The Proceedings of
The Twentieth (2010) International

Beijing, China, June 20-25, 2010

VOLUMES 1~4, 2010


ISBN 978-1–880653–77-7

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex and Others


International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of
The Twentieth (2010) International

Beijing, China, June 20-25, 2010

VOLUME I, 2010


LNG and Process, Clean Energy, Gas Hydrates, Ocean Resources and Technology


MetOcean and Subsea, Subsea Flows, Assurance and Measurements


Shipbuilding Industry Model, Jacket and Jackup, Floating Structures and FPSO and SPAR, Offshore Systems and Design


Wind Energy, Tidal Energy and OTEC, Wave Energy, Wind Energy: International Progress


Environment Modeling, Monitoring and Assessment, Biochemistry and Plankton, Oil Spill in Offshore and Ice Storage and Diffusion


Pack Ice, Ice Process, Ice-Structure Interactions, Polar Ocean Environment, Ice Forecasting, Polar Shipping

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ISBN 978-1–880653–77-7

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, EI Compendex and Others

Edited by:

Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA

Raghavan Ayer, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, Annandale, New Jersey, USA

Simon Prinsenberg, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Canada

Seok Won Hong, Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea

Ivar Langen, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway

Presented at:

The Twentieth (2010) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Beijing, China, June 20-25, 2010

Organized by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

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International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

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1Korean Shipbuilding Industry Growth and its Future Challenges

Dong Shik Shin

9Latest Progress in Floatover Technologies for Offshore Installations and Decommissioning

Alan M. Wang, Xizhao Jiang, Changsheng Yu, Shaohua Zhu, Huailiang Li and Yungang Wei


LNG and Process

21Dynamic Behavior of LNG Storage Tank During Leakage Conditions

HD Wei, MZ Zhou, YC Zhang, J Su, SZ Yan, JC Wang and S Yang

25Selection and Simulation of Offshore LNG Liquefaction Process

Jianlu Zhu, Yuxing Li, Yonghao Liu and Weiwei Wang

33Design Development of BOG Handling System in LNG-FSRU

Youngsoon Sohn, Donghyuk Kim, Sunghee Choi and Youngmyung Yang

Clean Energy

37Advancement of Direct Coal Liquefaction

Tan-Ping Chen

41Coal Drying by a Pneumatic Conveying System

Kyoungsoo Lim, Sangdo Kim, Sihyun Lee and Soonkwan Jeong

46Numerical Analyses and Engineering Calculations for the Conceptual Design of Compact Gasifier

Jin-Wook Lee, Seok-Woo Chung, Ryeo-Hwa Heo, Yongseung Yun and Seong-Hun Choi

51Opportunities for Coal-to-Gas in China

Azfar Shaukat and Martin Tai

58CO2-Sorption Enhanced Reaction for the Production of High-Purity Hydrogen from Synthesis Gas Produced by Coal Gasification

Ki Bong Lee, Jung Moo Lee, Sang Goo Jeon, Jeong Geol Na and Ho Jung Ryu

64Study of Optimal Operating Conditions in the Partitioned Fluidized Bed Gasifier Using a Commercial Simulator

Young Cheol Park, Seung-Yong Lee, Sung-Ho Jo, Jong-Ho Moon and Gyoung Tae Jin

67A Study of the Gasification Characteristics in a Partitioned Fluidized Bed

Gyoung Tae Jin, Seung-Yong Lee, Young Cheol Park, Sung-Ho Jo, Jong-Ho Moon and Ho-Jung Ryu

71Determination of Minimum Miscibility Pressure using Vanishing Interfacial Tension (VIT) in Support of EOR for Alaska North Slope (ANS) Heavy Oil

Vinit Tathed, Abhijit Y. Dandekar and Shirish L. Patil

77CFD Simulation of an Entrained-Flow Coal Gasifier for Coal IGCC Process

Thanh D.B. Nguyen, Young-Il Lim, Byung-Ho Song, Si-Moon Kim, Yong-Jin Joo and Dal-Hong Ahn

83Study on Phase Inversion Characteristics of Heavy Oil Emulsions

Linlin Duan, Jiaqiang Jing, Jinzhu Wang, Xiaofeng Huang, Xiaoguang Qin and Yijie Qiu

88Isolation Identification and Characteristics of Lignocelluloses Degrading Fungus L4

Jing Wang ,Jieli Liu, Ming Li, Zhibiao Yin, Yuxiao Wang and Xin Wang

92The Effect of Pressure on Wax Disappearance Temperature and Wax Appearance Temperature of Water Cut Crude Oil

Hanyong Li and Jing Gong

97Study on Quantitative Characterization of Wax Crystals Using Fractal Theory

Ping Lu, Jiaqiang Jing, Linyan Liao, Xichong Yu, Congshan Run and Yijie Qiu

Gas Hydrates

103An Engineering Study to Investigate Methane Hydrate Resource Potential Associated with Barrow Gas Fields, Alaska

Praveen Singh, Abhijit Y. Dandekar and Shirish L. Patil

110Instability of Seabed and Pipes Induced by NGH Dissociation

Xiaobing Lu, Qingping Li, Li Wang, X. H Zhang, Haiyuan Yao and Shuyun Wang

115Enhanced CO2 Geological Storage System using Gas Hydrates and Environmental Risk Assessment

Takeshi Komai, Yasuhide Sakamoto and Atsuko Tanaka

119The Scaling Criteria and Their Sensitivity Analyses of Gas Production From Hydrate Reservoir by Depressurization

Yuhu Bai and Qingping Li

125Experimental Studies of Natural Gas Hydrate Dissociation in Porous Media by Inhibitor Injection with the 2D Experimental System

Yan Du and Ziping Feng

132Effect of Confining Pressure on Mechanical Properties of Artificial Methane Hydrate Bearing Sediments

Kuniyuki Miyazaki, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, Yasuhide Sakamoto, Norio Tenma, Yuji Ogata and Kazuo Aoki

138Study on Flow Friction of Hydrate Slurry under Water-in-Oil Emulsions Condition

Wen qing Li, Jing Gong, Yuan yuan Chen and Jian kui Zhao

142Crack Formation Due to Gas Expansion and Fracture Toughness of a Marine Clay

S.L.Yang and T. Kvalstad

148Recovery of CH4 from Natural Gas Hydrates Using the Mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen

Minjun Cha, Kyuchul Shin, Youngjune Park, Jaehyoung Lee and Huen Lee

153Simulation of Hydrate Formation and Inhibition in Submarine Wet-gas Pipeline

Min Huang, Jiaqiang Jing, Yi Zhang, Xue Yang, Min Tang and Ming Pu

161Microscale Numerical Modelling for Permeability Reduction of Solid-Water Phases in Sand Sediment

Keisuke Mitsuhori, Toru Sato, Shinichiro Hirabayashi, Paul Brumby, Yuri Norimatsu, Jiro Nagao, Yusuke Jin, Yoshihiro Konno, Takao Ebinuma and Hideo Narita

165Inhibition Effect of NaCl-Bentonite Aqueous Solution for Methane Hydrate Formation.

T. Kawamura, T. Tetsu, Y. Yamamoto, F. Kiyono, K .Ogasawara and T. Komai

168Study on the Relative Permeability with Change of Methane Hydrate Saturation in Glass Beads Packs

Yu Liu, Yongchen Song, Wei-haur Lam and Xichong Yu

172The Synergism of PEG to Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor

Li-Tao Chen, Chang-Yu Sun, Bao-Zi Peng and Guang-Jin Chen

177MRI Measurements of CO2 Hydrate Formation and Dissociation in Porous Medium

Mingjun Yang, Yongchen Song, Yuechao Zhao, Qingping Li and Xichong Yu

Ocean Resources and Technology

181Current Issues in Seafloor Massive Sulfide Mining Development

Tomohiko Fukushima and Akiko Okamatsu

186Simulation of Underwater Glider Fleet's Cooperative Formation for Seafloor Massive Sulfides' Hunting

Jiu Cai Jin, Jie Zhang, Sheng Guan and Yan Feng Wang

191Novel Autonomous Float for Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plume Observation

Yan Yang, Xiujun Sun and Yanhui Wang

197Research on the Effect of Grounding Pressure Distribution on Traction Force of Tracked Vehicle

Hongyun Wu, Shaojun Liu, Jiangsan He, Xinming Chen and Yuqing Gao

201Algae Aquaculture Surveys on Deep Sea Water Application

An-Peng Chen, Show-ying Yang, Meng-Der Fang, Sheng-Chung Lo, Chih-Wei Yen and TM Lee

206Technology Tool for Deep Ocean Exploration - Remotely Operated Vehicle

Manecius Selvakumar J, Ramesh.R. Subramanian, AN Sathianarayanan, D. Harikrishnan, G. Jayakumar, V.K. Muthukumaran, D. Murugesan, M. Chandresekaran, E. Elangovan, Doss Prakash, V. Vadivelan, A. Radhakrishnan, M. Ramesh, S. Ramadass, G.A. Atmanand, Sergey Sukonkin and Amiragov Alexey


MetOcean and Subsea

213Simulations of SWAN and WAVEWATCH III in Northern South China Sea

L. F. Jiang, Z. X. Zhang and Y. Q. Qi

221Simulation of Potential Tsunami Hazard in the South China Sea for Assessing Impact on South China

Wen-liang Pan, Sheng-an Wang and Shu-qun Cai

228Numerical Simulation of Tidal Current in Zhanjiang Harbor Using SMS/RMA2 Model

Y. Yin, Y.Q. Qi, Q.W. Mao, J.Q. Tong and H.B. Yu

233Simulating the Sandwaves Moving with a Ultra-High Resolution Three Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model

Wenbin Jiang and Mian Lin

239Feasibility Analysis on Global Motions of Truss Spar in Liwan 3-1 Area of South China Sea

Lu Li, Binbin Li and Jinping Ou

246Dynamic Analysis of Truncated Mooring Lines Using Numerical Simulation and Model Tests

Dongsheng Qiao and Jinping Ou

254Study on Simplified Fatigue Assessment Method for Semi-Submersible Rig in South China Sea

Wenhui Xie and Bin Xie

Subsea Flows, Flow Assurance and Measurements

260Critical Hydraulic Gradient of Piping in Sand

Jianhong Zhang, Shubin Jiang, Qiusheng Wang, Yujing Hou and Zuyu Chen

266Optimizing Subsea Gravity Separator Structural Design by Analysis for Deepwater Project

Zhi-gang Li, Pei-lin Liu, Wen-bin Ding, Jiang-hui Yang and Kai Zhou

272Investigation on a New Kind of Offshore Pipe - type Separator

Liyang Wang and Hui Zeng

276Study on Mechanism and Control Methods of Water Hammer in Pump Station and Pipe Lines

Mehdi Asadiniazi and Ebrahim Mokallaf Sarband

282CP System Design for Flowlines with Direct Electrical Heating

G. Ø. Lauvstad and G. Paulsen

289Multi-Core Subsea Power Cable for Mixed High and Low Voltage Transmission

Ju-e Liu, Yang Yang and Jianshen Liu

292Ormen Lange Pipelines -Assessments of Pipeline Behaviour After Production Start-Up

Tom Bostrøm, Henrik Waldäng, Vidar Henrik Halvorsen and Ole Magnus Holden

298Study on Existence of Asphaltene Deposition in Deepwater Crude Oil Pipeline

Junwen Chen, Jiaqiang Jing, Qingping Li, Haiyuan Yao, Hongjun Zhu and Xinxin Yue

305Numerical Simulations on Apparent Wall Slip of Liquid-Solid Two-Phase Flow in Pipes

Shu qiang Bi and Cuili Xie

309Development of the Glider-type Turbulence Ocean Microstructures Acquisition Profiler, TurboMAP-G

Masakazu Arima, Hisato Nakamura and Hidekatsu Yamazaki

315Sediment Waves and Other Forms as Evidence of Geohazards (Caspian Sea)

Victoria A. Putans, Lev R. Merklin and Oleg V. Levchenko

321Study on the Temperature and Velocity Dependency for Marine Fenders

Kentaro Shimizu, Seigi Yamase and Shigeru Ueda


327PLET Installation in Deepwater Based on Tension Control and Length Control

Hui Wang, Ning He and Bo Wang

333Preliminary Concept on Dual-Barge Float-Over Installation Method for Large Blocks

Jiuju Zhang, Ningning Su, Menglan Duan, Bangmin Chen, Xiaogang Yang and Hao Yu

339Introducing Installation Methods of the Jacket Riser

Li-jun Yang, Chang-wu Zhou, Wei-hua Hao, Bin-bin Wu and Yan Zhao

343Technology Assessment of Deepwater Pipelay Systems

Chao Ma, Yafeng Zhuang and Wanbao Dai


Jacket and Jackup

347Optimization of Legs Batter in Fixed Offshore Platforms

Mohsen Mohammad Nejad, Moharram Dolatshahi Pirooz and Mohammad Daghigh

354Convenient Installation for Transition Piece of Jacket Platform

Yuanyuan Xie, Chen Gong, Lixia Li and Yong Wang

357Dynamic Response of Jack-Up Units - Reevaluation of SNAME 5-5A Four Methods

X.Y. Zhang, Z.P. Cheng, J.F. Wu and C.C. KEI

363Nonlinear Water-Structure Interaction of Fixed Offshore Platform in Extreme Storm

Azin Azarhoushang and Hamid Nikraz

369Prediction of Spudcan Penetration Resistance in Multiple Soil Layers

Y. Xie, H. Falepin and C. Jaeck

377Mathematically Modeling the Main Dimensions of Self- elevating Drilling Units Based on BP Neural Network

Yun-long Wang,Chao-guang Jin, Yan Lin and Ming Chen

382Dynamic Response and Reliability Evaluations of an Offshore Platform with Pile-soil Foundation System due to Wave and Seismic Forces

Min-su Park, Kenji Kawano, Yoon-rak Choi and Weon-cheol Koo

390Fatigue Damage Research of the Jacket Platform under Complex Loads

Changwei Shi, Fenglian Zhang and Menglan Duan

395Nonproportional Damping Identification for Offshore Structures from Modal Testing Data

Fushun Liu, Huajun Li and Shuqing Wang

400Jacket Launch and Self-Upending Analyses with Small-Hole Flooding Scheme

Min He, Huailiang Li, Zhiquan Wu, Wentai Yu, Jianwei Qian and Alan M. Wang

408Estimating Modal Parameters from Free Vibration Response of Jacket-type Platforms

Ping Li, Huajun Li and S.-L. James Hu

415Using Modal Frequencies for Damage Assessment in Offshore Jacket Structures

Junrong Wang, Huajun Li, Ping Li and S.-L. James Hu

422Offshore Pile Drivability Analysis Based on Changing Soil Structure Strength

Tao Yao, Xiaogang Yang and Xiaowei Zhang

427Leg Penetration Analysis of Jack-up Rig Installation over Existing Footprints

K.L. Teh, P. Handidjaja, C.F. Leung and Y.K. Chow

434Proactive Prediction Methods of Punch-through Analysis on Jack-up Rigs

Bing Dai, Ning He, Menglan Duan and Fei Wang

440Analysis of Punch-Through by Combining Numerical Calculation and Projected Area Method

Linsong Song, Changliang Li, Menglan Duan and Tianfeng Zhao

Floating Structures, FPSO and SPAR

446Installation of STP Mooring System and FPSO Hookup in South China Sea

Huailiang Li, Yongxin Chen, Weiwei Xie, Shihui Xue, Chen He and Alan M. Wang

455Research on Model Test Technology of a Deepwater Internal Turret FPSO

Hongwei Wang, Yong Luo, Xiaoming Cheng and Yumin Su

461Investigation on Scheme of Penglai 19-3 Phase . Jumper Hoses and Cables Installation

Bin Yan, Lai Yan, Jinfang Jiang and Xuecheng Gong

466Offshore Applicability Analysis of the LNG-FPSO Production Process

Wuchang Wang, Bin Xie, Yuxing Li, Xichong Yu and Leilei Zang

470Model Test of a VLCC FPSO-to-SYMS Mating Operation in Extremely Shallow Water

Alan M. Wang, Jun Hao, Xin Li, Yuzhu Sun, Huailiang Li and Jingkuo Xu

478Virtual Simulations of VLCC Class FPSO-SYMS Mating Operation

Alan M. Wang, Jakob Pinkster, Xizhao Jiang, Zhigang Li, Changsheng Yu and Shaohua Zhu

486Optimum Design of an Ultra-Low Motion Semi-Submersible Platform

R. Sharma and Tae-wan Kim

495Investigation of the Impact Pressure by Breaking Waves on FPSO Appurtenances

In-Hye Lee, Joong-Soo Moon, Woo-Seung Sim, Woo-Seob Lee and Hyun-Soo Shin

501Fully Nonlinear Analysis on Responses of a Moored FPSO to Waves in Shallow Water

S. Yan,Q.W. Ma, Jinshu Lu and Shuling Chen

508Numerical Investigations on Truss SPAR Motion in Waves

Guochun Xu , Q.W. Ma and Liping Sun

514A New Concept of Spar and Its Hydrodynamic Analysis

Weihong Yu and Weiping Huang

521An Effective Method to Predict the Motion of DDMS Platform with Steel Catenary Riser

Binbin Li and Jinping Ou

529Heave and Pitch Motions of Floating Platform in South China Sea

Jianhui Liu, Xiaogang Yang and Hao Yu

536Operational Modal Analysis of Existing Floating Oceanic Architectural Buildings: Restaurant and Pier

Shigeyuki Naruta, Hiroaki Eto, Keisuke Saito, Hiroe Matsunaga and Osamu Saijo

543Dynamic Analysis of a Floating Raft System for Oyster Culture

Chai-Cheng Huang and Kuan-Ying Lee

548Numerical Simulation for Floating Fish Cage Systems

Makoto Sueyoshi, Masahiko Nakamura, Hideki Masuda and Motoki Misaka

554Modal Properties of a Scaled Model of Floating Structure

Sooyong Park, Hwa-Cheol Song, Enu-Hye Kim, Keun-Hoo Jung, Sung-Hoon Cho and Se-Cheol Kim

560An Introduction to Engineering and Construction of TMT Deepwater Drillship

Yeong-Dae Kim, Jang-Ryong Shin and Yun-Kil Shin

567Wave Frequency Dependent Added Mass and Hydroelasticity of Flexible Floating Structures

Constantine Michailides, Eva Loukogeorgaki and Demos C. Angelides

575Hydrodynamic Interactions between Container Ship and Mobile Harbor with SPM-Buoy Station

M.H. Kim, H.Y. Kang, Y.H. Bae and Y.B. Kim

581Offloading from Both Sides of a Super-container Ship to Land and Floating Harbor Predicted vs. Experimental Results

H.Y. Kang, M.H. Kim, J.H. Kim, W.S. Park and J.W. Chae

Offshore Systems and Design

588Research and Development of Seafloor Shallow-hole Multi-coring Drill

Buyan Wan, Guang Zhang and Xiaojun Huang

592Model Experiments on Stressed Grouted Clamps by an Expansive Agent for Offshore Construction

Xiang Shi, Bin Yang, Ke Fei Liu and Hua Jun Li

597Compact Control System for Offshore Marginal Oilfield Platform

Ju-e Liu, Hongyan Liu and Fuxiang Huang

600Hydrodynamic Behavior of a Gravity Cage with Frame Anchor System in Irregular Waves

T.J. Xu, G.H. Dong, Y.P. Zhao, Y.C. Li, C.P. Chen and F.K. Gui

608Selection of the Optimal Structural Solutions of Reinforced Concrete Gravity Base Substructures for Platforms on Sakhalin Shelf

E. N. Bellendir, V. B. Glagovsky and O.M. Finagenov

614The Application of Lateral Braces in the Design of Floating Structures

D. Zhang, F. Yan and Z. Deng

624Structural Displacement Verification of Container Cranes by Moving Load Model

Edwin Kreuzer and Christian Rapp

632Assessment of Actual Bearing Capacity of Offshore Drilling and Workover Rig Derrick

F. Guan, M.L. Duan, C.X. Zhou and W.X. Wu

639Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Supersonic Swirling Separator

Chuang Wen, Xuewen Cao, Jing Zhang and Lianghong Wu


Wind Energy

644Importance and Mitigation of Loading on Offshore Wind Turbines on Monopiles Support Structures in Cases of Non-Availability

Tim Fischer and Martin Kühn

651Damage Caused by Typhoon and Design of Wind Turbine Towers

Jing-Jong Jang and Ching-Wen Chien

659Static and Dynamic Analysis of Monopile Foundation for Offshore Wind Farm

Jianhua Zhang, Ke Sun, Zhen-qing Wang, Liang Zhang and Jun Hao

665Fundamental Structural Frequency Analysis for Jacket-Type Offshore Wind Turbine

Min Zhang, Huajun Li, Ping Li and S.-L. James Hu

672Fatigue Performance of Grouted Joints for Offshore Wind Energy Converters in Deeper Waters

Peter Schaumann, Anne Bechtel and Stephan Lochte-Holtgreven

680Integrated Fatigue Load Analysis of Wave and Wind for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation

Liang Zhang, Jing Zhao, XueWei Zhang and Q.W. Ma

687Scour around the Jacket Type Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation in Shallow Water

Ray-Yeng Yang, Hsin-Hung Chen, Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Wen-Pin Jiang and Nian-Tzu Wu

692Practical Simulation on Motions of a TLP-Type Support Structure for Offshore Wind Turbines

Sudhir Jagdale and Q. W. Ma

699Aeroelastic Behavior of Offshore Wind Turbine Airfoil during Typhoon

Nianxin Ren, Jinping Ou and Changjiang He

704Hydrodynamics Meet Wind Turbines: Specification and Development of a Simulation Tool for Floating Wind Turbines with Modelica

Louis Quesnel, Fabian Vorpahl, Michael Strobel and Hans-Gerd Busmann

711Superelement Approach in Fully Coupled OffshoreWind Turbine Simulation: Influence of the Detailed Support Structure Modelling on Simulation Results for a 5-MW Turbine on a Tripod Substructure

Fabian R. Vorpahl, Michael Strobel, Hans-Gerd Busmann and Stefan Kleinhansl

719Dynamic Response Evaluations of Offshore Wind Energy Platform with Reliability Index

Kenji Kawano, Yukinobu Kimura , Katsumi Nagabuchi and Takeshi Iida

727Methods for Wind Farm Siting Optimization : New England Case Study

Annette R. Grilli, Malcolm L. Spaulding and Christopher Damon

735A Three Dimensional Numerical Method to Study Aerodynamic Performance of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Xiaorong Ye, Qihu Sheng and Liang Zhang

741Numerical Simulation of Zero-head Vertical-axis Turbine with Inertial Force System

Liang Zhang, Fengmei Jing, Lei Jiao and Xuewei Zhang

745Collision Risk Analyses for Offshore Wind Energy Installations

Daniel Povel, Volker Bertram and Mathias Steck

Tidal Energy and OTEC

752Optimization of Blade Deflection Angle of Vertical-Axis Turbine for Tidal Current Energy Conversion

Qing-Jie Luo, Qi-Hu Sheng, Liang Zhang and Rong-gui Han

757Flow Pattern around Duct Implemented in Tidal Current Power

Chul H. Jo, Kang H. Lee, Yu H. Rho and Jin Y. Yim

761Characteristics of Tidal Current and Tidal Simulations at Tatsuno-Seto Strait in Nagasaki, Japan

Xiuzhi Chen, Ken Yamachika and Yusaku Kyozuka

767CFD Modelling Strategy of a Straight-Bladed Vertical Axis Marine Current Turbine

Yong Ming Dai, Nicholas Gardiner and Wei-Haur Lam

Wave Energy

774Artificial Neural Network Application in Short-Term Prediction in an Oscillating Water Column

Wanan Sheng and Tony Lewis

782Real-Time, Wide Area Wave Field Measurement

Brian G. Sellar, Tom Bruce and Ian Bryden

788Optimisation of a Floating Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter

Brad Stappenbelt and Paul Cooper

796Numerical Simulation of Water and Air Flow in Oscillating Water Column Air Chamber

Zegao Yin, Hongda Shi, Xianwei Cao and Jian Ma

802Extension of the Free-surface Green's Function Multipole Expansion for the Infinite Water Depth Case

B. Borgarino, A. Babarit and P. Ferrant

810Development of a Highly Efficient Wave Energy Converter Applying Gyroscopic Moments to Produce Electricity

H. Kanki, T. Furusawa, S. Arii, T. Otoyo and Y. Kobayashi

815Dynamics of the Float-Counterweight Type Wave Power Generation System

Keisuke Taneura, Kesayoshi Hadano, Pallav Koirala, Haruo Yoneyama, Kunihiko Nakano and Kunihiro Ikegami

821An Experimental Study on Variable Liquid Column Oscillator for Highly Efficient Wave Energy Converters

Dong-Soon Yang, Byung-Hak Cho, Do-Hwan Lee and Seung-Hyun Byun

828Ocean Wave-powered Generator Based on Dielectric ElectroActive Polymer

Guijuan Lin, Kesheng Wang, Ming Chen and Yi Wang

834IPS Two-body Wave Energy Converter: Acceleration Tube Optimization

R.P.F. Gomes, J.C.C. Henriques, L.M.C. Gato and A.F.O. Falcão

843An Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of an Oscillating Water Column Device Using a Level Set Immersed Boundary Model

Yali Zhang, Qingping Zou, Deborah Greaves, Dominic E.Reeve, Alison Hunt-Raby, David Graham and Phil James

850Primary Energy Conversion Characteristics of a Floating OWC "Backward Bent Duct Buoy"

Kazutaka Toyota, Shuichi Nagata, Yasutaka Imai, Junko Oda and Toshiaki Setoguchi

856Performance Evaluation of an Axysimmetric Floating OWC

M. A. Alves, I. R. Costa, A. J. Sarmento and J. F. Chozas

863Portuguese Grid Connected OWC Power Plant: Monitoring Report

I. Le Crom, A. Brito-Melo, F. Neumann and A.J.N.A Sarmento

871Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Wave Interactions with a Wave Energy Converter

Z.Z. Hu, D.M. Causon, C.G Mingham and L. Qian

877Results of an Experimental Study of the Langlee Wave Energy Converter

A. Pecher, J. P. Kofoed, J. Espedal and S. Hagberg

886Application of Restoring Force Theory to Increasing Wave Power Generation under Weak Fluctuations

Ruey-syan Shih, Wen-kai Weng and Chung-ren Chou

894Analysis of a Piston-type Porous Wave Energy Converter

Ching-Yun Yueh and Shih-Hsuan Chuang

900Response of a Small Array due to Irregular Waves: Comparison to Predictions Based on Measured Regular Wave Response

S. D. Weller, T. Stallard and P. K. Stansby

907Preliminary Experimental Study on LMMHD Wave Energy Conversion System

Jian Li, Yan Peng, Baolin Liu,Ciwen Sha, Lingzhi Zhao, Yuyu Xu,Ran Li and Xuelin Li

911Thermal Performance Simulation of Liquid Metal Magnet Hydrodynamics Wave Energy Converter

Bao-lin Liu, Ling-zhi Zhao, Yan Peng, Jian Li, Yu-yu Xu, Ran Li and Ci-wen Sha

915A Power Forecasting Method of Wave Power Generation in Little Wind Water Areas

Wenping Xiao and Jiawei Ye

918Analytical Study on Power Conversion System of LMMHD Wave Energy Converter

Huaide Yan, Yan Peng, Yuyu Xu and Ran Li

922Design Program for a Wave Energy Converter in Buoy

Jin-Seok Oh and Kwan-Jun Jo

Ocean and Wind Energy: International Progress

926Integration of Wave and Offshore Wind Energy in a European Offshore Grid

J. Fernández Chozas, H. C. Soerensen and M. Korpås

934Integrated Asset Management Practices for Offshore Wind Power Industry: A Critical Review and a Road Map to the Future

Idriss El-Thalji and Jayantha P. Liyanage

942Current R&D Status of Ocean Energy Utilization in Japan

Shuichi Nagata, Kazutaka Toyota and Yasutaka Imai

949Assessment of Wave Energy Potential in Taiwan: the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

T. L. Lee, H. M. Lin, D. S. Jeng and S. H. Tsai

954Natural Energy Resources in the Coastal Region: A Utilization Concept

Robert L. Waid


Environment Modeling

959Numerical Study on River Plumes on a Southern Hemisphere Coast

Yingying Yu, Hong Zhang and Charles Lemckert

963Modeling the Distribution and Origin of Pollutant in North Zhejiang Coastal Areas

Huiwen Cai, Jing Yu, Yinglan Sun, Yuemei zhang, Xueqing Zhang and Yan Zhang

968Changes of Sea Level under Different Increased Atmospheric CO2 Scenario in a Climate Model

Lin Mu, Xueen Chen, Jianli Zhang, Wenjing Qiu, Xiaojian Cui, Shijie Fu and Xiaoyi Jiang

973Long-term Correlation Analysis between Water Quality and Plankton Abundance in the Yun-Lin Reclamation Industrial Area, Taiwan

Yin Chang, Jiing-Yih Liou and Hwung-Hweng Hwung

980Salt Finger Convection Under the Effect of Steady Wind Shear

Ray-Yeng Yang and Hwung-Hweng Hwung

Biochemistry and Plankton

986Enhancement of Chitosanase Activity in Bacillus thuringiensis ZJOU-010 Using Response Surface Methodology

Jing Chen, Xiao'e Chen, Xu-bo Fang and Hui Yu

992Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Bacillus Thuringiensis ZJOU-010, a Chitosanase-Producing Bacterium

Xiao'e Chen, Jing Chen, Xu-bo Fang and Hui Yu

998Salinity Acclimation of Chlorella pynenoidosa and Its Application in Mariculture Wastewater Treatment

Haiyan Hu, Yong Liu, Yibing Deng and Weihong Jin

1002Influence of Cathodic Protection Potential on Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Seamud Containing Sulfate-reducing Bacteria

Xiaodong Zhao, Jie Yang, Xiqiu Fan and Jizhou Duan

1007Fate of Bacterial Mat in Anoxic Environment for Development of Prediction Model for Seafloor Environmental Assessment: First Report

Yasuharu Nakajima, Masahito Ikemoto, Rei Arai, Naoki Nakatani, Tetsuo Yamazaki, Koji Otsuka and Takasada Ishii

1014Distribution of Mnemiopsis leidyi and Zooplankton in the South-western Caspian Sea, 2008

Siamak Bagheri, Mashhor Mansor, Wan Maznah W. O. and Hossein Negarestan

Environment Monitoring

1019One RS Image-registration Method in Rapidly Changing Areas: The Modern Yellow River Delta as a Case Study

Zhongxin Chu, Yi Hu, Qian Zhao and Xuhui Yang

1023A Real-time Monitoring System for Oceanographic Parameters Based on GPRS Technique

Shuang-Shuang Fan, Can-Jun Yang and Ren Hu

1028A Consideration on In-Situ Measurement Method of Matters at Sea Area

Rei Arai, Taichi Nishiyama, Natsumi Iwasa, Naoki Nakatani, Koji Otsuka and Tetsuo Yamazaki

1034Development of Measurement Instrument of Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen and Dissolved Inorganic Phosphorus

Rei Arai, Kazuhiro Akita, Taichi Nishiyama, Naoki Nakatani, Koji Otsuka, and Takeichi Nishiyama

Oil Spill in Offshore and Ice Environment

1040Development of an Oil Recovery Device for Ice-Covered Waters - NMRI-ORDICE

Shigeo Kanada, Haruhito Shimoda, Daisuke Wako, Takatoshi Matsuzawa and Natsuhiko Otsuka

1047Experimental and Numerical Study on Leakage of Underwater Hole on an Oil Tanker

J.S. Lu, X.W. Gong, S.Q. Yan, X.F. Wen, Z. C. Liu and W.Q. Wu

1054Hydrodynamics Analysis of Spilled Oil Tracking Buoy Based on Spilled Oil Model Improved

Tianlin Wang

1058The Oil Spill Forecast and Emergency Decision Support System in China Offshore

Wei An, Shengfeng Zhu, Guangru Li, Yupeng Zhao and Zhigang Niu

1064Steady Sailing Performance of Spilled Oil Tracking Autonomous Buoy with Yacht Shape

Masahiro Hiratsuka, Naomi Kato, Hiroyoshi Suzuki, Hidetaka Senga, Muneo Yoshie, Isamu Fujita and Toshinari Tanaka

Environment Assessment

1069Optimization Layout of Tangdao Bay Yacht Harbor in terms of Numerical Analysis of Marine Dynamic and Sedimentation Environment

Bingchen Liang, Hongda Shi, Jing Zhang, Lili Yang and Peng Du

1076Application of 3D Porous Water Quality Model in Pollution Research of Coastal Environment

Ying Wang, Guangyu Zhang, Jiangnan Wang and Yuxin Zhu

1081Effect of Scrap-tire Isolation Walls on Ground Vibration Reduction Caused by Monorail Traffic

Takahiko Kashimoto, Yusuke Kashimoto, Kiyoshi Hayakawa and Tamotsu Matsui

1087Environmental Assessment for Ocean Energy Schemes: Useful Tools and Case Studies

Teresa Castro Simas, André Croft Moura, David Thompson, Robert Steven Batty, Jennifer Norris and Gareth Harrison

1095Environmental Changes in the Arctic and Development of Transcontinental Transportation

V. I. Pavlenko and E. K. Glukhareva

Environment: Storage and Diffusion

1103Density Measurement and Modeling of Aqueous Carbon Dioxide Solution in Underground Conditions

Yongchen Song, Yi Zhang, Fei Chang and Yangchun Zhan

1108The Studies of CO2 Injected into Porous Media Filled with Water by MRI

Yuechao Zhao, Yongchen Song, Yu Liu, Mingjun Yang and Xuke Ruan

1111Study on New Shore Contamination by Polystyrene of Marine Debris ~Investigations of Taiwan~

Keiji Amamiya, Katsuhiko Saido, Hideto Sato, Chih-Ming Ou, Bernardo A. Lejano and Qingming Che

1116Stability Dependency of Vertical Turbulent Diffusivity of Passive and Active Scalars in Stationary and Homogeneous Stratified Turbulence

Shinichiro Hirabayashi and Toru Sato

1123Prediction of Turbulent Scalar Fluxes at a Shear-free Gas-liquid Interface Based on Surface Divergence

Ryuichi Nagaosa

1129Experimental Observation on the Bubble Plume of CO2 Discharge in Homogeneous and Two-layer Density Stratified Sea Water

Bao-Shi Shiau and Wei-Hsin Li


Pack Ice

1134Measuring Arctic Nearshore Properties with a Multi-Frequency Airborne Electromagnetic Sensor

Scott Holladay, Simon Prinsenberg and Ingrid Peterson

1141Thin Ice Thickness Measured by Upward-Looking Sonar in a Marginal Sea

Jie Su, Bo Yang, Shunying Ji and Ling Du

1148Computational Investigation of New Icebreaking Method

Valery I. Odinokov and Alexander N. Prokudin

1155Long Period Swells Break Up the Canadian Beaufort Sea Pack Ice in September 2009

Simon Prinsenberg, Ingrid Peterson, David Barber and Matthew Asplin

Ice Process and Ice-Structure Interactions

1162PIV Measurement of Flow Velocity Field under Modeled Ice Floe

Peng Lu, Zhijun Li and Qiang Zhang

1167Conventional Mechanics and Self-Organizing Processes in the Arctic Pack

A. Chmel, V. Smirnov and I. Sheykin

1171Mathematical Model of Ice Sheet Deformation Caused by Submarine Motion

V. M. Kozin, V. L. Zemlak and S. D. Chizhiumov

1177Model Test for Studying Ice Forces on Jack-up Structure

Fengwei Guo, Qianjin Yue, Ning Xu, Sara Rimer, Yihe Wang and Yutang Yuan

1183An Efficient EG/AD Model Ice for the MOERI Ice Tank

Seong-Rak Cho, Chun-Ju Lee and Seong-Yeob Jeong

1188Ice Loading on a Ship in Discontinuous Ice

Robert Frederking

1196Time-dependent Reliability of Ageing Platforms in Ice Zone

Tuanhai Chen and Guoming Chen

1202Floating Production Unit Resistance to Iceberg Impact

S.L. Karlinsky and V.A. Chernetsov

1207Mitigating Ice-induced Vibration by Adding Ice-breaking Cone

Ning Xu, Qianjin Yue and Fengwei Guo

1213Structural Ice-Resistant Performance Analysis of Offshore Bucket Foundation Platforms with a Single Pillar

Dayong Zhang, Xiaofei Che, Qianjin Yue and Alexander Brindle

1217Local Ice Crushing Resistance of OPEN CELL SHEET PILE® Wall

Kenton Braun, Guang Li, Bryan Hudson and Feifei Bai

1225The Distribution of the Ice-induced Fatigue Damage for Ice Zone Platform Based on Time Domain Analysis

Dongping Yang and Guoming Chen

1231Physical and Mechanical Properties of Modeling Ice for Investigation of Abrasion Process on Ice-Resistant Offshore Platforms

Alexander T. Bekker, Sergey G. Gomolskiy, Olga A. Sabodash, Roman G. Kovalenko, Tatyana E. Uvarova, Egor E. Pomnikov, Igor G. Prytkov and Pavel Anokhin

Polar Ocean Environment

1238The Study on Near Surface Temperature Maximum in the Canada Basin for 2003-2008 in Response to Sea Ice Variations

Yong Cao, Jie Su, Jinping Zhao, Shujiang Li and Dong Xu

1243Field Tests of Superhydrophilic Pliable Sheet for Protection Against Sea Spray Icing

Toshihiro Ozeki, Satoru Adachi and Daisuke Wako

Ice Forecasting

1249Sea Ice in the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis

Xingren Wu and Robert Grumbine

1256An Ice-ocean Forecasting System for Eastern Canadian Waters

Charles Tang and Ewa Dunlap

1261Modeling the Seasonal Variations of Sea Ice Cover in the Prydz Bay, Antarctic

Li Qun, Wu Huiding and Zhang Lu

1266Simulation Study on the Impact of Arctic Sea Ice Anomalies on China Winter Temperature

Lixin Wei, Tong Zhang and Jing Ma

1272A New Generation of Satellite Radar Imaging Opportunities for the Oil and Gas Industry

Kim Charles Partington

1280High-resolution Modelling of Ocean and Sea-ice Conditions in the Canadian Arctic Coastal Waters

Youyu Lu, Shannon Nudds, Frederic Dupont, Michael Dunphy, Charles Hannah and Simon Prinsenberg

Polar Shipping

1285Unsteady Motion of Submarine under an Ice Sheet

Alexandra V. Pogorelova and Victor M. Kozin

1292Trends in Canadian Arctic Shipping Traffic - Myths and Rumours

Brad Judson

1300Ice Resistance Prediction for Standard Icebreaker Model Ship

Seong-Yeob Jeong, Chun-Ju Lee and Seong-Rak Cho

The Proceedings of
The Twentieth (2010) International

Beijing, China, June 20-25, 2010



Steel Catenary Risers (SCR), Riser Analysis and Design, Riser Integrity, Risers and Mooring Dynamics Pipe-Soil Interaction, Pipeline and Pile Scours, Free-Span Pipeline, Pipeline Design and Repair,


Robotics and Control, Robot Fish and Propulsion, Deep-Ocean Sensors and Sensor Network, AUV and UUV


Mechanics of Soils, Soil Dynamics, Soil Properties, Improvement, Modeling and Simulation, Foundations, Piles and Anchors, Piles with Lateral Load, Reinforced Earth, Reclamation , Environment, Slope Stability and Field Tests

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Steel Catenary Risers (SCR)

1PURE (Premium Upset Riser Ends): Expanding the Possibilities of SCR Application

Volker Rohden, Anita Chatterjee and Vinod Kumar

9SCR Design Consideration for Polyester Mooring System

Yongjun Chen, Peimin Cao, Mark Slider and Jian Ma

16A Novel Design of Retrofit Hang-off Structure for Steel Catenary Risers

Jack Chen, Sharan R. Sriraman, Paul Jukes, Robert Clark and Steven Lange

Riser Analysis and Design

23Design and Analysis of Taper Stress Joint for Top Tensioned Risers

Qi Zhang, Rixi Zhang, Yi Huang and Hongbiao Yang

29Investigation on the Dynamics of Floating Systems Effects in the Top Tension of Risers

Felipe Rateiro, Edgard Borges Malta and André Luís Condino Fujarra

37Influence Factors of Marine Riser Stress Detection Using Magnetic Anisotropy

Rui Deng and Fanshun Meng

41A Finite Element Method Approach on Liner Wrinkling of Snug Fit Lined Pipe

A. Hilberink, A.M. Gresnigt and L.J. Sluys

54Lessons Learnt from Recent Deepwater Riser Projects

Jean-François Saint-Marcoux, Marin Abelanet and Stéphane Bombino

61Turbulent Flow around Two Yawed Wavy Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement

K. Lam, Y.F. Lin, L. Zou and Y. Liu

67Calculation Formula for Natural Frequency of Radar Mast

Sho Fukada, Jianxing Yu and Lin Zhao

72Fatigue Damage of Risers with Two-Degrees-of-Freedom Vortex-Induced-Vibration

Shizhen Tang, Weiping Huang, Yue Deng and Jianjun Liu

76A New Analytical Model on Lateral Vibration and Impact of Drill String

Wei Liu, Yingcao Zhou and Qing Zhao

81A Finite Element Method for Calculating the Applied Top Tension and Static Configurations of Extensible Marine Riser with Specified Total Arc-Length

Chainarong Athisakul, Thongchai Phanyasahachart, Waraporn Chatanin and Somchai Chucheepsakul

Riser Integrity

88Effects of Fluid and Structural Damping on Axial Vibrations of an Ultra Long Ocean Pipe with a Heavy Buffer

Han-il Park, Cheon-hong Min, Bin Teng, Yong-ju Kwon, Byung-mo Kim

94The Clamping Force of a Deepwater Flange Connecting Tool and the Bearing Capacity of the Pipeline

Mingzhu Liu, Long Bin and Kekuan Wang

98A Study of Sediment Motion on Seabed with Submarine Pipeline

Lipeng Yang, Bing Shi, Yan Han, Jian Wu and Xiufeng Sun

104Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection of Pipelines

Dongmin Pan, Bin Guo, Meiyan Liu, Xuewen Cao and Lijun Xia

109Fault Detection in Sub-sea Pipelines Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Method

Zhaode Zhang, Dunqiu Fan and Yongtai Sun

Pipe-Soil Interaction

115Progress in Investigating Pipe-Soil-Fluid Interaction: The STABLEpipe JIP

Terry J. Griffiths, David J. White and Liang Cheng

123Balanced Three-Dimensional Modelling of the Fluid-Structure-Soil Interaction of an Untrenched Pipeline

Bassem S. Youssef, Mark J. Cassidy and Yinghui Tian

131The First Use of Pipeline Plough on Subsea Pipeline Trenching in South China Sea

Huifeng Deng, Chunna Song, Wanbao Dai and Chunsheng Miao

135Vertical Loading Tests for Buried Flexible Pipes with Equivalent Ring Stiffness

Toshinori Kawabata, Akira Izumi, Takafumi Hanazawa, Yoshiyuki Mohri, Hoe I. Ling and Mitsuru Ariyoshi

Pipeline and Pile Scours

142The Numerical Simulation of Local Scour around Offshore Pipeline

Xianfan Cao and Yanlong Qin

149Experimental Study on Scour Protective Equipment around Pile of Bridge under Wave and Current

Qiang Li, Chunhua Liu and Haiming Dong

155Numerical Simulation of Local Scour under a Submarine Pipeline Using a Cartesian Cut Cell Approach

Bing Chen, Meng Jiang and Lihua Han

Risers and Free-Span Pipeline

162Submarine Pipeline Spanning Mechanism on Continental Shelf in the South China Sea

Gao Wei, Cao Lihua, Li Guangxue and Yang Rongmin

169Cost Optimization of Small Diameter Flowline System on Uneven Seabed

F. Hove, N. M. Klepp and T. Søreide

176Optimization Design for Deepwater Risers with Fatigue Constraints

He-zhen Yang and Hua-jun Li

182Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Marine Risers by Approximation Model

He-zhen Yang and Hua-jun Li

Pipeline Design and Repair

188Configuration of Submarine Pipeline for Deepwater S-lay Technique

Z.G. Li, Y. Chen, S.F. Gong and W.L. Jin

194An Efficient Global, Local and Solid Finite Element Modeling Approach for Pipeline Expansion Loops

James Wang, Ranil Banneyake, Jianfeng Xu and Paul Jukes

199A Pressure-Moment Capacity Curve for 16-inch Induction Bends

Morten Bjerkås, Hagbart S. Alsos, Morten Hval, Hans Lange and Ole Magnus Holden

208The Study and Application of the Gravity Type Atmosphere Pressure Dry Cabin Technology for the Sub-sea Pipeline Repairing

Dongmin Pan, Hu Feng, Hongxin Ma and Qiuming Zheng

212Consideration for On-bottom Stability of Unburied Pipelines Using Force-resultant Models

Yinghui Tian, Mark J. Cassidy and Bassem S. Youssef

220Three-Dimensional Exact Solutions for In-Plane Curved Beams with Pinned-Pinned Ends under Thermal Load

Xiaofei Li and Yinghua Zhao

226Towards a Computational Tool for the Synthesis and Optimization of Submarine Pipeline Routes

Ian Nascimento Vieira, Carl Horst Albrecht, Beatriz Souza Leite Pires de Lima, Breno Pinheiro Jacob, Djalene Maria Rocha and Carlos de Oliveira Cardoso

234Experimental Study on the Function of Flexible Spoilers in Protecting Submarine Pipeline

Yan Han, Bing Shi, Lipeng Yang, Xiufeng Sun and Jian Wu

Risers and Mooring Dynamics

240Dynamics of Large Diameter Riser

Dong-ho Jung, Hyeon-ju Kim and Deok-soo Moon

248Mooring Analysis of Derrick/Lay Barge Lanjiang for Large Jacket Installation

Licheng Qin, Huailiang Li, Ziquan Wu, Wentai Yu, Weiwei Xie and Min He

255Cable Bend Testing over a Variable Diameter Sheave

K. C. Cutler and R. H. Knapp

261Fiber Bragg Grating Technology Used in Testing Tensile Forces in Mooring Lines

Yongchun Yang, Changlong Chen, Qi Liu and Dalin Liu

266Preliminary Tests on the Terminal Velocity of a Torpedo Anchor in Still Water

Davood Hasanloo, HuaKun Wang and Guoliang Yu


Robotics and Control

272A New Deep Ocean Electrical Driven Manipulator: Working System

Guohua Xu, Zhihu Xiao, Guoyuan Tang, Xiong Shen and BoYang

277Development of a New Underwater Manipulator Actuated by BLDC Motor

Hyeung-Sik Choi, Sungyul Hong and Hanil Park

282Research on Autonomous Grasping of an UVMS with Model-known Object Based on Monocular Visual System

Qifeng Zhang, Piliang Gong, WeiCai Quan and Aiqun Zhang

287Trajectory and Attitude Control of a Tethered Underwater Robot

Jiaming Wu, Miao Yu and Liangsheng Zhu

295Motion Model and Control Strategies for an Underwater Glider

Jiancheng Yu, Zhiqiang Hu, Haitao Gu and Fumin Zhang

302Design of the DISSUB Hyperbaric Rescue Course Control Base on Hybrid Control Theory

Pei Hu and Xinqian Bian

Robot Fish and Propulsion

307Development of a Motion Control System Using Phototaxis for a Fish Type Robot

Hirofumi Sumoto and Satoru Yamaguchi

311Stability Control and Energy Saving for Propulsion of a Biomimetic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Wei-Kuo Yen and Jenhwa Guo

318Design and Development of an Amphibious Robot with Fin Actuators

Yoshimasa Kawamura, Junichi Shimoya, Eiji Yoshida, Naomi Kato, Hiroyoshi Suzuki and Hidetaka Senga

323A Model for Deflection of Tail Fluke of Dolphin Based on Contour Lines

Qilong Sun, Hirohisa Morikawa, Shunichi Kobayashi, Keiichi Ueda, Hirokazu Miyahara and Motomu Nakashima

327Hydrodynamic Experimental Investigation on Efficient Swimming of Robotic Fish Using Self-propelled Method

Li Wen, Guanhao Wu, Jianhong Liang and Jinlan Li

335Motion Analysis of Sea Turtle with Prosthetic Flippers

Yuichi Isobe, Naomi Kato, Hiroyoshi Suzuki, Hidetaka Senga, Yasushi Matsuda, Kei Kawamura, Hiroshige Sakuma, Kazunori Kanda, Katsumi Kobayashi, Aya Miki, Naoki Kamezaki, Yoshitake Sato, Kenzo Ito, Katsufumi Sato, Keiichi Ueda, Koji Toyosaka, Uki Tanaka and Tatsuya Oshika

343Development of Large Angle / High-Speed Orientation Control Technique for Underwater Vehicle

Taketoshi Suzuki, Akihisa Konno, Shinichiro Ito, Koichi Hirata, Yoichi Niki and Masakuni Kawada

Deep-Ocean Measurement Sensors and Sensor Network

347Infrastructure for Mobile Sensor Network in the Singapore Coastal Zone

N. M. Patrikalakis, F. S. Hover, B. H. Ooi, H. Zheng, K.T. Yeo, W. Cho, T. Bandyopadhyay, A.C.H. Tan, H. Kurniawati, T. Taher and R. R. Khan

353Flow Simulation of Ducted Marine Propulsor for Underwater Robot

Doo-Hyoung Lee, Warn-Gyu Park and Han-Il Park

359Research on the Control System of a Class of Underwater Vehicle

Kaizhou Liu, Wei Guo, Xiaohui Wang and Changlong Lin

365Robust and Adaptive Underwater Obstacles' Recognition Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

Xin Song and Zao-Jian Zou

371Research on the Relevant Parameters of Phase Conjugation Arrays Applying in Sound Localization

Song Liu, Sheng Li and Deyou Zhao

376A Study on the Equalizers in the Multi-carrier Modulation for High Speed Underwater Wireless Communication

Oe-Hyung Lee, Jeong-Woo Han, Ki-Man Kim, Ji-Won Jung, Young Yun, Seung-Yong Chun and Kwon Son

380Application of Laser-interference Methods to Oceanologic and Hydroacoustic Research

Vyacheslav A. Shvets

383Deep-ocean Data Acquisition Using Underwater Sensor Networks

D. Penteado, L.H.M.K. Costa and A.C.P. Pedroza

390Introduction to a Prototype System of Dense Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Shuo Wang and Min Tan


396An Immune Genetic Algorithm for AUV Local Path Planning

Hongli Xu and Yiping Li

401New Buoyancy Engine for Autonomous Vehicles Observing Deeper Oceans

Taiyo Kobayashi, Kenichi Asakawa, Kazuhiro Watanabe, Tetsuro Ino, Ken-ichi Amaike, Hiroshi Iwamiya, Michihiko Tachikawa, Nobuyuki Shikama and Keisuke Mizuno

406Motion Control of AUV "MR-X1" for Following Observation Line

Masahiko Nakamura, Tadahiro Hyakudome, Hiroshi Yoshida, Shojiro Ishibashi and Taro Aoki

413Multi-layer Model Simulation and Data Assimilation in the Serangoon Harbor of Singapore

J. Wei, H. Zheng, H. Chen, B. H. Ooi, M. H. Dao, W. Cho, P. Malanotte-Rizzoli, P. Tkalich and N. M. Patrikalakis

419Formation Control of Multiple AUVs for Moth-Inspired Plume Tracing

Xiaodong Kang, Wei Li, Hongli Xu and Xisheng Feng

425Research and Development of Multiple Heterogeneous UUVs Simulation System

Yiping Li, Zhenzhen Xu, Xiaodong Kang and Ruili Hou

429UKF-based Parameter Estimation Method for Precise UUV Navigation

Changlong Lin, Xisheng Feng and Yiping Li

435A CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) Analysis Based Design Method For An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Ducted Propeller

Tae-hwan Joung, Karl Sammut and Fangpo He


Mechanics of Soils

443FE Modelling of Spudcan Deep Penetration in Thin Crust Over Soft Clay Incorporating Strain Rate and Strain Softening Effect

M. S. Hossain and M. F. Randolph

450Deforming Field Analysis of Shearing Process of Sands Based on DPDM Technology

Wen-bai Liu, Ye-xun Li, Da-shan Wang and Hui Zhang

455Rheological Properties of Some Marine Muds Dredged from China Coasts

Xueyan Zhang, Yuchuan Bai and Chiu-On Ng

462Creation of the Soil for Impermeable Core Zone for Earth-fill Dams

Toshinori Kawabata, Mariko Suzuki, Takeshi Suzuki and Kazunori Uchida

467The Plastic Yield Loci of a Shallow VLA in Clay

Yongshu Jiao, Muhui Fan, Qingfeng Zhang and Haixiao Liu

Soil Properties and Test

471Test Study on the Properties of Shanghai Soft Soil Due to Long-term Unloading

Juan Jiang, Bin Qi and Guo Bin Liu

477True Triaxial Experiments of Coarse-grained Soils

Yangang Zhang, Jungao Zhu and Kunyong Zhang

482True Tri-axial Testing Study on Soil's Stress Induced Anisotropy

Kunyong. Zhang, Jungao Zhu and Zongze Yin

487Experimental Study of Time-Dependent Behavior of Clays Subjected to Loading and Unloading with Constant Rate of Strain

M.S. Lee, K. Oda and K. Tokida

493Application of X-ray Computed Tomography in Marine Clays

S.L.Yang, K. Schjetne and T. Kvalstad

500Shear Strength of Soft Clay at Shallow Penetration Using a Ball Penetrometer

M.R. Tufenkjian and D.J. Thompson

505A Study on Evaluation of the Period of Stepped Suction Pressure in Suction Drain Method

Dong Wook Ahn, Sung Ho Kim, Sang Jae Han and Soo Sam Kim

Soil Dynamics

510Clarification of Dynamic Behavior of Spillway on Small Earth Dam Subjected to Simple Shear

Toshinori Kawabata, Yoshiyuki Iwasaki, Daisuke Shoda and Yoshiyuki Mohri

514On the Capacity and Deformation of Bucket Foundation under Dynamic Loadings

Chi Li, Xiaobing Lu and Shuyun Wang

521The Influences of Ground Surface on Vibrations of Structures

Saori Agata, Toshiyuki Kataka, Naoaki Suemasa and Fumitaka Arai

527Feasibility Study on Countermeasure Against Liquefaction Using Micro Bubble

Morio Kobayashi, Naoaki Suemasa, Toshiyuki Katada and Koichi Nagao


533Experimental Investigation into the Influence of a Keying Flap on the Keying Behaviour of Plate Anchors

Christophe Gaudin, Mark Simkin, David J. White and Conleth D. O’Loughlin

541Test Study of Suction Penetration in the Sea Field for Shallow Foundation Platform

Xinjie Chu, Sheng Dong and Kun Chi

546Soft Soil Improvement to Resist Strength Softening Caused by Wave

ShuWang Yan, Liang Zhao and Zhixia Fan

551Simplified Deformation Analysis of Embankment Foundation Using Soil Parameters Estimated by Plasticity Index

Takeshi Kamei, Takayuki Shuku and Toshihide Shibi

559Penetration of Shallow Footing in Sand Using Image Analysis and Large Deformation Finite Element Analysis

Tejas G Murthy and Dong Wang

Piles and Anchors

564Mitigation of Punch-through Failure of Spudcan Using Skirted Footing on Sand over Clay Soils

Long Yu, Arjun Kumar, Muhammad Shazzad Hossain and Yuxia Hu

570A New Operation System for SwedishWeight Sounding Test Deducting a Rods Friction

A. Ikegame, N. Suemasa, T. Tanaka, S. Yamato and T. Katada

576Reliability Index Update for Driven Piles Based on Bayesian Theory Using Pile Load Test Results

J.H. Park, D. Kim, K. Kwak, Y. Choo and C.K. Chung

583Numerical Analysis of Flaw Sizes Detection in a Bored Pile Using Surface Reflection Method

Sheng-Huoo Ni, Yan-Hong Huang, Jenq-Jy Charng and Kuo-Feng Lo

590Centrifuge Modeling of Base Load - Displacement Response of Piles in Sand under Static Vertical Load

Jianhong Zhang, Yanmin Zhang and Min Zhou

596A Study of the Surface Settlement of Gravel Piles with Different Layouts

Darn-Horng Hsiao and Shih-Syu Yang

Piles with Lateral Load

602Effect of Pile-Head Rotational Restraint on Response of Torsionally Loaded Pile Groups

L.G. Kong, L.H. Jiang, L.M. Zhang and Y.M. Chen

608The Capacity Characteristics of Pile and Suction Caisson in Deep Water

Sa Li, Zhonggang Li, Zhiqiang Han and Shengqiang Wang

613Using Revised One-dimensional Wave Equation in Driveability Analysis for Large Diameter Steel Piles

Run Liu and Shuwang Yan

619Numerical Investigation of Scour Effect on Lateral Resistance of Windfarm Monopiles

M. Achmus, Y.-S. Kuo and K. Abdel-Rahman

624A Case Study of Deep Excavation in Layered Ground

Sungho Chun, Chi Yong Song and Jong Sung Lee

629Lateral Loading Experiments on Thrust Restraint for Shallowly Buried Pipelines Using Geogrids

Toshinori Kawabata, Satoshi Okuno, Ayumu Kashiwagi, Hoe I. Ling and Yoshiyuki Mohri

633Soil Plug Effect on Driving Piles of Offshore Oil Platform

Chao Guo, ShuWang Yan, Liang Zhao, Wei Dong and Zhixia Fan

Soil Improvement

638Investigation on the Effect of Jetting on the Bearing Capacity of Sand Layer

Jun Zhao, Menglan Duan, Jianjun Wang and Tianfeng Zhao

646Structure Characteristic of the Lightweight Air-Mixed Soil Containing Silty Marine Sediment

Tae-Hyung Kim, Youngjun Lee, Woongki Hwang, Seongkyu Yun, Sung-Jun Choi and Lee-Keun Park

652Base Course Material Obtained by Mixing Waste Melting Slag and Rock Muck with Slaked Lime

Masaki Tsushima, Junichi Komatsu, Hiroshi Oikawa and Toshihiro Ogino

658Hardening Property of Irrigation Pond Sludge Mixed with Stone Sludge and Cement

Junpei Suzaki, Minoru Yamanaka, Shuichi Hasegawa, Hirohiko Iwahara and Shoji Takahashi

663Effects of Fiber on Swell of Expansive Soils

Abdullah I. Al-Mhaidib

Modeling and Simulation

670Nonlinear Numerical Study on Performance of Cofferdam with Double-walled Steel Sheet Piles

Chun-yi Cui, Jian Huang, Mao-tian Luan and Mu-guo Li

674A FEM Model for Wave-Induced Pore Pressure Response around a Pile Foundation

Xiaojun Li, Bing Yang, Fuping Gao and Jun Zang

680Application of Finite Element Analysis in the Prediction of Consolidation Settlement of Foundation Structure on Highly Voided Soil

Dan YP Lee, Shulong Liu, Ian Nash, Philip Cooper and Rob van den Heuvel

689Numerical Analysis of Offshore Skirted Footings on Double Layer Clays

Long Yu, Chad Ramadan, Jun Liu and Yuxia Hu

694New Developments of Cutting Theories With Respect to Offshore Applications

Sape A. Miedema

702The Influence of the Strain Rate on Cutting Processes

Sape A. Miedema

Reinforced Earth

709Risk Assessment of Sediment Disaster Due to Sloping Field Development

Yie-Ruey Chen, Shun-Chieh Hsieh, Po-Ning Ni, Yuan-Chuan Chen and Yiwen Hui

714An Establishment on the Risk Assessment Model of Sediment Disasters Occurred at Taitung County in the Eastern Taiwan

Kun-Ting Chen, Kuang-Jung Tsai and Cheng-Lun Shieh

720Numerical Analysis on Bearing Mechanism of Very Soft Ground Covered with Geotextile

D.H. Ahn, K. Oda, K. Tokida and S.K. You

726Seismic Performance Modeling of Geosynthetic Reinforced Earth Structures

J. W. Chen, W. F. Lee, M. H. Chang and C. C. Chen

Reclamation and Environment

731Evaluation of Nuclear Gauge for Use With Coastal Calcareous and Volcanic Soils

Horst G. Brandes, Andrew J. Felkel and John D. Domrique

739New Investigation Method to Estimate Waste Properties of Existent Landfills

Tomoaki Hachimura, Minoru Yamanaka, Hiroyuki Ohno and Shuichi Hasegawa

743A Study on the Mechanical and Chemical Characteristics of Pohang Area Mudstone as Material for Reclamation

Kyuhwan Lee, Sungwook Kim and Daesuk Jung

749Numerical Modeling of Granular Debris Flow Using Discontinuum Approach

Cheng-Yu Ku, Huang-Cheng Yang and Shih-Meng Hsu

Slope Stability and Field Tests

757Stability Analysis of Channel Slope Based on FEM Strength Reduction

Kunyong Zhang, Jianyong Shi and Zongze Yin

763Study on Application of Discontinuous Deformation Analysis on the Stability Analysis of Slopes

Shiou Chen and Shang-Yuan Tsai

769The Landslide Risk Analysis of the Lushan Hot Spring District

Ya-Fen Lee, Yun-Yao Chi and Young-Long Wu

776Applicability of Electric Resistivity Method for Quality Evaluation of Soil-Cement Column

Mamoru Fujii, Ken Watabnabe, Yutaka Kubo, Minagawa Keizo, Mauricio Jun Arai, Keisuke Kitamura and Tatsunori Yamashita

783Development and Its Applicability of Portable Ground Bearing Capacity Device

Hirohiko Iwahara, Minoru Yamanaka, Teruhisa Ishikawa and Kenji Nakayama

789Measuring the Groundwater Level Using a Hole of the Swedish Weight Sounding Test

C. Kim, K. Tei and M. Fujii

793Old Ridge Road Used as the Fail-safe Path

Youji Nakane, Masao Okuda, Yukihiko Kani and Kiyoshi Hayakawa

The Proceedings of
The Twentieth (2010) International

Beijing, China, June 20-25, 2010



LNG Sloshing, LNG Sloshing: GTT, LNG Sloshing: Sloshel, LNG Sloshing: Physics, LNG Sloshing: CFD, LNG Ship Motion, Tank Sloshing and Sloshing Loads


Ocean Waves, Freak and Tsunami Waves, Wave Loading and Slamming, Floating Bodies, CFD–NWT, CFD-Particle Method, CFD


Coastal Waves, Wave Breaking, Seabed and Sediment Transport, Tsunami and Storm Surge, Breaking Waves and Wave Force, Tidal Characteristics and Estuary, Port and Harbor, Breakwaters and Dikes, Beach Evolution


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LNG Sloshing

1Methodology for LNG Terminals

Louis Diebold

10Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Global Forces Exerted by Fluid Motions on LNGC Prismatic Tanks Boundaries

Nicolas Moirod, Eric Baudin, Thomas Gazzola and Louis Diebold

18Development of a New Reduction Device of Sloshing Load in Tank

Yousuke Anai, Takahiro Ando, Naohiko Watanabe, Chikahisa Murakami and Yoshiteru Tanaka

26Structural Response of the Insulation Box on NO96 Membrane Containment System

Hirotsugu Dobashi and Akio Usami

LNG Sloshing: GTT

33Sloshing and Scaling: Experimental Study in a Wave Canal at Two Different Scales

O. Kimmoun, A. Ratouis and L. Brosset

44Simulation of Liquid Impacts with a Two-phase Parallel SPH Model

P.-M. Guilcher, G. Oger, L. Brosset, E. Jacquin, N. Grenier and D. Le Touzé

53On the Effect of Phase Transition on Impact Pressures due to Sloshing

J.-P. Braeunig, L. Brosset, F. Dias and J.-M. Ghidaglia

62Comparative Study of FE Models of LNG Containment System NO.96

A. Arswendy, Oddgeir Liasjoe and Torgeir Moan

69The Effect of Inner Steel Hull Flexibility on the Responses of the LNG Containment System No.96 under Static Loads

A. Arswendy, Oddgeir Liasjoe and Torgeir Moan

LNG Sloshing: Sloshel

76Full Scale Sloshing Impact Tests - Part 2

Miroslaw Lech Kaminski and Hannes Bogaert

88Sloshing and Scaling: Results from the Sloshel Project

H. Bogaert, S. Léonard, L. Brosset and M.L. Kaminski

98Hydro-structural Behaviour of LNG Membrane Containment Systems under Breaking Wave Impacts: Findings from the Sloshel Project

H. Bogaert, S. Lèonard, M. Marhem, G. Leclère and M. Kaminski

109Interaction Between Wave Impacts and Corrugations of MarkIII Containment System for LNG Carriers: Findings from the Sloshel Project

H. Bogaert, L. Brosset and M.L. Kaminski

119Validation of Numerical Tools for LNG Sloshing Assessment

X Zheng, J R Maguire and D Radosavljevic

LNG Sloshing: Physics

129On the Effect of Compressibility on the Impact of a Falling Jet

Paul Christodoulides, Frédéric Dias, Jean-Michel Ghidaglia and Marc Kjerland

137Experimental Study of Evolution of Impact Pressure along the Vertical Walls of a Sloshing Tank

N. Repalle, F. Pistani and K. Thiagarajan

142A Study on Flow Field around Membrane Corrugation

DW Kwak, JY Chung, SH Kwon and SH Oh

147Set-up of a Sloshing Laboratory at the University of Western Australia

F. Pistani, K. Thiagarajan, R. Seah and D. Roddier

154Sloshing Response of LNG Tanks Subjected to Seismic Ground Motion

Juan Su, Meizhen Zhou, Jianxing Yu and Huidong Wei

161LNG Tank Sloshing Parameter Study in a Multi-Tank Configuration

André Baeten

169Seismic Response of LNG Storage Tank under Different Base Conditions and Liquid Height

Kangwon Lee, Jun Hwi Kim and Heung Seok Seo

174Sloshing Load due to Liquid Motion in a Tank Comparison of Potential Flow, CFD, and Experiment Solutions

Yusong Cao, Mateusz Graczyk, Csaba Pakozdi, Haidong Lu, Fuxin Huang and Chi Yang

LNG Sloshing: CFD

186Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing in LNG Containers

Yuxing Li, Fafeng Sun , Wuchang Wang, Xichong Yu and Leilei Zang

192Numerical Simulation of 2D Sloshing by using ALE2D Technique of LS-DYNA and CCUP Methods

Sang-Gab Lee, Yun-Hwa Baek, In-Ho Lee, Kyung-Kyu Yang and Yonghwan Kim

200Comparison of CFD Calculations and Experiment for the Dambreak Experiment with One Flexible Wall

Rik Wemmenhove, Rune Gladsø, Bogdan Iwanowski and Marc Lefranc

LNG Ship Motion, Tank Sloshing and Sloshing Loads

206Wet Drop Impact Response Analysis of Cargo Containment System in Membrane-type LNG Carrier using FSI Technique of LS-DYNA

Sang-Gab Lee, In-Ho Lee and Yun-Hwa Baek

215Nonlinear Effect of Wave Heights on Sloshing Loads

Min Cheol Ryu, Jun Hyung Jung, Soo Sung Jeon, Yoon Sik Hwang, Yong Soo Kim, Jung Han Lee and Sun Hong Kwon

223Statistical Evaluation of Local Impact Pressures in Sloshing

Y. Kim, S.Y. Kim and W.J. Yoo

231A Study on the Characteristics of Piezoelectric Sensor in Sloshing Experiment

H.I. Choi, Y.M. Choi, H.Y. Kim, S.H. Kwon, J.S. Park and K.H. Lee

237Numerical Sloshing Assessment Including Tank Sloshing and Ship Motion Coupling Effect

Jong Jin Park, Hiroshi Kawabe, Mun Sung Kim, Byung Woo Kim and Mun Keun Ha

244A Study on Coupling Effect between Sea-keeping and Sloshing for Membrane-type LNG Carrier

Xin Wang and Makoto Arai

252Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Swash Bulkhead on Sloshing

Reza Firoozkoohi and Odd Magnus Faltinsen


Ocean Waves

260Experimental Validation of Deterministic Non-linear Wave Prediction Schemes in 2D

E. Blondel, F. Bonnefoy and P. Ferrant

268An Emperical Wave Envelope Spectrum and the Simulation of Irregular Sea Wave Groups

Si Liu, Shuxue Liu, Jinxuan Li and Yuxiu Yu

274Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Wave Nowcasting

Roberto Bruschi, Giulia De Masi, Federico Gaggiotti, Floriano Gianfelici and Marco Venturi

279Application Research of Homotopy Analysis Method in Nonlinear Water Wave Equations

Yuliang Liu

283Extreme Wave Prediction Based on the Numerically Simulated Data in a Semi-Enclosed Basin

M.H. Moeini, A. Etemad-Shahidi and V. Chegini

287The Various Components of the Circulation in the Singapore Strait Region: Tidal, Wind and Eddy-driven Circulations and their Relative Importance

Haoliang Chen, Jun Wei, Pavel Tkalich and Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli

292The Application of GPS Height Data for Bathymetric Survey

Chan-Chuan Wen and Dong-Taur Su

298Sea Level Variation of the North Pacific Ocean during the 1997-98 El Niño Event

Yanfang Li, Meixiang Chen and Juncheng Zuo

304The Study of Establishment of GIS Information System for Coastal Typhoon Disaster Prevention

Lien-Kwei Chien, Tsung-Shen Feng, Chieh-Cheng Yen and Yi-Ting Huang

311Interannual Variability of the Tropical Indian Ocean Associated with Indian Ocean Dipole Events Co-occurred with El Niño

Shuangwen Sun, Jian Lan and Yi Wang

317Interannual Variabilities of the Cold Eddy in the East China Sea

Gang Wang, Jian Lan and Yi Wang

325A Study on the Relationship between Typhoon Waves and Surges at Hua-Lien Waters

Beng-Chun Lee, Chiung-Chu Huang and Huan-Meng Chang

331Wave Age Retrieval from SAR Images in Japanese Coastal Waters

Jian Sun, Changlong Guan and Lin Mu

336A Semi-empirical SAR Wave Height Retrieval Algorithm and Preliminary Validation

He Wang, Tongji Li, Jingsong Yang and Chaoying Shi

340A Combined Empirical Decomposition and Zero-Up-Crossing Method on Ocean Wave Analysis

Jaw-Guei Lin, Yu-Feng Lin, Shih-Yu Hsu and Yung-Fang Chiu

Freak and Tsunami Waves

346Numerical Exploration for Rogue Wave Generation in Laboratory Flume Based on Sideband Instability of Nonlinear Wave Trains

Jinpeng Hu, Yunqiu Zhang, Liangsheng Zhu and Qing Wang

352Recent Characteristics of Stormy Waves in Japanese Coast

Tetsuya Hiraishi, Katsuya Hirayama, Hiroaki Kashima, Kazuto Haruo and Ichiro Miyazato

357Numerical Investigation of Fully Nonlinear Interaction between Freak Waves and 2-D Submerged Cylinders

S. Yan, Q.W. Ma, Cedric D'Mello and L. Zhang

Wave Loading and Slamming

364Time-Domain Simulation of Nonlinear Wave Impact Loads on Fixed Offshore Platform and Decks

Hamn-Ching Chen

372Analysis of Second-order Wave Force on Floating Bodies using FEM in Time-domain

Sa Young Hong and Bo-Woo Nam

379Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Structural Loads on a 6500 TEU Containership by a Time-Domain Rankine Panel Method

M. Song, K.H. Kim and Y. Kim

385Segmented Model Testing and Numerical Analysis of Wave-Induced Extreme and Springing Loads on Large Container Carriers

Sungeun (Peter) Kim, Han-Chang Yu and Sa Young Hong

393Numerical Studies of Green Water Impact on Fixed and Moving Bodies

Haidong Lu, Chi Yang and Rainald Löhner

401A Study on the Collision Avoidance System of a Ship Considering the Effects of Speed Dependent Coefficients

Young-Jun You, Key-Pyo Rhee, Hansol Park, Sung-Kyun Lee and JongYong Park

409Theoretical Transfer Function of Force-controlled Wave Machines

Johannes Spinneken and Chris Swan

418Using the rasInterFoam CFD Model for Non-linear Wave Interaction with a Cylinder

Gerald C. J. Morgan and Jun Zang

424The On Board Wave and Motion Estimator OWME

Jens Dannenberg, Katrin Hessner, Peter Naaijen, Henk van den Boom and Konstanze Reichert

432Wave Diffraction and Radiation of a Submerged Hollow Sphere with an Opening Hole

Mansheng Dong, Guoping Miao, Renchuan Zhu and Ju Fan

439Numerical Simulation and Analysis on Radiation Problems of Moving Vessels

Renchuan Zhu, Zhaozhao Fang, Guoping Miao and Alan M Wang

Floating Bodies

447Assessment and Calibration of Numerical Coupled Models of a Deep-Draft Semisubmersible Platform Based on Model Tests

Stael Ferreira Senra, Breno Pinheiro Jacob, Fabrício Nogueira Correa, Bruno Martins Jacovazzo, Alex Leandro de Lima, Thiago Ângelo Gonçalves de Lacerda and Carlos Hakio Fucatu

457Effect of Ship-Tugboat Hydrodynamic Interaction on the Braking Force of Tugboats

Linjia Yang, Biguang Hong, Jianmin Li, K. Inoue and H. Sadakane

464An Efficient Hydro Structure Interface for Mixed Panel-stick Hydrodynamic Model

F.X. Sireta, Š. Malenica, F. Bigot, Q. Derbanne, X.B. Chen and V. Bonniol

469The Numerical and Experimental Study on Moonpool Water Surface Response of a Ship in Wave Condition

Hiroshi Kawabe, HyunUk Kwak, JongJin Park and MunKeun Ha

475Radiation and Diffraction Problem of a Floating Body in Two-layer Fluids

Weoncheol Koo and Migeun Kim

480A Motion Analysis of Two Floaters in Shallow Water Using Boussinesq Equations

Heewon Lee, DongYoung Lee, Booki Kim, Yung Sup Shin and Hang-Soon Choi

485A Model of the Cavity Flow past a Hydrofoil with Accounting Fluid Viscosity and Surface Tension Effects

Bum-Sang Yoon and Yuriy A. Semenov

492Nonlinear Coupled Dynamic Response of a Semi-submersible Platform

V.J. Kurian, M.A.Yassir and I.S.Harahap

500Dynamic Forces during Deepwater Lifting Operations

T. Bøe and A. Nestegård

508An Investigation on the Characteristics of Ship Wave in Canal

Hiroaki Eto, Osamu Saijo, Shigenori Yuasa, Kohei Wads and Hayato Nakamura

515Grounding Controlling for Ship Maneuvering in Shallow Water

Lin Li

523Numerical Study of Viscous Hydrodynamic Forces on a Ship Navigating near Bank in Shallow Water

Huaming Wang, Zaojian Zou, Yonghe Xie and Wanlun Kong

529Modeling of Fully Nonlinear Wave Interactions with Moving Submerged Structures

Etienne Guerber , Michel Benoit , Stéphan T. Grilli and Clément Buvat

537Validation of a Numerical Method for the Study of Piston-Like Oscillations between a Ship and a Terminal

Thomas Sauder, Trygve Kristiansen and Anders Östman

545Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Interaction Produced during the Head-on Encounter Process of Two Ships

D. C. Lo


553Generation of Arbitrary Wave Field in Arbitrary Configured Wave Basin Composed by Element Absorbing Wave-makers

Munehiko Minoura, Toyoaki Muto, Etsuro Okuyama and Shigeru Naito

561Bragg Reflection of Nonlinear Waves by a 2D Numerical Wave Tank

Weoncheol Koo and Karam Choi

566Generation of Irregular Wave for Marine Application by Piston Type Wave Maker

Muniyandy Elangovan and Gyanendu Sahoo

572Numerical Simulation of Diffracted Wave by a Vertical Cylinder Using VOF Method

Bo-Woo Nam, Sa Young Hong and Hong Gun Sung

578Coupling of NWT and Large-eddy Simulation for Wave-induced Sediment Transport

Jeffrey C. Harris and Stéphan T. Grilli

586Numerical Simulation of 2-D Nonlinear Wave

Duo-lin Wang and Ying-hua Zhao

CFD-Particle Method

590SPH Model of Solitary Waves Shoaling on a Mild Sloping Beach

Gao Rui, Ren Bing, Wang Guoyu and Wang Yongxue

596Numerical Simulation of Focused Wave Generation Using CIP Method

Xizeng Zhao, Changhong Hu and Zhaochen Sun

604Simulation of 2D Breaking Waves by Using Improved MLPG_R Method

V. Sriram and Q.W. Ma

611An Eulerian Scheme with Lagrangian Particles for Evaluation of Seakeeping Performance of a Ship in Nonlinear Wave

Suandar Baso, Hidemi Mutsuda, Takehiro Kurihara, Takayuki Kurokawa, Yasuaki Doi and Jiangang Shi

619Simulation of Wave Run-up and Overtopping near a Seawall Using Particle Level Set Method

Ching-Jer Huang, Chih-Hsin Chen and Chun-Yuan Lin

625Numerical Simulation of 2D Water Waves by Using K2_SPH

X. Zheng, W.Y. Duan and Q.W. Ma

632The Development of a Cartesian Ghost-Cell Method for Moving Boundary Problems

Z.H. Ma, L. Qian, D.M. Causon, H.B. Gu and C.G. Mingham


639Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Flow around a Vertical Circular Cylinder

F. Gao, D. McGovern, C. G. Mingham , S. Ilic and D. M. Causon

644Research on 3D Modeling and CFD Analysis of Performance in Open Water of Skewed Propeller

Shuquan Huang and Tieli Li

648CFD Simulation for Propeller Performance under Seaway Wave Condition

Sing-Kwan Lee, Kai Yu, Hamn-Ching Chen and Robert Kuo-Cheng Tseng

655Numerical Flow Analysis of a 3-D Hydrofoil Using a Surface Panel Method

Riccardo Bulgarelli and Decheng Wan

663Numerical Navigation for a Ship in Simulation of Waves

Shigeaki Shiotani, Kenji SaSa, Daisuke Tarada, Hidenari Makino and Yoichi Shimada

669Numerical Analysis on Added Resistance of Ships

Kyong-Hwan Kim and Yonghwan Kim

678RANS Simulations of a CALM Buoy in Regular and Irregular Seas Using the SWENSE Method

C. Monroy, G. Ducrozet, F. Bonnefoy, A. Babarit, L. Gentaz and P. Ferrant

686Modeling of Wave Breaking andWave-Structure Interactions by Coupling of Fully Nonlinear Potential Flow and Lattice-Boltzmann Models

Christian F. Janssen, Stéphan T. Grilli and Manfred Krafczyk

694Numerical Simulation with Parallel Computation for Anti-Corrosion System of Ocean Structure

Yi Huang, Qiyun He, Pu Wang, Gang Liu, Qi Zhang and Hongxia Li

702Application of OpenFOAM to Simulate Three-Dimensional Flows past a Single and Two Tandem Circular Cylinders

Hongjian Cao and Decheng Wan

710Numerical Investigation on Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Planing Hull

S. L. Chen, Q. W. Ma and S. L. Yang

715High Resolution Computation of Free Surface Flows Using a Level Set Approach

H.B. Gu, D.M. Causon, C.G Mingham, L. Qian and F. Gao

723An Improved Immersed Boundary Method for Simulating Wave-Structure Interactions

Chun-Yuan Lin, Ching-Jer Huang and Chih-Hsin Chen

729Numerical Simulation of the Impact of a Plunging Breaker on a Vertical Structure and Subsequent Overtopping Event Using a Navier-Stokes VOF model

Cyril Mokrani, Stéphane Abadie, Stéphan Grilli and Kamel Zibouche

737Numerical Simulation of Wave Energy Converters Using Eulerian and Lagrangian CFD Methods

J. Westphalen, D. M. Greaves, Alison Hunt-Raby, C. J. K. Williams, Paul H. Taylor, Z. Z. Hu, P. Omidvar, D. M. Causon, C. G. Mingham, P. K. Stansby and B. D. Rogers


Coastal Waves

745Image Measurements of Three-dimensional Shapes of Solid Objects and Liquid Free Surfaces

Y. Mitobe, Y. Niida and Y. Watanabe

750LES-Stochastic Coupling Model of Bubble-laden Turbulence

Y. Niida, Y. Mitobe and Y. Watanabe

755Wave Prediction for Seawall Rehabilitation in Nanri Island

Jinhai Zheng, Qiong Yang and Chi Zhang

760Numerical Modeling and Experimental Visualization of Wave Propagation over Semicircular Obstacles

Tamer H. M. A. Kasem and Jun Sasaki

768A New Adaptive Grid Based Shallow Water Equation Solver for Coastal Hydrodynamic Modeling

Qiuhua Liang

775Characteristics of Tsunami Fluid Force Acting on Girder Bridge

Susumu Araki, Kazuo Ishino and Ichiro Deguchi

780Sand Overtopping from Sea Dike on Sandy Beach

Ichiro Deguchi, Mamoru Arita, J. M. Han, K. H. Kim and S. J. Yoon

Wave Breaking

787Bragg Interactions of a Cnoidal Wave with Rigid Bottom Ripples

Chii-Jau Tang and Tzu-Chiang Lee

795Numerical Simulation of Breaking Wave with Level Set Method

Haigui Kang and Yingwei Sun

800Predictive Models for Estimation of Breaking Wave Characteristics

E. Delavari, A. M. Gharabaghi and M. R. Chenaghlou

806Lagrangian Nonlinear Progressive Water Waves on Sloping Bottoms

Yang-Yih Chen, Bin-Da Yang, Hung-Chu Hsu, Meng-Syue Li and Kuei-Sen Yang

815Measuring Wave Field of Taipei Harbour with a Marine Radar - Reanalyzing the Images

John Z. Yim and W.-K. Weng

820Transformations of Waves Propagating over an Elliptic Shoal on a Sloping Bottom

Chao-Min Hsu, Sung-Shan Hsiao, Ming-Chung Lin and Ya-Jung Lee

828Ensemble Modelling of Tides, Surge and Waves

Yongping Chen, Shunqi Pan, Richard Hewston, Ian Cluckie and Judith Wolf

Seabed and Sediment Transport

834Characteristics of the Wave Field in the Radial Sand Ridge Field of South Yellow Sea

W. B. Feng, Y. Z. Yang, Y. F. Yang and T. M. Li

840Study on Sediment Accumulation Processes in Kirinda Fishery Harbour, Sri Lanka

D.P.C. Laknath and Jun Sasaki

848Ground Improvement in Deep Waters Using Dynamic Replacement

Babak Hamidi, Hamid Nikraz, Kenny Yee, Serge Varaksin and Leong Toh Wong

854Analysis on Drastic Sand Siltation of Open Channels Due to Wave-Induced Liquefaction at Silty Coast Areas

Xin Wang, Guo Hui Xu, Qing Peng Zhao, Hui Xin Liu and Yue Qian Yu

Tsunami and Storm Surge

8583D Simulation of Tsunami and Submergence Analysis of Coast

Lihong Luo and Jiewei Ye

863Coastal Vulnerability of Eastern Saronikos Gulf to Intense Natural Events

Takvor H. Soukissian, Manolis C. Ntoumas, Christos Anagnostou and Chara Kiriakidou

871Coastal Flood Inundation Modelling with a 2-D Shallow Water Equation Solver

Xingzheng Wu, Jim Hall and Qiuhua Liang

876Removal of Fluid Contents in a Cavity under the Effect of a Propagating Solitary Wave

Chih-Hua Chang, Ted Chu, Keh-Han Wang and Chii-Jau Tang

883Coincidence Risk of Extreme Storm Surges in Adjacent Bohai Bay and Laizhou Bay

Qiaoling Ji, Sheng Dong, Shujun Cao and Shanshan Tao

Breaking Waves and Wave Force

888Comparative Study on Breaking Wave Forces on Vertical Walls with Cantilever Surfaces

Dogan Kisacik, Patricia Verleysen, Philippe Van Bogaert and Peter Troch

895A Basic Study on Fender Monitoring System for Floating Pneumatic Fenders at Ship-to-Jetty and Ship-to-Ship Operations

Shigeki Sakakibara, Shuu Yamada, Michito Kaneko and Koji Nakatani

902Wave Forces on Multiple Large Surface-Piercing Cylinders Mounted on Conical Shoals

Sung-Shan Hsiao, Chih-Chung Wen, Chun-Ming Chang and Chao-Lung Ting

908Experimental Research on Wind and Wave Coupling Action on Pier

Liu Hai-yuan, Chen Han-bao and Zheng Bao-you

912Investigation of Breaking Wave Action on Vertical Breakwater

Juan Yuan, Bing Chen and Haigui Kang

Tidal Characteristics and Estuary

918Effect of Wave on Tidal Current and Its Application in Bohai Sea

Shipeng Wang, Jing Zhao and Yanlong Qin

924Comparisons of Tidal Flow Simulation between Eastern and Western Coasts of Taiwan

Jeng-Hong Kao and Jaw-Fang Lee

929Determination of Amphidromic Point M2 Tidal Constituent at Yellow River Estuary

Jian Zhou, Peiliang Li and Yunfeng Yan

935The Effects on Tidal Characteristics in Yangtze Estuary due to Yangtze Estuary Comprehensive Regulation Projects and Sea-level Rise

Zheng Gong, Chengbiao Zuo, Juncheng Zuo, Hongyan Ji and Genming Sheng

940Interannual Variability of the Cold Eddy in East China Sea

Jian Lan, Jianfeng Wang and Gang Wang

944A GRP Scheme for 2D Shallow Water Equations with Source Terms

Shaowu Li and Wei Wang

Port and Harbor

948Study on the Port Entry Channel Width of Very Large Container Carrier

Qing-xin Yan, Wei Chen and Yan-min Xu

956Safety Evaluation Method of Ship Berthing at Pontoon under Strong Current from Viewpoint of Ship Motions

Kenji Sasa, Tadashi Hibino and Kyunghoi Kim

964Adjustable Berthing and Trestle Facility for High Tidal Range Region

Chul H. Jo, Kwang S. Chae, Seung H. Song, Won C. Cho and Ro S. Park

967Simulation Research of Hydrodynamic in Channels after Blocking Inlet Engineering for Deep-Water Harbor in Islands Group

Bei Li, Zheng Zhang, Shuhua Zuo and Yun Zhang

971Improving Method of Estimating Irregular Wave Overtopping Rates

Changliang Li and Xiaolin Huan

977Numerical Simulation of Waves Overtopping a Breakwater

Chih-Min Hsieh, Robert R. Hwang and Ming-Jyh Chern

984Analysis on the Reflection Coefficient of Irregular Wave by Perforated Breakwaters with Superstructure

Xuefeng Chen, Li Kong and Yucheng Li

989A Developed AHP Method Applied to the Comparison of Port Projects' Plane Layout Alternatives

Meng Shao and Hongda Shi

995Application of Physical Modeling for Measuring the Efficiency of Pontoon-Type Breakwaters

Harman Ajiwibowo, Nita Yuanita and Rahmat Zamzami

Breakwaters and Dikes

1003Numerical Modelling of Wave Motion and Seabed Response around a Submerged Porous Breakwater

J-S Zhang, B Wang, D-S Jeng and Y-K Guo

1011Tilting of Caisson Breakwater by Wave Impact

F. H. Lee, X. Y. Zhang and C. F. Leung

1017Wave Transformation between a Submerged Breakwater and a Seawall

Ching-Piao Tsai, Hong-Bin Chen, Hsin-Yu Chen and Chien Hung Yu

1022Diffusion of Waves Propagating over a Series of Submerged Breakwaters

Li-Hung Tsai, Chih-Chung Wen and Po-Ling Lin

1028Numerical Study of Solitary Wave Propagating over a Vertical Thin Barrier

Yun-Ta Wu and Shih-Chun Hsiao

1036Instability Analysis and Prevention of Hydraulic Sheeting Pile Dike in Coastal Area of the Yellow River Delta

Qingpeng Zhao, Guohui Xu, Wenjie Liu and Furong He

1042Field Survey of Cracks Occurred on Aged Concrete-Armored Coastal Dikes

Yoshiharu Yoshida, Koichiro Iwata and Yuko Yamauchi

1048Estimation Irregular Wave Runup on Sloping Dike

Jea-Tzyy Juang, Chao-Fu Lin and Wei-Guang Liu

Beach Evolution

1053Improvement of Prediction Methods of Coastal Scour and Erosion due to Tsunami Back-flow

Vu Thanh Ca, Yoshimichi Yamamoto and Nunthawath Charusrojthanadech

1061A Numerical Model Simulation of Cross Scale Interaction between River Plume and Coastal Flows

Wen-Chang Yang, Chun-Hsien Lee, Wei-Bo Chen and Albert Y Kuo

1069A Phase-Resolving Beach Evolution Model Based on Fully Nonlinear Boussinesq Equations

Kezhao Fang, Ping Dong and Zhili Zou


1075Hydrodynamic Flow Separation Control through Vortex Generators

Jinsong Xu, Jie Xie and Cheng Yu

1081Flow Characteristics behind Two Unequal Circular Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement

Yangyang Gao , Stephane Etienne, Dingyong Yua and Soon Keat Tan

1089Effect of Rotational Degree of Freedom on Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a Circular Cylinder in Cross-Flow

Stéphane Etienne and Emmanuel Fontaine

1094Experimental Correlation Length Evaluation for Flexible Marine Riser in Transverse Flow

Jijun Gu, Menglan Duan, Waldir T. Pinto and Carlos Levi

1102Reexamination of the Lift on a Circular Cylinder in Uniform Shear Flow

Tongqing Chen and Qinghe Zhang

1107Parameter Analysis of Vortex-induced Vibrations through Numerical Simulation

Changjiang He, Zhongdong Duan and Jinping Ou

1115Experimental Investigation on VIV Responses of a Long Flexible Riser Towed Horizontally in a Wave Basin

Ji-ning Song, Bin Teng, Han-il Park, Lin Lu, Guo-qiang Tang, Hao Wu and Jian-qiao Zhang

1121Case Study of Vortex-induced Motions (VIM) on a Monocolumn Platform Applying the Hilbert-Huang Transform Method

Rodolfo Trentin Gonçalves, Guilherme Feitosa Rosetti, Guilherme Rosa Franzini, André Luís Condino Fujarra and Kazuo Nishimoto

1129Flexible Catenary Riser VIV Simulation in Uniform Current

Kevin Huang, Hamn-Ching Chen and Chia-Rong Chen

1136Numerical Study of Vortex-Induced Vibration for Flexible Riser and Pipe Models

Zheng-Shou Chen and Wu-Joan Kim

1144The Effect of Non-linear Mooring Stiffness on the Vortex-induced Motion of Cylindrical Structures

Brad Stappenbelt

1151Conductor System Fatigue Excitation and Mitigation

Ching Li Shen, Shreenaath Natarajan and Frank Lim

1157Experimental Investigation on the Mechanism of VIV Reduction Using Helical Strakes

Siti Fatin Mohd. Razali, Tongming Zhou and Liang Cheng

1165VIV Suppression Device Effectiveness for Steel Catenary Risers

Hui Zhang and Frank Lim

The Proceedings of
The Twentieth (2010) International

Beijing, China, June 20-25, 2010



Advanced Materials and Structures, Shipbuilding Steels, Fatigue and Fracture, Corrosion and Coating, Advance in Welding Technology, Advanced Characterization, Composite Materials, Composites and Coatings


Strain Demand, Materials, Strain Capacity


Applications, Biomedical and Energy Materials, Processing


Safety Management, Reliability Methods, Impact and Damage, Water Impact and Ship Impacts




Advanced Ship Technology, Hydroelasticity, Propulsion, Maneuvering

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Advanced Materials and Structures

1High-performance Steels for Energy Exploration

Andreas Kern, Udo Schriever and Gregor Steinbeck

8The Effects of Microscopic Metallurgical Factors on Macroscopic Deformation Properties in Dual Phase Steels

Junji Shimamura, Nobuyuki Ishikawa, Hitoshi Sueyoshi, Shinji Mitao and Jordan van Rassel

15Mechanical Properties after Full-Scale Reeling Simulation of X65 Equivalent Grade Seamless Pipe

Keiji Higuchi and Hidenori Shitamoto

21Residual Life Assessment of Elbow with Volumetric Surface Defect under Cyclic Inner Pressure

Peter Yukhymets

27Safety Analysis on Welded Joint of Submarine Oil and Gas Pipeline

Chunrun Li, Huli Niu, Zhijian Wang, Xiao Zhang, Yougeng Guan and Zongtao Fang

31Analysis of Three-dimensional Crack in Welded Joint Structure using Shell-Solid Zooming Method

Satoyuki Tanaka, Hiroshi Okada, Suguru Ogawa and Shigenobu Okazawa

38A Low-Cost and High-Performance Rust Converter Suitable for Ocean Vessel Hull Treatment

Xiqiu Fan and Xiaodong Zhao

42Design and Test of Submersible Umbrella and Underwater Maintenance Complex Node Cover

Yanghou Chen and Guoming Chen

46Quality Control and Service Life Prediction of Concrete Structures in Severe Marine Environment

Weiqun Cao, Xiaomei Wan and Tiejun Zhao

51Reliability Models and Service Life Estimation of Concrete Structure under Freeze-thaw Action

Huai-liang Wang and Yu-pu Song

55Internal Deterioration in Concrete Lined Open Channels Due to Frost Damage

Masashi Suto, Hidehiko Ogata, Kunio Hattori, Ryuichi Takata and Panganayi Cleopatra

61Study of Deep Water Cement Experimental Method And Cement Slurry

Fangzhu Xi, Jiansheng Qu, Guangming Lv, Wenli Tan, Chong Wang

66Experimental Study of Lightweight Metakaolin Aggregate Applied to Ocean Concrete

Hsien Hua Lee and Hua-Jau Huang

Shipbuilding Steels

71Development of Guidelines on Brittle Crack Arrest Design - Brittle Crack Arrest Design for Large Container Ships -1 -

Yoshiya Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Yajima, Shuji Aihara, Hitoshi Yoshinari, Kazuhiro Hirota, Masanobu Toyoda, Takaaki Kiyosue, Shigeru Tanaka, Taku Okabe, Ko Kageyama, Yuji Funatsu, Tsunehisa Handa, Tomoya Kawabata and Tokutaka Tani

80Development of Brittle Crack Arrest Toughness Kca Test Method - Brittle Crack Arrest Design for Large Container Ships -2 -

Tomoya Kawabata, Kazuyuki Matsumoto, Tsubasa Ando, Hiroshi Yajima, Shuji Aihara, Hitoshi Yoshinari, Kazuhiro Hirota, Masanobu Toyoda, Takaaki Kiyosue, Takehiro Inoue, Tsunehisa Handa and Tokutaka Tani

88Effect of Structural Discontinuities of Welded Joints on Brittle Crack Propagation Behavior - Brittle Crack Arrest Design for Large Container Ships -3 -

Tsunehisa Handa, Toshiyuki Matsumoto, Hiroshi Yajima, Shuji Aihara, Hitoshi Yoshinari, Kazuhiro Hirota, Masanobu Toyoda, Takaaki Kiyosue, Takehiro Inoue, Tomoya Kawabata and Tokutaka Tani

95Required Brittle Crack Arrest Toughness Kca Value with Actual-scale Model Tests - Brittle Crack Arrest Design for Large Container Ships -4 -

Takehiro Inoue, Yoshiya Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Yajima, Shuji Aihara, Hitoshi Yoshinari, Kazuhiro Hirota, Masanobu Toyoda, Takaaki Kiyosue, Tsunehisa Handa, Tomoya Kawabata and Tokutaka Tani

102Development of Higher Toughness YP47 (460N/mm2) Class Steel Plate for Large Container Ships

Yuuji Funatsu, Jun Otani, Kazuhiro Hirota, Toshiyuki Matsumoto and Hiroshi Yajima

107Practical Application of Laser Arc Hybrid Welding to Shipbuilding

S. Terada, K. Hirota, S. Nakayama and S. Tsubota

112Residual Stress Analysis of Multi-layer Flux Core Arc Welding in the Joint of Ultra Thick Plates

Jang-Hyun Lee, Se-Yun Hwang, Yong-Sik Yang and Byung-Jong Kim

119Increase of Fracture Toughness Using Crack Arrest Design of Thick Steel Plate Welds in Large Container Ship

Gyu Baek An, Kang Mook Ryu, Joon Sik Park, Tae Dong Park, Yong Taek Shin, Ki Hyung Hank, Sung Ku Kang, Sang Hoon Jeong, Chang Wook Kim, Yong Shim and Jong Sub Lee

122Development of Thick YP460 MPa Class Steel Plates for Large Heat-input Welding for Very Large Containerships

Masahito Kaneko, Tokutaka Tani, Yuji Takahashi, Satoshi Shimoyama, Manabu Izum, Naohiro Hurukawa and Kengo Abe

Fatigue and Fracture

129Study on Fracture Toughness Indices of Chinese Structural Steel and Weld Metal

Yuanqing Wang, Hui Zhou, Yongjiu Shi and Hong Chen

135Experimental Study on the Impact Toughness of Thick Plate Butt Weld of Steel Structure at Low Temperature

Yuanqing Wang, Zongwen Hu, Yongjiu Shi, Hui Zhou and Hong Chen

139Low Cycle Fatigue of T-tubular Joints under Axial Loading

Marie Hochman, Marte Madshus and Stig Berge

147A Local Fatigue Strength Concept for Evaluation of Post Weld Treatments of Fatigue Loaded Welds

Th Nitschke-Pagel and Klaus Dilger

154The Effects of Wind Modeling Considerations and Wind Direction on an Accurate Fatigue Life Assessment of High Rise Tubular Structures

Junbo Jia, Rune Ellefsen, Gunnar Bremer, Tore Holmås and Ketil Aas-Jakobsen

162Effects of Temperature and Crack Tip Constraint on Cleavage Fracture Toughness in the Weld Thermal Simulated X80 Pipeline Steel

J Xu, Z L Zhang, E Østby, B Nyhus and D B Sun

170Depth Estimation for Surface Cracks Based on Crack Mouth Opening Displacement Measurement

Jingxia Yue and Weiguo Wu

177Simplified Methodology for Fracture Integrity of Cold Formed Pipe-in-Pipe Systems

Andrew R Low, Simon A Don, Iain C MacKellar and Dan Lee

183A New Method for Calculating Stress Intensity Factor at Crack Tip in a Finite Thickness Plate

Yi Huang, Jingjie Chen and Gang Liu

Corrosion and Coating

189Meshless Numerical Simulation of Crack Growth Induced by Stress-Assited Corrosion in a Brittle Solid

Zhibo Tang

196Numerical Calculation of Cathodic Protection Potential Distribution for Ocean Construction

Fuguo Liu and Suru Wu

201Determination of Critical Factors Affecting on Hydrogen Induced Cracking and Type I Sulfide Stress Cracking of High Strength Linepipe Steel

Wan Keun Kim, Gyutae Park, Seong Ung Koh, Hwan Gyo Jung and Kyoo Young Kim

206Corrosion Protection Status Survey of Submarine Pipelines Based on Bayesian Regulated Neural Networks

Jie Lan, Yi Huang, Li-ping Luo, Wei-jun Xia and Pu Wang

211Research on Detection and Quantitative Evaluation of the Anti-corrosion State of Submarine Pipeline

Pu Wang, Yi Huang, Weijun Xia, Liping Luo and Jie Lan

218An Electrochemical Evaluation on Corrosion Resistance of Anti-Corrosive Paints

KM Moon, YH Kim and MH Lee

223Cavitation Erosion and Corrosion Behaviors of Various Metallic Coatings Prepared by Arc Spraying

Jin-Hong Kim, Hong-Chul Shin and Myeong-Hoon Lee

Advance in Welding Technology

229Study on Automatic Hyperbaric Welding Applied in Subsea Pipelines Repair

Canfeng Zhou, Xiangdong Jiao, Long Xue, Jiaqing Chen and Xiaoming Huang

234Subsea Pipeline Hyperbaric Welding Technology

Hongxin Ma, Dongmin Pan and Hu Feng

238On the Weld-Induced Deformation of Thin Panels to Welding Process

Joo-Sung Lee

242The Properties of Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding for A5083 in LNG Cryogenic Storage Vessel

Wen-bin Ding, Wei Liu and Shu-yan Zhang

246Study on Mini-cap Local Dry Underwater Flux-Cored Arc Welding and Online Control of Weld Penetration

Yonghua Shi, Guorong Wang and Cuixia Liu

251Development of Covered Electrode with Good CTOD Properties for YS 500 MPa Class High-Strength Steel

Peng Han, Makoto Ota and Kojiro Nakanishi

256Discussion about the Electromagnetic Stirring Head in Twin-wire Submerged Arc Welding

Wei Xu, Jun Cao, Wenbin Ding, Cuihua Zhao, Wei Liu and Chunbiao Wang

260The Isolation Technology of Oil and Gas Pipeline in China

Bingjie Zhao, Chunrui Li, Jianhu Zhang and Yahua Hu

263Numerical Investigation on Temperature Distribution of Submarine Pipeline Welding

Zongtao Fang, Bo Sun, Deyu Tang and Huli Niu

269Residual Stresses and Near-surface Material Condition of Welded High Strength Steels after Different Mechanical Post-weld Treatments

Th Nitschke-Pagel and Klaus Dilger

275Experimental Study of Residual Stress for A105 Steel Thick Plate in Butt Welding

Ren-jun Yan, Jia-jing Lei, Yao Qi, Bai-lu Luo and Zhou Li

282A Study on Residual Stress Distribution and Relaxation in Welded Components

Helena Polezhayeva, Joong-Kyoo Kang, Jang-Hyun Lee, Yong-Sik Yang and Yuri Kudryavtsev

290Welding Deformation Analysis of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Alloy Structures Using Equivalent Load Method based on Inherent Strain

Chang Doo Jang and Young Jae Jang

298Advances in Friction Stir Welding Tooling Materials Development

Qingyuan Liu, Russell Steel, Jeremy Peterson, Scott Horman, Matt Collier, David B. Marshall, Janet B. Davis and Murray Mahoney

Advanced Characterization

303In-situ Study of Phase Transformation in Steel during Welding

Yu-ichi Komizo and Hidenori Terasaki

308In-situ Observation of Martensite Transformation and Retained Austenite in Supermartensitic Steel

Shuoyuan Zhang, Hidenori Terasaki and Yu-ichi Komizo

312Nondestructive Mechanical Property Assessment Using Instrumented Indentation Testing

Young-Cheon Kim, Kug-Hwan Kim and Dongil Kwon

316Using Instrumented Indentation to Evaluate High-temperature Mechanical Properties

Chan-Pyoung Park, Seung-Kyun Kang, Won-Je Jo and Dongil Kwon

320Using the Instrumented Indentation Technique (IIT) on API Pipe

Dongseong Ro, Kwang-ho Kim and Sung-min Song

324Using Instrumented Evaluation of Residual Stress Perpendicular to a Weld

Won-Seok Song, Min-Jae Choi, Young-Cheon Kim and Dongil Kwon

Composite Materials

327Constitutive Modeling of RC and PC Structures Strengthened by Fiber Reinforced Plastics

H.-T. Hu, F.-M. Lin, H.-T. Liu, Y.-F. Huang and T.-C. Pan

335Experimental Study on Flexural Capacity of Corrosion-Damaged RC Beams Repaired with Different Layers of CFRP

Ruo-lin Hu, Lin-wang Su, You-yuan Wang and Jian-he Xie

339FRP-Wrapped Concrete in Salt-Containing Environments

H. Karpate, H.G. Wheat, J. O. Jirsa, D. W. Fowler and D.P. Whitney

346Assessment of Chloride Ions Diffusion by the Rapid Chloride Permeability Test based on Electrochemical Techniques

Minhi Jin, Kunseok Park, Eunhee Yun and Dongcheon Park

Composites and Coatings

352Research of High Temperature Tolerance Latex Slurry System

Wei Hou, Fuquan Sun, Yonghui Gao , Jianguo Zeng, Mingjiang Huo and Jiandong Wang

357Degradation of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites as Heating Elements

Yun-hae Kim, Seung-jun An, Sung-won Yoon, Young-dae Jo and Kyung-man Moon

361Characteristics of Unconfined Compressive Strength in Controlled Low Strength Materials Made with Coal Ash

Hyuk-Sang Jung, Jin-Young Kong, Jong-Goo Lim and Byung-Sik Chun

365Ductile-Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composite Using Shirasu Fine Aggregate

Ken Watanabe, Fumiyasu Sato, Mamoru Fujii and Jun Mauricio Arai

372Effect of Plate Thickness on the Width and Distribution of Cracks on Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC)

Cleopatra Panganayi, Hidehiko Ogata, Kunio Hattori and Masashi Suto


Plenary Presentations

376Strain-based Design - Advances in Prediction Methods of Tensile Strain Capacity

X. Wang, S. Kibey, H. Tang, W. Cheng, K. Minnaar, M. L. Macia, W. C. Kan, S. J. Ford and B. Newbury

383The Third (2009) ISOPE Strain-Based Design Symposium - A Review

B. D. Newbury

Strain Demand

394Improved Ultrasonic Piezoceramic Sandwich Transducer

Lin Jiang and Ming Hong

398Comparative Study of Modal Strain Energy Based Damage Localization Methods for Three-Dimensional Structure

Shuqing Wang, Jian Zhang, Jinkun Liu and Fushun Liu

404Application of Design by Analysis Procedures for Deepwater Subsea Tie-in Systems

Floriano Casola, Abed El-Chayeb and Antonello Delle-Canne

415Identification of Vibration Energy Flow Characteristics in Coupled Plates by Visualization Techniques

Kai Li, Sheng Li and De-you Zhao

421Analytical Approach of Limit State Assessment for Multi-Axially Loaded UOE Line Pipe

Susanne Höhler, Steffen Zimmermann and Christoph Kalwa


429Trends in Pipe Coating Selection Process

Michael B. Surkein and John P. LaFontaine

436Investigation on Strain-age of Large Diameter and Thick Wall X80 Grade Cold Bends

Qiang Chi, Lingkang Ji, Yinglai Liu and Peng Wang

441Effects of Straining and Heating on Dislocation Behavior and Solute Carbon Distribution in SBD X100 Linepipe Steels

J. S. Kang, H. S. Park, J. Y. Yoo, D. H. Seo S. H. Chon and C. G. Park

446Anisotropic Damage Behavior in High Strength Line Pipe Steels

Yasuhiro Shinohara, Jacques Besson and Yazid Madi

453Strain Rate Effect on Toughness Requirements for Pipeline Strain-Based Design

Luigi De Pari Jr., Nicholas Zettlemoyer, Craig C. Monahan and Brian D. Newbury

460The Effect of Weld Metal Mismatch Level on the Failure Mode in Small-scale Sent Testing of an X80 Material

Erling Østby, Bård Nyhus, Pascale-Alexandre Kane and Christian Thaulow

468Effect of Reeling Strain on Sulfide Stress Cracking Resistance of X65 Linepipe and Girth Welds

Craig Monahan, Germanique Pickens, Rick Noecker, Geoff Dunn and Luigi De Pari Jr.

Strain Capacity

476The Concepts for Pipeline Strain-Based Design

Hong Gao, Zhifeng Yu, Zhang Zhenyong and Hang Shi

483Deformability and Arrestability of API grade X60 Line Pipe with Dual Phase Microstructure

Takuya Hara, Yasuhiro Shinohara, Yoshio Terada, Hitoshi Asahi, Taro Muraki and Naoki Doi

489Tensile Strain Capacity of X80 Linepipe in Full Scale Test

Satoshi Igi and Takahiro Sakimoto

496Evaluation of Compressive Strain Limit of X80 SAW Pipes for Resistance to Ground Movement

Hidenori Shitamoto, Masahiko Hamada, Shuji Okaguchi, Nobuaki Takahashi, Izumi Takeuchi and Shusuke Fujita

502The Potential Limit of Compressive and Tensile Strain Considering Thermal Aging and Manufacturing Strength Range

Eiji Tsuru, Jun Agata and Yasuhiro Shinohara



510The MoS2 Nanohybrids Grown in a Confined Geometry of Nanotube Reactors

Maja Remskar, Marko Virsek, Ales Mrzel, J.P. Canejo and Helena M. Godinho

514New Synthetic Approaches to Functionalized Chalcogenide Nanostructures

Wolfgang Tremel, Aswani Yella, Martin Panthöfer, M. Nawaz Tahir, Jugal Sahoo, Enrico Mugnaioli and Ute Kolb

5223D Quantitative Phase Analysis and Strain Mapping of Nanostructured Coatings by Synchrotron Energy Dispersive X-ray Diffraction

E.K. Akdoğan, L. Balarinni, Z. Zhong, A. Ignatov, M. Croft and T. Tsakalakos

527Multifunctional Nanocomposites for Offshore Wind Energy

Jihua Gou, Fei Liang, Yong Tang and Jayanta Kapat

530In Situ HREM Study on Sublimation-induced Phase Change in Nanometer-sized Gold and Silver Particles

Jung-Goo Lee, Chun Lin Chen, Chul-Jin Choi and Hirotaro Mori

534Fe-based Nanocrystalline Soft-magnetic Alloys with Low Core Loss and High Curie Temperature

Baolong Shen, Fanli Kong, Mingxiao Zhang, Guoqiang Xie, Hisamichi Kimura, Akihiro Makino and Akihisa Inoue

Biomedical and Energy Materials

538Nanoscience for Innovative Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

A. Vomiero, I. Concina, A. Braga, M. Ferroni, G. Faglia and G. Sberveglieri

542Nanotechnology and Biomedicine at the Cross Roads

Thomas Tsakalakos, E. Koray Akdoğan and M. Muhammed

547Modern Catalytic Nanotechnologies for Sustainable Chemistry and Environmental Protection

Esfir M. Sulman


552Silicon and Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles by Laser Pyrolysis: Elaboration on Nanostructured Materials for Optical and Energy Applications

P. Simon, X. Paquez, B. Miao, B. Pignon, A.M. Flank, S. Coste-Leconte, S. Marguet, B. Bouchet-Fabre, O. Sublemontier, Y. Leconte, C. Reynaud and N. Herlin-Boime

559Electrospinning EPDM Oil Sorption Fiber: Effect of Solution Flow Rate

Yanping Liu, Meihu Zhou and Jingya Sun

563Process to Convert Polycrystalline Y2O3 into the Nanocrystalline State

Bernard H. Kear, Jafar F. Al-Sharab, Stuart Deutsch and Stephen D. Tse

567The MoS2 Nanohybrids Grown in a Confined Geometry of Nanotube Reactors

Maja Remskar, Marko Virsek, Ales Mrzel, J.P. Canejo and Helena M. Godinho


Safety Management

571Maritime Data Integration Using Standard ISO 15926

Liping Mu, Li Kuang and Andreas Prinz

577Safety Assurance Technology for the Long Term Operation of Offshore Platform Facility

Houxi Cui, Xinyang Lan and Zhihua Yang

581Risk Analysis for Occupational Safety Management at Shipyard

Takeshi Shinoda, Takashi Tanaka and Yoshiki Kano

589The Statistical Method Research of Vessels Traffic Flow Based on AIS

Jianhua Wu, Hongxiang Li and Hao Li

594Analyzing Environmental Contributors to Vessel Traffic Accident Based on Bayesian Theorem

F. Yin, J. Mou, Y. Wen, B. Wang, W. Li and H. Zhang

599Evacuation Risk Analysis against Tsunami Hazard Based on Spatial and Network Analysis on GIS

Sigit Sutikno, Keisuke Murakami and Agus Suharyanto

605A Research on Ships Evacuation Simulation due to a Tsunami Attack in the Seto Inland Sea

Masako Murayama, Eiichi Kobayashi, Hideaki Kondo and Shunich Koshimura

Reliability Methods

611Effect of Variation of Cover Depths on the Service Life of Marine Structures

Zongquan Ying, Huang Lv and Chaojun Ren

616Reliability of Pressurized Pipelines Subjected to Longitudinal Ground Movement

Wenxing Zhou

622Risk-Based Assessment for the Existed Submarine Pipeline

Dongyan Zhao and Cong Wang

626A Review and Probabilistic Analysis of Limit State Functions of Corroded Pipelines

Zahiraniza Mustaffa and Pieter van Gelder

Impact and Damage

633The Response of a Floating Structure due to Underwater Explosion with Cavitation Effect

Xiaobin Li, Xing Wei, Peng Zheng and Wei-guo Wu

639Reliability Evaluating of a Jacket Platform Example

Yankun Zhang and Weiliang Jin

644Damage Detection of Offshore Platform Model Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Wigner-Ville Distribution

Changhang Xu, Guoming Chen and Jing Xie

Water Impact and Ship Impacts

653Numerical Simulation of Water Impact by a Two-Phase Solver

Wei Cai, Weihua Chen, Chao Luo, Chao Luo, Zhenli Xu, Fuzong Jiang, Fulong Shi and Tingqiu Li

663Experimental Study of Random Wave Impact on a Horizontal Plate

Jiawen Sun , Zhaochen Sun, Shuxiu Liang, Zhiming Zhang, Guoping Yang and Feng Zhou

670Fatigue Safety of Berthing Monopile against Vessel Impacts

Yi Li, Shi-Liang Zhou and Duo-Yin Wang

677Optimization Analysis of Pile Protection Devices for Qiantang River Bridge

Jin Pan, Weiguo Wu and Mingcai Xu


Explosion, Target Impact and Penetration

685Research on Characteristics of Cylindrical Fragment Penetrating Steel/Ceramic/Steel Compound Target

Xiangshao Kong, Weiguo Wu, Xiaobin Li, Shuangxi Xu and Yanling Huang

691Analysis of Anti-Ship Missile Penetrating the Side Frame

Shuang-xi Xu, Wei-guo Wu, Xiao-bin Li, Xiang-shao Kong and Yan-ling Huang

699A Study on Numerical Simulation for Collision Response of a Semisubmersible Platform

Yang Li, Yi Huang, Gang Liu, Qi Zhang and Hong-xia Li

706Research on Failure Characteristics of a Frustum Projectile Penetrating a Cross Stiffened Plate

Shuang-xi Xu, Wei-guo Wu, Xiao-bin Li, Xiang-shao Kong and Yan-ling Huang

713Falling Behavior Simulation of a Seated Passenger on a High Speed Ship at Accidental Collision

Tadashi Shibue, Takashi Hayami, Tohru Sawai, Mitushi Ohmasa and Noriyasu Hirokawa

721Research on Numerical Calculation of Explosion Fragment Penetrating Steel/Ceramic/Steel Compound Target

Yanling Huang, Weiguo Wu, Xiaobin Li and Shuangxi Xu

Earthquake and Seismic Responses

726Characteristics of China Offshore Seismic Disasters and Their Impact on Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration

Yong-jian Jiang, Chao Feng and Xi Wang

731Data Logging of Dangerous Seismic Events by the Laser Strainmeter and Broadband

Stanislav G. Dolgikh, Grygory I. Dolgikh and Sergei V. Yakovenko

734Some Work Results of a Wide-Band Regional Monitoring System of Lithosphere Processes

Sergey V. Yakovenko, Stanislav G. Dolgikh and Grigory I. Dolgikh

737Numerical Simulation on Seismic Response of Tianjin Haihe River Immersed Tunnel

G. W. Xiang, G. L. Ye and J. H. Wang


Advanced Ship Technology

744Study on a Load History Generation Method based on "Storm Model" for Fatigue Assessment of Ship Structural Members

Fredhi Agung Prasetyo, Naoki Osawa, Shinnosuke Tsutumi, Kei Shigeta and Junji Sawamura

750Verification of Calculation Method on Ship Performance by Onboard Measurement

Naoto Sogihara, Michio Ueno, Kunihiro Hoshino, Masaru Tsujimoto and Noriyuki Sasaki

758Evaluation of Springing-Induced Hull Girder Loads for Ultra Large Containership and Ore Carrier

Ju-Hyuck Choi, Byoung-Hoon Jung, Young-Woo Lee, Fabien Bigot, Sime Malenica and Yun-Suk Chung

766Cavitation Erosion Tests of Marine Coatings in Model Scale

Bu-Geun Paik, Kyung-Youl Kim, Ki-Sup Kim, Tae-Gyu Kim, Kyung-Rae Kim, Young-Hun Jang and Sang-Uk Lee

773Development of ISUM Shear Plate Element and Its Application to Progressive Collapse Analysis of Plates under Combined Loading

Zhiyong Pei, Tomoki Takami, Chu Gao, Jiaheng Fu, Yoshiteru Tanaka, Kazuhiro Iijima, Masahiko Fujikubo and Tetsuya Yao

781Development of Isoparametric ISUM Plate Element

Zhiyong Pei, Yu Ji, Keiji Nakamaru, Satoyuki Tanaka, Shigenobu Okazawa, Masahiko Fujikubo and Tetsuya Yao

789Plastic Limit State Design Criteria for Corrugated Bulkhead

Lin Li

797A Practical Method for Ship Structural Optimization

Yan-Yun Yu, Chao-Guang Jin, Yan Lin and Zhuo-Shang Ji

803An Approach to Optimization in Ship Structural Design Using Finite Element and Optimization Techniques

Thomas Lindemann and Patrick Kaeding

809Parametric Study of Mesh Refinement in Isogeometric Analysis

Yoon Nam An, Joo-Sung Lee, Myung Il Roh, Bum Sang Yoon and Kyoungsik Chang

813A Simple Accurate Method for Stress Intensity Factor Calculation Using Non-Singular Finite Elements

Stephen J Holdbrook

Propulsion and Maneuvering

821Development of a New Enery Saving Tanker with Non-Ballastwater and Podded Propulsors Part. 1 : Resistance of the Newly Proposed Ship

Takatoshi Tatsumi, Yasunori Nihei and Yoshiho Ikeda

825Effect of Turbulence Modeling on RANS Computation of Propeller Tip Vortex Flow

Wei Qiu, Heather Peng, Lei Liu, Shafiul Mintu, David Hally and Chao-Tsung Hsiao

831The Effect of the Side Hull Arrangement on the Maneuvering Characteristics of the Trimaran Ship

Ming-Chung Fang, Zen-Hwa Chang and Shih-An Yang

835The Effect of Aft Hull Form on Overshoot Angles in Zig-zag Manoeuvre

Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, Yoshitaka Furukawa and Hiroyuki Mutou

Maneuvering and Hydroelasticity

843Hydroelastic Interaction Between the Composite Thin-Wall Structures and the Abutting a Liquid

Nikolay Alexeyevich Taranukha

849On the Estimation of Hydroelastic Response Acting on a Ultra-Large Container Ship

Ryuji Miyake, Toshiyuki Matsumoto, Norio Yamamoto and Kensaku Toyoda

857Hydroelastic Bending of a Barge

Thomas Mathai

863A Study on Ship Speed Loss of Non Ballast-Water Crude Oil Carrier in High Winds

Tsutomu Momoki, Seiki Onishi and Yoshiho Ikeda

870Turning Characteristic of a Tow ship in Towing System

Ahmad Fitriadhy, Hironori Yasukawa and Masaki Yusaku

878A Proposal of Zero-emission Ship Service Premising the GHG Storage into Aquifers under Ocean Floor

Kenji Yamane, Chikahisa Murakami, Yutaka Abe, Akiko Kaneko, Nobuhiko Fujiki, Yoshiyuki Inohara and Izuo Aya