley, Jaemyung Lee

1145Structural Safety Assessment of LNGC CCS under Iceberg Collision using FSI Analysis Technique

Sang-Gab Lee, Tuo Zhao

1156Model Tests for Determination of Ship Resistance in Level Ice under Lateral Pressure

Philipp Hinse, Daniela Ehle, Nils Reimer

1162Ice Resistance Test Simulation of Arctic Cargo Vessel using FSI Analysis Technique

Sang-Gab Lee, Tuo Zhao, Gyu-Sung Kim, Kyung-Duk Park

Arctic Operations

1169Shallow Water Effects on Ship Performance of a Full Ship Model in Arctic Operations

Hiromitsu Kitagawa

1177A Tactical Hindcast Calibration Method for Sea Ice Drift Forecasting in the Canadian Beaufort Sea

Joshua D. Blunt, Douglas A. Mitchell, Dmitri G. Matskevitch, Ted Kokkinis, Adel H. Younan, Jed M. Hamilton

1185Model Tests for Development of an Ice Route Optimization Tool

Daniela Myland, Nils Reimer, Philipp Hinse

1192Problems and Perspectives of Modern Transportations Through Northern Sea Route of the Russian Federation

N.A. Taranukha

1195Accidental Ice Management - Platform vs. Ice Breaking Supply Vessel Collision

Martin Storheim, Jørgen Amdahl

1203Risk of Sea Spray Icing to Offshore Structures

Kathleen Ferris Jones, Edgar L Andreas

1210Strategy of non-Arctic Nations about the Development of Arctic Oil and Gas Resources

Hochang Jang, Jeonghwan Lee

Operations in Ice

1216Current Situation and Development Trend of Arctic Drilling Equipment

Guodong Ji, Haige Wang, Lingbi Wang, Meng Cui

1220Numerical Simulation of Frost Heave in Arctic Pipelines

Basel Abdalla, Jianfeng Xu, Vincent Gaffard

1227Safety of Ships Navigation in Ice and Operational Effectiveness

Victor A. Kulesh, Sergey A. Ogay, Michael V. Voyloshnikov

1235Difference of Electromagnetic Wave Radar Reflection Image Due to Presence or Absence of Internal Deformations in RC Open Channel

Masashi Suto, Hidehiko Ogata, Masahiro Hyodo, Akio Ishigami, Satoshi Sato, Toshikazu Kaneta, Ryuichi Tanaka

1241Simulation Modeling of Marine Transport Systems Operating in Ice Conditions

Maxim S. Kosmin, Oleg V. Tarovik

Ice Mechanics

1247Thermodynamics on Grease-Pancake Ice Growth in a Sea Ice-Wave Tank

Toshinori Ogasawara, Ayumu Ogasawara, Shigeki Sakai

1252Influence of Peculiarities of the Form of a Submarine Vessel on the Efficiency of Breaking Ice Cover

Vitaliy L. Zemlyak, Alexandra V. Pogorelova, Victor M. Kozin

1259A Bobsleigh Ice Friction Model

Edward Lozowski, Krzysztof Szilder, Louis Poirier

1268Ice Sample Production Techniques and Indentation Tests for Laboratory Experiments Simulating Ship Collisions with Ice

Stephen E. Bruneau, Anna K. Dillenburg, Simon Ritter

1272Ice Induced Vibrations - Observations of a Full Scale Lock-in Event

Morten Bjerkås, Andreas Meese, Hagbart S Alsos

1280Numerical Study on the Distributions of the Ice Pressure Area and Structural Response for Ship Maneuvering in Level Ice

Junji Sawamura

1288Determination of Loads on Mooring System During the Semisubmersible Interaction with Ice

Evgeny B. Karulin, Marina M. Karulina

1295A New Method for the Analysis of Ice Intermittent Crushing Induced Lock-in Vibration

Qu Yan

1300A Numerical Simulation for Operating a Dynamic Positioned Vessel in Level Ice

Quan Zhou, Heather Peng

1308Investigation of the Normative Procedures for Calculation of Ice Load for Estimating the Depth of Ice Abrasion

T. E. Uvarova, E. E. Pomnikov, R.S. Tyutrin, G.R. Shamsutdinova, A.S. Narkevich

1312Calculations Model of the Ice Abrasion Depth Volume Worn Material

Tatiana. E. Uvarova, Egor E. Pomnikov, Roman S. Tyutrin, Anna Y. Pomnikova, Guzel R. Shamsutdinova