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The Proceedings of
The Twenty-first (2011) International

Maui, Hawaii, USA, June 19-24, 2011

VOLUMES 1~4, 2011


ISBN 978-1‑880653‑96-8

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex and Others

International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of
The Twenty-first (2011) International

Maui, Hawaii, USA, June 19-24, 2011

VOLUME I, 2011




Clean Energy, Clean Coal


Deepwater Systems & Installation, Floating Structures, FPSO, SPAR and TLP, Jacket and Jackup


Wind Loads and Structures, Floating Structures for Wind Energy, Wind Energy and Reliability, Offshore Energy Resources and Wind Farm, Ocean Wave Energy and Engineering, Tidal and Ocean Current Energy


Triple I Program, Oil Pollution and Water Quality, Environment Monitoring, Environment Modeling and Restoration, Sediment and Debris


Ice Observation and Modeling, Ice and Ocean Environments, Ice-Structure Interactions and Performance, Navigation and Ice Management, Exploration and New Instrumentation, Ship Design and Navigation

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This CD-ROM was created from the author-made PDF files. View quality of the text and graphics and the ease of readability depend largely on the quality and/or consistency of the PDF-making procedure the authors used.

ISBN 978-1‑880653‑96-8

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex and Others

Edited by:

Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA
Sa Young Hong, Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea
Ivar Langen, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway
Simon J. Prinsenberg, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Canada

Presented at:

The Twenty-first (2011) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Maui, Hawaii, USA, June 19-24, 2011

Organized by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

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International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
P.O. Box 189, Cupertino, California 95015-0189, USA



1The Challenges of Deep Water Arctic Development

Jed M. Hamilton

8Recent Advances on Operation of Jackup Rigs in China

Weiliang Dong


Clean Energy and Clean Coal

19CNG - Technologies: A Comparison Study

Ulrike Ruppin, Nora Noetzold, Pentscho Pentschew and Patrick Kaeding

26Pressure Pulsations in Twin-Screw Multiphase Pumps Conveying Oil and Air

Florian Hatesuer, Mark Reichwage, Jörg Lewerenz and Andrea Luke

33Effects of Swirls on Natural Gas Flow in Supersonic Separators

Chuang Wen, Xuewen Cao, Yan Yang and Jing Zhang

39Development of a Software Design Tool for Modeling Hydrogen Distribution Systems

Riedl, S. M. and Knapp, R.H.

46Preliminary Discussion on Geochemical Characteristic of Methane in Shenhu Gas Hydrate Field, North Slope of the South China Sea

Xia Huang, Youhai Zhu and Pingkang Wang

50Systematic Approach for Prevention and Remediation of Asphaltene Problems During CO2/Hydrocarbon Injection Project

Gh. Reza P. Oskui, Mohammad A. Jumaa, Ebtisam G. Folad, Abeer Rashed and Shirish Patil

58Methanation Reaction for the Production of Synthetic Natural Gas from Synthesis Gas Produced by Coal Gasification

Woo Ram Kang, Soo Ik Im and Ki Bong Lee


Papers on Gas Hydrates and Deep-Ocean Minerals and Mining are published in Proceedings of
the 9th ISOPE Ocean Mining Symposium, Maui, Hawaii, June 19-24, 2011
ISBN 978-1-880653-95-1; ISSN 1946-0066


Deepwater Systems and Installation

66Shallow Water Subsea Pig Launcher Concepts and Their Application in Deepwater Field Developments

Richard Rinehart and Sanjay Sinha

71Floatover Installation Analysis and Its Application in Bohai Bay

Min He, Ruhua Yuan, Huailiang Li, Wentai Yu, Jianwei Qian and Alan M. Wang

80Experimental Study on a Stabilized Platform System for Shipborne Helicopter

Yuanming Chen, Jiawei Ye, Xilong Zhang and Fulin Liang

87Examination of the Effectiveness of Modelling Towline Response Using GPS & Strapdown INS Data Gathering Techniques

John A. MacSween

Floating Structures, FPSO, SPAR and TLP

95Determination of the Optimal Operating Condition of the Dual Mixed Refrigerant Cycle at the Pre-FEED stage of the LNG FPSO Topside Liquefaction Process

Kyu-Yeul Lee, Ju-Hwan Cha, Joon-Chae Lee, Myung-Il Roh and Ji-Hyun Hwang

104Fully Nonlinear Simulation of Two Floating Structures in Close Proximity Subjected to Oblique Waves

S. Yan, Q.W. Ma and X. Cheng

112Coupled Response of a TLP and Tendon System in Time Domain

Min-dong Yang and Bin Teng

119Performance and System Identification of Deepwater Offshore Platform during Extreme Events Based on Field-Measured Data

Bor-Feng Peng, Ben Chang, Merlin Hoerner, James Craig Edel and Joe Kallaby

127Validation of Gulfstar Global Responses in Central GoM Irregular Seas: Model Tests vs Analysis

Jun Zou, Philip Poll, Youngchan Park, Robin Converse, Arun Antony, Jianfeng Zhang and Hisham Moideen

135Nonlinear Analysis of Semi-rigid Frames on Floating Structure

Hwa-Cheol Song, Geun-Young Doe, Min-Bae Han and Da-Hye Park

141A Model for Deepwater Floating Platforms Selection Based on BP Artificial Neural Networks

Yingying Wang, Menglan Duan, Deguo Wang, Junpeng Liu and Yanhui Dong

148Experimental Study on Acceleration Measurement and Numerical Integral of Ships Wave Movement

Ai-Guo Chen and Jia-Wei Ye

152Development of Compact Heat Exchanger for LNG FPSO

Seungwhan Baek, Gyuwan Hwang, Jinhyuck Kim and Sangkwon Jeong

158Model Experiments on Heading Control of FSRU Using RMAC

Young-Shik Kim, Hong-Gun Sung, Jin-Ha Kim and Sa-Young Hong

163Impact of Catenary Embedment on the Mooring Performance of a Deep Water Floating Production Unit

S. Wales, P. Sincock and M. Santosa

170Prediction of Floating Platform Mooring Responses in South China Sea

Jianhui Liu, Wenjun Zhong and Yanfang Zhang

178Investigation of a Four-cage Grid Mooring System in Waves

T.J. Xu, G.H. Dong, Y.P. Zhao, Y.C. Li, C.P. Chen and F.K. Gui

184A Time-Domain Analysis on the Hydrodynamic of a Truss Spar

Baolei Geng, Bin Teng, Huaqing Zhang, Baoyou Zheng and Hanbao Chen

191Estimate of Mooring Line Damage Accrued by a GOM Truss Spar Based on Field Measurements

Adam Kiecke and Jun Zhang

198Nonlinear Analysis of Fully Coupled Integrated Spar-Mooring Line System

Mohammed Jameel, Suhail Ahmad , A.B.M. Saiful Islam and Mohd Zamin Jumaat

206Development of Design Charts for Very Large Floating Structures

Jingyun Kim, Goangseup Zi and Phill-Seung Lee

Jacket and Jackup

210Developing a Robust Structural Health Monitoring Method for Offshore Jacket Platform Using Modified AIS Algorithm

Alireza Mojtahedi, Mohammad Ali Lotfollahi Yaghin, Farshid Abbasidoust and Mir Mohammad Ettefagh

219Boundary Updating of Offshore Jacket Structures Based on Measured Modal Frequencies

Yingchao Li, Huajun Li, Sau-Lon, James Hu, Xiangyu Chen and Zhiqiang Gao

226Resistance Parameters Statistics for Jacket Platforms in Offshore Malaysia

Arazi B. Idrus, Narayanan Sambu Potty, Mohd Foad Abdul Hamid, Nelson J Cossa and Zafarullah Nizamani

233Structural Modification by Reassigning Natural Frequencies of Offshore Jacket Platforms

Min Zhang, Huajun Li, Yingchao Li and S.-L. James Hu

239A Thin Gap Arisen Beneath the Rectangular Spudcan During Extraction

Jun Zhao, Menglan Duan, Zhihui Hu, Linsong Song, Jianbo Li and Kai Cui

245Damage Evaluation on a Jacket Platform Structure Using Modal Properties

Soo-Yong Park, Dong-Cheon Park, Eun-Hye Kim and Han-Sam Kim

251Scour Experiment and Analysis of Offshore Submersible Platform

Shipeng Wang, Yanlong Qin, Lianhe Zhang and Xing Qi



Wind Loads and Structures

255Integration of Support Structure and Turbine Design - Final Results of WP4-Task4.1 on Offshore Support Structures of the EU Upwind Project

T. Fischer, W. de Vries, P. Rainey, B. Schmidt, K. Argyriadis and M. Kühn

263Comparison of Dynamic Response of Monopile, Tripod and Jacket Foundation System for a 5-MW Wind Turbine

Wei Shi, Hyun-chul Park, Chin-wha Chung and Young-chan Kim

270Long Term Behaviour of Lateral Dynamically Loaded Steel Grout Joints

Nils Fog Gjersøe, Niels-Erik Ottesen Hansen and Pernille Iversen

277Dynamics of Offshore Wind Turbines

Jafri, Syed M., Eltaher, Ayman and Jukes, Paul

284Fully-coupled Wind Turbine Simulation Including Substructuring of Support Structure Components: Influence of Newly Developed Modeling Approach on Fatigue Loads for an Offshore Wind Turbine on a Tripod Support Structure

Fabian Vorpahl and Andreas Reuter

291Fixed Bottom Tripod Type Offshore Wind Turbines under Extreme and Operating Conditions

George E. Farmakis and Demos C. Angelides

299Analysis of Gravity Base Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbine under Cyclic Loads

Stefanus Safinus, Germán Sedlacek and Udo Hartwig

306Full-Scale Model Tests on a Gravity Base Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines

Udo Hartwig, Thorsten Bierer and Jan Sommer

314Designing the Next Generation of Computational Codes for Wind-Turbine Simulations

Michael Muskulus

319Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Flow Past a Truss Tower for Offshore Downwind Turbines

Torbjørn Ruud Hagen, Marit Reiso and Michael Muskulus

327Rotor Design for a 10 MW Offshore Wind Turbine

Lars Frøyd and Ole G. Dahlhaug

335Tower Shadow - Experiment Comparing Wake Behind Tubular and Truss Towers

Marit Reiso, Michael Muskulus and Geir Moe

342Numerical Modelling of Wave Run-Up: Regular Waves

Jorge Ramirez, Peter Frigaard, Thomas Lykke Andersen and Erik Damgaard Christensen

347Dynamic Ice Load Model in Overall Simulation of Offshore Wind Turbines

Sebastian Hetmanczyk, Jaakko Heinonen and Michael Strobel

Floating Structures for Wind Energy

353Experimental and Computational Comparisons of the OC3-HYWIND and Tension-Leg-Buoy (TLB) Floating Wind Turbine Conceptual Designs

Anders Myhr, Karl Jacob Maus and Tor Anders Nygaard

361Model Test of the OC3-Hywind Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Hyunkyoung Shin

367State of the Art in Floating Wind Turbine Design Tools

Andrew Cordle and Jason Jonkman

375Dynamic Mooring Line Modeling in Hydro-Aero-ElasticWind Turbine Simulations

Bjarne S. Kallesøe and Anders M. Hansen

383Development of a Multibody Dynamics Kernel for Motion Analysis of a Floating Wind Turbine

Namkug Ku, A-ra Jo, Sol Ha, Martin Friebe, Ju-Hwan Cha, Kwang-Phil Park and Kyu-Yeul Lee

391Dynamics of a FloatingWave Energy Platform with ThreeWind Turbines Operating

Torben J. Larsen, Bjarne S. Kallesøe and Hans F. Hansen

399Gyro Effect of Rotating Blades on the FloatingWind Turbine Platform inWaves

Hideo Fujiwara, Takashi Tsubogo and Yasunori Nihei

407Ducted Turbine Blade Optimization Using Numerical Simulation

Michael Shives and Curran Crawford

414Innovative Design of a Wind Generation System for Marine Structures Model Testing

Adrien Courbois, Pierre Ferrant, Olivier Flamand, Jean-Marc Rousset and Jean-Luc Toularastel

421Challenges in Simulation of Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics and Mooring-Line Dynamics of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Denis Matha, Markus Schlipf, Andrew Cordle, Ricardo Pereira and Jason Jonkman

429Aero-Elastic-Control-Floater-Mooring Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Y.H. Bae, M.H. Kim, S.W. Im and I.H. Chang

436Influence of Control Strategy to FOWT Hull Motions by Aero-Elastic-Control-Floater-Mooring Coupled Dynamic Analysis

Y.H. Bae, M.H. Kim, Q. Yu and K. Kim

443Loads Analysis of Several Offshore Floating Wind Turbine Concepts

Amy N. Robertson and Jason M. Jonkman

Wind Energy and Reliability

451Challenges for Risk-based Maintenance Planning for Offshore Wind Turbines

Jannie J. Nielsen and John D. Sørensen

458Development of an Autonomous Meshing Tool for Multi-Dimensional Deformed Thick Plates

Ralf Labecki, Manuel Bojahr, Ralf Tschullik and Patrick Kaeding

463Reliability-based Calibration of Fatigue Safety Factors for Offshore Wind Turbines

John D. Sørensen

471Reliability on Offshore Wind Energy Platform to Dynamic forces

Kenji Kawano, Katsumi Nagafuchi, Katta Venkataramana and Takeshi Iida

479Risk Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis for Offshore Wind Turbines

Alexandros A. Taflanidis, Eva Loukogeorgaki and Demos C. Angelides

487An Asset Management Solution for Offshore Wind Farms Based on System Dynamics Simulation: A Case Study

Idriss El-Thalji and Jayantha P. Liyanage

Offshore Energy Resources and Wind Farm

493Performance Analysis of Ocean Geothermal Power Generation Cycle with Generator

Ho-Saeng Lee, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Dong-Ho Jung, Deok-Soo Moon and Gerard C Nihous

499GIS Based Site Determination Model for Productive Solar Farm: A Case Study in Eskişehir

Sunay Mutlu, Alper Çabuk and Yücel Güney

506Wind Resource Estimation using QuikSCAT Ocean Surface Winds

Qing Xu, Guosheng Zhang, Yongcun Cheng, Qiyan Ji ,Lei Wang and Yanan Zhao

511The First Met-mast for Offshore Wind Farm in Korea and its Remote Sensing System

Moo Sung Ryu, Ji Young Kim and Keum Seok Kang

516TopFarm: Multi-fidelity Optimization of Offshore Wind Farm

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, Peter Fuglsang, Gunner C. Larsen, Thomas Buhl, Torben J. Larsen and Helge A. Madsen

525Ecosystem Services Typology: a Wind Farm Siting Tool

Annette R. Grilli, Tania Lado Insua and Malcolm Spaulding

533Design for Environmental Compatibility of Wind Power Systems: A Case Study on Offshore and Cold Climate from a Dependability Perspective

Idriss El-Thalji and Jayantha P. Liyanage

540Framework to Assess System Risks Associated with Offshore Wind Farms in Northern Context

Risto Tiusanen, Jere Jännes and Jayantha P. Liyanage

Ocean Wave Energy and Engineering

548Performance Assessment of the Pico OWC Power Plant Following the Equimar Methodology

A. Pecher, I. Le Crom, J. P. Kofoed, F. Neumann and Eduardo de Brito Azevedo

557Extreme Value Analysis of Wave Energy Converters

K. Doherty, M. Folley, R. Doherty and T. Whittaker

565A RANS Simulation of the Heave Response of a Two-Body Floating-Point Wave Absorber

Yi-Hsiang Yu and Ye Li

572Statistical Availability Analysis of Wave Energy Converters

Khalid Abdulla, Jessica Skelton, Kenneth Doherty, Patrick O'Kane, Ronan Doherty and Garth Bryans

578Numerical Analysis on Primary Conversion Efficiency of Floating OWC-type Wave Energy Converter

Shuichi Nagata, Kazutaka Toyota, Yasutaka Imai, Toshiaki Setoguchi, M.A.H. Mamun and Hiroyuki Nakagawa

586Effect of Inlet Geometry Modification of Wave Energy Conversion System

Jin-Seok Oh, Sung-Hun Han, Kwan-Jun Jo and Do-Young Park

591Experimental Study on a Floating Structure with a U-tube

Chai-Cheng Huang, Dau-Chi Lai, Ming-Feng Lee and Yi-Hsun Lin

598Small Buoys for Energy Harvesting : Experimental and Numerical Modeling Studies

Stephan T. Grilli , Annette R. Grilli, Steven P. Bastien, Raymond B. Sepe Jr. and Malcolm L. Spaulding

606Optimization of Overtopping Wave Energy Converters by Geometry Control

L. Victor, P. Troch and J.P. Kofoed

614Wave Energy Production by a Flexible Floating Breakwater

Constantine Michailides and Demos C. Angelides

622Multi-chamber OWC Devices to Reduce and Convert Wave Energy in Harbour Entrance and Inner Channels

Piero Ruol, Luca Martinelli and Paolo Pezzutto

630Experimental Study on Wave Energy Converting System Using Floating Breakwater

Wei Peng, Kwang-Ho Lee, Yosuke Watanabe and Norimi Mizutani

636Experimental Modeling of the Overtopping Flow on the Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converter

Stefano Parmeggiani, Jens Peter Kofoed and Erik Friis-Madsen

644Practical Evaluation Method on the Performance of Pilot OWC System in Korea

Zhen Liu, Beom-Soo Hyun, Jiyuan Jin and Keyyong Hong

650Investigation on the Efficiency of a Pendulum Energy Converter in Regular Waves

Shou-qiang Qiu , Jia-wei Ye, Dong-jiao Wang and Fu-lin Liang

655Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Backward Bent Duct Buoy (BBDB) Wave Energy Converter

Weoncheol Koo and Kyoung-Rok Lee

661Control Strategies for Improving Power Performance of Two-Body Heaving Wave Energy Devices

Jonathan Van den Berg, Pierpaolo Ricci, Elisabetta Tedeschi, Imanol Touzon and José Luis Villate

668Numerical Simulation of an Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter: Comparison of Two Numerical Codes

J. M. Paixão Conde, P. R. F. Teixeira and E. Didier

675Energy Conversion Characteristics on Floating Type Pendulum Wave Energy Converter in Regular Waves

Kazutaka Toyota, Shuichi Nagata, Yasutaka Imai, Keisuke Ono and Toshiaki Setoguchi

680A Critical Assessment of Latching as Control Strategy for Wave-Energy Point Absorbers

Julien A.M. Cretel, Anthony W. Lewis, Gareth P. Thomas and Gordon Lightbody

687Suboptimal Causal Reactive Control of Wave Energy Converters Using a Second Order System Model

Francesco Fusco and John V. Ringwood

695Hydrodynamic Modelling of Heaving Buoy Wave Energy Conversion System with Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodynamic Generator

Baolin Liu, Yan Peng, Lingzhi Zhao, Jian Li, Ran Li, Yuyu Xu and Ciwen Sha

701 Float-counterweight Type Wave Power Generation System: Experiments in Open Sea

Keisuke Taneura, Kesayoshi Hadano, Pallav Koirala, Hironori Matsuzaki, Eiji Kawano and Tetsuya Kusano

709Strategic Environmental Assessment to Evaluate WEC Projects in the Perspective of the Environmental Cost-benefit Analysis

A. Azzellino, P. Contestabile, V. Ferrante, C. Lanfredi and D. Vicinanza

716Factors Affecting the Unsteadiness of the Power Density of Ocean Waves

Robert L. Waid

722Wave Resources of the Pacific Region for Small-scale Developments

John Huckerby and Peter McComb

729Assessment of Nearshore Wave Energy Resource Using Offshore Hindcast Data

Gunwoo Kim, Weon Mu Jeong, Kwang Soo Lee and Kicheon Jun

Tidal and Ocean Current Energy

735Study of Gear Ratio in Tidal Current Power Generation System

Kazuhisa Naoi, Mitsuhiro Shiono and Katsuyuki Suzuki

743Measuring the Kuroshio Current around Miyake Island, a Potential Site for Ocean Current Power Generation

Tsubasa Kodaira, Takuji Waseda, Tetsuji Nakagawa and Osamu Isoguchi

751Numerical Prediction of the Vertical-Axis Straight-Bladed Water Turbine's Hydrodynamic Characteristics

Long-jeng Chen, Hsing-nan Wu, Chang-Hsien Tai, Bang-fuh Chen, Ming-huei Yu and Hsin-hua Pan

757Incorporating Turbulent Inflow Conditions in a Blade Element Momentum Model of Tidal Stream Turbines

Togneri, Michael, Masters, Ian, and Orme, James

763Turbulence Correction Terms for Representing Tidal Current Turbines in a Regional Ocean Model for Array Planning and Impact Assessment

Thomas Roc, Daniel C. Conley and Deborah Greaves

770PIV Analysis of the Near Wake of a Tidal Turbine

Andrew Good, Gerard Hamill, Trevor Whittaker and Des Robinson


Triple I Program

777Inclusive Impact Index "Triple I" and Its Application for Ocean Nutrient Enhancer

Koji Otsuka

785A Proposal of Methodology to Calculate Triple I Intended for CO2 Ocean Sequestration

Toshitaka Omiya and Toru Sato

791Development of Cost Effectiveness Index of Oil Tankers Based on Triple I -Triple I of Oil Tanker

Tomohiro Yuzui and Fujio Kaneko

799Inclusive Environmental Impact Assessment for Newly-Proposed Airport in Korea Using Triple I(III)

Hee-Su Lee, Jong-Chun Park and Se-Min Jeong

804A Study on the Scaling of Ecological and Economic Values in the Inclusive Impact Index

Haruki Yoshimoto and Shigeru Tabeta

Oil Pollution and Water Quality

810Method and Apparatus for Containing Subsea Oil Spills Caused by a Defective Blowout Preventer (BOP) Stack

Scott Wolinsky

818Inclusive Environmental Impact Assessment for Water Purification Technologies

Fengjun Duan, Hajime Yamaguchi and Makoto Kawabuchi

826Evaluation of Material Circulation System between Land and Sea Using Exergy Flows

Kana Kuroda, Yuka Inui, Naoki Nakatani and Koji Otsuka

832Numerical Simulations of Three Dimensional Current Coupled With Wave in the Near-shore Area and Its Application Research on Pollutant Transport

Ting Xu, Liancheng Sun and Hongbo Zhao

837A Retrospective Analysis of the Water-water-flow Pollutants on the Yangtze River Water Quality

Ying Wang, Li Xin and Li Mingchang

841Influence of Kuroshio Meandering on the Nutrient Transport to Osaka Bay

Yusuke Nakatani, Shuzo Nishida and Masayasu Irie

849The Preliminary Study on the Feasibility of Water Clarification and CO2 Storage by Cultured Oyster

Yin Chang, Hong-Chun Li and Ray-Yeng Yang

853Impact of Water Quality Variation on Mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) Biomass in Semi-enclosed Port

Ryoichi Yamanaka, Machi Miyoshi, Yasunori Kozuki, Fumiko Nogami, Tatsunori Ishida, Natsumi Yamaguchi, Chihiro Tanaka, Hidemasa Matsumoto and Kotaro Goto

Environment Monitoring

859High Sensitive Raman Sensor for Continuous In-situ Detection of PAHs

A. Kolomijeca, Y.-H. Kwon, K. Sowoidnich, R. D. Prien, D. E. Schulz-Bull and H.-D. Kronfeldt

863Fluctuation of Nutrients in the Estuarine Ecosystem

Rei Arai, Kana Kuroda, Taichi Nishiyama, Natsumi Iwasa, Naoki Nakatani and Koji Otsuka

870Real-Time Visualizations of Ocean Data Collected by the NORUS Glider in Svalbard, Norway

Daniel Medina, Mark Moline, Christopher Clark and Zoë J. Wood

875Accumulation of Coastal Driftwood after a Typhoon

Hui-Chieh Chuang and Dong-Jiing Doong

Environment Modeling and Restoration

879Modeling of Anoxic Mineralization Processes in the Sediments of Eutrophic Littoral Regions of Osaka Bay

Masayasu Irie, Shuzo Nishida, Kyosuke Teranaka, Yohei Tsuji and Yusuke Nakatani

887A Study on Estimation of Seaweed Bed Restoration Using Deep Ocean Water Discharge with an Enclosed Structure

Atsushi Matsui, Naoki Nakatani, Koji Otsuka and Tetsuo Katsuragi

895Experiments on Purification of Ocean Sludge by Activating Microorganisms

Kyoichi Okamoto, Kenji Hotta, Takeshi Toyama and Hideki Kohno

900Comparison of Beach Profile Change and Migration of Vegetation Belts at Sand Barrier in Nakdong River Estuary, Korea

Chang-ill Yoo and Han-sam Yoon

Sediment and Debris

905The Influence of Overflow Velocity on a Stratified Co-Flow System

Charles L. Rogan, Gerard A. Hamill and Harold T. Johnston

912Engineering Development of Equipment for Ballast Water Treatment by Filtration Technology for International Convention on IMO

Takeshi Shinoda and Jun-ichi Uozumi

918Study on New Ocean Contamination Derived from Marine Debris Plastics: Investigation of Coastal Area and the West Pacific Ocean

Hideto Sato, Katsuhiko Saido, Chih-Ming Ou, Seon-yong Chung and Kazuhiro Kogure

924A Study of Two Dimensional Gravity Currents Supplied with Constant Volume Fluxes

Tetsuo Katsuragi and Nobuhiro Baba


Ice Observation and Modeling

929Sea Ice Thickness Measurement with EM Induction Instrument in Chukchi Sea and Beaufort Sea

Chun-Ju Lee and Seong-Yeob Jeong

935Snow and Ice Thickness Properties of Lake Melville, a Canadian Fjord Located along the Labrador Coast

S.J. Prinsenberg, I.K. Peterson, J.S. Holladay and L. Lalumiere

942Seasonal Simulations of a Coupled Ice-ocean Model in the Bohai Sea and North Yellow Sea since the Winter of 1997/1998

Yu Liu, Qinzheng Liu, Jie Su, Maoning Tang and Shan Bai

948Aerial Observations of Melt Pond Distributions in Arctic Summer 2008

Peng Lu, Zhijun Li, Ruibo Lei and Rui Zhang

953Discussion on the Simulation of Arctic Intermediate Water under the NEMO Modeling Framework

Xiang Li, Jie Su, Yang Zhang and Jinping Zhao

958The Arctic Sea Ice Surface Roughness Estimation and Application

Xiaoyang Wen, Cunjin Xue and Qing Dong

Ice and Ocean Environments

962Sea Ice Area Inter-annual Variability in the Pacific Sector of the Arctic and its Correlations with Oceanographic and Atmospheric Main Patterns

Jie Su, Jianfen Wei, Xiang Li and Dong Xu

968Analysis of the Deepwater Horizon Accident in Relation to Arctic Waters

C.A. Willemse and P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder

973The Thermal Ice Melt Feedback Mechanism of Near Sea-surface Temperature Maximum

Yong Cao, Jinping Zhao and Zhihua Chen

978Decadal Change of Annual Range for the Arctic Sea Ice in Recent 30 Years

Fei Huang, Xiao-Lin Shan and Ting-Ting Fan

986Tracking the Dynamic Sea Ice Process with RADARSAT-2 Imagery

Cunjin Xue, Xiaoyang Wen, Qing Dong and Xiaoxia Wang

992Long-Terms Trends for Sea Ice in the Western Arctic Ocean: Implications for Shipping and Offshore Oil and Gas Activities

David B. Fissel, Mar Martínez de Saavedra Álvarez, Nilgün Kulan, Todd D. Mudge and John R. Marko

998Observing Thermohaline Structure of Polar Ocean with XCTD Launched from Helicopter

Jiuxin Shi, Jiaqiang Hou and Yutian Jiao

Ice-Structure Interactions and Performance

1003Effect of Water Depth on Ice Plate Deflections for Moving Submarine

Alexandra V. Pogorelova and Victor M. Kozin

1008Three-dimensional NonlinearWaves under an Ice Sheet and Related Flows

Emilian I. Părău and Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck

1015FAST 2.0 Derivation and New Analysis of a Hydrodynamic Model of Speed Skate Ice Friction

Edward P Lozowski and Krzysztof Szilder

1023Stability Analysis of an Artificial Island Structure Designed for Developing the Gas Field

Bellendir E. N., Finagenov O.M. and Glagovsky V. B.

1029Direct Ice Force Measurement of Jacket Platform in Bohai Sea

Yanlin Wang, Qianjin Yue and Xiangjun Bi

1036The Effects of Non-simultaneous Failure, Pressure Correlation and Probabilistic Averaging on Global Ice Load Estimates

Rocky S. Taylor and Ian J. Jordaan

1044Experimental Study of Concrete Resistance to Ice Abrasion

A.T. Bekker, T.E. Uvarova, E.E. Pomnikov, A.E. Farafonov, I.G. Prytkov and R.S. Tyutrin

1048Comparison of Pressure-Area Effects for Various Ice and Steel Indenters

Chris Ulan-Kvitberg, Hyunwook Kim and Claude Daley

1056Crushing Characteristics of Dry, Wetted and Submerged Ice

Hyun-Wook Kim, Chris Ulan-Kvitberg and Claude Daley

1064Review of Confederation Bridge Ice Forces: Winter 2008-2010

Robert Frederking, Lian-Feng Li and Ivana Kubat

1071Getting a Grip on Ice Friction

Louis Poirier, Robert I. Thopmson, Edward P. Lozowski, Sean Maw and Darren J. Stefanyshyn

1078Experimental Study on Ice-Breaking Capacity of Flexural-Gravity Waves Caused by Motion of Submarine Vessel

V. M. Kozin and V. L. Zemlyak

1082Fatigue Design Assessment of Ship Structures Induced by Ice Loading -An Introduction to the ShipRight FDA ICE Procedure

Shengming Zhang, Robert Bridges and Jimmy Tong

1087Forces on Ships Transiting Pressured Ice Covers

Mohamed Sayed and Ivana Kubat

1093The Icebreaking Performance of SHIRASE in the Maiden Antarctic Voyage

Yutaka Yamauchi, Shigeya Mizuno and Hiroyuki Tsukuda

Navigation and Ice Management

1100Simulation of Ice Management Fleet Operations Using Two Decades of Beaufort Sea Ice Drift and Thickness Time Histories

Jed M. Hamilton, Curtis J. Holub and Joshua Blunt

1108AIS-Satellite Data Used for Arctic Trafficability Studies in the NE-Passage

Norvald Kjerstad

1114Comparison of Passage Time with Climate Index - Great Circle Route on the North Pacific

Yoichi Shimada, Keiko Takahashi and Shigeaki Shiotani

1120Ice Observer System for Ice Management Operations

Joakim Haugen, Lars Imsland, Sveinung Løset and Roger Skjetne

1128LNGC Collision Response Analysis with Iceberg Considering Surrounding Seawater

Sang-Gab Lee and Hong-Anh Nguyen

1136Prospects of the Russian Arctic Transport System Development

V. I. Pavlenko, E. K. Glukhareva and S.Yu. Kutsenko

Exploration and New Instrumentation

1140Actual Problems of the Environment Protection and Natural Resources Development on the Arctic Shelf

V. I. Pavlenko, E. K. Glukhareva and S.Yu. Kutsenko

1146Influence of Carbonation Reaction to Nondestructive Tests for Frost Damage Diagnosis of Concrete

Masashi Suto, Cleopatra Panganayi, Hidehiko Ogat, Kunio Hattori, Daisuke Yamazaki and Ryuichi Takata

1150Investigation of Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Generation Systems for the Polar Expedition Robot

Jianhong Liang, Qiliang Zhong and Liewu Wang

Ship Design and Navigation

1155Ice Detection for Under Ice AUV Navigation

Matthew Maxson, Mark Moline, Scott Layton, Geir Johnsen, Jorgen Berge and Christopher M. Clark

1160Fuzzy Power Management for Automatic Monitoring Stations in the Arctic

Demian Pimentel and Petr Musilek

1168A Study on Freezing Characteristics of Terra Nova Bay Soil in East Antarctica

YoungSeok Kim, SeungSeo Hong, GyuJin Bae and Jangguen Lee

1174Design and Application of Slots Used for Marginal Field Development in Heavy Ice Conditions in Bohai

Yi Wang, Menglan Duan, Jinlin Hou, Xu Jia and Xinzhong Li

1179Permafrost of Northern Alaska

Mikhail Z. Kanevskiy, Yuri L. Shur, M. Torre Jorgenson, Chien-Lu Ping, Daniel Fortier, Eva Stephani and Matthew Dillon

1187Safety and Regulations of Arctic Shipping

Hiromitsu Kitagawa

1193Evaluation of Methods for Predicting Thermal Conductivity of Saturated Unfrozen Kaolinite

Jangguen Lee, Young Seok Kim, Hak Seung Kim, Jae Mo Kang and Gyu Jin Bae