The Proceedings of
The Nineteenth (2009) International

Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009

 VOLUMES 1~4, 2009


ISBN 978-1‑880653‑53-1

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others


International Society of
Offshore and Polar Engineers

The Proceedings of
The Nineteenth (2009) International

Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009

VOLUME I, 2009



Gas Hydrates, General Energy Technology



Offloading, Installation and Operations, Jacket and Jackup


OTEC and Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal Energy, Wind Energy


Oil Spill Tracking, Environmental Issues from Resource Exploitation, Numerical Modeling, Water Quality, Coastal Monitoring


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ISBN 978-1‑880653‑53-1

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others

Edited by:

Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA

Simon Prinsenberg, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Canada

Seok Won Hong, Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea

Shuichi Nagata, Saga University, Saga, Japan

Presented at:

The Nineteenth (2009) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009

Organized by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

The publisher and the editors of its publications assume no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed in papers or presentations by the contributors to this conference or proceedings.

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
P.O. Box 189, Cupertino, California 95015-0189 USA



1Sustainable Development and Marine Transport in the Arctic Ocean - A Perspective and Cold Regions Technology

Hiromitsu Kitagawa

9Going Deeper: China's Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Wei Chen


Gas Hydrates

16A Mathematical Model of Gas Hydrate Dissociation and its Application on a Hydrate Reservoir Underlain by a Gas Zone

Yuhu Bai and Qingping Li

22A Mathematical Model for Dissociation of Gas Hydrate

X. B. Lu, Shuyun Wang, Xuhu Zhang, Qingpingi Li and X H. Zeng

25Relation Between Pore-size Distribution and Permeability of Sediment

Hideki Minagawa, Yasuhide Sakamoto, Takeshi Komai, Hideo Narita, Kazutaka Mizutani, Kotaro Ohga, Naoya Takahara and Tsutomu Yamaguchi

33Experimental Investigation of Methane Hydrate Reformation under Dissociation Process

Taewoong Ahn, Jaehyoung Lee, Changhyup Park and Joe M. Kang

37Study on Mechanism of Methane Hydrate Replacement by Carbon Dioxide Injection

Yutaek Seo,Wonho Jang, and Seong Pil Kang

41Strain-rate Dependency of Peak and Residual Strength of Sediment Containing Synthetic Methane Hydrate in Triaxial Compression Test

K. Miyazaki, A. Masui, T. Yamaguchi, Y. Sakamoto, H. Haneda, Y. Ogata and K. Aoki

49The Effects of Gas Hydrate Dissociation on the Stability of Pipeline in Seabed

Shuyun Wang, Wei Zheng, Xiaobing Lu and Qingping Li

54Gas Recovery from Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediments by Inhibitor or Steam Injection Combined with Depressurization

Kawamura, T., Ohtake, M., Sakamoto, Y ., Yamamoto, Y. , Haneda, H., Komai, T. and Higuchi, S.

General Energy Technology

59Oil Sands Forming Model and Character in the Northwest Edge of the Junggar Basin, China

Qun Zhao, Hongyan Wang and Renhe Liu

65Application of Recent Ice Class Requirements for Arctic E&P Offshore Structures

G. Abdel Ghoneim and Bor-Feng Peng

73Requalification Process for Existing Platforms Implications of Newly Acquired Criteria on Mitigation

Cuneyt Capanoglu and Steve Coombs

79Platform Life Extension by Inspection

Peter W. Marshall and Cuneyt C. Copanoglu

87Research on In-situ Shearing Strength and Penetration Resistance Testing of the Soft Seabed Sediments in the Eastern Part of the Pacific Ocean

Hongyun Wu, Xinming Chen, Yuqing Gao, Jiangsan He, Shaojun Liu and Liuhuai Ding

91Comparison of ISO and API Seismic Design Requirements for Offshore Structures

Bor-Feng Peng and G. Abdel Ghoneim



99Numerical and Model Test Results for Truss Spar Platform

V. J. Kurian, O. A. A. Montasir, and S.P. Narayanan

105Numerical Simulation on the Hydrodynamic and Kinetic Performance of a New Deep Draft Platform

Binbin Li and Jinping Ou

113Influence of Cable Stiffness on ALT-Tanker Motion and Dynamic Cable Tension

Hongxia Li, Yi Huang and Yougang Tang

120An Extended Tension Leg Platform Design for Post-Katrina Gulf of Mexico

John Murray, Chan K. Yang, Wooseuk Yang, Partha Krishnaswamy and Jun Zou

127Direct Time Domain Downtime Assessment for LNG Operations using Computer Cluster

J.J. de Wilde, A.W. van Dijk , J. van den Berg and J. Dekker

136Application of an Integrated FEED Process Engineering Solution to Generic LNG FPSO Topsides

Jihyun Hwang, Youngjoo Ahn, Joonho Min, Hojin Jeong, Gwangno Lee, Mungyu Kim, Heechang Kim, Myung-Il Roh and Kyu-Yeul Lee

144Establishment of Offshore Process FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Method for Oil FPSO Topsides Systems

Jihyun Hwang, Kyuyeul Lee, Myungil Roh, Juhwan Cha, Seungho Ham and Boram Kim

151Detailed Design and Construction of the Hull of an FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage, and Off-loading Unit)

John-Kyu Hwang, Geun-Jae Bang, Myung-Il Roh and Kyu-Yeul Lee

159Structural Analytical Execution on Hull Appurtenances of a FPSO

Sung-Ryng Jung, Sung-Hwan Park, Nam-Gu Kang, Gi-Tae Lee, Hae-Am Moon and Jin-Tae Kim

165Corrosion Protection of Deep Water Permanently Moored Floating Production Systems using Cathodic Protection

M.B. Surkein, J.P. LaFontaine and R.E. Tanner

172An Experimental and Numerical Study on the Motion Characteristics of Side-by-Side Moored LNG-FPSO and LNG carrier

Yong-Pyo Hong, Yojiro Wada, Yong-Ho Choi and Se-Eun Kim

180Loads on Tie-Down Systems for Floating Drilling Rigs during Hurricane Conditions

C.K. Yang, Y.H. Bae, M.H. Kim and E.G. Ward

186Hydrodynamic Interaction Research in the Dynamic Positioning System

Lei Wang, Shi-zhi Yang and Liang Wang

192Analysis of Dynamic Positioning System Performance for a Semisubmersible Platform

Lei Wang, Liang Wang, and Shi-zhi Yang

Offloading, Installation and Operations

199Effect of Heading Control on LNG Offloading

Arjan Voogt

205Evaluating the Impact Load on the Offshore Platform During Float-over Topside Installation

Jong-Jin Jung, Woo-Seob Lee, Hyun-Soo Shin and Yun-Hak Kim

211Design and Practice of Minimum Platforms for Shallow Water Oilfield

Aixia Zhang and Jieming Liu

217Construction Techniques for Deep Water Immersed Tunnel in the Bosphorus Strait

Kazunori Ito, Yukinobu Oda, Takahide Honda and Fumio Koyama

225A Study on the Helical Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in an Annulus

S. M. Han, Y. J. Kim, N. S. Woo and Y. K. Hwang

Jacket and Jackup

232Detailed Fatigue Analysis for Jackets in Shallow Waters of Bohai Bay

Jie Ming Liu

236System Identification of Offshore Jack-up Platform

X. M. Wang, C. G. Koh and J. Zhang

242Modal Parameters Identification of Offshore Platform Structures using HHT Method

Junfei Liu, Huajun Li, Yong Wang and Xingtao Hu

249Behavior, Design, and Observations of Wood Piles Used in Coastal Residential Construction

Dan L. Wheat, Robert B. Gilbert and Laura K. Wendling


OTEC and Geothermal Energy

257Effect of Flow Rate of Working Fluid on OTEC using Ammonia/Water Mixture

Yasuyuki Ikegami, Junichi Inadomi, Hirokazu Goto and Takafumi Morisaki

263Treatment of Geothermal Water from Geothermal Plant using Hydrotalcite for Removal of Harmful Anions

Takaaki Wajima, Yasuyuki Ikegami and Katsuyasu Sugawara

Wave Energy

269Assessing and Improving the Edinburgh Curved Wave Tank

Remy Pascal, Jorge Lucas, David Ingram and Ian Bryden

276Investigation on Integrated System of Chamber and Turbine for OWC Wave Energy Convertor

Zhen Liu, Beom-Soo Hyun, Key-yong Hong and Young-Yeon Lee

283Development of a New Radial Impulse Turbine Design for OWC

Bruno Pereiras, Francisco Castro and Miguel A. Rodriguez

290Tip Clearance Effect on the Flow Pattern of a Radial Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion

Bruno Pereiras, Francisco Castro and Miguel A. Rodriguez

300Numerical Simulation for Evaluation of Primary Energy Conversion of Floating OWC-type Wave Energy Converter

Shuichi Nagata, Kazutaka Toyota, Yasutaka Imai and Toshiaki Setoguchi

308Effect of Liquid Metal Characteristics on Performance of LMMHD Wave Energy Conversion System

Lingzhi Zhao, Yan Peng, Ciwen Sha, Ran Li, Yuyu Xu, Baolin Liu and Jian Li

312Force Reacting Principle Applied to a Heave Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter

Thomas Soulard, Marco Alves and Antonio Sarmento

319Development of the New Wave Power Generation System

Hiroshi Kanki, Shiro Arii, Tatsuo Furusawa and Teruyoshi Otoyo

323Dynamics Model of the Float-Counterweight Wave Energy Converter Considering Vertical and Horizontal Motions of the Float

Kesayoshi Hadano, Pallav Koirala, Kimihiko Nakano and Keisuke Taneura

331Experimental Study on Negative Drift Force Acting on a Floating OWC-type Wave Energy Converter “Backward Bent Duct Buoy”

Yasutaka Imai, Kazutaka Toyota, Shuichi Nagata, Toshiaki Setoguchi, Junko Oda, Narimasa Matsunaga, Yusuke Manago and Takafumi Shimozono

339Geometrical Optimization for Improved Power Capture of Multi-level Overtopping Based Wave Energy Converters

L. Margheritini, L. Victor, J. P. Kofoed and P. Troch

Tidal Energy

345Multi-Arrayed Tidal Current Power Interaction Study

Chul H. Jo, Kang H. Lee, Jin Y. Yim and Ro S. Park

349An Experimental Study on the Darrieus-Savonius Turbine for the Tidal Current Power Generation

Yusaku Kyozuka, Hiroyuki Akira, Di Duan, and Yuichiro Urakata

356Reversible Counter-Rotating Type Hydroelectric Unit for Tidal Power Station

T. Kasai, Y. Nakamura, T. Kanemoto and S. Oba

Wind Energy

362Validation of a Finite Element Based Simulation Approach for Offshore Wind Turbines within IEA Wind Annex XXIII - Simulation Challenges and Results for a 5-MW Turbine on a Tripod Substructure

Fabian R. Vorpahl, Arno Van Wingerde, Michael Blunk, Hans-Gerd Busmann, Stefan Kleinhansl, Thomas Kossel, Martin Kohlmeier, Cord Böker, Daniel Kaufer, Jose Azcona, Alfredo Martinez and Xabier Munduate

370A Study of Geometric Properties and Shape Factors for Design of Wind Turbine Tower

Jing-Jong Jang and Ching-Wen Chien

378Wave Response Experiment on SPAR-type Floating Bodies for Offshore Wind Turbine

Tomoaki Utsunomiya, Eitaro Nishida and Iku Sato

384Application of an Abandoned Jacket for an Offshore Structure Base of Wind Turbine in Bohai Heavy Ice Conditions

Yi Wang, Menglan Duan and Jinghong Shang

390Design Considerations for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations in the United States

Sanjeev Malhotra

398Numerical Simulation of Wave and Current Interaction with Rotary Pontoon of Offshore Wind Turbine

Victor V Cheboxarov and Valery V Cheboxarov

406Inclusive Environmental Assessment for Offshore Wind Power Stations

M. Murai and T. Aono

414A Straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with a Directed Guide Vane Row - Effect of Guide Vane Solidity on the Performance

Manabu Takao, Hiroyuki Takita, Takao Maeda and Yasunari Kamada

419Estimation Method for Offshore Wind Energy using Synthetic Aperture Radar and Weibull Parameters

Katsutoshi Kozai, Teruo Ohsawa, Rinya Takahashi and Yuko Takeyama

424Characteristics of Offshore Winds at Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory

Susumu Shimada, Teruo Ohsawa, Serizawa Shigeatsu and Yoneda Itaru


Oil Spill Tracking

429Field Experiment of a Spilled Oil Tracking Autonomous Buoy

Hidetaka Senga, Naomi Kato, Hiroki Niou, Masahiro Hiratsuka, Satoshi Takagi, Muneo Yoshie and Isamy Fujita

437At-sea Trial Test of an Autonomous Buoy which Tracks Drifting Oil and Observation of In-Situ Data Tracking Drifting Markers on the Sea for Predicting Location of the Spilled Heavy Oil

Muneo Yoshie,Yoshitaka Matsuzaki, Isamu Fujita, Kenji Takezaki,Toshinari Tanaka, Naomi Kato and Hidetaka Senga

Environmental Issues from Resource Exploitation

445Formation and Diffusion Models of CO2 Hydrate

Tomohiro Nojiri, Toru Sato, Yojiro Ikegawa and Shinichiro Hirabayashi

451Forecasting of Environmental Parameters Changes Related to Hydrocarbon's Exploitation in Russian Arctic

V. I. Pavlenko and E. K. Glukhareva

458Metamorphosis of Single Crystalline Hematite to Iron Sulfides Influenced by Sulfate-reducing Bacteria

Xiaodong Zhao, Jie Yang, Xiqiu Fan and Jizhou Duan

462Distribution Characteristics of Chemosynthetic Communities around Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits

Tetsuo Yamazaki, Masahito Ikemoto, Naoki Nakatani and Rei Arai

Numerical Modeling

467Study of Conceptual Model on Marine Aquaculture Ecosystem Health Assessment

Huiwen Cai, Sheng Zhao, Zhibo Tang and Yonghua Ren

472Hydrodynamic Modeling of Water Exchange in Haomeiliao Wetland, Chiayi, Taiwan

Hung-Chu Hsu, Jiing-Yih Liou and Hsiang-Yu Huang

478Simulations of Currents, Temperature, and Salinity in Manila Bay (Philippines) by a Hydrodynamic Model

Ryan Uy Olivares, Keiichiro Hakuta and Shigeru Tabeta

483Characteristics of SST Variation/Change in the Coastal Region of the East China Sea

Jianli Zhang, Manchun Chen, Meixiang Chen, Hui Wang and Juncheng Zuo

Water Quality

490Analysis of Medium to Long Term Variation of Water Quality in the Seto Inland Sea

Kohji Uno, Gozo Tsujimoto and Tetsuya Kakinoki

496Precipitation Loads of Nutrients and Impact on Primary Production in Osaka Bay

Yusuke Nakatani, Shuzo Nishida and Masayasu Irie

503Relative Merits of Seawater Exchange System with Transit Line and Multi-Outlets

Hyoseob Kim, Changhwan Jang, Sangtaek Kim and Mansoon Song

507Field Observations and Numerical Simulation of Currents and Water Quality in the Harbor of Osaka Bay

Masayasu Irie, Shuzo Nishida and Keiji Nakatsuji

513Sea Level Rise at East Asia Coasts based on Tide Gauge Analysis

Dong-Jiing Doong, Tai-Wen Hsu, Li-Chung Wu and Chia Chuen Kao

Coastal Monitoring

518Application of Information Theory for Analyzing High-frequency Environmental Monitoring Data from a Coastal Industrial Park

Ta-Kang Liu, Jin-Li Yu, Hwung-Hweng Hwung and Ping-Sheng Wei

523Vortex Formation and Waveform Inversion of an Internal Solitary Wave Propagating over a Shelf-slope Topography

Ming-Hung Cheng and John R.-C. Hsu

531A Numerical Study on the Surface Discharge of Ocean Outfall in the Keelung City of Taiwan

Wen-Chang Yang, Bao-Shi Shiau, Chao-Min Hsu and Robert R Hwang


539Characteristics of Icebergs in Their Calving Sites in Russian Arctic: Results of Airborne and Direct Studies during IPY 2007/08

Kubyshkin N.V., Andreev O.M., Borodulin V.V., Glazovsky A.F., Gudoshnikov Yu.P., Zubakin G.K., Macheret Yu.Ya. and Skutin A.A.

544Investigation of the Seasonal Navigational Period of the Arctic Sea Routes Using AMSR-E Satellite Microwave Data

Hiroki Shibata, Kazutaka Tateyama and Hiroyuki Enomoto

549Iceberg Freshwater Sustainable Transportation, a New Approach

Bruno Spandonide

558Temperature Properties of Snow on Sea Ice with Water Infiltration

Shinsuke Kojima, Kazuki Nakamura, Kazuhiro Naoki and Hiroyuki Enomoto

564An Experimental Study for the Mechanical Properties of Model Ice Applying for the MOERI Ice Model Basin

Seong-Rak Cho, Chun-Ju Lee, Seong-Yeob Jeong, Jung-Hyun Kim and Kyungsik Choi

568Dynamic Response of an Ice-Covered Fluid to an Impulse Submerged Point Source

Victor M. Kozin and Alexandra V. Pogorelova

574Estimation of Limit Ice Loads on Engineering Offshore Structures in the Sea of Okhotsk

Alexander T. Bekker, Olga A. Sabodash, Vladimir I. Seliverstov, Gregory L. Koff and Elena N. Pipko

580Ice Model Testing of Artificial Islands Protected by Rock Berms

Guang Li, Kenton Braun and Bryan Hudson

587A Review on Ice Resistance Prediction Formula for Icebreaking Vessels

Seong-Yeob Jeong and Kyungsik Choi

593Results of Definition of the Global Ice Load During in-situ Research on Impact of the Icebreaker "Kapitan Nikolaev" on Various Ice Formations

Vladimir A. Likhomanov, Nina A. Krupina, Alexey V. Chernov and Yury P. Gudoshnikov

600Numerical Simulation of Breaking Patterns in Level Ice at Ship's Bow

Junji Sawamura, Kaj Riska and Torgeir Moan

608The Nature of the Process Pressure-Area Relation from CCGS Terry Fox Bergy Bit Impacts

R. Frederking and R. Ritch

614Full-scale Ice Impact Study of Icebreaker Kapitan Nikolaev: General Description

Nina A. Krupina, Vladimir A. Likhomanov, Alexey V. Chernov and Yury P. Gudoshnikov

621A Consideration on Bow Design of Arctic Tanker Transiting in Thin Level Ice and in Broken Ice Channel

Kazuo Nozawa

629Study on Improvement in Ramming Performance of Antarctic Icebreaker

Yutaka Yamauchi, Shigeya Mizuno and Hiroyuki Tsukuda

636The Changing Met-Ocean and Ice Conditions in the Beaufort Sea: Implications for Offshore Oil and Gas

D. B. Fissel, J. R. Marko and M. Martinez de Saavedra Alvarez

643On Spreading of the Multiyear Ice in the Barents Sea

Igor V. Buzin

649Hydrological Characteristics of a Narrow and Shallow Part of Van Mijen Fjord on Spitsbergen

Aleksey Marchenko, Ivar Langen and Aleksey Shestov

658Integration of a Helicopter-Based Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) with a Laser, Video and GPS System

L. Lalumiere and S. Prinsenberg

666Ice Thickness Measurements with a Miniature Electromagnetic Sensor Sled

Simon Prinsenberg and Scott Holladay

The Proceedings of
The Nineteenth (2009) International

Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009



Plenary Presentation, Riser Multiphase Flow and Dynamics, Risers and Mooring: Mechanics and Design, Pipe-Soil Interactions, Pipelines: Mechanics and Materials


Inertial Navigation and Acoustics, Target Tracking, Design, Control and Recognition, Thrusters and Power, AUV and Robot


Plenary Presentation, Cyclic Loading and Liquefaction, In-Situ Test, Seepage and Soil Improvement, Consolidation and Embankment, Soil Properties and Centrifuge, Foundation, Pile and Caisson, Landslide and Stability, Modeling and Simulation, Geohazard and Geoinformatics

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ISBN 978-1‑880653‑53-1

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

ISSN 1098-6189

(Vols. 1-4 Full Proceedings Set)

Indexed by Engineering Index, Compendex and Others

Edited by:

Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, Cupertino, California, USA

Wan C. Kan, ExxonMobil Development Co., Houston, TX, USA

Sangchul Bang, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD, USA

Kazunori Uchida, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

Hermann Moshagen, BHM Engineering Services, Trondheim, Norway

Presented at:

The Nineteenth (2009) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009

Organized by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers

Sponsored by:

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) with cooperating societies and associations

The publisher and the editors of its publications assume no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed in papers or presentations by the contributors to this conference or proceedings.

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)
P.O. Box 189, Cupertino, California 95015-0189 USA



Plenary Presentation

1Rate Dependent Nature of Liquefied Sand Undergoing Large Flow Deformation and its Interaction with Group Pile Foundation

Ikuo Towhata, Trinh Thi Lan Anh, Ramin Motamed and Vlatko Sesov

Cyclic Loading and Liquefaction

9Undrained Capacity of Surface Footings Subjected to Combined V-H-T Loading

Gi Jae Yun, Alasdair Maconochie, John Oliphant and Fraser Bransby

15Experimental Study on Dynamic Shear Modulus of Saturated Sands under Complex Initial Stress States

Danda Shi, Ying Guo, Maotian Luan and Jian Zhou

21Effective Stress Based Dynamic Analysis on the Interaction between Group-pile Foundation and Liquefied Ground

Hiroshi Yokawa, Akinori Tanabe, Atsushi Yashima and Kazuhide Sawada

29Liquefaction and its Influence to House Damage in the Niigataken Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake in 2007

S. Ohtsuka, K. Isobe, T. Hirade and K. Hayashi

37A CPT-based Evaluation of Liquefaction Probability via Genetic Algorithms

Ya-Fen Lee and Yun-Yao Chi

42Potential Risks at the Ground near Old River Alignments

Masao Okuda, Youji Nakane, Yukihiko Kani and Kiyoshi Hayakawa

In-Situ Test

47A Study on the Stability of Underground Pipes with Backfill Materials

Jong Nam Do, Chang Goo Cho, Yeon Soo Jang and Byung Sik Chun

51Disc Shear of Loose Sands in a Test Tank

Tao-Wei Feng and Yan-Hsang Huang

56Application of In-Situ Geological Investigations and 2D-resistivity Image Profiling for the Colluvium Slope

Ching-Jiang Jeng, Chien-Shui Huang and Chung-Yie Shieh

62Field Test on Lightweight Thrust Restraint for Buried Bend

Akira Izumi, Toshinori Kawabata, Takafumi Hanazawa, Yutaka Sawada, Ayumu Kashiwagi, Kazunori Uchida, Ayumi Shigenaka and Ippei Banno

67The Effects of Horizontal Hardness on the Seismic Performance of Load-Bearing Walls

Kiyoshi Hayakawa, Kenji Edane, Syuji Honda and Norihiro Koshige

Seepage and Soil Improvement

72Evaluating Hazard of Land Cover Erosion Processes Observed in Tundra During Development of Gas Fields on the Yamal Peninsula

Aleksandr V. Baranov and Konstantin L. Unanyan

75Effect of Soil Intrinsic Parameters on Injection Pressure of Compaction Grouting

A M El-Kelesh, T Matsui and K Tokida

80Shear Behavior of Stabilized Clays Mixed with Shredded Paper

Yasuyuki Nabeshima and Seishi Tomohisa

85Assessment of Rainfall-induced Sediment Disasters due to Sloping Field Development

Yie-Ruey Chen, Shun-Chieh Hsieh, Ying-Shiu Chen, Jing-Wen Chen and Yiwen Hui

90Characteristics of Seepage Failure of Soil under Various Flow Conditions

Tsutomu Tanaka, Tomoya Kusaka, Shigeru Nagai and Daisuke Hirose

95Evaluation of Permeability for Reinforced Ground with Geogrid

Kazunori Uchida, Kohei Matsuda, Toshinori Kawabata, Kazuya Inoue, Ikumi Iwade, Tomohiro Miyakawa and Tetsuya Matsukawa

101Bending Test for Liquefied Stabilized Soil with Steel Rebar

Toshinori Kawabata, Takafumi Hanazawa, Ayumu Kashiwagi, Akira Izumi, Motohiro Kanda, Yoshiyuki Mohri and Kazunobu Shimura

Consolidation and Embankment

105A Stability Analysis of Soil Gabion Retaining Wall on Riverbank

Kuo-Hung Tseng and Jing-Jung Fu

111Geotechnical Behaviors of Dredged Clay Surface Improved by RM Method

Min Soo Kang, Dong Wook Ahn, Jong Yun Kim and Soo Sam Kim

117Failure Mode in Embankments Supported by Piles with Geosynthetics

Jae-Ho Lee, Won-Pyo Hong, Kwang-Wu Lee, Jung-Mann Yun, Geu-Gewen Yea and Seung-Kyong You

122Settling Process and Shock Wave of Cohesive Sediment

Wen-Yang Hsu, Chi-Min Liu, Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Ray-Yeng Yang and Igor V. Shugan

Soil Properties and Centrifuge

128Laboratory Investigation into Control of Soil Compaction by Resistivity

Masayuki Sawazaki, Tamotsu Matsui and Nobumasa Ueno

133The Failure Criterion of K0-Consolidated Saturated Clay under Combined Static and Cyclic Stresses

Jianhua Wang, Yangrui Zhou and Qu Yanda

141The Mechanical Properties of High Strength Soil Materials

Jing-Wen Chen, Cheng-Feng Chang and Chun-Chi Chen

146Shear Behaviors of Normally and Overconsolidated Nakdong River Clayey Silt

Khin Swe Tint and Young Su Kim

151Effects of Acidic Contamination on the Geotechnical Properties of Marine Soils in Japan

Ivan B. Gratchev and Ikuo Towhata

156Shear Strength Characteristics of Landslide Soils, Asato Landslide, Okinawa, Japan

Sho Kimura, Seiichi Gibo, Shinya Nakamura and Shriwantha Buddhi Vithana

162Evaluation of Deformation Modulus of Cemented Sands Using Cone Tip Resistance

Moon-Joo Lee, Sung-Kun Choi, Hyunwook Choo and Woojin Lee

168Electrical Resistivity and Cone Tip Resistance Monitoring by Using Cone Resistivity Penetrometer

Hyung-Koo Yoon, Joon Han Kim, Raehyun Kim and Jong-Sub Lee

172Temperature-Compensated Micro Cone Penetrometer by Using FBG Sensor

Raehyun Kim, Woojin Lee, Shinwhan An, Hyung-Koo Yoon and Jong-Sub Lee

177Biaxial Testing on the Properties of Pre-cracked Partially Saturated Clay

Miftahul Fauziah and Hamid Reza Nikraz

183Centrifuge Experiments Investigating the Use of Jetting in Spudcan Extraction

Christophe Gaudin, Britta Bienen and Mark J. Cassidy

191Centrifuge Model Tests on Suction Piles in Sand Under Inclined Loading

K.O. Kim, Y.S. Kim, Y. Cho, S. Bang and K. Jones

Foundation, Pile and Caisson

197Shear Wave Velocity Profiles in Offshore Soils Using the Field Velocity Probe

Hyung-Koo Yoon, Jong-Sub Lee and Yong-Kyu Choi

202Experimental Study on the Bearing Capacity of Suction Caissons in Saturated Sand

Bintian Jiao, Xiaobing Lu, Jin Zhao, Ailan Wang, Zhongmin Shi and Zeng X H

207Upheaval Characteristics of Gravel Compaction Piles with Low Replacement Ratio

Ki-hyun Park, Sang-kwi Kim, Geu-guwen Yea, Gil-soo Kim and Yong-kyu Choi

211Designing Method and Construction of Sheet Pile Foundation Combining a Footing with Steel Sheet Piles

Masahiro Kondo and Masayuki Kouda

216Case History of Ground Vibration Caused by Monorail Traffic

Katsuya Tanaka, Kiyoshi Hayakawa, Tamotsu Matsui, Hiroaki Fujimoto and Jin Watanabe

224Study on the Lateral Bearing Capacity of Small-spacing Multi-bucket Foundation in Soft Ground

Xiyuan Sun, Maotian Luan and Xiaowei Tang

230Investigation of the Behavior of Piled Raft Foundations in Sand by Numerical Modeling

E.Y. N Oh, Q. M. Bui, C. Surarak and A. S. Balasurbamaniam

236Development and Calibration of Screw Plate Load Tests

Y.S. Lee, W.K. Hwang, Y. Choi and T.H. Kim

Landslide and Stability

242Geotechnical Sensing by TDR: A Slope Monitoring System Example

Chih-Ping Lin

246Influence of Overconsolidation Ratio on Residual Shear Strength of Miaowan & Kamenose Landslide Soils under Laboratory Conditions

Shriwantha Buddhi Vithana , Seiichi Gibo, Shinya Nakamura and Sho Kimura

251Monitoring on Higashi-Yokoyama Landslide and its Countermeasure in Gifu, Japan

M. Iwata, A. Yashima, K. Sawada, Y. Murata, S. Kawai and T. Suzuki

Modeling and Simulation

257Microscale Numerical Simulation for Estimating Permeability of Gas-Water and Solid-Water Phases in Sand Sediment

Toshio Sugita, Toru Sato, Jiro Nagao, Yusuke Jin and Fumio Kiyono

262Effect of Geometric Non-linearity on the Deformation Behavior of Linear Elastic Ground

Takayuki Shuku

268A Modified ALPHA Model Based on Subloading Surface Theory

Y. G. Zhan , F. F. Yuan and M. T. Luan

274Distinct Element Analysis for Group Piles Subjected to Vertical Loading

Daisuke Shoda, Toshinori Kawabata, Kazunori Uchida, Atsunori Numata and Hiroshi Motoyama

280Development of FEM Numerical Analysis Program for Suction Board Drain

Soo Sam Kim, Sang Jae Han, Ki-Nyun Kim and Myung Seok Yoon

Geohazard and Geoinformatics

286Analytic Network Process Method Integrated with GPS/GIS Technology Used to Identify Potential Slope Failures in Central Taiwan

Kun-Ting Chen, Kuang-Jung Tsai and Cheng-Lun Shieh

292Occurrence of Regional Debris Flow Hazards in Storms After Strong Seismic Disturbance

Cheng-Yu Ku, Shih-Meng Hsu, Chung-Hui Chiao and Li-Yuan Fei

298Establishment of the Marine GIS Information Service System in Taiwan Coastal Area

Lien-kwei Chien, Tsung-Shen Feng, Chieh-Cheng Yen and Beng-Chun Lee

305Establishment and Application of Global Satellite Tracking Web Geographical Information System

Chieh-Cheng Yen, Lien-Kwei Chien, Tsung-Shen Feng and Beng-Chun Lee

311Application of Random Walk Particle Tracking to the Delineation of Capture Zones

K. Inoue, Y. Takao and T. Tanaka

318Development of a New Device for Measuring Contact Pressure Distribution of Geomaterials

Ssatoshil Oshige, Noriyuki Yasufuku and Kiyoshi Omine

323Mechanism of Geoenvironmental Contamination with LNAPLs at Sites Close to the Ocean

Giancarlo Flores, Toru Inui, Takeshi Katsumi, Yuki Takatsukasa and Masashi Kamon



Plenary Presentation

330The Hughes Glomar Explorer and a 5,000-m-Long Heavy-Lift Pipe: Coupled Ship and Pipe Motions Measured in North Pacific Ocean

Jin S Chung

Riser Multiphase Flow and Dynamics

336New Method for Location Leak in Long-distance Pipeline and Study on Experiment

Junhua Li, Wenbai Liu, Zhaochen Sun and Li Cui

340Influence of Fluid Transportation on Some Dynamic Properties of Three-Dimensional Extensible Marine Riser

Chainarong Athisakul and Somchai Chucheepsakul

348Optimum Design for Fluid Flows in a Long Pipe with Respect to the Financial Cost

Jean Brac and Guy Maisonnier

359An Experimental Investigation on Pressure Gradients in Horizontal Heavy Oil-Water Pipe Flows

Hai-Yuan Yao, Qing-Ping Li and Tao Wang

365Experiments for Modeling Internal Fluid Effect on Hung-off Rigid Riser under Axial Motion

Yasuhiro Namba, Shotaro Uto, Tadashi Nimura, Kentaroh Kokubun, Takako Kuroda, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, Yasuyuki Okumura and Masahiko Ozaki

Risers and Mooring: Mechanics and Design

373An Investigation into Fatigue Crack Growth Test Methods in a Sour Environment

Colum M. Holtam, David P. Baxter, Ian A. Ashcroft and Rachel C. Thomson

381Impact of Reel-Laying on Mechanical Pipeline Properties Investigated by Full- and Small-Scale Reeling Simulations

Andreas Meissner, Marion Erdelen-Peppler and Tanja Schmidt

389Fatigue Analysis of Deepwater Risers Using a Hybrid Time/Frequency Domain Method

Ying Min Low

396ClawloksTM - Development of a Bending Stiffener Latching Mechanism for Flexible Risers

Nils Fog Gjersøe, Jens Rørdam Thomsen and Johannes Vinther

404Effect of Pipe Thickness on the Behavior of Flexible Pipes with Equivalent Bending Ring Stiffness

T. Kawabata, Y. Nadamoto, A. Izumi, C. Shimamoto, D. Shoda, K. Inoue, Y. Mohri, M. Ariyoshi, J. Hinobayashi, M. Tokiyoshi and K. Uchida

409Cable Testing in Tension, Twist and Bending

R.H. Knapp and T.A. Shimabukuro

415Semi-Empirical Modeling for Seawater Corrosion of Wire Rope

E. Fontaine, R. Armstrong, A. Potts, R.E. Melchers, C.R. Chaplin and M.François

423Bottom Weighted Riser - A Novel Design for Re-location and Disconnection

Frank Lim and John McGrail

428On the Assessment of Extreme Response of Steel Risers

André S. Dória, Michele A.L. Martins and Eduardo Setton S. Silveira

435Hydrodynamical Aspects of Pipeline Overtrawling

P Teigen H Ilstad, E Levold and K. Hansen

443Influence of the Type of Geometrical Imperfection on the Response of Steel Pipes Subject to Pure Bending

Kaveh Arjomandi and Farid Taheri

Pipe-Soil Interactions

449Displacement and Inner Force Analysis of Spanned Pipeline Based on the Interaction between Pipe and Soil

Xianfan Cao and Yanlong Qin

455Effect of the Liquefaction on Structure Safety of Buried Pipe during Earthquake

Darn-Horng Hsiao and M. D. Lin

461Pipe-Soil Interaction Analysis with a Three-Dimensional Macroelement Model

Yinghui Tian and Mark J. Cassidy

469Vertical Bearing Capacity of a Partially-Embedded Pipeline on Tresca Soils

Bo Zhao, Fuping Gao, Jieming Liu and Yingxiang Wu

474A Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian Finite Element Model of Ice-Soil-Pipe Interaction

Basel Abdalla, Kenton Pike, Ayman Eltaher and Paul Jukes

480Uplift Resistance of Buried Pipelines in Blocky Clay Backfill

J. Wang, S.K. Haigh and N.I. Thusyanthan

488Soil Characterization of Deep Sea West African Clays: Is Biology a Source of Mechanical Strength?

Matthew Y-H. Kuo and Malcolm D. Bolton

495Evaluation of Lateral Resistance for Buried Conditions around Pipe with Horizontal Loading

Ayumu Kashiwagi, Toshinori Kawabata, Satoshi Okuno, Kazunori Uchida, Yoshiyuki Mohri, Kazunobu Shimura and Hirofumi Nakashima

Pipelines: Mechanics and Materials

499Geometrically Adjusted Residual Life of Corroded Pipeline under Cyclic Loading

Peter Yukhymets

506Burst Tests on Pipeline Containing Corrosion in the Seam Weld

Sergio I. O. Bueno, Adilson C. Benjamin, Jose L. F. Freire, Ronaldo D. Vieira and Marco A. P. Rosas

514Ultimate Bending Capacity of Steel Pipes Considering Strain Hardening Effect

Xin Li, Yanfei Chen, Tong Zhu and Jing Zhou

521Dynamic Characteristics of Pipes with Part-Through Straight Front Crack

Jing Zhou, Jia-Shun Hu, Xin Feng and Xiong-Wei Hu

527Bending Capacity and Seismic Integrity of X65 ERW Line Pipe

Hisakazu Tajika and Nobuhisa Suzuki

534Fatigue Performance of Machined Pipe Outer Surface

Ph. P. Darcis, I. Marines-Garcia, L. Di Vito, E. C. Marques, N. D. Dell'Erba, F. Tintori, M. Armengol and H. M. Quintanilla

541Installation of Rigid Pipeline on Extremely Challenging Seabed

M. Xavier, O. P. Hjelmstad, R. F. Solano and A. S. Hansen

546Validation of Rock Berm Cover Design for Offshore LNG Pipeline in Hong Kong

Christophe Gaudin, Melissa M. Landon, Vernon Pedersen, Chia Hong Kiat and Wang Leqin

554Dynamic Analysis and Crack Identification for Free Spanning Submarine Pipeline with a Fatigue Crack

Xin Feng, Jia-Shun Hu, Tong Zhu and Jing Zhou

560Free Span Dynamics versus Global Buckling of the High Pressure and High Temperature Pipeline

Jason Sun, Paul Jukes and Gang Duan

568Integrated Structural Reliability-Finite Element Analysis of Lateral Buckling of Offshore Flowlines

Ranil U. Banneyake, Ayman Eltaher, Jason Sun and Paul Jukes

578Effect of Diameter to Thickness Ratio and External Pressure on the Velocity of Dynamic Buckle Propagation in Offshore Pipelines

Z. Omrani, A.R.Mostafa Gharabaghi and K.Abedi

584Saipem/ENI Offshore Pipeline Repair System (SiRCoS)

Carlo M. Spinelli, Giuseppe Bacchetta and Sergio Fabbri

594Latest Developments in Upheaval Buckling Analysis for Buried Pipelines

James Wang, Ayman Eltaher, Paul Jukes, Jason Sun and F. Steven Wang


Inertial Navigation and Acoustics

603The Estimation and Correction of Sensor Bias Error in the Inertial Navigation

Shojiro Ishibashi, Tadahiro Hyakudome, Takao Sawa and Hiroshi Yoshida

608Iterative Scheme for Estimating Sensor Misalignments in a USBL Positioning System

Hsin-Hung Chen, Hsu-Kuang Chang, Jia-Pu Jang and Jen-Yu Wu

616The Contribution Hydrospheres Processes in Level of Microdeformations of Earth Crust

Stanislav G. Dolgikh

620Benchmarking of Optimal Acoustic Search Path Planning

Jung-Hong Cho, Jea-Soo Kim and Seongil Kim

627Sound Speed and Attenuation Measurements in Saturated Glass Beads

Eungkyu Park, Keunhwa Lee, Woojae Seong and Jiyong Park

Target Tracking

633The Turning Simulation of an Underwater Glider Using CFD

Dong C. Seo, Heewon Lee, Si M. Song and Hang S. Choi

638Energy Efficient Distributed Target Tracking Algorithm in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Chang Ho Yu, Kang Hoon Lee, Jae Weon Choi, Myeong-Kwan Park, Taek Lyul Song, Tae Il Seo and Young Bong Seo

644Modeling of Hovering AUV Testbed and Design of ACE/TAO RTES-Based Open Control Platform

Eko Henfri Binugroho, Tae Kyu Ha, Jae Weon Choi, Nam Gweon Ko and Young Bong Seo

651Development of an Underwater Vehicle that Has Functions of Acquisition and Tracking Target Objects Using Images Acquired by Itself

Toshinari Tanaka, Muneo Yoshie and Mutsuo Oosato


Design, Control and Recognition

657Path Control of AUV "MR-X1" using Thrusters

Masahiko Nakamura, Tadahiro Hyakudome, Hiroshi Yoshida and Taro Aoki

665Design of Controller for Cruising AUV "URASHIMA"

Tadahiro Hyakudome, Masahiko Nakamura, Satoshi Tsukioka, Takao Sawa, Kojiro Watanabe, Junya Ishiwata, Akihisa Ishikawa, Takao Sawa, Hiroshi Yoshida, Shojiro Ishibashi and Taro Aoki

669Multi-Vehicle Oceanographic Feature Exploration

B. H. Ooi, H. Zheng, H. Kurniawati, W. Cho, M. H. Dao, J. Wei, P. Zemskyy, P. Tkalich, P. Malanotte-Rizzoli and N. M. Patrikalakis

677Development of 3D Visual Underwater Landmark Recognition Method for AUVs

Son-Cheol Yu, Dong-Joong Kang, Jae-Weon Choi and Myeong-Kwan Park

Thrusters and Power

683Underwater Thruster Saturation Detection and Prevention Considering Battery Voltage Sag

Aaron M. Hanai, Giacomo Marani, Kaikala H. Rosa and Song K. Choi

690Improvement of a High Energy Type Lithium-Ion Battery System for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Hiroshi Yoshida, Tadahiro Hyakudome, Naoko Fujiya, Shinichi Konno, Masato Oomiya, Kazunori Ozawa and Taro Aoki

696A Study on the Design Optimization of an AUV by Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis

Taehwan Joung, Karl Sammut, Fangpo He and Seung-Keon Lee

703Evaluation of the Added Mass for a Spheroid-type UUV by VPMM Test

S.K. Lee, S.J. Cheon, T.H. Joung, T.S. Jang and J.H. Lee

710A Practical Numerical Method to Forecast the Hydrodynamic Behavior of a Ducted Thruster in the Flow Field of a Tethered Underwater Robot

Jiaming Wu, Huawei Lai and Liangsheng Zhu

716Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Tethered Underwater Robot System

Jiaming Wu, Linlin Zhu and Liangsheng Zhu

AUV and Robot

723Study on Active Structural Acoustic Control in the Independent Modal Space

Chao Sun and Deyou Zhao

730Underwater Vehicle Motion Parameters Estimation Simulation and Experiment Based on Monocular Vision and Low Cost Inertial Measurement Unit

Qiang Li, Qifeng Zhang and Xiaohui Wang

738Integral Variable Structure Control and Simulation For Near-surface Movement of AUV

Zhiguang Yao, Yanlong Qin and Lei Zhang

742Development of Control System for a Fish Type Robot

Masashi Terada, Hirofumi Sumoto and Satoru Yamaguchi

The Proceedings of
The Nineteenth (2009) International

Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009



Plenary Presentations, Sloshing Physics, LNG Sloshing Mechanics, SLOSHEL Sloshing in LNG–Carrier Membrane, Sloshing CFD, Load and Strength, Hydroelasticity


Plenary Presentation, CFD (Particle Method, NWT, Nonlinear Waves and Body, Wave Forces, Multibody Dynamics, Dynamics and Measurements, Roll and Damping, Dynamics and Design, Tsunami



Waves and Modeling, Wave-Structure Interactions, Floating and Rubble Breakwater, Submerged Structures, Estuary and Waves, Tsunami and Long Waves, Sediment Transport


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Plenary Presentations

1LNG Tank Sloshing Assessment Methodology - The New Generation

J. F. Kuo, R. B. Campbell, Z. Ding, S. M. Hoie, A. J. Rinehart, R. E. Sandström, T. W. Yung, M. N. Greer and M. A. Danaczko

13Sloshing in Membrane LNG Carriers and its Consequences from a Designer's Perspective

T. Gavory and P.E. de Seze

Sloshing Physics

21Phenomenological Study of Liquid Impacts through 2D Compressible Two-fluid Numerical Simulations

J.-P. Braeunig, L. Brosset, F. Dias and J.-M. Ghidaglia

30An Experimental Investigation of Hydrodynamic Impact on 2-D LNGC Models

H.I. Kim, S.H. Kwon, J.S. Park, K.H. Lee, S.S. Jeon, J.H. Jung, M.C. Ryu and Y.S. Hwang

38Nonlinear Surface Waves in a Nearly Square Liquid Tank under Vertical Excitation

Takashi Ikeda and Raouf A. Ibrahim

46Application of the Seakeeping / Sloshing Coupling for the LNG Terminals

Nicolas Moirod, Eric Baudin, Jacqueline Henry, Louis Diebold and Mirela Zalar

54Coupling between Ship Motion and Sloshing Using Potential Flow Analysis and Rapid Sloshing Model

Youngbum Lee, Bernhard Godderidge, Mingyi Tan , Pandeli Temarel, Stephen Turnock and Nick Cowlan

63Three-Dimensional Sloshing of Liquid in a Rectangular Parellelepiped Container due to Turning Motions

Chia-Li Hu and Jiahn-Horng Chen

71Numerical Study on Impact Pressure due to Violent Sloshing Waves

Q.W. Ma, Wen Yang Duan, J. Zhou, Xing Zheng and S. Yan

77A Study on Complicated Coupling Effects of 3-D Sloshing in Rectangular Tanks and Ship Motion

Santanu Mitra, Luong Van Hai and Boo Cheong Khoo

LNG Sloshing Mechanics

85LNG Sloshing: Characteristics and Scaling Laws

T-W. Yung, J. Ding, H. He and R.E. Sandström

92Coupled Tank Sloshing and LNG Carrier Motions

Z. J. Huang, M. A. Danaczko, O. E. Esenkov, C. B. Martin, B. J. O'Donnell and T. W. Yung

100Influence of Raised Invar Edges on Sloshing Impact Pressures

H. He, J. F. Kuo, A. J. Rinehart and T. W. Yung

107Structural Capacities of LNG Membrane Containment Systems

J. A. Issa, L. O. Garza-Rios, R. P. Taylor, S. P. Lele, A. J. Rinehart, W. H. Bray, O. W. Tredennick, G. Canler and K. Chapot

SLOSHEL (Joint Industry Program)

115Overview of Sloshel Project

L. Brosset, Z. Mravak, M. Kaminski, S. Collins and T. Finnigan

125Full Scale Sloshing Impact Tests

Miroslaw Lech Kaminski and Hannes Bogaert

135Full-Scale Sloshing Impact Test and Coupled Fluid-Structure FE Modeling of LNG Containment System

B. Wang and Y. Shin

143Combined Semi-analytical and Finite Element Approach for Hydro Structure Interactions during Sloshing Impacts - "Sloshel Project"

Malenica, Š. , Korobkin, A.A., Ten, I., Gazzola, T., Mravak, Z., De-Lauzon, J. and Scolan Y. M.

153Sloshing Dynamics - Numerical Simulations in Support of the Sloshel Project

J. R. Maguire, S. Whitworth, C. N. Oguibe, D. Radosavljevic and E. P. Carden

Sloshing in LNG–Carrier Membrane

161Refinements in Sea-keeping Analysis for Sloshing Investigation

Antoine Marès

167Influence of Density Ratio Between Liquid and Gas on Sloshing Model Test Results

S. Maillard and L. Brosset

175Numerical Approach For Structural Assessment of LNG Containment Systems

B. Pillon, M. Marhem, G. Leclère and G. Canler

183Reliability-based Methodology for Sloshing Assessment of Membrane LNG Vessels

E. Gervaise, P-E. de Sèze and S. Maillard

Sloshing CFD

192A Comparative Study on the Numerical Simulation of 2-D Violent Sloshing Flows by CCUP and SPH

Kyungkyu Yang and Younghwan Kim

198A Validation Study of Applying the CIP Method and the MPS Method to 2-D Tank Sloshing

Changhong Hu, Makoto Sueyoshi, Ryuji Miyake, Tingyao Zhu and Hirotsugu Dobashi

205SPH Simulation of 2D Sloshing Flow in a Rectangular Tank

Ashkan Rafiee, Krish P. Thioagarajan and Joseph J. Monaghan

213SPH Modelling of Liquid Sloshing in an LNG Tank

Murray Rudman, Mahesh Prakash and Paul W. Cleary

221Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing in LNG Tanks Using a Compressible Two-Fluid Flow Model

Y. G. Chen, W. G. Price and P. Temarel

231Simulation of Sloshing Dynamics in a Tank by an Improved Volume-of-Fluid Method

Rik Wemmenhove, Bogdan Iwanowski, Marc Lefranc, Arthur E.P. Veldman, Roel Luppes and Tim Bunnik

239ISOPE 2009 Sloshing Comparative Study: Simulation of Lateral Sloshing with Multiphase CFD

Bernhard Godderidge, Stephen Turnock, Nick Cowlan and Mingyi Tan

247Modelling 3D Fluid Sloshing Using a Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Method

H.B. Gu, D.M. Causon, C.G Mingham, and L. Qian

Load and Strength

252Sloshing Impact Design Load Assessment

Olav Rognebakke, Jan Arne Opedal and Tom K. Østvold

261Sloshing Model Tests and Strength Assessment of the NO 96 Containment System

B. Wang, S. K. Han, Y. S. Kim, Y. I. Park and Y. Shin

269Coupled Seakeeping Analysis and Sloshing Load for LNG and FPSO Vessels

Frank Lin, Chunhua Ge, Helena A. Polezhayeva, and Rachel Byers

276Sloshing Assessment of LNG-FPSOs for Partial Filling Operations

Jong Jin Park, Hiroshi Kawabe, Mun Sung Kim, Byung Woo Kim and Mun Keun Ha

284Sloshing Load Assessment for LNG Offshore Units with a Two-Row Tank Arrangement

Min Cheol Ryu, Yoon Sik Hwang, Jun Hyung Jung, Soo Sung Jeon, Yong Soo Kim, Jung Han Lee, and Young Man Lee

295Optimization of LNG Tank Shape in Terms of Sloshing Impact Pressure

André Baeten


303Numerical Simulation of Tank Sloshing with Thin Plate Structures by Using a Particle Method

Makoto Sueyoshi

308Fluid structure interactions occuring at a flexible vertical wall impacted by a breaking wave

Kimmoun, O., Malenica, Š. and  Scolan Y.M.

316Simulations of Hydro-elastic Impacts Using a Parallel SPH Model

G. Oger, L. Brosset, P.-M. Guilcher, E. Jacquin, J.-B. Deuff, and D. Le Touzé

325Application of Hamilton-Dirichlet's Principle to Analysis of Hydroelastic Behavior of a Floating Plate in Waves

Hideyuki Niizato, Shuichi Nagata, Kazutaka Toyota and Katsunori Shimazaki


Plenary Presentation

333Lagrangian Particle Method - Advanced Technology for Numerical Wave Flume

Hitoshi Gotoh

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) — Particle Method

340Wave Impact Calculations by Improved SPH Methods

Abbas Khayyer and Hitoshi Gotoh

348Numerical Parameters Influencing Two Dimensional Water Entry Simulations

Hyun-Ho Lee and Shin Hyung Rhee

353Two Phases Flows Unstructured Grid Solver: Application to Tsunami Wave Impact

Alioune Nar Sambe, Frédéric Golay, Damien Sous, Philippe Fraunié, Vincent Rey, Richard Marcer and Christine De Jouette

359A Fast-Marching Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Method for Free Surface Flows

H.B. Gu, D.M. Causon, C.G. Mingham, and L. Qian

365Simulation of Armor Blocks in front of Caisson Breakwater by DEM-MPS Hybrid Model

Hitoshi Gotoh, Hiroyuki Ikari and Tsunehito Yasuoka

371Lagrangian Particle Method for Tracking of Buoy Moored by Chain

Hiroyuki Ikari and Hitoshi Gotoh

376Computational Method for Fluid-forces Acting on Rigid and Elastic Objects

Kuroda Nozomu and Ushijima Satoru


383Numerical Wave Tank Study of a Wave Energy Converter in Heave

Z.Z. Hu, D.M. Causon, C.G Mingham, and L. Qian

389Generation of Extreme Wave Composed of Ring Waves in a Circular Basin

Munehiko Minoura, Ryo Takahashi, Etsuro Okuyama and Shigeru Naito

397Wave Generation and Absorption Using Force-controlled Wave Machines

Johannes Spinneken and Chris Swan

406Nonlinear Solution for Vibration of Vertical Elastic Plate by Initial Elevation of Free Surface

Guanghua He, Masashi Kashiwagi, and Changhong Hu

414Dynamic Responses of Moored Floating Dual Pontoon Structure in a Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank

Chai-Cheng Huang and Hung-Jie Tang

422Wavelet Transform Analysis of Freak Waves and the Ringing Response of Vertical Cylinder in a Numerical Wave Tank

Hongli Pang and Zhe An


429Parallel Finite Element Simulation of Flow around a Circular Cylinder

Kazuhiko Kakuda and Shinichiro Miura

437Numerical Study on the Motion of Submerged Body in Waves

Hiroyoshi Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Shimamura, Keitaro Miura and Naomi Kato

445Numerical Simulation of 3D Submarine Turbidity Currents

Michele La Rocca, Claudia Adduce, Paolo Mele and Giampiero Sciortino

453Large Eddy Simulation of Particle-Laden Flow by Using Solid / Liquid Two-Phase Flow Model

Eiji Harada and Hitoshi Gotoh

458RANS Simulations of Ship Motions in Regular and Irregular Head Seas using the SWENSE Method

C. Monroy, G. Ducrozet, P. Roux de Reilhac, L. Gentaz, P. Ferrant and B. Alessandrini

466Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics to Simulate Bank Effects

D. C. Lo, Dong-Taur Su and I-Fu Lin

CFD — Nonlinear Waves and Body

472Extreme Loads due to Wave Breaking Against Platform Column

Abdillah Suyuthi and Sverre K. Haver

480Numerical Simulation of Wind Effects on Breaking Solitary Waves

S. Yan and Q.W. Ma

488The Statistical Characteristics of Wave Forces on Vertical Cylinder by a Maximum Entropy Method

Yangyang Gao, Dingyong Yu , Zhengshou Chen, Cuilin Li and Wei Feng

495Numerical Simulation of Green Water Incident on Bow Deck

Young-Gill Lee, NamChul Kim, Bong-Han Kang and Kwang-Leol Jeong

503Numerical Investigation of Violent Wave Impact on Offshore Wind Energy Structures using MLPG_R Method

J.T. Zhou, Q.W. Ma, L. Zhang and S. Yan

510Numerical Study of the Irregular Wave Impacting

Xuelin Li, Bing Ren and Yongxue Wang

518Refined Reproduction of a Plunging Breaking Wave and Resultant Splash-up by 3D-CMPS Method

Hitoshi Gotoh, Abbas Khayyer, Hiroyuki Ikari and Chiemi Hori

525Impulsive Wave Force due to Breaking Solitary Wave Impinging and Overtopping an Impermeable Breakwater Upon a Sloping Beach

Ting-Chieh Lin, Shih-Chun Hsiao and Kao-Shu Hwang

CFD — Wave Forces

533Numerical Analysis of the Forces Exerted on a Truncated Cylinder by Ship Waves

L. Sun and G. H. Dong

541Jack-Up Leg Hydrodynamic Load Prediction - a Comparative Study of Industry Practice with CFD and Model Test Results

Sing-Kwan Lee, Deguang Yan, Baili Zhang and Chang-Wei Kang

549The Reciprocal Form of Mean Wave Drift Force and Yaw Moment

Takashi Tsubogo

555Experimental Investigation and Estimation on Wind Forces for a Container Ship

Toshifumi Fujiwara, Yoshiaki Tsukada and Fumitoshi Kitamura

563A Study on Wind Pressure Characteristics of Ships with Large Superstructures

Tsutomu Momoki, Seiki Onishi, Toru Katayama and Yoshiho Ikeda

CFD and Dynamics

570Numerical Simulation of Floating Body Motions in Finite Water Depth using the 3D Transient Green's Function

C. F. Liu, B. Teng and Y. Gou

576Time-domain Computations of Ship Motion with Forward Speed Using Finite Element Method

Bo-Woo Nam, Hong-Gun Sung and Sayoung Hong

583Time-Domain Analysis of Nonlinear Ship Motion Responses Based on Weak-scatterer Hypothesis

Kyong-Hwan Kim and Yonghwan Kim

590Algorithm for Finding Extreme Motions of Forward Speed Vessels

Sharad S. Dhavalikar and Amresh Negi

596An Experimental Study on the Prediction of the Ship Motions using Time-series Analysis

Xi-long Zhang and Jia-wei Ye

601Transfer of Non-Linear Seakeeping Loads to FEM Model Using Quasi Static Approach

J.T. Tuitman, F.X. Sireta, .Š Malenica and T.N. Bosman

608Numerical Studies on Resistance Prediction Methods for Submerged Bodies

Huiping Fu and Yun Zhang

614Practical Green Function for Steady Flow about a Ship

Francis Noblesse , Gerard Delhommeau and Chi Yang

620Kelvin Ship Wake Modification Due To Wind Waves

Igor V. Shugan, Hwung-Hweng Hwung and Ray-Yeng Yang

626Pure Loss of Stability of a Tumblehome Hull in Following Seas

Hirotada Hashimoto

632An Experimental Study on Viscous Effects on Heave Motion of Drifting Buoy

Toru Katayama, Yasuyoshi Tarao, Tsutomu Momoki and Hiroshi Aso

638A Method for Analyzing Toss Motion Pattern of Multi-hull Ships

S. L. Yang, Y. Wang and S. L. Chen

CFD and Multibody Dynamics

642Simulation of Multi-Body Systems in Waves

Rafael Doig and Patrick Kaeding

648Hydrodynamic Analysis for Side-by-Side Offloading

Tim Bunnik, Willemijn Pauw and Arjan Voogt

654Two-Ship Operating In Close Proximity in Shallow Water Rough Sea

Lin Li

662Fully Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Interaction between Two 3D Floating Structures in Close Proximity

S. Yan , Q.W. Ma and X. Cheng

670Numerical Simulation of Wave-Current Flow Field Around Pile Groups by a Vortex Method

Bing Chen and Bin Teng

678Discrete Event/Discrete Time Simulation of Block Erection by a Floating Crane Based on Multibody System Dynamics

Ju-Hwan Cha, Kyu-Yeul Lee, Seung-Ho Ham, Myung-Il Roh, Kwang Phil Park and Heung Won Suh

Dynamics and Measurements

6863-D Wave Field Measurements using Reflected Light Image

Yugo Sanada, Yasuyuki Toda, Akihide Takayama and Sachiko Hamachi

692Application of a Pan/Tilt Controlled Camera in Coastal Image Research at Hsi-tzu-wan Bay

Yu-Hung Hsiao, Hsueh-Tzu Chen, Shun-Chin Chuang and Min-Chih Huang

696Non-homogeneity of Nearshore Wave Field from X-band Radar Images

Xiangbo Feng, Yixin Yan, Chia Chuen Kao and Li-Chung Wu

702Non-Intrusive Technique for Identifying Solute Dispersion in Porous Media using Image Analysis

K. Inoue, R. Takenouti, T. Tanaka and N. Matsunaga

Roll & Damping

709Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Roll Decay Motion for a Patrol Boat

R. Broglia, B. Bouscasse, A. Di Mascio, C. Lugni and P. Atsavapranee

717Parametric Roll of a Tumblehome Hull in Head Seas

Hirotada Hashimoto, Naoya Umeda, Yasuhiro Sogawa and Akihiko Matsuda

722Study on Assessment of Comfortability and Roll Stabilization for Passenger Ship

Jae-Han Kim, Yonghwan Kim, Dae-Woong Kim and Yong-Soo Kim

728Study on Nonlinear Roll Motion of Containerships in Waves

Taeyoung Kim, Kang-Hyun Song and Yonghwan Kim

733Numerical Simulations of Viscous Flows with Induced Moving Discs in a Periodic Lid-Driven Cavity

Decheng Wan

740Analysis of the Hydrodynamic Performances of High-Speed Catamarans by Viscous Flow Solver

R. Broglia, S. Zaghi and A. Di Mascio

Dynamics and Design

748Hydrodynamic Optimization of a Modern Container Ship using Variable Fidelity Models

Heejung Kim , Chi Yang, Hyunyul Kim and Ho-Hwan Chun

756Numerical Simulation of Flow around a Podded Propeller

Wei Li and Chi Yang

763Dynamic Response Evaluations of Offshore Platform with Porous Cylinders

Min-su Park, Kenji Kawano

771Modeling Coastal Run-up using a Well-balanced Shallow Flow Solver

Qiuhua Liang , Yueling Wang and Renata Archetti


779Analytical Estimation of the Maximum Wave Height and the Inundation Distance in East Sri-Lanka Induced during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

Chia-Hao Lin, Chia-Yan Cheng, Chin-Chu Liu and Guan-Yu Chen

784Real-time Probabilistic Prediction of Storm Water Level at Japanese Ports

Hiroyasu Kawai, Noriaki Hashimoto and Masaru Yamashiro


CFD and MetOcean

792Spatio-temporal Behaviour of Wind and Sea States in the Hellenic Seas

Takvor Soukissian, Eleni Tzortzi and Athina G. Kokkali

800A Numerical Simulation Method of Typhoon Waves

Zhixia Zhu, Yang Yang and Ke Zhou

806Wave Height Forecast Using Self-Organization Algorithm Model

Tsung-Min Tsai, Pei-Hwa Yen and Ta-Jen Huang

813Characteristics of Infragravity Waves Observed along Japanese Coasts

Keiji Nakai and Noriaki Hashimoto

820Experiment in Area of the Mouth of Izmenchivoe Lake

Peter D. Kovalev, Georgy V. Shevchenko, Andrey A. Kyrkin, Anton G. Chernov, Dmitry P. Kovalev and Aleksey O. Gorbunov

825Observed Tidal Currents and the Characteristics of Principal Tidal Constituents in the South China Sea Deep Basin in 1997-1999

Tingting Zhang, Peiliang Li and Wei Zhao

831Decadal and Long-term Sea Level Variations at Pacific Coast of Japan

Xiaoli Gu and Peiliang Li

838Hydrodynamic and Thermohaline Circulation Model and its Application

Mazen Abualtayef, Masamitsu Kuroiwa, Ahmed Khaled Seif and Yuhei Matsubara

846Numerical Study on Generation of Cnoidal Waves and Induced Viscous Flow over a Wavy Bed

Tzu-Chiang Lee and Chii-Jau Tang

854Evolution of the Stokes Wave Side-Band Instability along a Super Tank: Experiments and Threshold Modification of Tulin NLS Model

Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Ray-Yeng Yang, Igor V. Shugan and Wen-Son Chiang

860Application of Wavelet Transform to Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave Method

S.H. Ni., Y.H. Huang and Y.Z. Yang

866Simulation of Internal Waves in Two-Layer Fluids by a Two-Domain Boundary Element Method

Weoncheol Koo

871Structure of the Head of Gravity Currents in a Long Channel

Jin-ichi Koue, Takuya Katayama, Tetsuo Katsuragi, Nobuhiro Baba and Ken-ichi Kitaura

877Analysis of a Marine Accident and Freak Wave Prediction with an Operational Wave Model

Kazuhisa In, Takuji Waseda, Keiji Kiyomatsu, Hitoshi Tamura, Yasumasa Miyazawa and Kazuto Iyama

884Numerical Simulation of Current under Waves, Tides and Typhoon

Jing Zhang, Bingchen Liang and Huajun Li

891Application of the Statistics of Extreme Value Theory on Non-linear Ocean Waves

Jingdong Liu and Harald E. Krogstad

898Further Modification Practical Method for Estimating Directional Wave Spectrum by HF Radar

Lukijanto, Noriaki Hashimoto, Masaru Yamashiro

906Estimation of Sea Conditions in a Long Return Period around Japan

Shigesuke Ishida and Kentaroh Kokubun

912Comparisons between the Wind Wave Results from WAVEWATCH III and the Observed Data

Shouhua Liu, Jian Sun and Changlong Guan

918Numerical Modelling of 3D Oblique Waves by L-type Multiple Directional Wave Generator

Ruey-syan Shih, Chung-ren Chou and Wen-kai Weng

926Nonlinear Wave Structure Interaction using Finite Element Method based on Spring Analogy Techniques

V. Sriram, S.A. Sannasiraj, V. Sundar and A. Schlenkhoff


Waves and Modeling

933Extreme Bottom Currents along a Deep Fjord Pipeline Route

Thomas A. McClimans, Grim Eidnes and Hermann Moshagen

940Characteristics of Yorimawari-Nami, Peculiar Japan-Sea Low Frequency Swell, Observed by NOWPHAS Seabed Wave Gauge Network

Toshihiko Nagai, Tetsuya Hiraishi, Hiroyasu Kwawai, Koji Kawaguchi, Akira Nihei and Tatsuo Ohkama

946Research of Wave Crest Height on Pillar Wharf

Han-bao Chen, Hai-yuan Liu and Bao-you Zheng

951Estimation of Wave Breaking in Gravel Beach Using Artificial Neural Network

Kwang-Ho Lee, Norimi Mizutani, Do-Sam Kim and Toshiaki Fujii

958Nonlinear Water Waves Propagating in Permeable Structure

Kai-Cheng Hu, Shih-Chun Hsiao and Hwung-Hweng Hwung

966Introduction to a Gravity Wave Equation Integrated with Laplace Equation and the Non-linear Boundary Conditions

Jang-Ryong Shin, Ik Seung Han, Kyungsik Choi and Sin-Young Kang

975Improvement of Partial Reflection Boundary on Boussinesq-type Wave Transformation Model

Katsuya Hirayama

982DRBEM Solution of Extended Mild-Slope Equation for Waves around a Circular Island on a Polynomial Shoal

Sung-Shan Hsiao, Chun-Ming Chang and Chih-Chung Wen

988Hamiltonian Formulation for Water Waves over a Variable Bottom: Asymptotic Models and Numerical Simulations

W. Craig, P. Guyenne and C. Sulem

996Solutions of Kinematic-Dynamic Elements for Edge Waves on Sloping Bottom

Y. Zhang, G.W. Hong and W.B. Feng

Wave-Structure Interactions

1004Numerical Study of Regular and Irregular Wave Overtopping Including the Effect of Sea Level Rise

Shuguang Yan and Haruyuki Kojima

1010Jacket-type Breakwaters with Water Chambers in Deep Sea

Tohru Kouno and Takayuki Nakamura

1017Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Slit Caisson Quay Wall against the Oblique Wave Incidence

Kwang-Oh Ko, Hwan-Wook Ji and Koo-Yong Park

1024Spectral Analysis of Unidirectional Wave Slamming on the Three-dimensional Structure in the Splash Zone

Zhaoqiang Ding, Bing Ren and Yongxue Wang

1031An Experimental Study on the Wave Reducing Performance of the Flat Plate Type Wave Absorbing Structure

Kesayoshi Hadano, Pallav Koirala, Yoshito Ikehata, Moon-seup Shin and Sakatani Yusuke

1036Pro-Environmental Wave Barrier by N Porous Bottom-mounted Vertical Circular Cylinders

I.H. Cho and M.H. Kim

1041Response of a Porous Seabed to Ocean Waves around Breakwater Heads: 3D Poro-elastoplastic Model

J. Ou and D.-S. Jeng

1049Nonlinear Water Waves Propagating on a Sloping Bottom in Lagrangian Coordinates

Yang-Yih Chen, Meng-Syue Li, Hung-Chu Hsu and Kuei-Sen Yang

1057Experimental Study of Turbulent Round Jet Discharged into Regular Waves

Tai-Wen Hsu and Jian-Feng Lin


1064Examination of Wave Pressures on Breakwater over Steep Beach

Ching-Piao Tsai, Yu-Ju Lin and Chin-Wen Hung

1069Prediction of Wave Run-up on Step Dike

Jea-Tzyy Juang, Chao-Fu Lin and Jiun-Yan You

1075Field Measurements of the Behavior of Caisson Breakwater with Suction Piles

In-Sung Jang, Woo-Sun Park, O-Soon Kwon and Weon-Mu Jeong

1079Permeability Parameter of Perforated Wall with Vertical Slits

Kyung-Duck Suh, Yeul Woo Kim and Chang-Hwan Ji

Floating Breakwaters

1086Three-dimensional Formulation of Multiple Pile-restrained Floating Breakwaters Connected by Hinges

Ioanna Diamantoulaki and Demos C. Angelides

1094Influence of Connectors' Stiffness on the Performance of Flexible Floating Breakwaters

Constantine Michailides, Eva Loukogeorgaki and Demos C. Angelides

1102Dynamic Response of Bridge Tower by Wave Forces

Gao Liu, Shangyou Chen, Tiancheng Liu, Hongbo Wu and Yi Li

1109Numerical Simulation of Ship Motions Moored to Quay Walls in Long-Period Waves and Proposal of Allowable Wave Heights for Cargo Handling in a Port

Satoru Shiraishi

1117Development of a Reduction System for Low-frequency Ship Motions and its Field Experiments by using a Large Ship

Haruo Yoneyama, Kunitomo Asakura, Teruhisa Kawasaki and Yuichiro Otake

1124Fundamental Model Experiments on Response Characteristics of a Moored Ship and Mooring Facilities by Tsunami Flow

Keiichi Ohgaki, Muneo Tsuda, Akio Kurihara, Haruo Yoneyama and Tetsuya Hiraishi

Rubble Breakwater

1132Stability Change of Wave-Dissipating Blocks due to the Repair with Larger Blocks

Tsuyoshi Arimitsu

1137Pressure Exerted by a Solitary Wave on the Rubble Mound Foundation of an Armoured Caisson Breakwater

Miguel Esteban, Nguyen Danh Thao, Hiroshi Takagi and Tomoya Shibayama

1145A Rational Design of Armor Block and Foot-Protection Block Covering Rubble Mound of Composite Breakwaters

Shin-ichi Kubota, Ken-ichiro Shimosako, Masashi Hamaguchi, Akira Matsumoto, Minoru Hanzawa and Masato Yamamoto

1153Estimation of Repair Cost for Caisson Breakwaters Covered With Wave-dissipating Blocks

Susumu Araki and Ichiro Deguchi

Submerged Structures

1159Wave Transformations over a Submerged Obstacle

Chao-Min Hsu, Ming-Chung Lin, Chao-Lung Ting and Wen-Cheng Yang

1167Wave Scattering by a Submerged Porous Plate Wave Absorber

Ching-Yun Yueh and Shih-Hsuan Chuang

1174Reflection of Directional Random Waves Propagating over Various Shapes of Trench

Jung-Min Kim, Tae-Hwa Jung, Jin-Woo Lee and Yong-Sik Cho

1180Bragg Scattering of Waves Propagating over a Series of Poro-elastic Submerged Breakwaters

Yuan-Jyh Lan, Tai-Wen Hsu, Jian-Wu Lai, Chen-Chen Chang and Chia-Huan Ting

Estuary and Waves

1188The Study of Seawater Intrusion in Pearl River Estuary Area by a River Network-Estuary-Costal Ocean Coupled Numerical Simulation System

Huazhi Zou

1196Effect of Intensity and pH of Rain on the Dissolution of Limestone

A.K.M. Adham and Akira Kobayashi

1202Hydrodynamic Condition Changes of Large-Scale Reclamation in Xuanmen Bay, China

J. Yao, Y. Tan and J.F. Tao

1206A Study of the Characteristics of the Wave Field near Taipei Harbour

John Z. Yim and W.-K. Weng

1211Study of Harbor Resonance in Future Deployment of Taipei Harbor

Jaw-Fang Lee, Yung-Fang Chiu, Liang-Sheng Ho and Jeng-Hong Kao

1216Monitoring of the Post-Construction Coastal Management in Namae Beach

Agnes Y. W. Widayati, Kyu-Han Kim, Jae-Myung Han and Chong-Kun Pyun

1222Reduction of Wave Penetration into Harbors by V-Shaped Approach Channel

Fumihito Kanemaki, Osamu Kunita, Masatoshi Yuhi and Hajime Ishida

Tsunami and Long Waves

1230Preliminary Study on Statistical Characteristics of Waves and Surges over Taiwan Waters

Beng-Chun Lee, Kuo-Ching Jao, Chih-Wai Cheng and Li-Chung Wu

1236Impacts of Wind Stress on the Surface Tidal Current on the Northern Portuguese Shelf

Changlin Chen, Juncheng Zuo, Meixiang Chen and Ling Du

1243Numerical Simulation of Tides and Tidal Currents in Jiangsu Offshore Areas, China

J. F. Tao, C. K. Zhang, J. Yao and Z. Gong

1248Numerical Simulation of Coastal Town Planning against Tsunami by DEM-base Human Behavior Simulator

Hitoshi Gotoh, Eiji Harada and Keisuke Ohniwa

1253Field Survey on Harbor Facility Damage due to Cyclone NARGIS in Myanmar

Tetsuya Hiraishi

1259The Characteristic Analysis of the Storm Surge in Fujian Coastal Area and its Forecast

Ya Tan, Junlun Zhang , Dongsheng Zhang

1264On the Study of Impulsive Waves Caused by Landslides

Tingqiu Li, Peter Troch and Julien De Rouck

Sediment Transport

1274Feasibility Study on Integrating Soft Countermeasure into Current Hard Shore Protection System around Taiwan Coast

Ray-Yeng Yang, Ying-Chih Wu, Jiing-Yih Liou, Hwung-Hweng Hwung and Hsiang-Yu Hwung

1280Local Scour in Front of Quay Wall Caused by Bow Thruster and its Countermeasure using Filter Units

Norimi Mizutani, Tomoaki Nakamura, Yosuke Shinoda and Hirofumi Koyama

1288Flow Characteristics of the Suspended Flexible Curtain for Sediment Harvest

Yanhong Li, Guoliang Yu and Guojun Hong

1293The Deviation Characteristics of Sediment Particles in Curvilinear Flows

Guojun Hong, Guoliang Yu, Feng Lin and Yanhong Li

1299A Combined Thermography - Neural Network for the Prediction of Eroded Caves Behind Seawall

T. L. Lee , H. M. Lin , H. H. Chen and R. Y. Yang

1305Erosion Mechanisms of Cohesive Bed and Bank Materials

Trong Vinh Bui, Ichiro Deguchi and Mamoru Arita

1313On the Calculation of Properties of Water Waves over a Layered Muddy Bed

Chiu-On Ng


1321An Engineering Approach to VIV for Riser Interference

Jean-François Saint-Marcoux, Robert D. Blevins and Mason Wu

1329Nonlinear Multi-mode Interactions in Subsea Risers Undergoing Vortex-induced Vibrations

Narakorn Srinil, Marian Wiercigroch and Patrick O'Brien

1337Vortex-induced Vibration Analysis of the Tendon Considering the Effect of Hull's Motion

Gongwei Yan, Feng Xu and Jinping Ou

1343The Effect of Wavy Surface on Vortex Shedding from an Inclined Cylinder in Turbulent Flow

K. Lam, Y. F. Lin, L. Zou and Y. Liu

1351Numerical Study of Fluid Force Reduction on a Square Cylinder using a Control Plate

C. Y. Zhou, C. Wang, S. Ul Islam and Y. Q. Xiao

1358Vortex- and Wake-Induced Vibrations of Two and Three Cylinders Arranged In-line

Stéphane Etienne, Emmanuel Fontaine and Yves-Marie Scolan

1365The Viscous Flow Induced by an Oscillating Circular Cylinder

Chih-Chun Chu and Bang-Fuh Chen

1369Vertical Riser VIV Simulation in Sheared Current

Kevin Huang, Hamn-Ching Chen and Chia-Rong Chen

1377Numerical Simulation of Flexible Multi-Assembled Pipe Systems Subject to VIV

Zhengshou Chen, Wu-Joan Kim and Dingyong Yu

The Proceedings of
The Nineteenth (2009) International

Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009



Recent Development, Material Modeling and Specifications, Material Development, Tensile Capacity and Fracture, Compressive Capacity


Instrumented Indentation, Advanced Materials and Structures, Tubular Structures, NDE, Shipbuilding Steel, Fatigue and Fracture, Advance in Welding



Earthquake and Engineering, Impact and Collision


Offshore, Operations, Human Element


Mechanics and Strength, Advanced Ship: System, Design and Production, Advanced Ship: Motion and Performance

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Eiji Tsuru, Nippon Steel Corp., Futtsu, Chiba-ken, Japan

Masahiko Fujikubo, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

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The Nineteenth (2009) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference held in Osaka, Japan, June 21-26, 2009

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Recent Development

1The Second (2008) ISOPE Strain-Based Design Symposium - A Review

D. B. Lillig, B. D. Newbury and S. A. Altstadt

11Recent Development in Strain-Based Design in North America

Yong-Yi Wang, Ming Liu, Mark Stephens, Randy Petersen and David Horsley

20Structural Integrity of Submarine Pipelines Subjected to Large Strains Caused by Trawl Pull-Over

Morten Hval, Erlend Olsø, Lars Løberg Braekstad

29An Experimental Basis for Improved Strain-based Design Models

Mark J. Stephens, Randy T. Petersen, Yong-Yi Wang and David Horsley

36The Response of Buried Pipeline Subjected to Landslides

Bing Liu, X.J. Liu and Hong Zhang

Material Modeling and Specifications

43Micromechanical Analysis on Deformation Behavior of Dual-Phase Steels for Strain-Based Design

Nobuyuki Ishikawa, Hitoshi Sueyoshi and Nobuo Shikanai

50Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Girth Welds for High Strength Linepipe

Masahiko Hamada, Hidenori Shitamoto and Hiroyuki Hirata

56Anisotropic Strain Aging Behavior of High Strength UOE Linepipes

Kensuke Nagai, Yasuhiro Shinohara, Shinya Sakamoto, Eiji Tsuru, Hitoshi Asahi and Takuya Hara

Material Development

61Development of X80/X100 Linepipe Steel Plates and Pipes for Strain Based Design Pipeline

Dong-Han Seo, Jang-Yong Yoo, Woo-Hyun Song, Woo-Yeon Cho and Ki-Bong Kang

67Material Design and Weldability of High Strength Seamless Pipe

Hiroyuki Hirata, Masahiko Hamada, Yuji Arai, Kunio Kondo, Nobuyuki Hisamune, Keisuke Hitoshio, and Tuneo Murase

73Metallurgical Design and Development of High Deformable High Strength Line Pipe Suitable for Strain-Based Design

Takuya Hara, Yasuhiro Shinohara, Yoshio Terada, Hitoshi Asahi and Naoki Doi

80Application of B-added Low Carbon Bainite Steels to Heavier Wall X80 UOE Line Pipes.

Taishi Fujishiro, Takuya Hara, Yoshio Terada, Shinya Sakamoto and Hitoshi Asahi

86Establishment of Commercial Production for High Strength UOE Linepipe up to X120

Tatsuya Yoshida, Takashi Terasawa, Takuya Hara, Eiji Tsuru and Hiroshi Morimoto

Tensile Capacity and Fracture

92Measurement of J-R Curves Using Single-Specimen Technique on Clamped SE(T) Specimens

Guowu Shen, James A. Gianetto and William R. Tyson

100A Non-Linear Fracture Assessment Procedure for Pipeline Materials with a Yield Plateau

Tomasz Tkaczyk, Noel P. O'Dowd, Kamran Nikbin and Brett P. Howard

110Fracture Assessment of Elastic-Plastic Steel Pipelines Subject to Multi-cycle Bending

Tomasz Tkaczyk, Noel P. O'Dowd, Kamran Nikbin and Brett P. Howard

118Evaluation of Post-Buckling Ductile Limit of Linepipe under Cyclic Loading

Mitsuru Ohata, Ryo Yamaguchi and Fumiyoshi Minami

125The Influence of Internal Pressure on Ductile Fracture Behavior from a Surface Defect on a Pipe

Takahiro Sakimoto, Satoshi Igi, Takahiro Kubo, Mitsuru Ohata and Fumiyoshi Minami

132Development of a Physics-based Approach for the Prediction of Strain Capacity of Welded Pipelines

S. A. Kibey, K. Minnaar, W. Cheng and X. Wang

138Anisotropic Plastic and Damage Behavior of a High Strength Pipeline Steel

Jacques Besson, Trung T. Luu, Benoit Tanguy and André Pineau

146Effect of Prestrain on Ductility in High Strength Line Pipe Steels

Yasuhiro Shinohara, Jacques Besson and Yazid Madi

154Numerical-Experimental Procedures To Identify The Ductile Fracture Strain Limits In Pipeline Steels

T. Coppola, G. Demofonti and G. Mannucci

162The Effects of Weld Metal Mismatch and Crack Position on the Strain Capacity in SENT Specimens in an X65 Material

Erling Østby, Andreas Sandvik, Erik Levold, Bård Nyhus, Christian Thaulow

Compressive Capacity

169A Structural Reliability Assessment of the Strains Developed during Lateral Buckling

Malcolm Carr, Andrew Cosham, David Bruton and Ian MacRae

181Compressive Strain Limits of Large Diameter X80 UOE Linepipe

Chris M.J. Timms, Duane D. DeGeer, Mohamed R. Chebaro and Eiji Tsuru

190Compressive and Tensile Strain Limit and Integrity of X80 High Strain Pipelines

Satoshi Igi, Teruki Sadasue and Nobuhisa Suzuki

197Strain Capacity of Large Diameter X80 Pipeline including Hot Bend

Nobuaki Takahashi, Hidenori Shitamoto, Shusuke Fujita, Masakazu Matsumura and Izumi Takeuchi

204Buckling Resistance of Line pipes with Girth Weld Evaluated by New Computational Simulation and Experimental Technology for Full-scale Pipes

Eiji Tsuru and Jun Agata

212Local Buckling Strength and Deformation Capacity of Pipes

A.M. (Nol) Gresnigt and S.A. (Spyros) Karamanos


Instrumented Indentation

225Stress-Strain Relationship in Microstructural Region Using Triangular Pyramidal Indenter

Masahito Mochizuki and Ryota Higuchi

Advanced Materials and Structures

233Durability Evaluation of Marine and Offshore Structures

Roman G. Kovalenko and Lev V. Kim

240Comparative Study on Estimation Techniques for Local Stress of Web Stiffened Cruciform Connections

Naoki Osawa, Junji Sawamura, Tsutomu Fujiwara and Hiroshi Nagai

246Fatigue Strength Assessment of Extra Thick Welded Joints in Offshore Structures

Gang Liu, Yi Huang, Kai Wu and Jie Lan

253A Case Study of Fatigue Cracks in Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks

Peng Pan, Yibin Zhou, Fang He, Yuanqing Wang and Yunsheng Li

258Stress Distribution of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks under Vehicle Wheel Loading

Yunsheng Li, Chunlei Cui, Yuanqing Wang and Peng Pan

263Extension of Service Life and Considerations on Corrosion Problems of Offshore Wind Energy Converters

Stefan Herion, Torsten Faber and Jennifer Hrabowski

268Hydrogen Diffusion and Trapping Behavior of Linepipe Steel Under Dead Weight Test Condition

Gyu Tae Park, Hwan Gyo Jung, Seong Ung Koh and Kyoo Young Kim

274Progress and Challenges in the Development of Smart Coatings for Steel Structures

G. Liu and H.G. Wheat

279Bending Deformation of X80 Cold Bend Pipe

Hiroyuki Horikawa and Nobuhisa Suzuki

285Transformation-Induced Microscopic Residual Stress in Ferrite-martensite Lamellar Steels and Its Influence on Fatigue Crack Propagation Paths

Yoshiki Mikami, Akihiro Inao, Masahito Mochizuki, Kiyotaka Nakashima and Hiroshi Shimanuki

Tubular Structures

290Test Method to Evaluate the Effect of Reeling on Sour Service Performance of C-Mn Steel Linepipe and Girth Welds

Fredrick F. Noecker II, Germanique Pickens, Gerdt Wilken, Geoff Dunn, Dan Lillig, HyunWoo Jin and Raghavan Ayer

298Determination of Stress Intensity Factors for Load - Carrying Fillet Welded Cruciform Joints using Digital Image CorrelationMethod

Rong-Shiuan Lin, Hsin-Yang Chung and Li-Ting Huang

305Numerical Parametric Study of Stress Concentration along the Intersection of Tubular KT-joints Subjected to Balanced Axial Loading

Mohammad Ali Lotfollahi-Yaghin and Hamid Ahmadi

313Ultimate Strength Analysis of Grouted Tubular Joints Using Continuum Damage Mechanics Approach

Zhuo Chen, Xudong Qian and Yoo Sang Choo

321ECA of Pipeline Girth Weld in Sour Services

Zhengmao Yang, Shashi Bhushan Kumar and Jens P. Tronskar


327Residual Stress Relaxation in Welded High Strength Steels under Static and Cyclic Loading

Th Nitschke-Pagel and Klaus Dilger

332Characterization of Residual Stresses and Hardness Condition in Welded Joints using Micromagnetic Parameters

Th Nitschke-Pagel and Klaus Dilger

338Influence of Initial Residual Stress by the Rolling Process on Welding Distortion of Stiffened Plates

Shinsuke Itoh, Shigetaka Okano, Masahito Mochizuki and Hidekazu Murakawa

345Study on Visualization of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation and Identification of Defect Size and Location

Masahiro Maeda, Shuhei Maeda and Takao Yoshikawa

Shipbuilding Steel

353Effect of Welding Variables on the Crack Arrest Toughness of Thick Steel Plate

Joon Sik Park, Gyu-Baek An, Kang Mook Ryu and Ki Bong Kang

357Brittle Crack Arrest Technique of Thick Steel Plate Welds in Container Ship

Gyu Baek An, Joon Sik Park, Kang Mook Ryu, Young Chel Yoon, Hyok Ju Kim, Jong Min Park and Ki Bong Kang

361Fatigue Performance of EH40-TM Steel Plate for Container Carrier

Sung-Woo Im and In-Hwa Chang

366Effect of Plate Thickness on Fatigue Strength of Base Material and Butt Welded Specimens Made from EH40 Steel Thick Plates: Phase 1

Helena Polezhayeva and Clive Badger

374Effect of Plate Thickness and Corner Machining on Fatigue Strength of EH40 Steel Thick Plates: Phase 2

Helena Polezhayeva, David Howarth, Clive Badger and Michael Dickin

381Mechanical Properties of YS 460MPa TMCP Steel Plate for Large Container Ships

Woo-Gyeom Kim, Kyung-Keun Um, Young-Ho An and Chang-Sun Lee

Fatigue and Fracture

386Development of Toughness and Quality Requirements for YP47 Steel Welds Based on Fracture Mechanics

Olaf Doerk and Jörg Rörup

392Fatigue Assessment of Aluminum Rectangular Hollow Section T-joints by Hot-Spot Stress Approach

Bård W. Tveiten, Sigmund K. Ås and Arne Fjeldstad

400Investigation of the Fatigue Behavior of Butt Welded Plates made of High-Strength Steels

Jennifer Hrabowski and Stefan Herion

406A Comparative Study of Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria for Aluminum Drill Pipe Life Prediction

Silva, N. S., Netto, T. A., Lourenco, M. I. and Placido, J. C. R.

415Three Dimensional Fracture Mechanics Analysis for Welded Joint Structures Using Virtual Crack Closure-integral Method

Satoyuki Tanaka, Hiroshi Okada and Shigenobu Okazawa

422Development of a Simple Estimation Method for Fatigue Crack Growth Rate

Naoki Osawa, Junji Sawamura, Hiroshi Asai and Masaki Kuwahara

429A Study of Fatigue Strength Improvement for Steel Casting Weld Joints

Kyu-Seon Jeong, Myung-Hyun Kim, Sung-Won Kang, Min-Sung Chun, Yong-Suk Suh and Hisashi Ito

435Numerical Study of Enhancement of Fatigue Crack Propagation Life by Grain Refinement

Koji Gotoh and Keisuke Harada

440Research on the Fatigue Life of Corrosion Damaged Component under Wave Force

M.J. Liu, N. Mei and Y.B. Wang

Advance in Welding Technology

445Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Rail Thermit Welding Joints at Low Temperature

Yuanqing Wang, Zongwen Hu, Yongjiu Shi and Wang Xi

450Influential Factors Affecting Inherent Deformation during Plate Forming by Line Heating (Report 4) - The Effect of Material Properties

Adan Vega, Yoshihiko Tango, Morinobu Ishiyama, Sherif Rashed, and Hidekazu Murakawa

457Influential Factors Affecting Inherent Deformation during Plate Forming by Line Heating (Report 5) - The Effect of Water Cooling

Adan Vega, Masashi Nawafune, Yoshihiko Tango, Morinobu Ishiyama, Sherif Rashed and Hidekazu Murakawa

464Effect of Low Temperature Transformation Expansion on Restraint Stress of High Strength Steel Welds

Masahito Mochizuki, Yoshiki Mikami and Muneyoshi Iyota, Hiroshige Inoue and Tadashi Kasuya

469Numerical Study on Strain Behavior during Solidification Evaluation of Solidification Cracking Susceptibility in Low-carbon Austenitic Stainless Steel Laser Weld

Junya Yamada, Shigetaka Okano, Hiroaki Mori, Masahito Mochizuki and Kazutoshi Nishimoto

476Experimental Study on Thermal Distortion Behavior during In-Process Control Welding by Additional Cooling

Shigetaka Okano, Masahito Mochizuki, Masao Toyoda and Tomoyuki Ueyama

482Development of Plasma Cutting Machines with Automatic Edge Preparation Capability

Naoki Osawa, Akira Furujo, Masayuki Nagahori, Toshitake Onishi, Hiroyuki Yajima and Takeshi Miyamoto


488Experimental Vibration Analysis for a Viscoelastically Damped Cylindrical Shell

Han-il Park, Cheon-hong Min and Byung-mo Kim

494Upgrading Corrosion Properties of Cement Mortar Applied to a Marine Environment

Hsien Hua Lee, Meng-Syun Yu and Min-Chou Tsai

499Fatigue Capacity of Plain Concrete under Biaxial Fatigue Stresses with One Constant

Yu-pu Song and Huai-liang Wang

505Compressive Dynamic and Damage Behavior of Concrete at Different Strain Rates

Shiyun Xiao and Jian Zhang

510Estimation of Carbonation Depth for Concrete Structure in Coastal Area

Sang-Hun Han and Woo-Sun Park

515Corrosion Performance of Electroless Nickel-Plated Steel

Ming-Gin Lee, Tsong-Jen Yang, Chen-An Hsieh and Chen-Chih Huang


Earthquake and Engineering

520Shelf Waves and their Interaction with the Elastic Medium

Grigoriy Ivanovich Dolgikh

526Principles of Transformation of Hydroacoustic Energy in Seismoacoustic Energy in the Sea of Variable Depth

Vladimir A. Chupin

529Damage Survey and Disaster Wastes on the 2005 Fukuoka-ken Seiho-oki Earthquake

Tomoaki Hachimura, Minoru Yamanaka, Shuichi Hasegawa and Hiroyuki Ohno

533Site Investigation and Experimental Study on Slope Failure in Housing Complex Constructed by Cutting the Ground and Filling in 2004 Niigataken Chuetsu Earthquake

S. Ohtsuka, K. Isobe and T. Takahara

540Studying Of Amplitude-Frequency Dependence Of Local Deformations And Global Processes Of Planetary Scale

Sergey V. Yakovenko

Impact and Collision

543Time Prediction Enhancement for the Bottom Slamming Phenomenon

Amine Rahati and Benameur Hamoudi

551Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Behavior of a Passenger at Ship Collision

Tadashi Shibue, Takashi Hayami and Izumi Muramoto

558Ship Grounding over "Rock" and "Shoal"

Lin Hong and Jørgen Amdahl

566Numerical Study in Axial Impact of Thin-walled Circular Tubes Made of High Strength Steel

Yuh-Shiou Tai, Mei-Yun Huang and Hsuan-The Hu

572Oblique Impact of Rogue Waves on a Floating Platform

Murray Rudman and Paul W. Cleary

580Flow Separation at the Initial Stage of Oblique Water Impact of Wedge-Shaped Bodies

Bum-Sang Yoon and Yuriy A. Semenov

589Numerical and Experimental Studies of Simple Geometries in Slamming

Adrian Constantinescu, Aboulghit El Malki Alaoui, Alain Nême, Philippe Rigo



599Risk Analysis and Assessment for a Complex of Mooring Hydraulic Facilities of Offshore Oil and Gas Production Objects

E. N. Bellendir, O.M. Finagenov and N. Ya. Nikitina

606Risk Based Structural Engineering Activities on Offshore Projects in the Shipyard as EPC

Jung-Hum Yeun, Oe-Ju Hwang, Seock-Hee Jun, Joong-Kyoo Kang and Je-Hyouk Woo

612A Safety Assessment Method on Aging Offshore Platforms with Damages

Xing Xian Bao, Jun Rong Wang and Hua Jun Li

617Reliability of Offshore Platform with Wind Energy Production to Dynamic Forces

Kenji Kawano, Yukinobu Kimura, Keisuke Ito and Nozomu Tanaka

625Consistent Integrity of Mooring System

Cedric Morandini and Franck Legerstee

633A Method to Choose Wave Propagation Directions for Improving the Precision of Modal Identification for Offshore Platforms

Xiang Shi, Chen Gong, Tetsuya Matsui and Bin Yang


641Safety Assessment with Marine Casualty Data on Collision Accidents between Fishing Vessels and Cargo Vessels

Yuka Tamura and Takeshi Shinoda

649A Controller Design for Lightering Operation using Relative Distance Sensor

Etsuro Shimizu and Egil Pedersen

653A Discussion of Deterministic vs. Probabilistic Method in Assessing Marine Pipeline Corrosions

Zahiraniza Mustaffa, Pieter van Gelder and Han Vrijling

659A Fuzzy Model Based on Rough Set Theory for Application to Environmental Impact Evaluation of an Oil Tanker

Wei Cai, Wen Liao, Chunfeng Zhou, Longfei Xi and He Dun

665Life-cycle Based Risk Evaluation for Ship Project

Zhijun Liu , Zhuoshang Ji and Yan Lin

Human Element

670Operational Aspects on Decision-making in STS Lightering

D. Husjord and E. Pedersen

676Emergency Control Support System for Marine Accident on Passenger Ship

Hee Jin Kang, Dongkon Lee, Jong-Gye Shin, Bu-Geun Paik, Beom Jin Park and Jin Choi

682Development of a Human Monitoring System in Sea Transportation for Preventative Safety

Masakazu Arima, Naoki Okabe and Toshiyuki Wakimizu

688Applied Chaos Theory to Evaluation for Walking Environment on Occupational Safety Management at Shipyard

Takashi Tanaka and Takeshi Shinoda


Mechanics and Strength

695A Research on Highly-efficient FEA Modeling for Complicated Marine Structure

Kai Li, Ming Chen, Yan Lin and Zhuo-shang Ji

700Development of Hierarchical Multi-Grid Method and Its Application to the Iterative Substructure Method

Shinsuke Itoh, Masakazu Shibahara, Hisashi Serizawa and Hidekazu Murakawa

706Total System Including Capacity Calculation Applying ISUM/FEM and Loads Calculation for Progressive Collapse Analysis of Ship's Hull Girder in Longitudinal Bending

Tetsuya Yao, Masahiko Fujikubo, Kazuhiro Iijima and Zhiyong Pei

714Shape Optimization of Double Bottom Structure in Cooperation with Individual Mesh Sub-division and Multi-point Constraint

Mitsuru Kitamura, Kinihiro Hamada, Akihiro Takezawa and Tetsuya Uedera

720Vibration Assessment of Ship Structures

Adrian Constantinescu, Alain Nême and Philippe Rigo

727Ultimate Strength Test Study of SWATH Ships

Bin Liu, Weiguo Wu, Yanling Huang, Xiaobin Li and Huanxiang Sun

733Structural Reliability Analysis for the Assessment of Ultimate Limit State of Ship's Hull

Minoru Harada, TingYao Zhu and Norio Yamamoto

740Prediction of the Secondary Buckling Strength and Ultimate Strength of Cylindrically Curved Plate under Axial Compression

Joo-Shin Park, Masahiko Fujikubo, Kazuhiro Iijima and Tetsuya Yao

748Longitudinal Strength of Container Ships under Combined Torsional and Bending Moments

Yoshiteru Tanaka, Takahiro Ando, Yousuke Anai, Tetsuya Yao, Masahiko Fujikubo and Kazuhiro Iijima

756Precision of Measured Strain in Simple Tension Test

Goh Katsuki and Masayoshi Akiyama

Advanced Ship: System, Design and Production

764On Mathematical Logic for the Ship Design through the Axiomatic Approach

Akiji Shinkai, Satoru Yamaguchi, Yusuke Kuchiki and Naoto Kumamoto

771Technical Characteristics of SMRT07 New Friction Type Top Bracing

Jae-Hong Kim, Jae-Kwang Eom and Yoo-Seok Song

779Prediction and Control Methods to Reduce Distortion of Deck Panels Produced during Block Assembly of Car Carrier

Yusuke Tajima, Sherif Rashed, Hisashi Serizawa, Hidekazu Murakawa, Yasuhisa Okumoto and Kimihiro Akiyoshi

787Optimization of Block Division using Nodal Cut Set Method in Consideration of Production Stages in Ship Hull Construction

Kesavadev Varikkattu Karottu, Kunihiro Hamada and Mitsuru Kitamura

795Establishment of Profile Production Line for Shipbuilding in Shipyard

Yong Hu, Chengfang Wang, Yunshen Mao, Peiyong Lee, Yongqing Zhou and Zuquan Xiang

800Supporting Force Distribution and Bottom Strength under Launching Condition

Sho Fukada, Jianxing Yu and Lin Zhao

805A Study on the Improvement of Prediction Accuracy of Hull Fatigue Life using a Fatigue Damage Sensor

Yukichi Takaoka, Kanta Nihei, Tomohei Kobayashi, Toshiro Koiwa, Norio Yamamoto, Akio Usami and Hirotsugu Dobashi

Advanced Ship: Motion and Performance

812Full Scale Experiment for Frictional Resistance Reduction using Air Lubrication Method

C.L. Hoang, Y. Toda and Y. Sanada

818Effects of Forward Speed of a Ship on Added Resistance in Waves

Masashi Kashiwagi, Takehiro Ikeda and Takuma Sasagawa

826Estimation Method for Arrival Directions of Radio Waves to Measure the Surface Current of Sea using VHF Radar on Vessel

Rei Arai, Naoki Nakatani, Kentaro Sachi, Tomoki Yamada, Taketoshi Okuno and Tetsuya Hamano



833Application of the Instrumented Indentation Technique to Estimate Mechanical Properties

Young-Cheon Kim, Kug-Hwan Kim and Dongil Kwon

838Analysis of Plastic Characteristics of Nanocontacts through a Volumetric Indentation Work Approach

Y.-H. Lee, J.-S. Park, S.-H. Nahm and Ki-Bong Yoon